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  1. <Noa>

    Gang garages

    big +1, was going to suggest this a long while ago but I forgot to..
  2. Is that sunlight???? Definitely not a real gamer!!
  3. <Noa>


    Or you know, dont
  4. Happy birthday streamer B Jorn ❤️ 

    1. Björn


      Hand up or be shot! Jk cheers bro 😘 

  5. n1, too many bw kills tho, stop killing us we just wanna roleplay
  6. What's the point? The only time's people bring armed boats is either red zones or when they are initiated with someone, and if u arent the ones that the armed boat is initiated with then u should leave either way. I doubt someone is just gonna drive around kavala next to pd in an armed boat? And even if this is implemented, you do realise as soon as u shoot one bullet at it you will get crushed by the gunner.
  7. I thought that if u have ur weapon holstered and u die, it doesnt drop, but if u have it in ur hands and die it drops? Or maybe im just high, either way +1 weapons should always drop
  8. <Noa>


    In-game name: Austin Steam ID: 76561198296644988 Date of ban: 01/03/19 Reason for ban: DDosing another member of the community leaking ip and casino exploiting Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified, what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have done it. Why should we unban you? I have been banned for ish 3 months now (can´t remember the date on point) And what i did was childish stupid and just disrespectful towards my friends(at that time) a month after the banned i wanted to get rid of all the shit so i reset my computer to make sure all the shitty programs are gone. I really miss the server and my friends, what i did was just disgraceful but i have changed. These months have been long but i have changed myself, i have more respect towards others. I think i should be given another chance to rejoin this community since its been 3 months and i have been working on myself to be a better person. Also i got told to try in 3 months and its been 3 months since i got banned so im gonna give it another try. And when it comes to the Exploit that was stupid i honestly forgot i was banned for that like i was getting so lazy and wanted money and i was stupid enough to try this method like there is no words for this shit. Luckily everyone is not like me and exploiting it because that would destroy the economy. And if i would get unbanned i would never do this again because since i got this banned i have realised there is nothing i can do on my pc except playing reborn and i have really learned my lesson and i would NEVER do this again if i got a second chance. I'm really honestly sorry for all the trouble and I'm begging for one more chance to prove to you guys that I've changed. - Austin **Posted for him**

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