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  1. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: @Jack.. as you apologized for your language, I'm willing to give you a chance by giving you a verbal warning. anymore of this behaviour will result in a ban.
  2. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: denied as requested, but I saw the video before it was taken down. the initiation was rushed and macbook initiated on a car driving over 130kph. so yes it was poor rp. work on your rp skills @MACbook
  3. @Shad0w show me a longer clip of the situation as two seconds is too short to check why it happened
  4. OutSyder

    Mason Report

    PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: this is intentional. player will receive a written warning on his account as he got a clean history If you require any compensation please go: HERE
  5. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: because you're not recording your own microphone, I don't hear what you said. because of that I can't continue with the report. also you got initiated on, then you decided to run towards him with a gun out, not the best decision to do.
  6. COMPENSATION REQUEST DENIED REASON: without evidence I can't give you comp
  7. OutSyder


    COMPENSATION REQUEST DENIED REASON: no evidence of respawning
  8. OutSyder


    need evidence video, with sound and evidence of respawning @Scrypteez
  9. @BosnianPatriotLarry need evidence of respawning
  10. OutSyder

    Slim Report

    PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: no response and not enough evidence shown
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