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  1. 37a0630d1f9390790ec57654f06a6695.png

    R.I.P NATO AJ, :(

  2. Nicole xx


    In-game name: AJ Steam ID: 76561198299035043 Date of ban: 12/20/19 Reason for ban: Exploiting (shooting through deerstand) Staff member that banned you: Big Kev Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was justified, what I did I understand is incorrect now. however I'd like whoever deals with this to bare in mind that I didn't know that this wasn't allowed and this is my first offence for exploiting and I generally didn't know that what I did was wrong until I was banned. It had been about 30-60 mins since I did it if not longer so I didn't even save my POV and had no clue that the person (anton borgs) whom I killed had an issue. Had I known there was an issue I would have been more than willing to resolve it and compensate for the issue at hand. But Big Kev, nor Anton Borgs attempted to inform me that I had done anything wrong but just simply I was permed. Why should we unban you? I've tried to make things right since my permanent bans for duping and said in my last ban that I had no intent of causing issues on the server, which is still a statement I stick by and I'm quite disappointed with myselfthat I had to be permanently banned due to this silly mistake that I feel could have been solved. I do apologize for the issue (heres a gyazo for an in sight into what I was banned for https://gyazo.com/e2fb58404b23456cb3b18a3b264921d0)
  3. happy birthday hunter man!

  4. @BennyI heard you stole Adams sax?

    1. Benny


      just to polish ?

  5. Not tryna be funny but u lot just look like you're finding excuses to dislike it. It's not op at all, it's pretty crap tbh. And you're kidding right? Anyone with at least 5/10 fingers can control a mk1 spray. If someone is struggling to rail someone out an SUV with any gun, then there's your first problem. Dont get me wrong there is hardcore roleplay cops, but that still doesn't disregard the fact that they have free gear. Every time the bank is triggered the channel is 20 cops at least because they are supposed to attend, there is no ÔÇÿchoice' on whether they wish to fight or not.
  6. hello? 3 rounds againt a cop suv from a mk1 kills them? What is the problem? sorry but none of us are scared to fight, we literally have free gear.
  7. The more people using it the less useful they are, you're forgetting it's 5.56, 7.62 does more damage. And as for 2,3,4 people decamping, you're gonna have people who can decamp and kill them too so that points just void. You're also expecting perfect circumstances where they can even shoot straight. Half the kids on here don't know how to lead shots.
  8. the people on this server are not good enough to shoot 50 bullets consecutively into a single tire without whiffing. It really isn't that op at all. Especially considering mraps can drive quickly.
  9. idk what you guys are on about saying it's too op? Have you ever used an LMG ever? It's literally the weakest one and is so underused. I see absolutely no harm in it being added to advanced just provided its not cheap and mags are expensive. Considering it does literally 0 damage to ifrit tires/glass its not OP at all.
  10. *shameless self promotion* at 2:53 and 3:10 watch
  11. It sound quite silly, but when I make frag montages I quite like for my black bars to cut off the HUD, which it currently doesn't unless I want my black bars to cover 3/5 of the screen edit: heinesen took the words out my mouth ÔØñ´©Å
  12. so much for being a pro benchsniper

    1. BrooklynJ


      ay, that's me

  13. Just play the game and learn it, that's the best advice u can really get tbh. It's not a thing that can be taught as such. Although mind you it's quite late to be getting into the game seeing as its been out since 2014. The games not getting any more popular my guy. tyrone cqc is the big one that most people play on.

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