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  1. first you need a gun then you press right click to go in ads you aim and you click left click on your mouse do it until you kill him
  2. i think i might got banned too @[email protected] amount of houses i broke into is actually ridiculous i just windows keyed every possible house and broke in
  3. Phem

    Please Donate

    ye ikr they made it so 500 is a month
  4. Phem

    Please Donate

    lol? i do believe ppl need the money for living and to get a tag on forum like why isn't this closed yet? besides that they made it so if we reach the current donation it's 10 days only so idk why they made it like that if we cover the whole server costs then it's better to have it for a full month hello?
  5. it's funny because blackwater have cheaper guns anyway so for them it's actually half price lmfao
  6. Phem

    Half price

    kavala greenzone is calling me.
  7. Phem

    Knocking out

    you can knock them back but no shoot shoot
  8. Phem

    Half price

    i mean ppl also over donated so i do believe it can cover the server for a long term time.
  9. Phem

    Half price

    oh well i buy spar and types most times
  10. no no i'm talking with thje perk thingy the wheeler dealer isn't it cheaper with it?
  11. probably virtual house thingy i'm calling it now lads.

    1. Dodorex


      Im thinking no more half price..........

    2. Phem


      stop worring about ur shekels dodo

    3. Fuel


      its half price.


      housing isnt finished yet @jcbjoe is busy at the moment

  12. it's 500K to cut each of them so in total it's 5.5mil it will be a lot cheaper just to buy it from the actual shop and u will also save 100K lol
  13. Phem

    nerf shift+g script

    the amount of times that knock helped me to get gears or etc' is amazing so -1 but i can understand you. happend to me in south one time that i knocked about 5 ppl when all i had is a vest

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