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  1. In-game name: Spammking (Fourm account ban) Steam ID: 76561198054709915 Date of ban: 03/12/17 Reason for ban: adverisment Staff member that banned you: Thesolidier Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i did advertise another server that died instantly and i am very sorry for what i did. Why should we unban you? This was a long time ago and i have been in reborn for around 5 months now im high up in the medics and quite active and would like to use my original forum account to accept and deny applications within the medics.
  2. @Winterrhey man just wanted to let you know your video there isn’t any sound in the video might need to reupload it with sound
  3. They will respawn on restart
  4. hello u still whant the hunter

    1. Spammkinger


      yea sorry havent been on will try and get on tomorrow

    2. Peter C
  5. i will pay the 7mil for it
  6. just saying its not if you read what is said in the rules certain counting down is poor RP but its not always poor rp
  7. like i said this isnt just about you crawfy we dont have the name of the rest of your gang members your name is the only one stated because i was talking to you in side chat thats the only reason
  8. no the situation of you robbing was resolved not the glitching into the base or the failRP from the rest of the videos im happy for an admin to deal with the issue and see what gets done because the glitching is a serious issue and is a big rule break so this isnt over until there is some justice served
  9. fair play but you cant just RDM a player because they are breaking a rule you need to ask for an admin thats the reason why there is a text message to call an admin for help and you might not be the guy who was glitching in and out of the base but you still broke a rule so it doesnt dismount you from the gang that was breaking rules so you cant call yourself innocent when you too broke rules
  10. In-game name: Spammking Name of the player(s) you are reporting: crawfyy/sinity gang Date of the incident: 12/29/18 Time of the incident: 1.00am - 1.50am What rule do you believe was broken: Fail RP, RDM, Glitching, Any evidence available: describe the incident : My gang leader noticed his house was getting robbed all 3 of us went over to the area a friend entered the house a while after a while and was about to lock up because all of the vehicles had gone away when a man shouted at him hand up or you will be shot after 3 seconds my friend in the middle of putting his hands up got shot and then i was flying my helicopter trying to watch for anymore glitching and had been away from the area for over 20-25 mins and was instantly shot in the head 1 shot killed no warning fire or anything so no initiation was done then in this process while i was watching we had another gang member watching with a rangefinder seeing them jump glitch through doors and windows and seeing them glitch by leaning backwards and looking in first person and free looking into the base to look through walls to see the crates and the people inside. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. im from the gang sorry kalem isnt around atm from what i saw is that the shots got fired instansly my gang saw a man drive over a man and jump out of his car with a big gun and they ran away from what i saw is our friend had a gun out wanted to talk to whoever the driver was at the time because of the not intentional VDM/desync but he was more interested in the instant killing instead of talking and actually roleplaying with our gang and jck you were put on the app because you were one of the killers you may not have been the driver but we dont know who the driver was we guessed it was you from the way the video looked
  12. yea that would be perfect king lets see how much comp the comp is gonna be

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