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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    1. Danman

      Danman | Reborn #3

      just wanted to get rid of all my old clips
      35 points
    2. Took a while, lots of coding but the shop to spend your dog tags is finally finished and will be in the next update The values (30,50) are just test values! What I need from YOU! Ideas on what to add to the shop, such as guns, vehicles, clothing, other stuff In this format - Item: Amount Cheers P.S There will be changes on where you can earn dog tags, i.e. not just OG Remember you will be able to earn dog tags in WARZONE, so try and not make values too low
      24 points
    3. Snowman


      In-game name: 0lav Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile) 0lav Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? Forums Date of ban: 09/16/20 Reason for ban: Hacker banned Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I dont beleve the ban was justified due to me not cheating, but i only want my Forum profile unbanned at this time and date and maby we could talk about the ingame ban another day Why should we unban you? I want to be able to br
      22 points
    4. Ferrox.

      Oil trader

      In-game name: Oil trader Steam ID: 76561198321714652 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 02/20/21 Reason for ban: toxic Staff member that banned you: Scott McTavish Why do you think you were banned: after i got roached for like the 4th time in a row so i got mad when i got roached again and i told someone to kill urself in sidechat and i didn't mean it and i regret it after i got banned i went to ts and talked to the guy that i said it to and said sorry to him and he accepted my apologies. Do you believ
      21 points
    5. Jordd™


      REBORN'S GOT TALENT! Event No #004 Sunday @ 8:30pm Do you think you have what it takes to become Reborns next big thing? Can you Sing? Are you funny? Can you play an instrument? Hosted in the lovely city of kavala the stage is lit, the mic is on! do your best to impress! You can register below or show up on the night to take part! Special judge appearences from:- Mr Mctavish - RyanS - Jack B Also making a special appearance will be the Mayor of Altis! 1ST PLACE - 40M AND THE NEW EVENT WINNER TAG 2ND PLACE - 20M 3RD PLACE - 10M
      20 points
    6. Salt

      Salt | Reborn Weektage

      first week back playing after like 6 months go easy 👑
      16 points
    7. feedback appreciated
      15 points
    8. Noa


      In-game name: DID IT AGAIN Steam ID: 76561198271968173 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 02/23/21 Reason for ban: Combat Logging Staff member that banned you: Scott Mctavish Why do you think you were banned: I alt f4 after dying Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I wouldn't say that it's unjustified although I do feel like its a bit excessive If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I got a 1 week ban for alt f4'ing after dying. I un
      13 points
    9. Fliko

      flikko x

      In-game name: flikko x Steam ID: 76561198215927341 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 02/24/20 Reason for ban: Racism/Toxic Staff member that banned you: Dont know Why do you think you were banned: I said something in groupchat that I shouldn't of. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I was beefing my friend in groupchat, I have asked him to comment on this thread to confirm. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I believe my ban was a bit unj
      10 points
    10. suicide vest (250 dogtags)
      9 points
    11. Only if you cant wear rigs (lvl2 vest only). Can you imagine the lag with Lvl4 rig + CSAT ahahah no thanks
      9 points
    12. MK-1 Supressor - 3 Dogtags 50. Type mag - 10 dogtags CSAT - 5 dogtags MK-200 - 5 dogtags and 1 per mag
      9 points
    13. hazza


      Buff thorium, Make it just as good as LSD if not a little bit better to give it an incentive to do, I've played here for 2 years or whatever and I've not saw one person do thorium as it doesn't give enough profit to give anyone the idea to do it. this gives cops patrolling the kavala area trucks to stop as everyone knows the thorium trucks have a radioactive sign on it so cops know straight away it is an illegal run. it is a high risk LOW reward run currently and should be buffed to atleast to a position to what a upgraded hemmt of lsd gives (2m) or possibly a little more than that 2.3 m
      8 points
    14. Maybe make it so + 1 dogtag = kill - 1 dogtag = death If i add snipers they will be expensive
      8 points
    15. definitely not 5 dog tags would rather top myself than fighting @Winchesterwith csats
      8 points
    16. cyrus - 25 mar10 - 20 mk200 - 15 .50 type rounds - 10 per mag armed qilin - 60 or slightly more than ifrit hunter - slightly cheaper then an ifrit zaf - 75 all mags apart from .50 type rounds should be fairly cheap like 2 dogtags should get dogtags from kills at warzone and cartel
      8 points
    17. --------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classified Recruitment Page (Open!) Requirements: - Must Have 1000+ Hours *Exceptions Can Be Made* - Age 16+ - Must Have A Clear Working Microphone - Must Be Able To Speak Fluent English ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What we aim for: We aim to become a successful and respect
      7 points
    18. Dimitriii


      Requirements: 1000+ hours (Screenshot) Stable bank account Application: Name: Arma Hours: Age: Previous gangs: Country/Timezone: Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15t7exO_HEYTugtD4WNvxxQkMc2zelMuLH77o4mxPJWc/edit#gid=589574625
      7 points
    19. stay off my profile and keep my name out of your sub 1000 rep non-gangbase holding mouths.
      7 points
    20. OutSyder


      Okay, well you don't have to appeal it anymore. Goodbye.
      7 points
    21. stop at zero also, we could add kill streak rewards.
      7 points
    22. hazza

      Torment | Recruitment

      perma ban it @staff
      7 points
    23. hazza

      gang cap of 10

      make a gang cap of 10 on at one time. pros more gangs cons nothing
      6 points
    24. What are other peoples opinions on this? If so i will need to make items much more expensive
      6 points
    25. Davio

