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  1. You're a goth with a barcode haircut shut it
  2. Harryy

    r | |-|arry

    Unbanned, move this pls x
  3. Harryy

    r | |-|arry

    In-game name: r | |-|arry Steam ID: 76561198177260169 Date of ban: 01/18/20 Reason for ban: Mass Walkout Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: In hindsight it is justified but at the time I was confused as to why we got banned, as all of us thought we cleared it with the General but I am sorry nonetheless. Why should we unban you? I have played here for over a year and I enjoy it, I understand that all of us leaving at the same time was not the right move but wether we all left at the same time or all left a day apart the end result would've been the same, regardless of that I am still sorry for what happened and I will not do it again.
  4. Ok we get it, you're an Abdul fan
  5. Harryy


    It seems that we won't be dishing out any fresh dickings tonight.....
  6. Harryy


  7. Is it really an exploit? I'm pretty sure every single sign on the map allows you to access it from a distance
  8. Harryy

    My pc build

    @Scott McTavishWhat other benchmark software would you reccommend?

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