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  1. eeemmmmm, why did you put the clip a 2:27 of you trading with a full mk1 to me who has an SDAR?? 🤔 And what was the first clip?
  2. Nothing against sinity but its the way you play. Multiple times i have been in the open and you surround me with ifrits (2-3 people). Stop playing like rats and combat will improve. You also swarm people, not sure if it is true but heard you have 40+ people in your gang thats why no-one fights you its dead. But i do agree qilins and ifrits need to be decreased in price.
  3. Thats the clip where i was behind the strider on my pov. @DanisH. You stole my strider..... Fuck You ❤️
  4. If you watch the video you hear your gang member say "Send the 250k back i will just report"
  5. Will get this posted ASAP And the reason we said this is because you threatend to report me for the incident that occured earlier that i comped for and was dealt with.
  6. So for the revenge report, I broke a rule against these people earlier, i apologise for that but they said they want comp for my gear and i sent them 250k to compensate. I understand compensation doesnt fix everything but they were happy with it. Once this situation happened and they refused to comp we said " we will have to take this further then". There response to this was "Send the 250k back and i will just report" Evidence is shown here:
  7. Matrox.

    69607 Report

    Unfortunatly i dont have a POV, but any admin dealing with this that has knowledge of Arma 3 will know the game is buggy and broken. I jumped up the rock and because of the lag, and how shit arma 3 is it looked like i went through the rock. I would also like to add that in your recording that cuts off quick and that if you left it you would see me ontop of the rock. Also would like to add that i came to resolve with him but left half way through with a bad attitude. Myself and @Adam Briggs went in game and tested it, when doing so he was able to see that i went inside the rock for a split second and appeared on top. Like i said before your video would show this if you did not cut it short.
  8. The last bit is a Yikes!!
  9. Shouldnt break rules then 🤔
  10. 1:29 You broke my arms N1 though
  11. I couldn't care less about the money, it's more the fact that when someone breaks the rules so clearly, they can't get away with It and they need to face the consequences.

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