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  1. Neo


    Locking this what people donate is their business. Leave whitebeard alone.
  2. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/forum-rules/



    If you disagree with a staff members decision, please message them in an adult manner and request a different staff member to review it, we all make mistakes, if after being reviewed it has the same outcome, please respect the decision.


  3. Neo

    l get banned for no reason

    As an additional bit of information. When a hacker does strike, we have to ban all accounts that flag attention. These flags cover a wide area. The best practice is not to contact/spam us on discord, ts and the forums, but put in a perm unban appeal and allow us to complete the investigation. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/25-permanent-ban-appeal/
  4. Neo


    Just an update, There was some confusion with this appeal. if you actually read my response to your report that got you banned, you'd understand where you went wrong. This appeal could have been easily granted and you could be off playing again, HOWEVER, you once again are spouting crap. You reported a member of staff, because it didn't go your way. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/forum-rules/ Section 2 > Report A Player > If you disagree with a staff members decision, please message them in an adult manner and request a different staff member to review it, we all make mistakes, if after being reviewed it has the same outcome, please respect the decision. to answer this... That attitude can fuck off. can I point out you reported a staff member because you didn't like his decision, instead of following the previously mentioned forum rule. I'm a huge fan of your video searching for the "revenge report" rule, so i thought i'd make a return video. His Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmMEm47ZYn0&feature=youtu.be Please excuse the quality, I'm at work doing this; Yes, in which there's a long amount of talks which you neglected to mention. pretty sure it ended up less than that. You tried to get more than it was worth, and the staff member's in the channel with you proved that. You also openly mocked them, making childish remarks and imitations. yes, A lovely trimmed piece of evidence as you were being childish, and he was fed up with trying to resolve with someone who believes they are entitled to the world. This isn't what happened, the video's clearly show what did happen, they're on your report. No, The any actual decent server owner would actually tell you education is better than banishment. Our staff are instructed to teach and preach, not throw the hammer willie nillie. he said that she said that they said that, Tell you what, If you actually admitted you were at fault for your report, this ban appeal would have been approved. Because I told them to, as you were out for a ban, literally as said above, instead of willing to learn. I dont think you're the worst, I think you need to look in the mirror. The be all and end all is this; Look in the mirror, realise the mistakes you made, which led to the decisions that were made. Understand that resolving should be a priority. Not paying to get away with it, true resolvement. Understand that the decision cannot always be what you want, and think about the bigger picture. You can appeal again with an actual appeal, and not this weird "there is no rule, and the admin is still wrong" approach you took.
  5. Neo

    H^rry Whifta

    it's not a 1 time thing, that's why it's perm.
  6. By popular demand, Fourth and Fifth have been added to the leaderboard above.

    1. Albiston


      Where’s the wooden spoon!?

  7. This is why you should never edit code live.....

  8. ummmmm, yeah, shoulda planned this part out a bit more..... errrm.... unfortunately, I can't tell from that screenshot the "intent" or amount of "teamkills" he has accomplished. Therefore I cannot accept this request. In regards to rule's of the server, I'll ask @Omligon, the person running the server, to look into this.
  9. Neo

    Noa Report

    So, My first piece of USEFUL information comes from the TS chat between yourself, Noa, and Oliver (and god knows who else) In which he points out the delayed audio in the video. The easiest way to see it is the actual gun firing. It's "Fast" but hey, the video isn't clear enough... The second video, the guy wasn't even looking at the time, so that is useless for timing.. The 3rd video shows Oliver saying "go report me then" However this is a clipped section designed to make Oliver look like he didn't give a shit, and that he doesn't care... What you failed to mention was; Lying about the value of gear. you first stated your gear value was £700,000. Mason ( i think it was) actually bought the load-out and found its value to be half of that. (£350,000) Guys, those interested and reading, for those that say the OWNERS EXPOSED!!! This is why Myself and fuel don't tend to do reports, because we're PASSIONATE about quality and Roleplay. When you tag us in a report, because you don't get your way, expect us to be thorough... Don't lie, dont talk shit, and dont act like @Joaquinhas... So I've got 2 long video's of the first attempts to resolve this incident, which are gull of whinging, and stupidity... @Joaquin, here is the first attempt to resolve the problem; https://plays.tv/video/5cf11163365b2172e9/i-n In which, I hear you openly calling admins lairs, taking the piss out of oliver, trolling (copying what he says back to him about 5 times like a child losing an argument), and so on. You with-held information from the original report to incriminate Oliver... by taking only the "REPORT ME THEN" section, and not explaining the (what seems to be an hour of attempted resolve). here is the second attempted resolve video, which I don't need to watch; https://plays.tv/video/5cf1156a1fac143862/part-2-i-n because the first has told me the correct decision. @Joaquin, You are banned pending your dispute for withholding information in relation to your report, being childish toward staff, and (also in the video) threatening to get me and Fuel to ban him for you. Still not saying that he was resolving with Oliver....
  10. Neo


    eugh.... You were typing in COMMAND Channel. HOW?
  11. Neo

    Noa Report

    ---------------------------------------------------- So let's look at the original report, get your popcorn out peoples! Firstly, We're a UK based server, We'd really appreciate times we can relate to... if you have to use your own timezone, at least put what it is (e.g GMT + 10) Report looks standard, the guy said stop following me threat after the following person went past the wall... Noa originally accepted the request.... then for some reason changes it... It then look at your CURRENT report, and see this; Which mean's you MUST have spoken to .Noa. MORE TO COME!!!!
  12. Neo


    What is really strange is how FANTASTIC your English is when complaining. How did you access Command channel?
  13. Neo

    Noa Report

    Tagging the founders is a big mistake. If you have an issue with staff, talk to the STAFF LEADS.... it's only in the name... Report closed, I'm not even going to read it. So, he continues in a PM...... You're reporting an admin, because you don't agree with a decision he made. Instead of contacting the correct people, as shown by @Boris Popov in which case you're not explaining, you're whinging So.... Let's actually look into this report, because your high-horse is damn impressive... MORE TO COME, STAY TUNED!!!!!
  14. Neo


    I don't understand why you'd be angry, sometimes there are flags (things we look for) that could suggest you're using cheats, hacks or something similar. We ban under suspicion, and await an appeal such as this. I will look into it,regardless.

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