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  1. fps seems fine here guess there weren't any cheaters back then 🤷‍♂️
  2. stella or carling

    1. keith


      Would personally agree with my long time friend csupt lou, would have to be a stella anyday @AJ..

    2. AJ..


      Stella or nothing. Traitor to the cause if u drink anything else. Also ur a wallad if you don’t chug it

  3. Favorite part was when you lined up two people who were afk
  4. keith

    3 gangbases

    Nevermind, chicken pammy man disbanded morrisons so it's back to 2 gangs, decline ty
  5. keith

    3 gangbases

    at the moment there is more than 3 active gangs on the server, should be back to 3 so LARGER gangs get gangbase and play throughout the week as opposed to only saturday opinions plz
  6. shut it I've heard lou does have 99 strength and 99 aggression
  7. <19:25:56> "adam": can i leave cops please, mcgregors calling o7 @Lard
  8. don't knock it till you try it
  9. you lot just couldn't handle cringe!
  10. sent me snoring
  11. it's a different gang you baboon
  12. conway mate there was a massive explosion which we could see as we was flying about in athira, think your just a bit heated, which is fairly obvious when you called us rude words!
  13. Conway i don't know what to tell you, wrong person lmao

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