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  1. charlie i am here on behalf bad as he dosen't have forum account also he is new to the community if there is any rule breaks made i'll be more than happy to comp zeepanda
  2. @jcbjoetysm we appreciate ur efforts and time u put into it ^
  3. if i see you in game again i'm gonna rdm u
  4. Trihardin


    Some info/goals -not a dead serious gang -friends gang but still recruiting -Cap zones/Gang wars Requirements: Must have 1000 hours Must be experienced with the map of altis and game itself Must be very experienced with cartels callouts etc' and good comms Application Template: Name: Hours: Age: Roster
  5. will do i have told them as well everything he needs to knows about i am getting in game rn to comp u
  6. he wasn't aware of that he is also new to the server i will be more than happy to comp you
  7. oh so this is the new vortex i heard about... nice one boys!!!!!
  8. Trihardin

    M K

    he is such an active police member and i see that he puts a lot of efforts into it @M Kfor CSI
  9. just make it when it's gang wars nobody can spawn in the actual gang base not even the owners of it so basiclly the first people to slam hold it? example - it's gang wars nobody can spawn in the gang bases it's rests and people gotta slam and defend it
  10. Trihardin

    Taru skins

    +1 i am a one sad huron owner... id rather get a TARU ASAPPPPPP so shit to land the huron takes u about 5 min to get an angle
  11. he's dead he's dead! n1 brwny
  12. good fraggie my fellow 4:3 gamer
  13. Trihardin

    Resolving system

    i belive some people that are new they take it like it's nothing but if there will be a system they will take it more officaly if you get what i mean @majedbasiclly just type dispute system in game

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