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  1. keith


    Frick exampL
  2. keith


    Will have to accept this straight away
  3. big up keith

    1. keith



    2. Ram Ranch

      Ram Ranch

      Kieth doesn't need to get bigger, he can barely fit in his chair anymore...

  4. keith

    Can’t reply on ziffys update, fuming 

    but they were probably all pulled for an arma flex and then impounded should’ve probably said there was only 1 ifrit used for something like a bank 

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    2. Ziffy


      @Cozzathat's not the main issue, it's the whole "you abuse your gear" argument, and this refers to more than just suppressors. TFU are portrayed as these money wasting monsters and it's just not fair!

    3. Cozza


      @ZiffyI get what your saying , I really do .... personally with the current state of arma and how much it’s dying , there’s no time to cry over skins on a game , I personally think the ifrit etc... should get used more cause they are a very good method of pushing stuff in a bank , we don’t use it , or the orca cause people are scared of losing it and getting wrong / kicked from TFU ... I think with the current state of arma , we should be allowed to use our stuff when we feel like it’s necessary 

    4. Cozza


      And about the suppressors , BW buy them for what 30k and rebels sell them on market for 70k-100k or something ... it’s not Worth much at all , majority of people who are rebels can do a run and craft 70 of them in less than 30 mins so I don’t really see why it’s such a big deal , The police has been like this for the whole 2 years I’ve been here and never once been a problem , SFU used to be exactly the same if not worse , obviously Fuels word is final so I’m not gonna question it just giving my opinion here xxxx

  5. keith


    Accepted as leader Need foreigners for diversity, Accepted
  6. keith


    Will Have to accept this one Will be accepting this one as well @AJ..
  7. keith


    NATO Requirements: 6000 Hours on Arma 3 (Exceptions can be made if you own a body pillow) Must own a bunk bed Dedication to ArmA 3 on saturday Nights Application: Name: Age: Body Pillow: Vouches: Roster Only Playing for saturdays plz no kick ty
  8. Is it a requirement in blackwater to have less than 20 fps
  9. You'll find that most of us wait below og unless we have cap for other people to catch up but the gangs on cap push off and slam the people waiting, happens quite a lot tbh

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