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  1. congratz on police command sir

  2. when will u become police command?

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    2. Fuel


      that was the reason for his break, he was not exactly active before that, playing every few days is not good enough for command, people have real lives yes, good for them, but we need to focus on reborn.

    3. Flix
    4. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      @Fuel Yeah im not gona i could be better but i did say im doing  my course work before called out for inactivity 

  3. i agree... the mk200 guns etc' aren't that op or either make a certain vest to wear with it? idk besieds that ifrits and qillins are expensive that's why i always use SUV (when i used to be play arma 3) cuz all of my qillins got cutted n shutted and i had 30+ ended up with 2 also i had car 95 -1 it's not op and even when i gave it for free to people they didn't wanted it cuz it's not "the best" and they would rather use a type or mk1 and about the fps problem well idk anymore we were told it's getting fixed or idk nothing happend pretty much...
  4. Phem


    imo DMTS are dog just remove them less lag.
  5. i'm still not here @Tactical Venomi'm unsubbing rn
  6. Phem

    AAA Fail rp

    simple, record it and report it.
  7. he was ssgt for like a month or two now if i'm not wrong xddd i can feel where he's coming from tbf
  8. besides that our admins are very good and they are watching situations and stuff text to them and the player will be banned within minutes
  9. Phem

    A&D Event

    i'll just leave it here @Theo Wright
  10. ew very toxiccc

    1. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      u chat macca u 

  11. @cbjo 🚑heard u once said he is good for the amount of hours he has... oh well it make sene now every1 calm down it's probably april fools he is part of faze

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