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  1. OutSyder

    ban issued for poor rp and fail rp
  2. OutSyder

    denied, its because of your mate driving into you that your truck blew up
  3. OutSyder

    do you have proof of your inventory? @LogicEffectTV
  4. OutSyder

    denied you have to resolve this with the officer. not a bug or server issue
  5. OutSyder

    Report denied 1) you can only report one player 2) with those small clips, its insufficient evidence. I need to see a video of the entire situation
  6. OutSyder

    report denied timed out
  7. OutSyder

    Report accepted player banned for poor rp
  8. OutSyder

    Denied a month ban is appealable after one week
  9. OutSyder

    Denied as he cant upload a 3 min video and with his voice recorded
  10. OutSyder

    @CoryHazHaxI need to see atleast a video 3min beforehand, and also I need to hear you speaking
  11. OutSyder

    @Friendlyvideo is unavailable
  12. OutSyder

    Denied, after two months your house will be gone
  13. OutSyder

    @Dez Manarello
  14. OutSyder

    Report accepted, This is clear killing after VDM. Both pov shows that the ifrit went straight for the quilin, and roxz decided to kill after the vdm.
  15. OutSyder

    report timed out
  16. OutSyder

    I need to see a video atleast 3 min beforehand @James Flame
  17. OutSyder

    i use shadow play for in game incidents, for pure content creating obs
  18. OutSyder

    Report accepted Ban issued for killing a medic
  19. OutSyder

    And Im talking about those officers who did it, its not hard to send us a video of the situation, then we deal with it
  20. OutSyder

    as long no one is showing police command evidence about these situations, there is nothing that can be done.
  21. OutSyder

    report accepted action taken
  22. OutSyder

    the first thing that I hear about it. only the higher ranks can send someone 40-50 min to jail. but they should never send someone 50 min to jail for some manslaughters.
  23. OutSyder

    armed helicopters are heavily restricted and cannot shoot any ground targets apart from mraps. No need -1
  24. OutSyder

    ban issued Multiple times trying to vdm, this is so blatant
  25. OutSyder

    denied 48 hour ban is not appealable

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