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  1. it would be good for bw contracts like bank.
  2. May Supremacy always be remembered in our hearts.
  3. @-Mason M-why not just sell the keys because according to your numbers you've got 80 quid of keys
  4. fuel mate you think you could state your approval for the coastguard once again, thanks in advance

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    2. Carlos1


      @Luke Wilson you are some high level troll no respect

    3. Luke Wilson

      Luke Wilson

      no because hes annoying af, its literally a meme @Carlos1

    4. Spacearmy73
  5. Spacearmy73

    Group System

    as I recall this is already accepted but +1
  6. As you know, you get a rook with the survivor tree, it only comes with a measly thirty rounds, I suggest that you add another magazine for another skill point.
  7. ad mate you feeling alright
  8. @Shaniqua application denied maxx
  9. AAA vans with go karts in the back, total MRAP deployment vehicle
  10. I mean if we all have MRAPS and the last 10 minutes is to GET a base why wouldn't we use MRAPS ?
  11. fuggzz is literally our mascot right dont start on him

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