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  1. yeah, update was delayed to today (hopefully)
  2. Grats to all the new support team members... now to test for seat sniffers...

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    2. Ali


      I love you @PaulS

    3. Neo


      Tbh, still wondering why WolfE is on the team, does anyone else want the spot?

    4. Marcus


      @WolfE Rest In Pieces

  3. will be unbanned on OUR server tomorrow will post when cleared.
  4. @AndrewFam When someone uses cheats, etc on an infiSTAR server, it adds it to a log, which eventually gets checked (or auto-added) into a global ban-log, to stop that person hacking on the next server. e.g. 1 of our players that have recently put an appeal in used a hack console in-game on an exile server.
  5. The ban you have 20.08.2017 03:04:58: Pr0methus(76561198040999886) - GLOBAL BAN: 1 You're banned via infistars global ban list. have you "cheated" on any other servers?
  6. Bye

    lol..... when the time machine is created, maybe he could travel back and be a founder......
  7. let alone 2 game accounts, 2 forums accounts, etc, etc...
  8. I think you mean the best 3rd person style MOBA possible SMITE Paragon
  9. You really need to learn how the internet works... DDOS's and Swatting.... lol... its the internet... and they won by you being so worked up... but when you do "take [us] to court" please let me get some popcorn.
  10. @PaulS @jcbjoe
  11. Flying in a hostile area at less than 300m is carelessness
  12. Expect the worst, that way, it won't surprise you. also, bad NPAS being so careless with their GH
  13. but trolling is against the rules

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