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  1. Razkyy

    reinstalling arma wont help as the current files still exsist try and search up arma in your file browser delete all the files (will delete profiles settings etc) and reinstall the game. also try and put that in your set launch options -nobenchmark
  2. Razkyy

    ikr reeeee i wish ross wouldve be able to see that
  3. Razkyy

    never said that lightning my dude anyway n1
  4. Razkyy

    @Lightning i bet that if you spawn in kavala, you can see people in sofia with that fov.
  5. Razkyy

    wow honestly ewww tbh i had a strong feeling u will type it finlay
  6. Razkyy

    since i really need the money atm i will sell it to @RoB_
  7. Razkyy

    why do i hear some infistar ban hammer sirens?
  8. Razkyy

    you need it as well @Furydont u?
  9. Item:MK200 bundle Proof of ownership: Buy now price:2mil Starting bid:900K Minimum bid increment:150K End date:1 week
  10. Razkyy

    n1 bro great edit
  11. Razkyy

    1x TRU Quilin. 1.4Mill
  12. Razkyy

    you got denied to every possible gang when you joined hive before you snitched where is the gang house you also being toxic when you get denied to gangs and in total you rep isnt that good and u have 100+ hours not 500...
  13. Razkyy


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