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  1. PhenoM

    You're on teamspeak?
  2. PhenoM

    1. Name: PhenoM 2. Age: 20 3. Bank balance: 35 mil 4. Past gangs: Not that special 5. Hours in Arma: 3.5k 6. Amount of time able to commit a day: 5-8 hrs 7. Why you should be accepted: I've been playing this game for the past years and i'm quite experience. It would be nice to get together with a good gang again. I mostly played several servers as well.
  3. PhenoM

    I mean I didn't see you at all? There was no name with Danielz, is there a way you can send him the money yourself @Adam Briggsfrom my bank account please. He got the comp @Psyquake
  4. PhenoM

    I'm on right now if you're here.
  5. PhenoM

    Well he isn't try to contact me whatsoever to provide comp so.. I don't know what to do at this point and would like to speak to you personally about this incident I have a few questions please.
  6. PhenoM

    Only for the gear right, since there was a chance he could be robbed another gang or people at the dealer?
  7. PhenoM

    Did you check my POV and did I rulebreak? @Adam Briggs Because you can hear it perfectly from my side... because if this is a rulebreak then I don't know can you initiate on a heli. If it's a rulebreak, i'll comp for your gear, your run unfortunately no since you could have been robbed at the dealer that's how it works. @Psyquake
  8. PhenoM

    Message me if you see me in-game, i'll comp you i guess.
  9. PhenoM

    If I broke any rule I can comp him but if not as I discussed with @Lensen, the report can proceed to his decision. Thanks in advance.
  10. PhenoM

    Would be nice if you could contact me in-game or here to go on ts and clear things out.
  11. PhenoM

    Idk how is this breaking any rules, I didn't even see you on the ground but i'll comp you none the less jesus. NOTE: We weren't even involved in any fight, we were just protecting our hemtts. We weren't interfered in your so called gunfight that you mentioned. So if you claim you were taking shots at us it was RDM because we weren't initiated.
  12. PhenoM

    Tried to contact him while saw him in-game, he's ignoring me and refusing to resolve.
  13. PhenoM

    First of all you didn't try to contact me and resolve at all? Second of all I didn't kill you but okay? I'll show my POV. I'm open to resolve and comp if needed. POV:
  14. PhenoM

    Uhm first of all, you didn't try to resolve? But im willing to head to teamspeak and solve it, if needed comp as well. NOTE: Your sound is very very very low, you even can't barely hear me and even your friends hear you. MY POV:
  15. PhenoM

    In-game Name: WS | PhenoM Steam ID: 76561198118585307 Date of the incident: 11/24/18 Time of the incident: 18:50 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: - MK-1 Loadout with ARCO and 11 mags - NATO Full Ghillie - Carrier Rig (Green) - NATO Helmet (AAF) - 181 worth of moonshine Please provide as much detail as possible: Everyone got killed in the server by a hacker Any Evidence Available:

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