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  1. es0n

    i mean best value for money is ryzen really, i built my pc w/o a GPU was £550 the specs are: AMD ryzen 2600, 16gb Ram @3200mhz, 500gb ssd, gaming mobo, sahara p35 and i still got my shit 750ti
  2. es0n

    laser beamin shit with motion blur is a meme especially when your movement is dreadful, so obvious u were cheating
  3. es0n

    fellow 4:3 gamer
  4. es0n

    yes but your doing the exact same thing just putting reborn in the name and small edits
  5. es0n

    no point its literally tyrones cqc +mushroom and APD
  6. es0n

    i mean 6khours and u still aint disabled motionblur
  7. es0n

    keyboard got smashed on that OG clip
  8. es0n

  9. es0n

  10. any ideas, just built and its doing this?? CPU
        AMD Ryzen 5    91 °C
        14nm Technology
        16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz (15-15-15-36)
        Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. AB350-Gaming-CF (AM4)    32 °C

    On idle aswell

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    2. es0n


      its got thermal paste, its properly seated just reseated it now and stock cooler as i was told they werent that bad


      also i cant use ryzens software as it is win 10 and above and i could only get windows 8 due to size of my usb 

    3. Knasen


      Speccy is shit, use RealTemp or CPU-Z. Stock cooler should be fine.

    4. Kierann


      AMD they run at like 256 Degrees Standard.

  11. best place to buy a windows 10 key?

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    2. ^ethan
    3. Fallen


      ebay like £3.00

    4. es0n


      @K-V i thought about that but i cant be asked for the windows activation when playing rust and shit

  12. es0n

    cause they probs cutted it
  13. es0n

    nah mate i got permed so u will have to wait for a bit
  14. es0n

    In-game name: eson Steam ID: 76561198173725321 Date of ban: 12/30/18 Reason for ban: i actually don't know like accusing i guess. Then further toxicity on facebook. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: not really i joked in sidechat about fuel using esp, asked for comp as a meme clearly it was as i was in redzone, then i get banned, which i mean banning me from playing gang wars was enough of a punishment but then i got told that i was permed for toxicity on ts when all i did was ask why i was banned. However it also was justified as i got heated and said some very unnecesary words and i promise it wont happen again Why should we unban you? i have been here from the start of the server and i have seen it grow, this is my first perm ban and i wont joke in side or accuse in side again. like i said it was just a joke i think it was taken as an accusation, it wont happen again.
  15. es0n

    035131 btw

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