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    AndrewFam #12

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    RR Last

    dont play as much now cba too make another anytime soon
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    LUKER | Reborn 2

    Made in 2 days - Feedback Appreciated ❤️
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    Drop | Frags 8 | Reborn Roleplay

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    LUKER | Reborn 1

    feedback appreciated ❤️
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    LUKER | Reborn 3

    feedback appreciated ❤️
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    Prime - Recruitment - Limited

    Leaders: tiger thor nomadox Requirements: -Tactical Communications -Experienced -Over 2000 hours on Arma 3 -Must have atleast one member to vouch for you Application Format: In Game Name: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): Previous Gangs: Vouches:
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    poults RR#1

    ty @[email protected] editing wont be making anymore as I’m not playing much anymore that’s why it isn’t finshed but thought I’ll upload Songs old cba looking for one
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    RR Frags 5 | jack.

    Made in 5 Days:
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    Joshh RR #4

    First time editing Constructive criticism appreciated x
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    RR #5 | KingOfNeptune

    it's probably the first one i share , feedbacks are appreciated , o7 SRT ❤️
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    Alex Gavin

    Alex Gavin Reborn #9

    music aint synced since I changed it last minute.
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    Fierce | RR #4

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    | Sloth | Frags #3 | Reborn Roleplay

    Feed back appreciated.
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    Lard 1

    yes, we clearly main safe and 800m rocks comic sans btw
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    RR 1

    Shite clips and songs bit off, couldn't be arsed to look for one. Feedback Appreciated.
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    K-V | Reborn

    Got a fairly old preview and added some clips from the weekend whilst I've been back just for fun. Enjoy ❤️
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    Jck | Six

    Feedback Appreciated.
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    Harry Lewis

    Arma Development Update

    Hello all, I wanted to make some clarifications and amendments to previously announced information, as well as to give you further insights into what's going on and what you can expect to come. Update Schedule Neo's original plan was to have updates on the first Wednesday of every month, however, this left us with a half-finished update to be put out on the 8th. As such, jcbjoe and I have decided to push the monthly updates on or around the last Wednesday of every month. This means we have adequate time to complete the May 2019 update to a good standard. Since the last update was only around a week ago, due to the start of my month's work being pushed out with the hotfixes, you can expect the update schedule to be: 29th May 2019 26th June 2019 31st July 2019 28th August 2019 If this is subject to any further changes you will be informed. Starting from the update on 29th we will use multiple branches so that we can push hotfixes to the live server as soon as we fix a bug, while keeping the half-finished content on another branch ready for the scheduled update. Trial Developers As many of you may have noticed, we have taken 3 new trial developers under our wings. @Paul [email protected] @BenKare these (un)lucky people that will eventually be joining us on the development team. We have set up a discord channel and have been guiding them to become proficient SQF developers. We are especially focusing on good programming habits and writing code with a minimal hindrance to good server performance. They are progressing quickly and we hope to have them as fully-fledged developers for, or before, the start of the June update. Considering how difficult it is to develop things for the server when you don't have access or understanding of our framework, so far they are making good progress, having made some new effects for drugs, event panels for the admins and a beta airfreight missions script. Once our trial developers are fully in place, they will partially take over day-to-day tasks on the server (under our supervision) and I will join jcbjoe in working on stripping the framework bare and replacing a lot of outdated or unnecessary code and systems with our own, working to move more onto better practises to reduce the strain on the server. (Wish us luck) What's coming in May? <disclaimer> Not all of this is finished so if something goes horribly wrong it may not happen </disclaimer> New Virtual Inventory System: Many of you may remember when we trialled a version of the housing system without any crates. Well, jcbjoe took it one step further and made a brand new housing system which uses only virtual inventory and database communication, rather than the current system of physical objects and public variables. Then, he took it ANOTHER step further and completely recoded the entire inventory system, for players, vehicles, houses and everything else. The hope is that such a large decrease in the broadcasting of public variables and reduction in physical objects will have a positive effect on both FPS and server performance. Again, no promises as it's impossible to test fully, but the theory is reasonably sound. Everything else: With over 70 issues created on the Jira, with 19 having already been started/in testing/finished, there's plenty for us to get on with. The focus is a mixture of fun features to make up for the dodgy start we had to the month (that's my bad, sorry), and also add some gameplay enhancing features that will hopefully be enjoyed by all player bases of the server. Obviously, we understand that there is a split between the roleplayers, the rebels and those who strafe the boundary, so we will endeavour to strike the best balance we can. Features on the "to-do list" include a new crafting system, airfreight missions, a new type of run and a lot of bugfixes and minor tweaks. Hopefully, as much of this can be pushed out in May, but I have university exams and Joe has a full-time job. Once we have the trial devs working we will have 2.5x the manpower. Why am I telling you this? As our recent Newsletter stated, @jcbjoeand myself are taking over lead development of the ArmA 3 side of RebornRoleplay. We are developing for you, the players, and plan to keep you in the know and what's going on. The amendment to the update schedule will be a disappointment, but we hope it will be worth the wait. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you want to join the trial development team.
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    7 likes on this status update and ill drop a list of cheaters on rebornroleplay
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    Peeta | RR #2

    Feedback appreciated!
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    Fierce | RR #5

