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  1. Neo

    and you'd be banned for metagaming,.
  2. Neo

    r o l e p l a y.... Maybe it could be an opportunity to expand the wanted system in whole.... "who added them" "When".... but only viewable if the person is taken back the the HQ? use your imaginations!
  3. This doesnt apply to all cases....
  4. We are Reborn Roleplay, by Andrew 'Neo' Anderson We all spend our lives building our reputations, it's what; Makes us, Defines us, and gives us purpose. It takes One act, One Mistake for the house of cards upon which we live to come falling down. This is life. Picking ourselves up from the mistakes we make, learning from our past decisions, and building new foundations from which to rebuild our reputations. It's the ethos of where 'Reborn Roleplay' comes from. Reborn into a new community, to build our reputations not from where we have been and what we have done, but to what we can be and how we get there. We are no clone, no mimic, and no fly-by-night community. We are here, We are Now, and we are Reborn from the ashes laid down before us. We do not judge by Race, Colour or Creed. We are open, we are accepting and we are accommodating. We Evolve. We Learn. We Grow. We are Reborn Roleplay. ---------------------------- This was created whilst explaining to someone who has been banned from reborn how they can pick themselves up again. That it is how we move forward by looking where we've been.
  5. Neo

    I've actually asked @Leeto look into making new award images. I've been creating a task lisk for updating and making our forums better, this is part of it. However, Lee needs some inspiration! Kind Regards, Neo
  6. Neo

    Hey Guys, Over recent times, we left all our news to the start of each month, meaning most of the content was old, out of date, or just well known. Moving Forward, I’m taking the media team into a new direction; News When it happens, and a monthly recap and outlook. So, Today we are proud and happy to announce some promotions within our team alongside a new addition. • @Daniel– Community Support => Admin Team • @Jonny Blitz – Community Support => Admin Team • @Melantha Rose – New => Admin Team. Daniel has dedicated a lot of his free time to this community, not only as a Community Support but helping run the police force. There have been ups and downs, but his dedication to the server hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s been Community Support a long time where many would quit thinking they were left unnoticed. Congratulations. Jonny Blitz…. Where do we start with Jonny Blitz, ‘Calm and Collective and Old’ -PaulS 2018, it’s a good way to sum up Jonny, he’s been here a long time and is a very patient guy, “and old”. Along with Daniel, it shows dedication to stick through long sprints of being support and watching those around you get promoted. Congratulations. Today I held a talk with the Staff Leads and management over TeamSpeak and Discord. Some interesting points were raised, and the decision to make Rose an admin was not an easy one. We care about our community and care about those that are also passionate about its future. Melantha Rose has played here for quite a long time, she’s been a dedicated member of the community taking part in streaming marathons to reporting server issues to the CORRECT PEOPLE. Over the last few months she’s had access to a few admin toys, however, in incidents where she could use these powers to punish rule breakers, her hands have been tied. She’s appropriately and swiftly reported rule breakers by requesting people to be spectated. It’s hard having power and not using it. After a string of rule breakers today I was happy with the way she dealt with rule breakers. I raised a query with the team and now you see the result. Have fun! Oh… and SUPPORT APPS ARE OPENING SOON!™ Kind Regards, Andrew "Neo" Anderson
  7. Frato

    Happy 131th birthday!

  8. Happy 131th birthday, looking good for an old git 😂

    1. Neo


      Cheers Tavo, lol....its all the "action" XD

  9. Lensen

    Happy Birthday Sir! Have a good one!

    1. Neo


      Thanks Lensen :)

  10. Age is just a number and clearly, your a great example being only 131 years young :D 

    1. Neo


      defo years young....ty :)

  11. Happy Birthday Neo! (Making up for Jimboke)

    1. Neo


      Thanks Wanderer :)

  12. Happy birthday! have a good one!

    1. Neo


      Who said that?..... fkin haunted forums?

    2. J.Ghost
  13. Happy Birthday bud.

    1. Neo


      Thanks, JazztasticJim

  14. Happy birthday, Boss 🍻

    1. Neo


      Thanks Harry, Employee of the day!

    2. sbondo1234


      happy birthday boss

  15. Paul D

    happy birthday you tax evader!

    1. Neo


      Cheers Paul :D

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