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  1. Linx

    Gang Bases

    Doubt that fuels going to change them over again as hes just done it not long ago but ill +1
  2. In-game name: REEEEEEEEagan (posted for him) Steam ID: 76561198271882410 Date of ban: 04/10/19 Reason for ban: 3^ paul mullins Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No Why should we unban you? you should unban me as i have learnt from my mistakes i was trying to be cool by typeing 3^ a hacker and thats not cool hackers are serouise and i love talking on this community forrums and do not want to be banned you should unban me because i like to provide suggestions a relevent things to the community and i was being childish that night after a couple of drinks with the lads and i just want to take this time to apogise to the mangement for having to deal with this i took a week and i apogise thanks
  3. You for real there are more people on the server who would rather fight caps, do banks and gang wars than people who would rather sit in kavala and RP, arma is a military simulator people come on the game for gunfight and dont say "if you want to fight go on KOTH" because people would rather play a server that has a bank, you can do runs/make money, cops and rebels, other player interaction its more enjoyable the "Altis life RP scene" was 2014 - 2016 if people want to go and RP they go on FiveM because its frame work and player interaction is so much more advanced and better than arma's. One thing to finish off, you arn't going to like it and i couldn't care less if i'm honest the 2 main people that would have brought this server back to life / brought other people over from other servers was Connor McGregor and Attach but there appeals got denied. Not trying to start shit, just telling facts allow it.
  4. Linx

    RR Last

    Who's Liam Shotton
  5. There needs to be a mass unban 🙏

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    2. Linx


      The 2 people that would have made a difference and brought people over to this community got denied 

    3. andrew.


      whos that?

    4. Neo


      I find it deeply concerning that the server ranked number #7 in the world is considered "Dead" due to "Caps".


      Again, There's nothing stopping people appealing.

      Hackers will never get unbanned, (however there are some slight exceptions to this).

      Repeat offenders (especially those that dupe, exploit) will not be unbanned.

      However, we will look at each unban in a case by case basis.

      I'm locking this status update because it's futile.



      I'm not gloating about our rank, it's irrelevant, the state of play is relevant, however, not everyone plays for "caps", to call it dead is daft.

  6. Impulse decisions as per because you get dicked by sinity
  7. Linx

    3^ Mullins.SkinHead

    Was on counter strike with a few people and got game banned for cheating ill unprivate the account if you really want https://gyazo.com/99610607a7d73b5ae0863da63a4f0749
  8. Linx

    3^ Mullins.SkinHead

    That's just an alt account that never gets used if you look at the hours it only has maybe 1 or 2 hours played plus i bought arma in the steam sale because I have 2 computers in case someone came over and wanted to use it for exile and epoch @Fuel
  9. In-game name: REEEEEEEEagan (posted for him) Steam ID: 76561198271882410 Date of ban: 04/11/19 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No Why should we unban you? you should unban us as im i have been playing here for nearly 6 mounths now and i am realy enjoying this server i have messed up here yep and i can see how with my other ban this can seem like i have cheated ther system and i have and i deeply apogise to the mangement here for waisting your time i thought no one would find out and i have been caught red handed and im a fucking idiot i love this server and now have blown my chances here i realy wish to come back and enjoy the roleplay i thought i wouldnt get caught and now i have i love the community here and how this server plays compared to others and i realy do apogise you should unban me as i have now relised the servarity of my deciouns and how they can effect me and make me lose my place here at reborn and i love the community and couldnt think about another one if u was to unban me nothing of the sorts would come of me again as now i have relised with this ban that it is very seriouse and i would not reoffend because i do not want to leave this community i was an idiot and a child please give me another chance here and this will never happen again i promise i love the people here and the community and do not want to leave and can promise mangement and admins that nothing of this sort will happen and i have truely relised that after this i cannot come back and i truely do not want to leave this server so this will never happen again and again apogise to staff and i have had my best times here at reborn and want to continue thanks
  10. In-game name: 3^ Mullins.SkinHead Steam ID: 76561198168060324 Date of ban: 04/11/19 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: was justified Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because it is my first ban on the server, i have learned my lesson if you was to unban me i can assure you that i wouldn't be duping again or break anymore rules. This is the only server i currently play on arma because the rest are dead, plus i have a few mates on here that i want to come on with.
  11. Linx

    Revive System

    Defibs when medics arn't on ?
  12. Linx

    RR 1

    you wear your hat backwards
  13. Linx

    Linx RR 2

    You default dance for money

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