      Staff led auctions

      Staff led auctions of spawned in items that can't be bought, super expensive stuff for all the rich players to bid on and spend money on. I know so many people with 150mil + Staff led auctions of vehicles/skins/guns with crazy high starting bids as a money sink for rich players that like to grind
      6 points
    26. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M

      In-game name: L 1 A M Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile) 76561198347774667 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 02/02/19 Reason for ban: Hacking? / If i remember correctly / also can't remember the date i was banned its been years ^ Staff member that banned you: Can't remember Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes i believe it was unjustified I've never hacked on arma 3 before as you can see with my ID you can personally
      6 points
    27. don't add mar10 and cyrus to warpoints shop keep them in airdrops things to add type 50 mags, zafir, ifrit, csat fatigues, csat pilot coveralls (with level 1 vest ONLY) you can code it so you can only use this. do not add 50 quillins and minigun quillins to warpoint shop it would just turn the server into a shitfest I personally believe keep them craftable or factions to buy them. also asp's are very fun to use in cqc could add them
      6 points
    28. Hahaha 100 dog tags as cop and you can buy yourself an early police holiday
      6 points
    29. Roacher

      Torment | Recruitment

      @AndrewFam Due to unfortunate recent events. Torment have lost their gang base. The one occasion we was chill with each other at rebel, i think we are on the road to recovery, But back to the main point here. As you guys are going to want a gang base and compete for it Saturday 8pm-12am. I was giving out this friendly gesture to Just ally for the last 30minutes to help roach get rid of the virus (Horizon) out their base so you guys can bid on it. Im only asking for a ally nothing else...If you end up allying with v7 for what ever reason. then im happy to join your gang for the remainder an
      6 points
    30. DevilShot

      MACbook Report

      In-game name: DevilShot Name of the player(s) you are reporting: MACbook Date of the incident: 02/26/21 Time of the incident: 20:30 What rule do you believe was broken: Poor/Fail RP Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERtfsA-Afj8 Describe the incident: I had been taken hostage by armed rebels and was driven up a hill whilst the car was being shot by cops, one of the rebels had unrestrained me by mistake. I turned around to see what was happening and was shot Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence
      5 points
    31. 5 points
    32. Thanks to @Eddan. for helping a brother out.
      5 points
    33. I wasnt cheating and have no idea why i have been banned. I am trying to put in an appeal to BE now, and if i was cheating what cheat was i using when only 3 people who dont even play with each other or really know one another also got banned on the same day.
      5 points
    34. I think people need to be careful what they're asking for, if you add cyrus' and mar10 the people asking for it to be added will cry about getting sniped 10 minutes into the 1st warzone of the update
      5 points
    35. I agree with you in a sense. The server would be complete chaos if people are literally RUNNING around warzone with a mar 10 and cyrus which is why I think they should be in airdrops only (or not in the game at all) I think these guns are just stupid and half of the time people lag switch since it's a 1tap weapon anyway its just cringe. The asp is fine since the bullet drop is insane and no one can snipe with that thing but cyrus and mar10 is a no from me plz dont add these guns to the wp shop
      5 points
    36. How does this bring unfair advantages to new players ahaha You can get broken guns anyway, this gives incentive for people to actually fight
      5 points
    37. Scott McTavish

      Age limit

      Maybe we should restrict people that make dumb suggestions like this? Get a grip
      5 points
    38. Yarne_

      Yarne | RR #1

      Old clips, cleaning up my SSD. Some clips are just singles because I was testing out Geforce Experience with my new GPU and shit. Enjoy.
      5 points
    39. Alfonzo

      Gang hideouts

      whoever owns the gang bases gets a hideout in Kavala or Athira depending on the base where they can buy the same gear as you could from rebel bases. other rebels/police could capture them and disable them for a small time and be able to buy gear from them. whenever something is bought at these bases by another gang it goes into their gang funds.
      5 points
    40. Jordd™


      5 points
    41. Scott McTavish


      4 points
    42. pls dont make a death remove a dogtag, its gonna make people play even more passive than they already do, having no penalty from dying and gaining dog tags for kills will make fights more fast paced and fun
      4 points
    43. vangard is the move #VTM
      4 points
    44. if monkey take 5 banana to die and monkey eat 10 banana other monkeys angry because monkey no die.
      4 points
    45. You are banned from commeting on this thread
      4 points
    46. Ifrit + Qilin skins that you cant buy at rebel - armed vehicles eg. 50cal Qilin/Prowlers - 100 dog tags - Qilin 150 dog tags - Ifrit Armed Prowler - 200 dog tags Armed Qilin - 250 dog tags Level 5 vests - 50 dog tags 9.3 suppressors + .338 suppressors - 9.3 - 75 dog tags .338 - 75 dog tags TWS, LRPS, AMS - TWS - 150 dog tags LRPS - 50 dog tags AMS - 50 dog tags (remove sniper scopes off rebel markets) Zafirs+mags + RPGs+rockets - Zafir - 100 dog tags Zafir Mags - 25 dog tags RPG - 300 dog tags Rockets - 100 dog tags You want to make the co
      4 points
    47. calv.

      Prosperity | Limited

      wait @Ronaldo999 u have 4k hours and play with adaptive crosshair? o__________________________o thank god @Clarktold me to turn that shit off on my first 100hours otherwise i would never be able to enter the arma 3 competitive esports scene and earn enough to buy a rustlers burger and a pack of tangfastics
      4 points
    48. Burrows^

      Prosperity | Limited

      4 points
    49. Warzones were definitely more lively when Blackwater was around
      4 points
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