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  1. Someone you should be apologising to in here
  2. This was a sync issue part of arma 3, the camera ifrit stopped and whilst stopping the other ifrit collided... 9 times out of 10, the static object wins.
  3. Locked. You have your opinions, sometimes you should just keep them to yourself.
  4. Denied.
  5. There are some instances where there can be "false possitive" Infistar bans. Lets look at the opener of this topic... A quick VAC search: Oh look... suspected... maybe we should ban just in case! Infistar bans no matter what, whether its suspected or guaranteed. Some "Hacks" just don't work here. Single player console hacks work on official servers, but not on most others because of the checks... easy to play single player with your cheat menu and join a server when bored of AI being OP....... WHAM! BANNED! I'll also quote Fuel's response to the PM AndrewFam sent. I'd also point out that PaulS was global banned the other day... By infistar.... for an infistar process... I'll also add in public information of who is actually whitelisted from the infistar ban list. { "76561198165353946"/*Eagle*/, "76561198313722932"/*CustardCream*/, "76561198038540496"/*Jameskappa*/, "76561198427097956"/*C|Gabriel*/, "76561198342891504"/*neamtzu_k*/, "76561198125526089"/*Hero*/ } So if people.. a few of which probably don't play here anymore, are keeping our "numbers inflated" I'm lost at how... A quick addition, servers like RPUK/GTA dont even have this "hack list"... therefore, when you play there, you have no clue how many are infistar banned.
  6. Find it wierd you are coming for a duping ban when this account has never connected.
  7. I don't need tagged in a 1 hour old dispute @Gabriel 29.01.2018 18:50:07: 29.01.2018 18:50:07: neamt(76561198342891504) isAdmin? false: GLOBAL BAN: 1 Lovely. whitelisted for next infistar update.
  8. whitelisted for 8PM restart.
  9. unbanned
  10. You were not banned for "not snaking" Lets see, you tried to get @MadHatter in trouble. Faked evidence against him, barged into channels to express your view, and are totally disrespectful on the forums. Not withstanding the calling Fuel a paedophile. He never invited you to take part in what he said, nor was it for you... allow me to translate it for you. Fuck off. (That's a denied btw)
  11. For the arrogant manner in which you decided to go about your unban, you can stay banned.
  12. The "Grow Up" TS Bans have been removed as real evidence has finally come to hand.

    As a note, Bullying in any form is not accepted and will lead to a community ban.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Mr Ping

      Mr Ping

      ^^^ +1 with kappa


    3. OwenB


      @K-V By bullying, he means bullying. If you need a definition, google it.

    4. Neo


      Seeing as people don't seem to grasp what bullying is, 

      Bullying: unwanted, aggressive behaviour.

      If the person says stop, or you're out to cause a problem for someone. Stop.


  13. Where? That's because kids like WolfE fill it with crap And I think that RDMing WolfE is okay in any situation... but I don't make a thread about it... In all seriousness are you insane? I see you've put factors in, but that's what the current method technically covers, Yup, and I've banned for that.... Lethal force is a substitute for 1 type of shit RP with another. People seem to have no creativity... Totally... if you're on your own and there are 6 people around you with weapons pointed at you... then lay a brick and make sure it doesn't smell... Again it's a substitute... and with the way rebels play, most of the time, you're dead either way. Then there's all the "in real life people don't warn before they shoot" In real life, people have a conscience, it's not as easy to get a gun in the UK, and you also don't drive into the countryside and find an unlimited supply of marijuana ripe for the picking and make half a mill in 30 minutes. The method creates a balance... it totally shit driving along the road hearing someone you don't even see shout "stop or your tires will be shot" and 10 seconds later due to shit aim, you're dead.... (from a cop most likely too). "Hand's up or die", "hands up or you'll be shot", "don't move or I'll slaughter you" don't offer any fun or chance. The "thrill of the chase" doesn't exist on this server people just want to kill kill kill... Conscience is non-existent here. I've joked about it before, how about if you're killed you lose EVERYTHING, will you be so willing to jump into a gunfight? no, you'd all leave with your tails tucked between your legs. At least people would respect medics more... This is a -1000 for me... kills a lot of fun for those being imposed upon. the current standard at least gives people a chance to escape. It benefits gangs that are larger to a massive degree, and It does raise the question if you're bringing this up as a Player or as a MILSIM member. Additional, I'm not against changing initiation rules or making them more clear, I'm against minimising for the sake of making certain peoples lives easier. Changes need to benefit the majority, not just milsim the few.
  14. That doesn't even make sense.
  15. Yeah, when you have over 75 turd reactions on your posts, it's a bit silly... Specially when I miss stuff I get tagged in.

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