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  1. I have just comped both of the money to Raymen per Matthews request on teamspeak so I believe the report should now be closed.
  2. Raymen if you put your player id in a post them could I ask the admin to also take 275k from my account and put it into yours and then we are all even.
  3. Me and Matthew have had a dicsussion in team speak and have decided that I will comp him the total amount of 305k. Would it be possible for an admin to transfer the 305k from my account to his as it seems we will struggle to meet up at similar times to be able to send the money. My player ID is 76561198068488629 and Matthews is 76561198034502051. Thank you Alex F
  4. Come into teamspeak now and we can resolve it my name is Alex F and we can go in game and I can transfer you the money.
  5. Just spent a bit of time making money how much do you need I don't want anymore with this forum argument.
  6. I currently of right this moment only have 30k so I highly doubt I can afford to compensate you although I do believe that I should not have to comp you in this situation.
  7. Yes but I had made the decision to shoot after hearing "give me a pound now" and then the word "robbing" after you were just trying to steal my car.
  8. From this video you hear him say "give me one pound now" and then "robbing you of one pound" this suggested to me initiation and that was then it was only after as I was engaging he clarified his position as he was "joking". Also you had already raised threat becuase you were stealing my car the threat built throughout the situation and put me on edge as that is why as soon as you said you were "robbing me" I engaged.
  9. Alex F

    Alex F Report

    Originally I had a conversation with Snelzie and flatly denied I had done anything wrong. Upon relection and seeing this video I am embarrassed by my poor rp and ashamed by the fact I gave them very little time to comply making it nearly impossible for them to avoid being shot and I want to apologise greatly to both of you who I shot. I understand that you wanted to make this report to get me a phnishment but I would like to ask for forgiveness just this once as this is the first time I have been reported and I would hate to see my time on reborn rp end because of one bad incident but again I can understand where you guys are coming from reporting me and I respect why you did but on this occasion I wish to ask for forgiveness. Thank you for your time Alex F

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