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      haha good you pulled James down on ever server you go on 

    3. H^rry Whifta

      H^rry Whifta

      go read a book

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  2. I did say I log out for 10 minutes to get food and I do keep having issues when I'm in arma and I tab out to my second monitor it blackscreens and I have to restart the game but even when I have to restart I just log in where I logged out (you can ask people like Ahmed who are usually in the channel when it happens), A few of these are 1 hour between the log in and a lot of these are 10-15 minutes (which is when I go for food) and the others that have smaller intervals can be put down to my game breaking. If you want me to record every time my game breaks next time I can do that but I never really thought I'd need to as I just spawn back in where I logged out which isn't a soft log as I didn't teleport anywhere. It also says in the rules that if you're going to be AFK for more than 10 mins then you need to log out or you'll be kicked for AFK.
  3. H^rry Whifta

    H^rry Whifta

    In-game name: H^rry Whifta Steam ID: 76561198177260169 Date of ban: 06/09/19 Reason for ban: Soft logging Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I don't think it was deserved...I literally spawned in after cutting the hedge for an hour so i could finish my gunpowder run (https://youtu.be/9TiiDra2jjo) because a hacker blew up my truck before mid day restart(https://youtu.be/f5_4BxXXcTI), I also think a perm ban for soft logging is a bit extreme given that the only ban in my ban history was for hacking which was a false ban anyway. The only times I abort and rejoin is when I leave for 10 minutes to get food and drink and even then I just respawn where I disconnected from usually. Why should we unban you? I don't think I should be banned for this as I literally just spawned in but if anything reduce the ban please....I feel like a perm ban for soft logging is way too much, I've seen people banned multiple times for soft logging and only getting 7 days maximum.
  4. Very good gamer!!!!!!!!!
  5. You better be here to roleplay HAPPYHOUR

    1. H^rry Whifta

      H^rry Whifta

      @Stefan♦ That is a possibility...

  6. In game name: Harry Age: 16 Bank account balance: 2.2 mill Previous gangs: None that matter Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Hennessy? Looking for a fun gang to play on reborn with. Can any members vouch for you? Abdul, maybe Josh if he's not being a Shit<inappropriate2>, a few others as well

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