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  1. Linx

    RR 2

    n1 chris lad
  2. Linx

    RR 1

    N1 chris lad
  3. Linx

    Blaine:-) Report

    You clearly have no idea about deer stand/DMT/Command lag on arma you are sat in a static position your player model inst moving around creating lag while blaine is running its creating lag you are going to look fine on his screen but its going to be different for you thats how the game is
  4. Linx

    Blaine:-) Report

    @oscar12345wasnt a lag switch it was just the server at that time https://gyazo.com/ab1c52a077b2243a259e4f37e79c442d Blaines POV - https://gyazo.com/93b2c58ef351bcff0409291bd713a06c
  5. Imagine removing / banning the whole of SRT smh as if gun fights wernt dead enough

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    2. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Imagine posting a status update to cause drama 🙄

    3. Linx


      wasn't trying to cause drama but ok 

    4. Ziffy


      Imagine agreeing with what’s happened

  6. Linx


    Yes mnsy lad
  7. rebel quilins and BW quilins are textured very differently cba replying
  8. if you cant see the BLUE quilins not my fault yous are blind
  9. you shot at us from the deerstand end of story

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