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  1. In game name: Daddy x Age: 41 Bank account balance: 100 hundred million great british pounds Previous gangs: none, i go solo. Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/cdd5fa60e492bf11b01b47ade94db4a6 Why do you want to join Immunity? because i think u guyes r rlly cool and wud lov to cum and join pls x Can any members vouch for you? wat dos vouch meane?
  2. Wait, so we cannot get some people who like rust together from this community and play on another rust server? There isn't even a reborn role play rust server?
  3. What about if we get everyone in this community to start up on another server, obviously different groups and stuff? Would have admins ect on it, already set up aswell.. Would have more to do, more players most likely..
  4. You got like 5 hours in the game matt? hello
  5. Its not like your are bound to playing only rust or only arma 3? Like i said, I like to play rust, as i know quite a few people do on the community , its not like it would stop me playing arma 3... So is that a solid no, or is there a chance that management would be able to find someone who had the time and enjoyed rust?
  6. Been loving rust lately and quite a few of us have been playing and thought about how it would be great if a Reborn Rust Server was created/re-introduced. Been told its still around just needs to be turned on, and i think it would be great if it was at least given another chance as i know lots of community's have had rust servers and have turned out very well. @CaaaM @Rease @ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt) @Je baited @Sanders @JustJack
  7. Nah just usually if you sell something you should at least sell what you said you are selling...
  8. shit game
  9. I love it and as long as entity level isn't too high and is the SFU shop in the hanger? Vehicles and Gear, DIU and SFU?
  11. I used to main that game
  12. @marko ? if he fills out the application and wears tags, tags are very important you see and you will get kicked out for not using tags
  13. Im not being in it is riviox is
  14. Hey i remember when i didn't have salty friends haha!!! 

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      You never had friends

    3. Mr Liam

      Mr Liam


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      Can you imagine being this lonely you've made up a load of imaginary friends and even then they bully you


  15. Name: Mr LiamSteam ID: 76561198134525091Number of tickets (100K Each): 20(already have 20, want 20 more so i have 40 altogether) Party (Floyd or McGregor): McGregor

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