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    Joshh RR 2

    Wanted to get rid of clips to save for a decent one x Feedback is appreciated Jack. for the edit xx
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    5MIL Giveaway ingame

    Giveaway result announcement date: 9th May 2019. HOW TO ENTER GIVEAWAY. Put a Reaction on post. Then comment any EMOJI in comment section. The winner will be Randomly Choose. Result will be Announced on 9th May 2019. Good luck Everybody. This Giveaway is happening because of upcoming elections. Regards. Usman and Musta. Future Mayor. As musta will stand for elections in May and get elected as a Mayor for Month June. Thanks. Updated: Date of winner announced will be Be 14 may 2019. As it is expended due to some personal reason. Update: The amount of money GIVEAWAY is increased to 4 mil UPDATED: Giveaway money is increased to 5 million( As polling decided that ) GOODLUCK. One more update is that there will be a polling for one more thing that you people decide that the winner should be 1 who take all 5 million or the winner should be 2 the money 5 million will divided in both of them or the winner should be three the money will divided into 3 persons(the amount of giveaway will stay same 5million and that 5 million amount will divided into winners. am gonna do polling for that so I will know that you people want this or not. Updated: As the polling system is not working on this post so we will do polling on post (Reply) Go on last page and there you will see the reply by me and every detail is giving there. Just React so i will know that how much winner should be there for 5 million. The Time For Voting This Is 24 Hours If the voting fails then it automatically choose the 3rd Option (Winner Should be 3 (Option)So try to vote hurry the voting is only for 24 hours) Tomorrow on this time sametime voting will closed! (UK Time 5:46)In pakistan time is 10:46 the difference is 5 hour but the voting time will be followed according to UK Time.Thanks Best Of Luck. Regards: Usman and Musta. @Musta
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    JackM | Two

    Bit rushed but, enjoy! Feedback Appreciated!
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    Joshh RR #5

    Fucked editing/rendering so just used a shit song and put it up.
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    Jck | Eight

  29. 30 points

    Shipman | RR7 | With a twist

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    Josh .

    Josh . | #2

    Don’t rip in thanks
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    Upsy / RR 1

    Wanted to get more multi's but clips are getting old. Feedback appreciated
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    RR Frags 6 | jack.

    Made quickly again, will spend longer on next one.
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    Cynical #4

    Edited @peeta , Internet is Dog Btw
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    Crazed RR #2

    banned for pulldowns
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    Alex Gavin

    Reborn's future

    Alright I think within the last week or two since a lot of people have being banned for duping,gangs disbanded or they just stopped playing the server has being kinda dead combat wise. I know this isn't what the server is about but its a big part of the experience of the server and like it or not its part of the server and has to be for it to work. But anyway the server has being dying combat wise lately. Id just like to state some changes me and my gang Sinity would like to be changed, obviously all these wont get accepted and maybe all of them might not be what we want but It would be nice if we could come to a compromise here and just try help the server come back a bit combat wise in Redzone and just around the map in general. We are just looking to bring back some people to the server and get it to be a bit more fun for the majority of people to play on again. Please dont close this instantly let people have a chat about it and see if some things could just possibly be changed a bit. feel free to post your own suggestion here that link to rebel life https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHLhA3LvEjWi9T8IX9pz1mT2omhtUWWEInETb1pAiXk/edit (didnt know where to post btw like suggestions or what so put it here)
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    Silker #3

    ye da sniffs glue, ignore black screen me da made me put it in
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    plays tv kills my fps but enjoy x
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    Joshh RR3

    @cza for the edit 1440 Feedback appreciated
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    Linx RR 2

    Enjoy the slideshow | All Exploits have been resolved ❤️
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    RR 2

    Still shite, feedback appreciated.
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    Reborn | One

    quality is shit clips are dog got these over the past 2 weeks just want to reset pc. Pc is dog
  42. 28 points

    JackM | One

    Feedback Appreciated
  43. 28 points

    Mike. RR #3

    ty to @athero for the intro text x
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  45. 27 points

    Joshh RR #6

    1440P Constructive critiscm appreciated.
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    ..S.. 8

    Formatting PC and Editing is scuffed
  47. 27 points

    JAW | RR | Made In A Day

    New PC vibes x
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    Improving fights at OG

    Lets be honest, fights at places like OG are actually so boring right now. It's basically just Blackwater holding cap and cops parachuting everywhere and gangs getting shot in the back on places like star and dildo that are waiting to push. It's an absolute clusterfuck and gangs don't slam because they're too afraid to pull ifrits and sometimes even qillins due to the fact that they will 100% get chopped and are too expensive to re-purchase. There's a few ways to fix this so fights actually become fun on that part of the map because right now it's just the opposite, these I think are the 2 main ones: - Give TRU a spawn near bottleneck so they drive there with MRAPs and actually properly push - LOWER IFRIT PRICES so people actually buy them and use them to push because they are the only way you can push a cap and have a fair chance of winning. Obviously this doesn't change the fact that people can just respawn regear and come shoot you from behind anyways but it allows for gangs to push more rapidly and attempt to take cap as fast as they can before another 3rd party comes behind and kills them.
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    Sammer18 RR 2

    Looks like there's bare singles but just cut clips to squeeze em in Feedback appreciated x
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    RR | 1

    Rushed so I can wipe my PC, first one so don't shit yourself if you think its bad.

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