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  1. Xart

    | Instinct |

    back then i had at least 20 qillins which i slammed with them to every cap and now i have 2
  2. what is the last clip game name
  3. Xart

    | Instinct |

    fuck off u <inappropriate1>
  4. Xart

    | Instinct |

    not all day i just log now and then
  5. Xart

    | Instinct |

    i actually don't care about u coming from phoenix and also say whatever u wanna say "i cheated" only if i had the video to prove u wrong the one i showed to infistar and then got unbanned either way i'm not gonna waste my time on u cya ur just having ego cuz u think ur good over a videogame ON A ROLEPLAY SERVER
  6. Xart

    | Instinct |

    sorry but who even are u? second of all i never actually fucking cheated u can say whatever u want u dumb fuck and if i think i know oh it is then don't quote me again u phoenix mong
  7. Xart

    | Instinct |

    ok so first i'm not in the gang second i don't play arma nomore third i think impure will suit u the best that little hobo gang with connor enjoy urself i'll have to smh my head so many times now i mean even if was in the gang why would u think i will vouch for u 😂🤡
  8. Xart

    Gang wars

    wait so 2 weeks ago everyone agreed to have gangwars on 4-8pm and now they want it back 8-12 what the FUCK is going on? either way -1 i love it as it is rn i cba staying up until 3-4 in the morning for a stupid ass base
  9. Xart

    | Instinct |

    epic games launcher smh 💩 anyway gl harry
  10. yup good luck with that btw my friend had the same problem he made a ticket few months ago to steam yet no answer so lmao gl
  11. happy friday the 13th EVERYONE!!

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