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  1. Neo

    rebel life

    i didnt, i renamed to to "im racist, ban me"
  2. Neo

    rebel life

    have you not heard of the warzones?
  3. Neo

    rebel life

    how would that even work, what regulates it and stops people just making stupid money?
  4. Neo

    rebel life

    As said, where the LEADER has logged in in the last 7 days. okay, you got me with that last one.
  5. Neo

    rebel life

    You can't see the wind, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
  6. Neo

    rebel life

    https://wiki.rebornroleplay.com/view/Organisations#Organisation_List I mean.... all those gangs had their leader online in the last 7 days... thats a lot for 2...
  7. Neo

    rebel life

    and they are?
  8. Neo

    remove sway

    We've already made life easy enough with Redgull's and MonsterG's let alone the fact we took stamina out on day 1...... Go play 5 mins of KOTH and remember what Stamina feels like.... oh, and DENIED
  9. Neo

    rebel life

    its funny, go be a cop for a while @hazzayou obviously didnt play it right, where a PC or SPC on patrol just minding his own business gets slammed by 2 quilins, a powerler and an ifrit... and you sit there and say it's one sided? Cops gear is free yes, and they do throw shit away like its nothing... this is a problem, HOWEVER, that PC with his free gear? he doesn't have an MK1, nor does the sgt, or dsgt for that matter... so their gear may be free but they don't have the rebel firepower.
  10. Overturned.......dot...... Unbanned for a start, you could have resolved this... was it?
  11. Neo


  12. Rust Server is LIVE! Search Reborn.gg
    News post tomorrow!

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    2. El_Thermito


      Make sure that fuel dosent get any power on the server, u know how that goes

    3. Neo


      Make sure to not let the door hit you on the way out, you know how that goes.

    4. boomin


      @Dodorexsure thing 


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