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  1. Gl but out of all names disease....
  2. Dodorex

    2 gang bases

    Not gonna lie fair point
  3. Dodorex

    2 gang bases

    +1 there are only 3 gangs capable of getting bases so it will always stay the same however if it would be 2 it would be more of a challenge for them
  4. 1 mil for hunter because someone cuttted my ifrit in gang wars need a replacement
  5. Dodorex


    I also don't get it, a Hemmtt flipping up for no reason and exploding for example, a Gyazo you see it the same way as in a yt vid only with no sound but so what?
  6. Kinda bookey montage still Nice one haha
  7. +1 sometimes people come up to you even saying you kept no eyes omg while you were legit 5 m away from them just not looking at them for.a bit while still knowing that they are there etc.

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