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  1. Still shit at editing Feedback plz x
  2. 1 mil bid for each one
  3. killed christiann in the quilin lol
  4. Kinda shit - next ones gonna be better x
  5. didn't clip it, the pilot should provide a video because omligon's video doesn't actually prove anything because he wasn't in the heli the whole time.
  6. @Charlie ThomasI think what dodrex is saying is the heli was alt 2d before omligon got in so u need a pov of the pilot to see when it was alt 2d at first.
  7. sammer18


    In-game name: sammer18 Steam ID: 76561198146468767 Date of ban: 05/02/19 Reason for ban: Mass Walkout Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Think it was unjustified because I was banned for being in a channel, I had no intention of leaving blackwater. Why should we unban you? Because I haven't done anything wrong, If I'm unbanned I will continue playing as blackwater as I was going to, I don't think I should be banned of a server for being in a channel discussing things after changes in Blackwater.
  8. any reason it's 0.1 db?
  9. sammer18


    In-game Name: sammer18 Steam ID: 76561198146468767 Date of the incident: 04/26/19 Time of the incident: 3.50 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: lsd run = gear = 1.25 mil Please provide as much detail as possible: Don't think I hit the tree but even if I did I shouldn't have blown up instantly Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/fZfBRw-ByQg https://gyazo.com/ff030d41f06796b4a0602f57d37efc68

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