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    I've unlocked this to allow a response.
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    As an organisation, you're responsible for your members. Therefore trying to take advantage of a situation, one of your members banked millions. When around 8 gangs have done this, and dealing with "hackermath" (the mess left behind by script kiddies) I dont have time to sit there and take it back away, its far swifter to set the balances to zero... So why should we make an exception?
  3. Hey Altisians! Welcome to the first Milestone update since War zones (although looking at our version numbers, i think i was drunk when i confirmed release 302 as version 1.10) This isn't as much a showcase of skins, rather a detail of how to get your donation activated in-game, so please read carefully, as we'll need to update our Donation terms to accommodate the new features. Donation Levels! Donations will be split into 2 levels much like the forums have Gold and Supporter. Donation level 1 is achieved by donating between £10 and £99 When you donate, within 5 minutes your donation will be activated in-game, if you were in-game at the time, simply re-log (please notify an admin first) YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR STEAM ID IN YOUR PROFILE! This can be either; your URL such as gabelogannewell your SteamID such as STEAM_0:0:11101 your playerID such as 76561197960287930 to find yours use steamid.io Any value between £10 and £99 will equal 1 month of donation, (we're looking into adding a mid-tier) if you donate on the 22nd it'll end on the following 22nd Any subsequent (following) donation within that month will extend the donation from the new donation date. if you donated £10 on the 11th and then £10 on the 15th it'd expire on the 15th. Donation Level 2 is achieved by donating £100 or more All the above applies, however your donation will last a whole year! and you get a few more goodies! To celebrate the launch we're giving away 3 x sets of Level One (for 3 months!) and 2 x sets of Level Two (for 2 months!). Terms; Cant be a banned player. Must have a steam ID on profile Must have been a member for more than a month! Like and reply to this post to enter the competition! Winners will be selected at 8pm Tomorrow (13/06/2020) So, What's in each level? Level 1 3 loadouts instead of 1 Lots of exclusive skins! Level 2 More exclusive skins! (Chrome skins in the banner) 5 loadouts instead of 1 Donators from this month will be enabled as of TODAY (I'll post a reply shortly when i've enabled them) Supporters from 2020 will all be granted theirs today for a year too Good Luck! ***UPDATE 15:10*** Users donating in $USD; Level 1 is $13 level 2 is $125 Donating in a currency other than GBP or USD will hold your donation until it is evaluated.
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