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  1. As the above have stated, The voting was a temporary fix, I'm aware it kills immersion, but it is only till our new day-night schedule comes in. After the patch, days will start at 5 am, and nights will be probably a 3rd faster than they are now.
  2. Never going to be published again... Someone call a doctors, bring a straight Jacket
  3. As stated to Jamz on TS.... we don't have rocket launchers on our server...... most likely ran around shooting people @Jamz
  4. Its in my todo-list.
  5. Gang Channels on discord... anyone interested? looking for opinions!

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    2. Sanders
    3. jcbjoe


      Maybe more of a gang members channel. Where gangs can discuss things. Maybe everyone can see it but only gang members can write

    4. Neo


      Trying to find a decent method where gang leaders can invite people to their channels... but removal becomes a pain and a chore.... permission system is virtually same as TS... priority order..

  6. Can people please make sure they contact support first. They are the first point of contact for any issues, the only time you should contact an admin or above is hacker related.

    1. Thesoldier



    2. Andy James

      Andy James

      @Thesoldieryour opinion is invalid, you're nothing but a lousy peasant sir! 

  7. Happy Birthday Neo!

  8. Happy Birthday Neo :DDD

    Tell genesis im sorry i luv him and tell fuel he sounds dank

  9. Fk you fuel... I'm not 149 your daft bugger..... I'm 30.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

  10. Jeez, 149 years! Time flew by fast! Happy birthday! How many frags did you get in WW2?

    1. Neo


      ....... I have no words....... must be the age...

      Thanks though.

  11. Happy birthday. Save me some cake pls :P

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  12. happy birthday sir 9_9

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