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  1. OutSyder

    Maybe same for atm, for transferring money, if you need to look over 140 guys when server is full
  2. OutSyder

    Is it possible to have a search option on the cellphone? so you can easier find people if you need to contact them, for example resolving situations
  3. OutSyder

    Thats what I tought, But I get now what you mean with it, +1
  4. OutSyder

    Maybe only eject option for passengers and for the pilot the option when the engine go red.
  5. OutSyder

    Get and I5 with the gtx 1060 or if you have the money go for 1070ti.
  6. OutSyder

    Fifa 19 and new goat simulator
  7. OutSyder

    lol you goin to be catched by the real OutSyder. anyways good luck
  8. OutSyder

  9. OutSyder

    I would never overclock an cpu, its not worth it and you lose the guarantee if you overclock + 4ghz at base clock is already excellent.
  10. OutSyder

    TBH if you want to safe some money go for an I5 instead of I7 if its only for gaming. If you do more heavy tasks like video editing, photoshop than better get I7. Also an air cooler for cpu is cheaper than a liquid cooler
  11. OutSyder

    If you have the money its worth it, I have the 1070 and its perfect for everything that you trow at it on 1080P
  12. OutSyder

    just faster more fps, higher clock rate and more cuda cores.
  13. OutSyder

    looks good if you have spare money get 1070ti
  14. OutSyder

    The seagates hdd are totally fine and is worth the cheap price
  15. OutSyder

    make sure motherboard support m.2

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