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  1. youre looking to get support arent you :3
  2. 🥶😍 big turbo int dance party going on over at tfu
  3. shut up get off the forums u addict quit like 4 months ago
  4. https://gyazo.com/f42fc8b49c4c03cd7bf52c15deee7e39 ? stop being cringe
  5. "yo noa can i play with u on ur alt" dies 3 times to bluebuff in a row, goes back to it for a fourth time and dies to enemy jgl, goes to gromp and dies to it, goes back to it and dies again. Finally goes back again and gets leashed by naut and then learns how to smite, walks up to wolves and misses q completely then doesnt know how to activate W or E. this is after 9 mins into the game, you have finally killed one camp and is now lvl 2. you attempt to solo drake lvl 3 and miss ur q then run away just to walk back in again and die to enemy jungle. keep in mind this kid is fucking asian as
  6. 🍆 TURBO INT DISCO PARTY 🍆 Requirements: Have an unranked lvl 30 EUW league account (or more) Willing to commit to the cause. Application: PM one of us on discord: Noa#3592 or Olav#9945 Roster - coming soon (This is also an in game reborn gang but you do not have to play in it actively to be a part of the movement)
  7. Name: Nedzmin Ambeskovic Age: 42 Why would you like to join: Because i am the biggest and greatest of bosnia
  8. Noa

    My story

    snorunge ge mig
  9. what in the actual fuck is ur map and sidechat positions
  10. caffeine adderall cocaine and skript to win

    1. hazza-


      sounds like someone ik

    2. Peterrr


      ahahahaahahha msging me last night in panic on snap jesus you really are my son after all....

    3. Noa


      someone ban this kid

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