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    1. The whole point of rebel is to have a risk, there are multiple points to purchase weapons from. Making one a GZ means they'll 1: camp outside 2: removed risk (chopper)
    2. okay, well, this is now being closed due to being derailed heavily. We have taken the information and statements made and are now in the process of continual improvement. We'll look at the bans situation, however, dont expect a mass unban of hackers.
    3. Neo


      Ordinarily, I'd instruct a member of staff to contact a person softlogging (teleporting). When it comes to Gang wars events, people abuse the hell out of it, so they're forced to goto the forums so they can understand what went wrong and how to move forwards. I believe you've already been informed by numerous members, and there, you are UN-BANNED
    4. all he has to do is appeal it... its a forced ban so people can recognise they're naughty...
    5. Not everyone is as smart as you Andrew. If you dont have anything constructive, please dont reply to this thread.
    6. you've accused plenty enough Mr Fam. The question you should really ask is why I found about about Zin in the first place, this was due to a report against him... just cant remember what the report was. And now you're defending a Global banned hacker... I may as well let cozza back in too?
    7. Not really wrong if he goes and hacks later... gg. Litterally would have been unbanned right now if he was a legit player. Then dont make a group called "Zin Hacks" full of arma players...
    8. it was all to do with the MASSIVE essay charlie wrote. doesn't really matter if I had it right or wrong to begin with... He is now.. so no, he doesn't come back.
    9. Just an insight. We do look at appeals, and admit we can be a bit slow, but a lot of people lie... GLOBAL BAN from BE.. Wasn't really wrong was I...
    10. Its way too op, even potato players like me can get a killing spree with it. you can make them, which adds a nice dynamic to get the GOOD stuff.
    11. I care... I'm speaking to Charlie about this now, and its not a Charlie issue, it's just a filtered down problem that we're working to resolve. We're now taking actions to ensure this doesn't happen again. Then you should focus your appeal on that.. A dispute can be denied if all details pertaining to your ban are not referenced.
    12. should have gone back to the staff lead...
    13. and wheres the report of this? Right, I'm gonna say this clean out.. If you have an issue with something, get in touch with the staff leads, I can't see everything, nor deal with everything. I have to put trust in my staff team, but everyone makes mistakes... In regards to my message about smelling like shit, it was an response to Thomas who took my first message out of context. WE'RE TRYING TO HELP... just work with us. Thats really different though isnt it, that is part of a process, they're sitting in a group of hackers, litterally, not just on
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