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  1. buy it for me @Tuga
  2. Yeh, it was like 1KM from where it was. What do you mean you toned the chopper?
  3. What do you mean thats what i always do? Ive never had a heli crash into another person before, so why say it like i have? My friend @Ricky Spanishsay the heli flying.
  4. You stole my heli, so i went looking for it and accidentally crashed into you, while trying to get close to talk to you in game, when i was trying to get close it crashed, im horrible at flying them, i crash all the time.
  5. Conrad


    @Adam Briggs
  6. Conrad


    ok, this is the best proof i can get. its from the same recording, you can see im not lying because i seek back and forth
  7. Conrad


    Ill check if i have video of that, but im not sure i do
  8. Conrad


    @Adam Briggs https://youtu.be/SWf92Cc5VRs
  9. Conrad


    In-game Name: Conrad Steam ID: 76561198170199093 Date of the incident: 04/15/19 Time of the incident: 19:58 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: Worn MTP clothing Explosive proof rig sand combat helmet katiba gl + holo sight, 15 mags and a silencer balaclava and goggles i think thats everything, im not sure of the value, around 250000 possibly? Please provide as much detail as possible: I was in a heli watching whilst my friends robbed a store, as i was landing someone flying another heli smashed into me out of nowhere and killed me Any Evidence Available: yeh i was recording the whole time , so ive got a clip of it, where do i upload that? EDIT:: Ive already payed and got my gear back , its just annoying to have payed twice, so instead of getting my original gear can i just have the value of the items?
  10. Conrad

    Vehicle recovery?

    My heli was blown up, if I wait a while do I get it back? It is it gone forever now?
  11. Conrad

    Voice chat

    Earlier I was kicked for being toxic, I disagree because someone rdm'ed me, but oh well. Anyway. My voice chat isn't working now. Is it possible that my voice was banned

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