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  1. I haven't looked through the feeds so I don't know if this has been asked in the past or not, but I think it would be awesome if a PMC role was added to the server. They could carry load in as a certain dedicated slot allowing for there to only be a hand full of them, say 5-10. The rules for them could be that they could not protect anyone doing anything illegal like gathering Ephedra, cocaine, weed, etc. But they could be hired to guard the cargo from one location to another. They could also be hired to protect the Mayor if her or she comes out to speak publicly at any events. They could also work along side the police in some cases or even protect people who are role playing HM Treasury etc. Maybe allowing them armored vehicles such as an armored quillin/prowler and a specific armory and uniform, maybe civilian closes with a vest cap and sun glasses. I only mention this because I remember playing this role over and over on Arma2 Takistan Life, and have never seen the role since, which is disappointing as it made for some epic content. Let me know if this has been mentioned before though and what your thoughts are on it.
  2. That was a bit abrupt, I mean you aren't even getting the point of it. Its not just me its our whole gang, who enjoy their freedom from Patel but who also like working with Patel from time to time, it was also an example. For you to just shit all over the suggestion the way you did, shows me you aren't very diplomatic towards anything really. You could have at least shown that you are intelligent enough to acknowledge the point I was trying to get across. 


    Never mind though.

    1. Fuel


      and you should be intelligent enough to check to see if has been suggested before, and check the reason for denial and not post the same shit over and over.

      also i'm probably the worst person you should post a underhanded insult about, never ends well.

  3. Gordsey

    RebornRP Altis

    Group = gang? so why cant i play and do runs with Patel and fight along side them without being punished for not being in the same gang? Read the new rule and then reply to me about group being a gang. Also not everyone goes to rebel to buy gear when you buy food at the market, or cheap clothes and backpacks at the clothing store, and nvg's and range finders and med kits at the general store. I think a card would be massively beneficial. However the group thing should be the most important thing, as being penalized for defending an ally is now punishable because Patel was initiated and not LC
  4. Gordsey

    RebornRP Altis

    Why though, because most of the time when someone is buying gear, its in the Green zone in Kavala, so a card would just make peoples lives easier and give people a reason to spend their money, could also set it to a high cost. making them a luxury item.
  5. Gordsey

    RebornRP Altis

    Could it be possible that you implement a system where we can start a group? I have experienced a few times now where I do runs with friends from other gangs, but because we are not grouped together, we are all questioned about why we returned fire when a member of our group from a different gang was initiated on. If a group system was implemented so that the group could world as one unit and be noticed as one unit on recordings, then it would make life a lot easier, and make claiming "RDM" a lot harder. Having played Asylum for a few years I can see the advantages of having this system in place and having witnessed a server without it, I can see the disadvantages of not having it as it makes like complicated and the need for recordings more necessary. Another thing they have are bank cards, now although I understand bank cards would drastically cut down on the robbing of people, I don't think it initially would. Money is easy to make in RebornRP especially compared to Asylum life, so loosing a couple hundred grand isn't that much of a kick in the old testies as you can make it back in 10-15 minutes. The bank card system if implemented would work in such a way that you could buy legal items with it, eg, market items, civi clothing items, cars, general equipment etc. For illegal things like rebel, drugs etc, you would need cash. theses areas especially in the south and easy are hot for cash robbings, in my experience at lease. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on these suggestions, what you think of them and if you think they will work or not. Thank you.
  6. To make the territories a little more interesting, could you not make it so that the server does not wipe the current territory holder? I think this makes them less valuable to hold and if a single gang can hold them for an infinite time period if uninterrupted then they would become a little bit more valuable and add a bit more content to the game. The amount given to the gang holding it over the time duration doesn't make it worth while holding it for 4 hours, when you can do several runs in that time and just transfer your banked money to the gang account. So my main suggestion is to make the capture territories permanent and not to have them wipe when server restarts.

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