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  1. Sorted. Closed.
  2. prepared for next push.
  3. Enough is enough. You've had so many chances, and have been here long enough. Ban issued. it's also your 5th ban on record. 15/11/2017 21:33 to 23/11/2017 18:35 - Exploiting (Appeal: rebornrp.com 23/11/2017 18:35) 04/11/2017 20:44 to 06/11/2017 20:44 - Mass RDM BZ (Appeal: rebornrp.com 06/11/2017 20:44) 29/10/2017 23:40 to 30/10/2017 23:40 - Poor RP (Appeal: rebornrp.com 30/10/2017 23:40) 12/09/2017 11:09 to 12/09/2017 18:49 - Hacker (Appeal: rebornrp.com 12/09/2017 18:49) 6-month ban - Appealable after 1 month
  4. if an admin can pay this please #atwork
  5. Additional, There needs to be some risk, if everything is done instant, you dont stay still long enough to be interacted with/there's no time to catch you/interact with you..
  6. Again, we're not the only people having these battleye kick issues:


    The latest update does not appear to have fixed the BE mass kick issue for Asylum. In the last 72 hours we have had approximately 13 such mass kicks with the same messaging as before the 1.78 patch.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Neo


      It could be, it's a battleye issue.


    3. Fuel


      well I think its an arma issue, but its because of battleye, ie arma is having issues handling battleye traffic, battleye works fine for other games.

    4. Battl^^Eye


      Yes yes blame me guys I’m a fucking joke alright don’t keep blaming me, blame Joe!!!

  7. due to being involved, I'm not taking actions. If you can keep the roleplay, ensure initiation, I don't mind. @Thesoldier
  8. To be honest, the main fault was the opening of fire on him without a threat, Genesis says he was never spoken to, watching this through i didnt hear any of your friends threaten him... tbh.. It was a test as soldier said based on a few reports I had that morning... when I was shot in the BZ, I was quite sad as i litterally typed to one of the accusers and said "sorry mate, they actually rp'd there was no RDM". Soldiers statement above remains (ahhh you replied before i did)
  9. :turdemoji:

  10. Was a crash, unfortunately i left my phone in the bedroom and was putting up the christmas tree.
  11. Gary didnt live long enough for a mention.
  12. Not really a lot to this one. Today I was on the server and had a bit of fun... there were rabbits, snakes, dogs, all sorts. Yeezus played along with it quite well, he seems a bit too fond of Bunnies though... Anyway, I'm not here about the RP, I'm here about his hunt for "East Clintwood". Sorry @Yeezus, it was me! it started with: To which I was surprised he didn't know it was me. so I told him to guess, he thought i was Pine..... quite a few minutes later, he comes onto TS. a few moments later, the thing that actually made me have a chuckle... fast forward half an hour... awww bless.... Poor @Yeezus, I wonder how long it will take him to find out.
  13. I'll rephrase. RIP the EX Mw Members, hope the rest move on without hassle.
  14. Matty shouldn't have been unbanned. *See amended "RIP" below*

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