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  1. Already accepted if I recall.
  2. or just to boost your wanted level....
  3. are you asking for a fight mate, 1,221,185,046.96 zimbabwean dollars or roughly 2.7 million great british pounds.
  4. @Teemo want to have a chat on ts ?
  5. I admit It was a very bad situation in general. I regret what happened there but it was a spur of the moment thing and I apologise. As for the torniquet suicide, I didn't intend that, it's just instinct to suicide to be honest. If you had any plans of robbing my weapon or anything etc I would be happy to comp you that.
  6. Public service announcement: K.O for the 100,000th time have been spotted camping north east drug dealer, be vigilant, these hobos are determined for whatever reason to rob your shit.

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    2. Spacearmy73


      I am not one of those camping taxers. I am a dedicated LSD producer for the island of Altis.

    3. andrew.


      What’s wrong with camping a drug dealer I’m confused, you realise this is altis life right

    4. Knasen


      KO are dog, dont mind them. Call me when Supremacy or Synergy are camping, then we have a problem

  7. Whats wrong with being a roleplayer?
  8. I will buy this fine weapon for two million pounds.
  9. pal these weapons worth 2.5 mil tops.
  10. -1 I like your thoughts but this is basically a rule already

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