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  1. Dodorex

    Gang Bases

    I hate these comand ones they are boring imo i was a big fan of the previous red base with 2 dmt solar and china town
  2. YEssss thank you Usman !!! I will be online tomorrow for my money
  3. This is not always true, I have got 148MIL and I care about my gear soooo much you dont understand, when people start to get more money you start to get more aware of when to spend it and not to just carelessly do so.
  4. Thats true, cops are annoying to fight however if cops don't do caps anymore it would be dead as in the past few days I have not fought a single other gang/faction other then them and sinity
  5. Happy birthday jamz

  6. wayyyyyy too expensive I would buy it for 100k
  7. I think that there should be a thing where if the vehicle is not shot at or if there was no interaction with it (No one going inside of it) then it should despawn even thought people are near it after like 10-15 mins
  8. In non redzone vortex is annoying to fight redzone sinity is quite annoying

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