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  1. .Noa


    Crazed with the big brain suggestions. +1
  2. .Noa

    BW and gangwars.

    What if bw clears the bid right before restart and then it will just be a "gang base 1" owned by no one, and then bw can auction it away to a gang? Then we would actually be fighting to get money into gangfunds which is split every week, would be pretty cool imo
  3. .Noa

    3 gangbases

    worrrdddddd, make it 3 again
  4. .Noa

    NCA Hunter

    Sold, someone close please
  5. .Noa


    Fair enough, not really that big of a deal to me but ive just seen that a lot of people want LMGs, maybe LIMs, car95s and spar16S then?
  6. .Noa


    Alsooo, maybe have mk200s, asps, zaifrs, etc available on the server but pretty expensive. Obviously you dont keep the loadout that you have on tanoa to altis so it would just be a really cool feature as the server would be like 99% about combat anyway
  7. .Noa


    Its apex and honestly, if someone doesnt have apex in 2019 then what are they even doing at base bidding, maybe it will also make less hackers come as you'll need DLC to join the server and i doubt people would buy it just to go and blow the server up/silent aim everyone?
  8. .Noa


    For starters only have it up on saturday night when gang base bidding is happening, and just remove bidding on bases on server 1. Then after base bidding, the server turns off and the winners get the bases on altis for a week. If a lot of people like it, maybe use it more often for combat events (like the ones we already have on altis but on a much bigger scale), maybe a couple of times a week put special cap zones on it where people can go fight to earn money for a couple of hours. And theres probably much more that could be done on it but thats what i can think of rn.
  9. .Noa


  10. .Noa


    Maybe less players then 😛

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