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  1. Neo

    Flix, JackM & DanisH

    Unbanned, However, take a lesson in what messing around can cause.
  2. Neo

    Flix, JackM & DanisH

    Flix unbanned, uncontrollable actions, that said, trolling and poor rp is not acceptable.
  3. Neo

    Flix, JackM & DanisH

    The original ban for teleporting is how it looked, that's exploiting and a perm ban can be issued, and was. In order to lift or change bans, we need to continue through the details. We've established the real events that have happened, and are now going through why you should be unbanned, specifically, is this how you should be acting?
  4. Neo

    Flix, JackM & DanisH

    so, the answer to your ban is that you didn't teleport, you were fking around..... First thing I saw was; So went over to check it out... got there, and a few moments later you all vanished... So your dispute exhonorates the 3 of you for teleporting, but then impeaches you for non-roleplay, under; Trolling Breaking RP I have merged all 3 appeals into 1 as it's all the same situation. Do you think this is how you should be acting?
  5. Denied > put some effort in it!
  6. Neo

    Revive System

    I mean no disrespect from what I said, as usual, Andrew has to twist it. If you're getting good roleplay, you should return good roleplay. it's a two-way street, but if you're being arrogant to someone roleplaying because you want to rush back to your mates right after being incapacitated, then why should they bother showing up the next time? (yes, they have a duty of care to life). If the medic is being forceful, trying to power the RP onto you, then the same applies back. I can't expect every person to be dragged to a hospital against their will. You can self-discharge from NHS, and they will let you go, however, the quality of roleplay is key.
  7. Neo

    Revive System

    okay, bye @andrew.
  8. Neo

    Revive System

    tbh, revival is in control of the medics. If people are refusing to RP, or failing in roleplay once revived, report them. They should value their life more, and therefore value those that pick them up. It's a roleplay server, there's always king of the hill.
  9. Those missing 1 and 2 year awards, try relogging.

    Having to re-write all our automation rules.

  10. Neo


    Denied, Hacking
  11. Neo

    USS Freedom

    Position on the map would you want it? Not near Kav.
  12. It's for surviving, not being Superman. Maybe a separate perk?
  13. We're looking into GTA Servers at this time. If someone wants to work on a DayZ standalone server, and present it to us (and willing to give us the files), then we'll look at making it reborn. Locked as we just haven't got enough time to spread ourselves this thin.

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