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  1. -1 no need for this helmet in my opinion, its still a rp server not a world war 3 server
  2. is it possible to change the physics a bit on the sportshatchback? Its hard to steer it because its so sensitive that you easily can crash it on high speed. I prefferd the old physics btw, so much better and stable
  3. +1, did some checkpoints in athira, never was fun tbh, people easily avoiding or big gangs came in for gun fight, RP is more situated towards kavala where also the checkpoint belongs.
  4. its fine, its not something where suddenly 10 hobo's will come out of nothing, and gangs barely do any apd's
  5. Ow yea I get it now, holy im stupid. Thanks for clarification.
  6. So If I read it correctly, if you log out and come back online nlr applies. So that means of you log out at kavala pd, you cannot spawn there because nlr applies?
  7. Calm down, or go play minecraft where you can respawn and get your stuff back.
  8. -1 its altis life, not skip altis night life
  9. Can you make me one please, its doesnt matter how it looks, surprise me 😃
  10. Nope, only hope is the logs
  11. In-game Name: OutSyder Steam ID: 76561198028914368 Date of the incident: 01/01/2018 Time of the incident: dont know Link to player report: / Lost Items and Estimated Value: 2 houses I think Please provide as much detail as possible: since house wipe Any Evidence Available: none
  12. -1 only dcc+ and sfu (I think) have acces to them, like 10% of the police force.
  13. Starting from the right, thats not the green hex
  14. Thats what crawfy said, it doesnt have anything to do with the dlc. +1
  15. Thats pretty rare than but wouldnt be bad to put a price

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