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  1. Congrats on general

  2. If you break in and find nothing, thats your lose. There is a chance to make bank and gain a shit load of money from it, or you could make nothing, its the risk you have to take in robbing it. +100
  3. @K-V That cant be crawfy, he got a gym membership.
  4. @KingOfNeptune taking one for the team, I will buy now 5 mill
  5. Thanks for the idea xx
  6. Your Point? i paid 350 for arma 3, i stopped cheating. Never have cheated on rust.
  7. Like I said, i got bored so went on and made it. I don't main the server this was all in like 2 hours.
  8. Appreciate you not hitting me where it hurts 😘. And whoever told you it's not legit, well is there proof? Aha
  9. Got bored, so went on a pvp server, got some kills and made a montage. If you dont like it dont watch it tbh, its as simple as that.
  10. That resolution makes me want to throw up
  11. All got the same skin
  12. The end date is when they are sold...... Always have it as that
  13. @Scott McTavish @Paul D I have found a fake scotsman. @Sir. has just told me Irn Bru is Red and Blue. What a fanny

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    2. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      No real Scottish person would get that wrong @Sir.

      Therefore I concur you're


    3. Paul D

      Paul D

      @Sir.safest thing for you to do at this point is leave the country and hide in an Afghan cave. 

    4. Kierann




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