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  1. <Noa>

    Half price

    +1, it's going to be like 400k for a type loadout..... oof but this isn't going to happen
  2. <Noa>

    Free stuff

    Already ended ๐Ÿ˜›
  3. <Noa>

    ..S.. 6

    alright hands are up +1
  4. <Noa>

    Casino atm

    Add back the casino atm? no clue why it was removed or if its a bug but either way please add it back
  5. It would make gang base bidding so much funnier for everyone, I mean, cops already have no risk so I don't see the problem with rebels getting it for 4 hours every week just to have a little bit extra fun with them without being worried to lose it to some hobo who is just going into the red zone to yoink it and then leave. Well, the red zone is a combat zone. It basically is wasteland so I don't get ur point.
  6. <Noa>

    Free stuff

    @cbjo ๐Ÿš‘Congrats, you're the Winner. Msg me whenever ur on and ill give u the stuff!
  7. Alright, maybe it won't help with FPS but still. If they disable runs, cut chops, cap points, etc on that server then no one will be able to abuse that no cops are on. I also think this would be so much funnier as you can use your vehicles without being scared of losing them (or maybe keep the cut shop, wanna know other opinions first) On server 1 everything would stay the same but u cant do gang base bidding there. I highly doubt that 130 people are going to go to server 2 to all sit in red zone. Maybe 30-40 of them are but not the rest. Every cop who isn't in TRU or NCA has to stay on server 1 or not play at all because they can't go to gang base bidding anyway. Also. if you go on really early in the morning then there will be no cops on, no one is saying that that's too op...
  8. The thing is that only people who are going to do gang base bidding are going to go on that server, everyone else who wants to do runs, cap points, rob people etc have to go on server 1. I highly doubt that 130people are going to go to gang base bidding anyway, a lot of the people who are on server right now are probably just going around outside of redzone doing their own thing. Since only the special units in cops can go to gang base bidding then only they are allowed on the gang base bidding server, forcing everyone else to go to server 1. I think they should try my suggestion (if possible) maybe once or twice just to see how it would be.
  9. <Noa>

    connecting failed

    Think this happened to me and a couple of friends while ago too, I just kept spamming and then eventually it worked.

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