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  1. @hxzzawas freed!!!

    1. crazed


      can say the same for me

    2. Browny


      but he is bannedo n the forums

  2. i can see a lot of people abuse it -1
  3. hahahhha my man matt got a base with 2 people it just proves the state of gang wars
  4. RazS


    gl guys for today too and btw @Lee roster isn't working bud
  5. true fatty +1 i saw phoenix has a donator hideout and gta has the subscription which is good besides the fact everyone enjoys the benefits skinns etc' and the server gets the funds it needs to keep it up
  6. RazS

    DMT at gang bases

    ???? i went on police holiday and i was playing as a rebel and went to caps it was dead and boring and i also did gang wars on sunday because of the hacker on saturday and trust me the only people that have spiced stuff up were police when tfu slammed other than that it was abyss which were a few of them imo it should be only 2 bases back too since there is not many "major" big gangs on the server atm to give a real competition for 3
  7. RazS

    DMT at gang bases

    POLICE DEPARTMENT i went on a police holiday and believe me caps are fucking dead it's either omnious gang or blackwater and that's it pretty much maybe other little gangs and that's it pretty much mostly mushroom fights
  8. RazS

    DMT at gang bases

    tavo was speaking about tower lag so i just randomly said if someone tower lags he will have to provide a video evidence that he didn't do it and it was the server and not him going left right etc'
  9. RazS

    DMT at gang bases

    what gangs? rebel life is pretty dead bro
  10. RazS

    DMT at gang bases

    well i had that idea if somebody gets called out for tower lagging he will have to provide a video
  11. please bring DMTs back to gang bases... it's been a long long time since we had them and it would really be nice to have them back
  12. Denied. Try again in 3 months

    1. hxzza


      don’t give me nightmares 

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