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  1. Neo

    I don't get it, you meant to send it to him as a joke, but you didn't meant to send it to him? The only message you sent me with some merit was;
  2. hey dude was wondering how to ban appeal had a rpg in a safe zone??? plz help me should be unbanned tyhanks

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    2. xd Customs

      xd Customs

      idk which one i am all ik i was in a safe zone with a rpg that i picked up plz dude 

      plus i already did that


    3. Paul D

      Paul D

      Wait for a response and don't bother any admins/management. That'll only hold up your appeal or get it denied.

    4. xd Customs
  3. Neo

  4. Neo

    I thought I was getting a 1080 XD and will sort @Kierann
  5. Neo

    This is why it's arguable. XD As someone previously said, people can have a whole Teamspeak for that, I know it's being part of the community and I appreciate that, but unless I work on some method of automation, which will take time and resources, Its a lot to keep track of and maintain.
  6. Neo

    Now im confused... Sure, I'm sure we'd both love that XD for an award icon its a bit extreme mind XD
  7. Neo

    We have VERY LIMITED ways in which we can reward donators.. that's why having a private channel is an exclusive club. I'll expand my answer If I gave a channel for £10 or £20, is this for a year????? What the hell do Supporters get for their massively generous donation? You need to see it from our perspective. We can't "sell" anything... It is arguable that getting a channel for a donation is a purchase as you get something out of it. This affects most large ArmA communities. We can't give anything ingame for a donation, Bohemias strict monetization rules stop that.
  8. Neo

    least you gave him enough chances, but you should really have cover when initiating...
  9. Neo

    Should do this as a "caption this". "fml, people keep complaining us medics don't revive anyone... How can I? My offroad is blocked in!"
  10. Neo

    "Bought both founders a really big gift award"? I'll believe it when I see it XD @Charlie Pollin
  11. Neo

    Sure, I'm sure we'd both love that XD for an award icon its a bit extreme mind XD
  12. Neo

  13. Neo

    His first unvetted newsletter... congrats to @Tom Skyline
  14. Get Well Soon! ❤️ 

  15. Neo

    Approved. Under construction.

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