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  1. player is already currently banned for an other situation but his ban will be upgraded to a perm as this is rdm on 3 cops in bluezone
  2. OutSyder

    Allah Report

    @Owen (1)I will give you a chance to comp @Jag for his gear. also get your internet sorted if you have bad connection let me know when comp is sorted
  3. this is poor rp ban issued
  4. you feeling allright? you know thats never going to be added, and if you reporting every single one for doing that, you only going to get yourself in trouble. Its arma, just how it is, just deal with it or maybe play as nhs so you dont need to deal with ifrits
  5. exploiting in arma is a misuse of a bug wich gives you an advantage, for example looking trough walls. thats a something they didn't created, but it gives you an advantage wich is exploiting. so basicly the same as your gyazo but other situation
  6. in this game its classified as misusing a bug wich is not intenteded. so your arguement doesn't make any sense. Ifirts is a part of the game wich was intenteded. So therefore its not exploiting. If you don't like ifrits in arma 3 maybe search for another game where you don't see them or just deal with them.
  7. You misunderstanding the term exploiting Also ifrits are part of the game. You are a cop. You can shoot tyres, place down spikestrip or maybe value your life and keep distance. 8.2 Exploiting If you find any sort of in-game exploit, you are to immediately inform a member of staff, do not post it on the forum. If you are caught abusing any form of exploit you will be treated the same as a cheater or hacker (an exploit is using any feature in a way it was not intended, this includes bugs, glitches), e.g using the free trucks from the truck missions for other purposes other than doing truck missions ie HM blocking.
  8. +1 but no clue how that will work when you see more than 40 people having hexes on the map. as we already work together in a lot of situations, its more helpful, sometimes we shoot eachother accidently
  9. So you think initiating from on the top of the office building to across the street at the ground is a good initiation? They didnt hear you at all Also you initiated with a pistol on 4 heavily armed police officers. Not really valueing your life is it?
  10. OutSyder

    police activity

    @Sir. couldn't find your forum account because there is a few (100) sir's XD
  11. Denied Two day ban is not appealeble
  12. report accepted action taken
  13. OutSyder


    Clearly shows he was already standing towards you and your intention was initiating and immediatly start shooting. So very clear not giving time to comply. At the end of the day, this is poor rp and after I tried to explain you what you need to do next time, you still don't understand it. as charlie said, 2 day ban is not appealable, so learn from your mistakes.

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