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  1. OutSyder


    use this form with video evidence https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  2. @Pino if this is you, you have 24 hours to respond
  3. OutSyder

    Idk Report

    report denied it's not metagaming, please that rule again.
  4. foks is the reported player, not you
  5. Will give foks 24hours to respond
  6. OutSyder

    J [abyss] Report

    Closed as requested
  7. OutSyder

    J [abyss] Report

    you have evidence that you got shot out? also need to see 2min before shooting
  8. OutSyder


    you have to be sure if something is missing
  9. topic locked. this is not the place to discuss this
  10. OutSyder

    Medic Claims

    its a faction suggestion so you need to ask nhs command personally -1, just communicate with other nhs members who will revive them. its a faction so learn to work together
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