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  1. denied on the vdm part, both sides were dangerous driving, and trying hit eachother off the road. actioned on rdm. michel receiving a ban
  2. I need to see a longer video of the situation, like 1 min before the colission
  3. Ban issued for 13.1 also @HampusEdo not repair walls in the future if there is a vehicle in the way.
  4. OutSyder

    Reece Report

    As you have no evidence being in an active gunfight, also you intitiated and gave no time to comply. I will issue a ban for poor rp. action taken
  5. report accepted ban issued for threatening to ban + breaking rp.
  6. OutSyder

    Reece Report

    Shots yes, but not close to the gunstore. Also you claimed is active gunfight , but then you initiate on him, and straight start to shoot. Why did you do this?
  7. OutSyder

    Reece Report

    do you have evidence from the active gunfight?
  8. OutSyder

    Spark Report

    clear audible threath and enough time to comply. but @Spark tell your friend to work on the initiation, for example: sir place hands on your head or you will get a bullet into your face. that would be a much better initation report denied
  9. still not enough time, initiation was also not that clear as he was already driving away. also looking back at the video it was closer to 1 second, 0.10 end initiation, 0:11 shots. as you still dont agree with the fact that its poor rp, I will issue a ban. action taken
  10. 2 seconds to comply is not enough, also he was driving away wich make the initiation hard to hear
  11. OutSyder

    Spark Report

    thats fine, I will wait for that video for my end conclusion
  12. OutSyder

    Jon Jones Report

    Closed as resolved
  13. - Rep he is giving the maximum ban what he can 

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      @Bladessorry just sold everything to get +rep

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      +rep to OutSyder for his knifes and premium snapchat

  14. report accepted ban issued for poor rp

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