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    1. i'll give you a couple mil, do you think I'll continue it then, getting me banned will just make me quit bro, whats the point
    2. I'll be honest, I'm not sure, the timing of your report is sus, can we resolve this on ts.
    3. Quite frankly I don't believe you due to the fact that when your friend joined the teamspeak to resolve a different situation, he said "Spacearmy why do you combat log" then after we talk about the other sit 5 minutes later you report an hour after the incident. This is a clear case of revenge report.
    4. First off You didn't report me before now and you only reported me now after we tried to resolve a different situation involving combat storing ifrits by driving them into the water, https://gyazo.com/e69cb9b2d6ad8044efcff9b79f55412f this shows it. Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No I'd be happy to resolve this over teamspeak tommorow.
    5. As an avid and savvy gambler of 2 years. I'm all in for my statistics, I'd love to see total loss and total win and see how much my RebornRP hobby has developed, add the total lost, total won, total bets done, to the "Altis Stats" on the forums.
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