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  1. Anyone for rust (2x) ? Search Reborn.gg

  2. Neo


    No, less skins, better mission size...
  3. I'll be releasing a page full of rankings and stats like this, I'm hoping @Fueladds a few more stats, or I'll have to start breaking the server myself :D. It shall be done, but on the front page, for now, it'll stay as 5. p.s. so many fuel accounts @Fuel and his yes men @Fuel dude y @fuel is a monkey @fuels ass hurts @fuels mother @Fuelsbutthole @FuelsMamsBackTat @FuelsMissingDad
  4. Neo

    Thank-you for your extra forum accounts, 1 being @Lolthisservergay.

    Please note, when homophobic attitude and defamation is conducted on our forums, we have a right to report this to your ISP, as it's clearly a violation of the ToS.

    1. Hazza


      hes a goner 

    2. Albiston


      Now thats a pro gamer move xD

    3. Jamz



  5. Half price ends tonight.....

    Sad times :(

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    2. Neo


      Or as it says on the donation Terms page;


      Donation Goal

      • All donations go towards the monthly goal, if the goal is reached, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 10 days for all players.

      • If the goal is exceeded by 50%, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 20 days for all players.

      • If the goal is exceeded by 100%, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 1 month for all players.


    3. -Mason M-

      -Mason M-

      what the heck

    4. JAW


      Time for 20 days of Dungeon Defenders 2 @Jayyyyy  @christiann

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