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  1. Neo

    Please remember there is a performance impact when streaming/recording.
  2. Neo

    Awaiting infistar info atm
  3. Neo

    Denied at this time.
  4. Neo

    Will have to look into this again.
  5. Neo

    eugh, more 8D shit..... whoever thought people would be hooked on spinning music if you have good enough headphones, this is the power of virtual surround sound.
  6. I actually had another 2 recorded, but didn't edit... I'll look into getting this revived and some fresh media.
  7. Neo

    I'll give it atm, but I'm looking at a new reward style for "one off" donations, and subscribers get other benefits
  8. Neo

    https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/583-stevenn/ is this your forum account too? https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/3712-stevenn2/
  9. Neo

    Kind of? why only "kind of" If someone jumps off a bridge, do you follow? If someone shaves their head, do you instantly do it to yours? There were 2 of you, @Scott McTavishhas a video of it as far as I know...
  10. Neo

    You're so cool, with all the fake accounts...

    So mature.

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    2. Dodorex


      little harsh to be fair

    3. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Cringy af but a perm ban :s

    4. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      I think a forum account ban not a game ban its not that bad 

  11. Neo

    If you know it, share it, but until its finished, its link will remain "unposted". it'll find its new home at http://www.reborn.gg when it's finished.
  12. An admin did not delete your status update. People can remove posts from their own profile.

    Charlie Pollin     Deleted a Status: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/9531-charlie-pollin/?status=9062&type=status 


    There's a copy for you ;)

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    2. Crawfy
    3. Adam-
    4. andrew.


      He said on the giveaway to message him for the code, so of course connor and kappa message him... he ignores them for 2 days until i call him out, then he was coincidentally "just about to give them the codes, but andrew was being mean!" ahaha

  13. Neo

    guy in the video was @PaulS
  14. Neo

    because racism is racism regardless. Why should we unban you?
  15. Neo

    Jokes are not an excuse, denied.

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