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  1. I'd like to say this at the start - Thanks!

    I have been a member of RebornRP for around 2 years now and I have watched the server evolve. But, unfortunately, I am losing motivation of many games in general, Arma 3 being one of them. I think that right now, is my time to quit Arma. I will not be uninstalling the game and I will continue to purchase all of the DLCs they release (dog-shit or not) but this also means that I will be taking time off from Reborn and possibly quitting as a whole. By this, I mean that I wont be playing often at all, maybe once a week, maybe once a month but all i can say is thanks to @Fueland @Neofor providing such a fun server for me to play on.

    I'd like to thank some of the amazing friends I have made on this server. They have what made the server fun for me and for any new player, find some friends - they are what makes this game worth playing. I have met so many good people on here and It's a shame that I wont be talking to y'all very often anymore. I'm not going to name them individually but you know who you are.

    If you need me, contact me on discord (C970#1365) because I will rarely be on TS either.

    The times that I do come on and play I will be playing as rebel because I will be leaving the police and NHS because of "inactivity".

    (Lauren is staying :D)

    One last thanks.


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    2. Bunny19


      So long my freind ❤️ hope to see you come back soon sad cry GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    3. -Mason M-

      -Mason M-

      good bye friend. Good luck ❤️

    4. Big-Kev


      gone miss u buddy

  2. A few of us are now cops but I have a 2bd leader who still plays as rebel and is still recruiting for us. We have a blue logo/tag above our head in game.
  3. Yeah. People just apply through the links given. This forum looks inactive asf 😂
  4. I am having a nosey through your youtube channel and in other videos on your channel, you have your AUDIO so low you cannot hear people initiate on you. Its ridiculous. You can hear "put your gun away you idiot" then he says something else but you can't hear it because your VOIP is so low. If i had any advice for you, it would be: 1: Dont play loud music when you are on a roleplay server. 2: Turn your volume up. 3: When someone initiates on you, comply. Then you wont be killed as much.
  5. We initiated on you when you came back. We did not shoot you when you drove past the first time because our initiation was NOT valid. So we waited for you to get back. When you came back for some odd reason you had music playing so loud that in game volume was not able to be heard. I was told by my gang that they initiated on you when you was driving back into the ATM. Which they then started shooting at you. I then came over the hill to aid my team and shot you. In the video, you hear that you are starting to be initiated on then you drive back to the situation to buy a gun. Of course we are going to hang around there. This was not a case of RDM. Maybe in future if you dont play your music at volumes like this while on a ROLEPLAY server you will hear initiation. And before you ask. No, i dont have any footage because I did nothing wrong. Later on, you spawned at AAA when we were going back to KAV. We saw a CIV and took our chances to rob them and have some fun. We didn't know it was you and you just spawned so it was useless to us however, when you did not value your life when we were robbing you, you then decided to say "you guys keep robbing me. you will be gone soon so i dc" which you are clearly threatening to get us banned.
  6. Yeah I thought there would be a problem with the permission system. What a shame.
  7. Just a suggestion that every gang leader can probably agree with. While in Teamspeak, I believe it would be very beneficial if people with "Gang Leader" tags would be able to move people with "Gang Members" in and out of channels which they own. For example, It would be great if I could move "Richard Jones" who has "Gang Member" tags to the "NOT ON REBORN" channel because he is afk or just not on the game. This would also come in handy if I would like to talk to someone in private, For example, If i want to give "Richard Jones" a disciplinary and explain why I am giving him a warning point, I can just move them to a channel where no-one is in and just talk to them. Without having to take the password off of a channel and tell him to move, then placing a random password on there so no-one else can join. I know that this could collide with the current way that the permissions are set out with the power levels etc and if it does, I wish for this post to be removed/ignored but if there is a way we can make this happen, it would be awesome. - Conner David xoxo
  8. Feel free to contact me in game later to buy them. I still have them
  9. No sorry, it ended on Friday
  10. Ill buy it now for 1 mil
  11. Item: 5x Stones / Flashbangs Buy now price: 600k Starting bid: 100k Minimum bid increment: 50k End date: Tonight!
  12. I was sat in Kavala and he came along and said it again. Being super toxic. Watch full vid:
  13. In-game name: Conner David Name of the player(s) you are reporting: That Guy - 30992 - https://prnt.sc/nthjiz Date of the incident: 05/26/19 Time of the incident: 12:30? What rule do you believe was broken: Toxicity Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/5ODsjk2-m4U Describe the incident: I ran up to him in Kav, being friendly and asked a simple question "can i buy your gear" he then said "1 million faggot". It was not said in a joking manner and if it was, i would have ignored it. He said it cold heatedly not caring who he was offending as he was saying it. I asked him multiple times, you want to apologise? and do you want to resolve? and he said no and ran away each time. I can take a joke but this was not said in a joking manner, there was no laughs exchanged or anything.] Just toxic in my eyes. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  14. ATTENTION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BIOS is nowhere near its maximum amount of potential. With already a very successful rebel gang and team, yet we are still only 13 members large. We will be recruiting up to the point where we reach 25-30 members. We are looking for loyal, dedicated members who are willing to follow a line of command and want to grow as a team. If you have an area of expertise such as Flying, Sniping or general CQB, then we have special places for you! Each of our members is put into a team, Aviator (Pilots), Mercenary (CQB Soldiers), Marksmen (Snipers) and Negotiators (Roleplayers). If you believe you would fit best in one of these ranks within the gang then note this in your gang application. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSONNEL STANDARDS Our personal standards are very simple and are what we take into consideration when accepting new recruits. They are listed below; Must be very familiar with Arma 3. Must be very familiar with Reborn Roleplay Rules. Must use TeamSpeak while in game. Must be good at communication (in ENGLISH). Must be respectful. No gang hoppers. Must be excellent in your area of expertise e.g Combat, Flying, Leading etc. 250 hours and must have FIRST REBEL LICENSE MINIMUM. [Screenshot required] Must be active of a minimum of 16 hours a week ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION FORM Here is our application form, please fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as we can regarding your application process. You are expected to answer these truthfully. https://forms.gle/PuU7o67GorgFsAgCA ONCE YOU HAVE PUT YOUR APPLICATION IN. WAIT IN THE "BIOS LIAISON/WAITING ROOM" FOR FAST RESPONSE ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROSTER Follow this link below to view our official roster. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e0BMG187x4S-8hcUyUyM6sm4Xk-HW14U7hXf9CriwZw/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Form Created and Written by Conner David and Richard Jones

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