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  1. Ngl I kinda forgot about this but I do so happen to also be the mayor, such a coincidence.
  2. We could do a monthly event (cycles with new mayor) where the mayor is transporting 5 mil to Sofia from kavala on 'governmental business' in the form of a convoy. This convoy could be protected by the police/blackwater or a detachment from both Working as a joint security force. The aim for rebels would be to capture the mayor/mayor's vehicle and therefore gain the money in the vehicle. It could work as in if you capture just the vehicle you get 3 mil and if you capture the mayor alive and the vehicle it's 5 mil. This is just a base idea and very much open to being expanded upon. Wrote this on no sleep, no bully.
  3. I know I know, im a filthy money whore what can i say. But sure 3 mil sounds good 😎
  4. As current Lord mayor of Altis, I endorse this candidate. +1
  5. If theres stuff you want to know i would suggest reading the guides provided on your phone on the info app, make sure you know the rules as well always handy😎also if you got any questions im more than open to a PM.
  6. Police hunter Buy now: 3mil Proof of ownership: PM Starting bid amount: 2 mil Minimum bid: 250k End date: 11th May 2019
  7. Oof nope forgot about it you can close. 👍
  8. You see it sounds like a good investment but is it worth 33% of my bank account 🤔
  9. This is why the government hired Blackwater, for them sleek dance moves. nothing more. 😎
  10. Emptying my house Got this shit Guns - 4x MK1 (no mags) - 5x Spar-17 (no mags) - 1x Type 115 (no mags) - 1x Asp-1 (6 mags) Attachments - 6x RCO - 3x sound suppressor 6.5mm - 6x sound suppressor 7.62mm - 5x AMS (Black) - 6x LRPS (Black) - 1x ARCO (Black) - 2x MRCO Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/IOnUJ9r For offers I would rather people would buy in bundles, please send realistic offers relative to the guns actual worth.

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