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  1. nice cover photo!!

  2. Proximity

    Bought one when it first came out at 1 grand, in my opinion my family loved it but as someone who enjoys competitive games it wasn't for me and more of a 5 min wonder
  3. Proximity

    I upgraded from 970 to 1080TI and there wasn't exactly a massive increase so I would stick with 970 and upgrade elsewhere
  4. Proximity

    whats your youtube?
  5. Proximity

    shut up smelly twat
  6. Proximity

    Jimmy being honest you need to post more rp videos because watching combat is boring!
  7. Proximity

    Doesn't look like it ever started
  8. Proximity

  9. can someone explain how the cap points work like how you make money from them?

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    2. Cameron


      To elaborate on Sanik's point, OG is Weapons, Church is Drugs and Abdera is Vehicles. If you hold the cap you get 5% of the price of a Vehicle bought, weapons bought or drugs sold.

    3. Proximity
    4. Szplit


      Pretty sure if you have them all you make way more aswell alot more worthwhile to cap them all.

  10. Proximity

    why not just delete them then?
  11. Proximity

    jeez nice frag
  12. Proximity

    Fucking class ahahahaha declined no pedos meeting up with luke and rabs in this gang plz
  13. Seeing as there is two servers what happens about tomos bids for the gang bases? Haven’t had one people have told me it’s more about combat and having two servers guessing will be a bit <inappropriate3>

    1. Fuel


      Bidding will be server 1 only 

    2. Proximity
  14. opinions 


    1. Proximity


      Not a fan. Crusty

  15. Bidding for gang bases ends tomorrow at 12 midnight? 

    1. RomaN



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