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  1. I'm not a Commissioner anymore... Staff don't jump ranks... That said, where was the initiation on that takedown @Scott McTavish & @noms. abusing Shift+G by the look of it..
  2. Neo

    Or you could get your head out the sewer and stop talking shit? Hilarious how people think its okay to be so arrogant and abusive and think "it's online, it means nothing"... Hey, you're banned, online, it means nothing, now you can play somewhere else, little child.
  3. Neo

    Swap RomaN for someone who complains less. Then don't go near it.
  4. Neo

    Message MATCH shit server not the best answer there really... IF (I get unbanned) then { "I'm sorry for saying its a shit server" } else { "It's a shit server" }; ^ looks like that to me...
  5. Neo

    Hi Delta.

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    2. Xero


      is he banned or sommet?

    3. Szplit


      Haha its delta, Dont know why he hates me so much lmao.

    4. Delta


      hello ladddd

  6. Neo

    I must have been dreaming.. along with Noms... We were driving along, offroad pulls over at the side of the road and jumps out with a gun... nothing was said so I jumped out and said "don't you dare think about threatening my life" and then I was dead... and even IF something was... it would have been a really poor rp initiation to go down that quickly. what fuel says, applies.
  7. The status update below this one made me die a little inside...

  8. The New Camorra Interest form is live!



  9. Neo

    Thats the downed guy. @Fuel 76561198421426279,"a" In the same gang.
  10. Server 2 is done manually to ensure there is demand, it should not be a place for easy drug runs.

    1. Ryno


      thanks mate

  11. Server 2 FAQ:

    If a car is blown up on server 1, and they switch to server 2, it wont be in their garage... the servers are linked to prevent exploitation.

    If a car is crushed on either server it affects both servers

    If your house is active on server 1, it wont have crates on server 2 (the same reverse applies).

    What about my whispers?
     - You can setup whisper profiles meaning you can switch between server 1 and server 2... or just use other keys... server 2 has its own police channels...

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    2. 6ix God

      6ix God

      aight no problem

    3. Daniel_


      Is this going to be a permanent thing, or only when #1 is full?

      Edited by Daniel_
    4. Neo


      when server 1 is full.

  12. Neo


    you get ONE LAST CHANCE... Dont fk it up.
  13. Neo

    No, I'll unban you this time, it will stay on your record.
  14. Neo


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