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    In-game name: sloth Steam ID: Forum unban // Teamspeak hbBSEgOGnZykSWuVvbSZ18ok218= Date of ban: 09/23/18 Reason for ban: Dont really know, posted something along the lines of "why would you roleplay in a redzone" (Dont know the ban date so put my old one) Staff member that banned you: Fuel I think / Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: N/A // Toxicity Why should we unban you? Unbanned on the server so I think I should be unbanned on the forums. // Shouldn't of been toxic to someone who was being toxic towards me , should of just got an admin/com support to come and solve the issue.
  2. SlothUnban

    Made this account to post unban/reply as it will be easier than getting someone to send something over for me. In-game name: sloth Steam ID: 76561198070894461 hbBSEgOGnZykSWuVvbSZ18ok218= Date of ban: 09/23/18 Reason for ban: Suspected Hacker/Idiot/DDOSer/Racism in teamspeak Staff member that banned you: Harry Lewis/Fuel/Adam Briggs(i think for ts ban) Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified , Firstly shouldn't of wasted staff time with my first ban that was handed out of me saying i locked onto someone and, also me going around threatening to take people offline, and overall me being stupid in what I was saying in this case leading to me getting banned for DDOSing mainly. Why should we unban you? Firstly, I am very sorry for everything I have done and the amount of trouble I have caused to the staff team and would really like another chance and have proven before that I can stop getting into trouble if needed, in this case I am willing to change myself and become a better person overall. Secondly, I would like to say sorry to Harry Lewis and the others that had to deal with me saying I locked onto people and I understand the staff team had to go through a lot of trouble to make sure they are taking the right precautions and it was the right thing to ban me as I should of not done that and sorry to Harry Lewis for wasting his time and this issue will not occur again and I can promise you this. Lastly, I would like to say I was a DDOSer and I have changed since then and I can say that I have not actually done anything to do with ddosing on the reborn community since I was in camorra and have not done it since unless it has been to my irl friends that know I did it to them as a joke. I also should not go around threatening people that I will take them offline as this may raise some cautions that I am still a ddoser purposely going around taking people offline. I can also say that I do not have any ip's anymore as I do not want to partake in this anymore as it started happening to me before I was banned and I fully agree it is just annoying that people have to deal with this and is also a waste of time to try resolve as you cant figure out who it is and no actual evidence to prove anything. So I am sorry for doing it to whoever I did it to and this will not happen anymore. To finish this off , I can promise you I have changed, like I did a long time ago. This time I can promise you I will receive no bans and will follow all the rules and will make sure this issue does not come up again. I would also like to be unbanned from the forums, I am not sure what exactly I had said but im pretty sure it was something to do with roleplaying in the redzone and I am sorry if it did cause anything or did not as I was not able to see what happened after that and was not meant to cause a reaction or anything like that. Also I would really appreciate if I could be unbanned from teamspeak and I am also very sorry for retaliating back with racism towards someone in a public channel as they had said something toxic towards us and probably should of either left the channel and called a com support/admin over to sort the issue out and I can say that I will not do this again as I would like to have access to teamspeak if I do get unbanned in order for resolving and possibly for joining other factions. I will also think before I speak/Type as if something like this comes up again it will not go well for me. I am very sorry for all the issue's I have caused for the server and if I am unbanned I will follow all the server rules and none of this will have to come up again or dealt with as I will not take part in activities like mentioned above.

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