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  1. https://plays.tv/video/5d2f441497a796c7f6/denmark-piss-of-hand-up-while-im-in-a-car
  2. have no recording didnt think there will be a problem since he shot at me
  3. what can i say, dont shoot before u know who ur shooting at
  4. i can explain u now that i was in the cop car that got shot at so i picked up the gun to protect my life since i had no way of fleeing, and mind i was still a ridealong so i restarined the guy and turned him into the cop and let the cop do his work @Billy Bob Joe
  5. u missed the part where u were shooting at me and the cop
  6. ill be on later today again, i have some work to do
  7. @Joe. Wyeah ik but he do also go up alot, but ur right
  8. will get a vid from my pov ok actually looks dodgy as hell from my side on my pov aswell https://gyazo.com/ded65324dd36f17f3458fd0e9ad8f2d8 will comp if needed
  9. ok text me on ts when u are
  10. give me an amount and ill send it asap
  11. honestly dont understand why u have to bait and fly around the zone within 10 m and bait me to shoot u, either u go in or u just dont go there, ill comp u im just annoyed by the fact that u actually do that kind of stuff but i wanna hear an admins opinion on it
  12. Ole Smitty

    Bratty Sis

    lol just close it then cba thx for the help...

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