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  1. Noa

    Bounty Hunter job role

    huge -1, would not bring any good rp at all and would just be really really annoying to anyone who isnt a bounty hunter. cops and bw are there for a reason
  2. Noa

    Face reveals?

    my camera is too small sorry
  3. tbh rn its good, since iast update its been balanced well, so i dont see a point in changing it again
  4. With how laggy The killfeed is a lot of times, this will be usefull
  5. Noa

    warzone suggestions

    it wouldnt be? at that time theres like 4 people on the server which would mean that they'd get 4k every 2 minutes, if they are all sat at one cap each. They would gain a shit ton more from doing a single lsd run instead. and if that really really is a massive problem that some hobos get like 1 mill cuz they afk in a zone at 4am then just make it so that only the day warzones are set, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 1am (maybe)
  6. happy birthday

    1. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      eh? It's not MY birthday

      It is Fuel's 🤣

    2. Noa


      happy birthday tavo 😏

  7. Noa

    warzone suggestions

    im pretty sure everyone has it clear for them how the system works, were asking for it to be changed because the way it works right now is pretty bad, and if done better could attract more people to the server
  8. Set warzone to spawn at the same time every restart and have it spawn no matter how many people are on the server. Would make it so that people actually know exactly when to log on and would give people who play a bit earlier during the day some fun to have. (set it to spawn 40 minutes into every restart no matter what). Wz very rarley spawns at the 12pm restart cause there just isnt enough people on. I don't see a point for why it should need 50 people on to spawn, even if theres only 20 people on the server and only 5 of them are fighting wz, then they wouldnt even be making that much money from it, since it's only 1k/person on the server every 2 mins (or something like that). Another thing is to make it so that you need 300 points to win the warzone because imo it sometimes feels really short when zerg gangs/bw just sit on like 3-4 points and win after like 30-40 minutes.
  9. Rxz

    greatest frag movie of all time 


    1. Noa
    2. Spacearmy73


      Do I spot censorship? Is that Noa's minecraft frag movie?

    3. Noa
  10. clash of clans

    1. Peterrr


      Gå till skolan lallare.  Låt mig nt komma t centrum nu å möta upp dig.

  12. i miss the old gang bases, the big ones with dmt and that
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