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  1. Neo

    Well, your current IP on the forums is showing it comes somewhere from; http://patrikweb.net/ you may want to run an antivirus if you do not use a VPN. https://www.bitdefender.co.uk/solutions/free.html
  2. Neo

    thanks for posting @Frederik
  3. Neo

    The appellant has contacted me to state they're unable to respond fully to the thread as they're not at their computer until tomorrow.
  4. Neo

    @Thund3rB0lt please respond, or your appeal will be denied.
  5. Neo

    Firstly, nothing to do with you at all. Song or not, it's a derogatory word. Leave it in the song, not in the chat.
  6. Neo

    So being bored means you're allowed to discriminate against people based on their race?
  7. Neo

    It wasn't as much the actions in the content (although stuff that reveals private anatomy should be reserved for the NSFW (not safe for work) channel.), It was the age of the person doing it, who looks (to all the people I've asked prior to issuing bans), under the legal age. Do you understand the implications from these actions? What are they?
  8. Neo

    Tom's Soapbox
  9. Neo

    Nice simple newsletter... congrats on the first solo.
  10. Neo

    You and another guy literally posting it after the first person to post it get banned... with comments that it wasn't cool that he got banned. Use some common fucking sense, its a kid exposing himself. Denied. You can wait... no instant unbans for you... disgusting.
  11. Fuck happy birthday, where's the newsletter!

  12. Neo

  13. Neo

    Above post updated. For gang tags on TS, you need to do the following. Message ME on discord; Link to gang thread name of Gang as you'd like it to appear on TS 16x16 image.
  14. Neo

    Try at 8pm restart, should fix then
  15. Neo

    @Connormcdx @Smokey please respond or you can both get a ban.

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