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  1. y'all need to think of original runs if you want to add something more interesting. Something other servers don't have right now everything mentioned is on other servers
  2. Dodorex

    Im new need friends

    And elf ears and he likes cosplay
  3. Yes please I can't tell the different between my two sheds I wanna rename them
  4. yh bro let me just crash my Heli into a tree, no problem I can just push it out afterwards !
  5. I agree very stupid, a normal human can hold thier breath probably around a min and if ur knocked out especially
  6. Dodorex


    In-game name: Dodorex Steam ID: 76561198253454063 Date of ban: 01/02/20 Reason for ban: Not welcome here Staff member that banned you: WilmaFingerDoo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? In my 1year and 3 months of playing on the server I have never ever been banned and now I get a ban on discord on teamspeak and in game for tag abusing so I think it would be nice if I can have another chance to play the server... Because of my dragging someone in the ts room that person got ip grabbed and doxed because of my dragging them in the channel. It was not my intention for this to happen to that person and I should have never dragged that person in the channel and abused my tags. If I get unbanned I won't be dragging anyone with no permission and will never get involved with those types of people again.
  7. Dodorex


    He wanna scam u dont buy mk
  8. Why do I get so many random ads on the forums nowadays? Used to get none and now I get random things I never even looked up 

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    2. Henne


      do u know what an ad blocker is

    3. AustiN
    4. Albiston


      Didn’t even know we ran ads until the other day 😂 ublock origin might help you 

  9. Dodorex

    2 ASP- 1 Kir

    80k take it for forget about it
  10. I can not like but I enjoyed this

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