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  1. report accepted action taken
  2. items: 1 Spar 16S / 1 ASP / 2 x Car95/1 mags: 3x 5.8mm 100rnd / 3x 12.7mm / 5x 5.56mm 150rnd starting bid: 1.2mil buy now: 3mil end date: 30/07 proof: https://gyazo.com/c9d34e9f394a69d475e2d9d639d1599a https://gyazo.com/0b457f78ca36e732972209aff95daf6b https://gyazo.com/fa340a3b3a55c43e1ee0c849f85126d3
  3. report denied. was a 1vs2 situation, the cop had the better gun. it was 50/50. not because someone has a slight advantage that its not valueing life.
  4. OutSyder


    moved to perm ban appeal
  5. Report accepted Ban issued for rdm
  6. OutSyder

    Je$ter Report

    report accepted action taken.
  7. OutSyder

    Je$ter Report

    @Dk1 you wanna give a try to resolve this?
  8. OutSyder

    Je$ter Report

    still its clear enough that you didnt gave him time enough to comply. he turned a bit right on the moment you started your initiation. you only gave him 2 secs to comply.
  9. OutSyder

    Je$ter Report

    @Jag you have 24 hours to respond
  10. @!NewB you willing to accept comp?
  11. please explain yourself why you did that in the situation.
  12. report denied, no clear evidence of streamsniping also easy to spot in a situation how many guys there are.
  13. need a better video than this, its not proving he is stream sniping with that clip.

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