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  1. Noa

    He is just a Top community support unit and we are blessed to have him
  2. Noa

    you know it... you know it. <---- I honestly wish that was a joke
  3. Noa

    It would have been pure gold content if he got a rook out, knocked u out, restrained you, took ur Mar 10 loadout and ran away :)
  4. Noa

    lol if they think it's unfair then turn it on, ur not going to be roleplaying during a gunfight anyway are you? i take back everything i said, u are the ultra ghillie gamer o7
  5. Noa

    Aight first of all stop bringing up that its an RP server and it makes rp worse, cause u will be able to turn it off or on. Second, ghillie suits are still going to work fine, its not like the ground is going to be gray. Third, it wont remove the realism if you keep grass on. Seeing is believing 😛
  6. Noa

    Marcus, are you really though? Are you really? 😂 never seen u in a ghillie 🤔
  7. Noa

    And why so?
  8. Noa

    First person who doesn't completely dislike the idea ❤️ haha. This probably will get denied but thanks anyway If it gets implemented, then just keep grass on?
  9. Noa

    What are u even talking about? This just broke my brain.
  10. Noa

    how will it affect the roleplay? Do you ever go around and just admire the grass? And if u do so then u have to option to enable/disable it.
  11. Noa

    Some ghillies work just fine behind rocks too 😛 and ur most likely to be behind a rock when sniping because bipodding on the ground is often hell when ur on a hill in my opinion.
  12. Noa

    yeah ik, if no one else bids until acutions is over u get it.
  13. Noa

    I mean, that's why they should add the option to disable grass. I unfortunately run arma on toaster and I wouldn't be surprised if more people did

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