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  1. .Noa

    Lenny Smith 1

    Unfortunately, you can't be compensated for the money you lost if you don't have proof that he RDM'd you and then took the money. And neither can I compensate you for the gear you had on you or the stuff that was left in the taru, if you can't provide that you were finished off. I'll give you a bit of time to search for any evidence at all, otherwise this will be denied @LennySmith
  2. Report accepted Ban issued for RDM
  3. Will give @tobiassome time to respond
  4. .Noa

    Comp Request

  5. .Noa


    I have already told you that this is a one week ban and you can appeal it after 48 hours. You got banned 21/05/2019 2:03 AM, you can appeal it 23/05/2019 2:03 AM. Denied.
  6. .Noa

    Combat Log

    denied, please make a new report here: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  7. .Noa


    denied, 1 week ban is appelable after 48 hours
  8. .Noa


    Managment+ can only see those logs, and they wont check them for someone who needs 250k comp, unfortunately... next time keep in mind to save proof of that u got finished off. denied
  9. .Noa


    he just one tapped you? (and yes, there was a bit of lag but it wouldn't really have changed much if that little bit of lag wasnt there) denied

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