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  1. Sublimity Backstory Sublimity started in Chernarus, a faction of perfectionists who brutally murdered everyone who refused to convert to their ways. After years of Chernarus running riot, Sublimity managed to take control, overthrowing the pathetic excuse of a government and turning the entire population into a nation of perfectionist, before a single rebellious anarchist released a deadly disease, the infected turning into blood thirsty creatures that threatened humanity, and most of all, Sublimity. We went from fighting the government to fighting to stay alive, not knowing who you could trust or who was infected. The people I had once seen as my family turning on one another, slaughtering innocent people on the off chance they were infected, this wasn't a life I could lead.. We partnered up with the only surviving sublime Colonel from the Chernarus Royal Army and after a few grueling months we managed to hitch ourselves a lift on a C130 out of there and over to Altis where if we got through borders we could start our new lives, and continue the dream of a perfectionist nation. Somehow an infected managed to get on board, tearing apart the cockpit staff and sending us down about a mile North East of Altis mainland, Colonel Sanders saved many of our lives that day fighting off the undead until I watched one of them tear his throat out and with nothing but life vests and a knives we managed to get ourselves ashore the mainland with no serious injuries. We got through borders and began to set ourselves up with the wish to continue Colonel Sanders legacy by recreating our perfectionist nation, or wipe out Another nation that refused to convert into perfectionists. Gang Requirements - Must have at-least 1200 hours on Arma 3. - - Have a good understanding of server rules. - - Must have at-least 3 months on Altis Life whether that is on this server or another. - - Must have Rebel License (Advanced if preferred). - - Must be financially stable and be willing to provide for themselves. - - Must be able to hold your own in Combat. - - This is a Roleplay server, you must hold a high standard of Roleplay. - - Be respectful of the server rules and other players at all times. - Please use this template when applying for sublimity ! In-Game Name: Age: Country: Amount of hours on Arma 3 (Steam Screenshot): Amount of Hours on RebornRoleplay: Why do you want to join Sublimity?: Why do you believe you would fit Sublimity ?: Why should we recruit you into Sublimity?: Rate the following out of 10: Combat (1/10): Roleplay (1/10): Comms (1/10): Game Knowledge (Vehicles and Weapons, 1/10): Gang Roster:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DwjINdvvCMGiKvg9uabjR-yYqGyl7Zs1Nu3dQWv6hJE/edit?usp=sharing
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    +1 Would increase role play within the medics

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