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  1. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: no solid evidence of exploiting. his gun is not sticking trough the door or wall trying to exploit.
  2. Would be the same if he had drugs on him while doing a run. Last chance to comp or I will take action
  3. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: Report resolved.
  4. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: @Kimi it started by you, being toxic. clearly breaking nlr, trying to rdm, going around in kav vdming people. what do you expect other people do or trying to tell you, you breaking rules continuely? 7 Ban issued for being toxic and vdm'ing (trolling) in kav. If you require any compensation please go: HERE
  5. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: you know that there is a gunfight in just outside kav. you go for a check, you clearly hear gunshots from that construction site. instead of trying to leave you go straight toward the building. its an active gunfight, you knew it was, so its not RDM.
  6. @Hasbulla comp @Peter C for his gear next time don't initiate after an rtc. also @Peter C its time that you try to resolve situations instead of going straight for a report. somethings can get sorted easily without admins needing to get involved
  7. I will allow you to comp @Rezno_y, let me know when sorted
  8. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: not an exploit but a bug
  9. @Rezno_y I need to see atleast 2 min before the first shots and don't fast forward the video. need a clear view on the whole situation
  10. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: ban issued for killing in BZ If you require any compensation please go: HERE
  11. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Action Taken: al sahmud will receive a 24 hours ban for poor rp. you say miscommunication, but you laughed at it and executed him, so your story is bullocks. Big homie will receive a written warning for poor rp, next time will be a ban aswell. If you require any compensation please go: HERE
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