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  1. Item: EVENT AREA HOUSE [SMALL] Proof of ownership: https://imgur.com/a/cT9CvwS Buy now price: 4m Starting bid: 2m Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: Sunday 19th / 05 / 2019
  2. ATTENTION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BIOS is nowhere near its maximum amount of potential. With already a very successful rebel gang and team, yet we are still only 13 members large. We will be recruiting up to the point where we reach 25-30 members. We are looking for loyal, dedicated members who are willing to follow a line of command and want to grow as a team. If you have an area of expertise such as Flying, Sniping or general CQB, then we have special places for you! Each of our members is put into a team, Aviator (Pilots), Mercenary (CQB Soldiers), Marksmen (Snipers) and Negotiators (Roleplayers). If you believe you would fit best in one of these ranks within the gang then note this in your gang application. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONNEL STANDARDS Our personal standards are very simple and are what we take into consideration when accepting new recruits. They are listed below; Must be very familiar with Arma 3. Must be very familiar with Reborn Roleplay Rules. Must use TeamSpeak while in game. Must be good at communication (in ENGLISH). Must be respectful. No gang hoppers. Must be excellent in your area of expertise e.g Combat, Flying, Leading etc. 250 hours and must have FIRST REBEL LICENSE MINIMUM. [Screenshot required] Must be active of a minimum of 16 hours a week ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION FORM Here is our application form, please fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as we can regarding your application process. You are expected to answer these truthfully. https://forms.gle/PuU7o67GorgFsAgCA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROSTER Follow this link below to view our official roster. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e0BMG187x4S-8hcUyUyM6sm4Xk-HW14U7hXf9CriwZw/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Form Created and Written by Conner David and Richard Jones
  3. (close this please)
  4. Conner David


    and what gang are you in sir?
  5. 5am? And you are complaining people are on since 8? LMAO. And what about the players who work nights? The only time they can play is between 8am and 2pm then they work. This rinses and repeats. Would it be fair for them to say "Dont let poeple gain points for capping between 2pm and 4am restart." because im at work.
  6. Do you ever play between these times? Because I dont attend school so I have days where I can actually play within these times and if i go to get CAP Zones, I get constant gunfights. If you have not witnessed it 1st hand then you cant really speak.
  7. Conner David


    Noone TRULY wipes you because you essentially have an INFINITE amount of squad members. *dies* "Shift+S asap so you can come back". You guys can spawn infront of the sign where you get your gear, dont have to pay for it and get free vehicles. We need to spawn, get a vehicle we paid for, fly/drive over 5k to get to an outpost. Risk getting killed. Waste about 300k for a decent loadout then come back. This takes about 20minutes so your NLR would be finished by then anyways.
  8. Conner David


    I cannot count the amount of times that me and my gang have wiped TFU in RedZone. Then they just spawn in Pygros, Fully Gear again and come straight back in. I think that it would be pretty good and more balanced if ONLY police have NLR within REDZONE. I have reasoning towards this. No im not salty that they get free gear but there is no fear factor for cops because if they die, they just respawn and come in again. This is annoying because us CIVS and Blackwater Pay for their gear so if we die we have something to lose. TFU have nothing to lose so they dont really value their life. It also makes it almost impossible to win any situation in redzone if you are fighting TFU because once you kill them, before you can clean the whole squad, the players that died have already come back and put the squad numbers back up. This would be an easy fix and all we would have to do is make it so police would have to abide by NLR within RedZone. This is purely just a suggestion, don't flame me. +1 react if you agree.
  9. Just Leave Cap Points Alone. There is no point making it easier for people to win becuase "they are at school" so they cant play in the day time. Disabling caps at this time is fucking stupid lets be honestly. Gangs that want to put in the effort to get the caps in these times are the gangs who are dedicated to getting the winning and are usually the gangs who spend most time on the server. Yeah, capping zones at these times is cheesy but there is usually 20-50 people on within these times so there are plenty of people to contest it, they just dont want to. I think that capping during early morning etc shows dedication and I like the ethic. It just means that you school kiddies need to work harder GL HF
  10. Looking for a new gang that doesnt piss about?



    Apply For BIOS

    1. Patata


      sure thing xxxxxxxxx

  11. RELISTING Due to Previous Bid Winner not Responding to my messages after 2 week. Item: Armed Quilin Proof of ownership: I'm not home so I cant give screenshot. Buy now price: 2.5 Million Starting bid: 1 Million Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: Friday 17th. (Tomorrow Night) If you are wanting to BUY NOW. Comment and then DM Me.
  12. Damn you look like a snack hun xoxox

  13. That's only because he talks to you 24/7 because he's such a rule breaker and everyone takes him to support 😂😙
  14. In-game Name: Conner David Steam ID: 76561198192072367 Date of the incident: 05/12/19 Time of the incident: 17:30 Link to player report: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/38554-simon-grimes-report/?tab=comments#comment-203417 Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK1 Load out 400k Please provide as much detail as possible: We needed hostages for a situation so we rob 2 people and they kill me so we kill them. We then restrain them and put them in a quilin so we can go to Athira Hospital and get them revived aswell as me. One of the guys keeps trying to Eject (while dead) and keeps trying to shoot us with his rook. One of his friends keeps trying to VDM as you can see in the clip and then his friend manages to FINISH me while im on the floor by using the eject exploit. They were both handcuffed and tourniquetted. They did this to us while we were in greenzone. I had a full MK1 loadout so it was really annoying for me. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/XsUEVgB7Mk4

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