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    BenH | 3

    I cant render properly ahah. These clips are since ive come back to pc and arma. Enjoy x
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    NATO Requirements: 6000 Hours on Arma 3 (Exceptions can be made if you own a body pillow) Must own a bunk bed Dedication to ArmA 3 on saturday Nights Application: Name: Age: Body Pillow: Vouches: Roster Only Playing for saturdays plz no kick ty
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    JAW | 1/2 Price Pls

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    Luke. | Frags 2

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    Redzone Wave-rule for Police

    Currently police have access to free gear, they can use this free gear to go to the redzone and contest zones with no NLR. I have no problem with police being able to go to redzones, however as of right now if you kill one of them, it takes them about 3 minutes to gear and drive back over. This means that if you are capping zones and the police decide they want to come it is pretty much impossible to win as they can just keep coming back with their free gear in such a short amount of time. It is like fighting an infinite wave of zombies. Imo there should be some sort of wave rule to limit the police coming back in that they should have to wait a certain amount of time before they come back or can only come back to that area once the remaining police are dead. Of course current TFU are going to disagree as they love having unrestricted access to cartels. It is the dream, unlimited fights without losing any money, so I understand. Anyone in that position would want to keep it.
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    Boris Popov

    !Boris Popov

    In-game name: !Boris Popov Steam ID: 76561198086886834 Date of ban: 08/17/19 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? At first, I was unaware of why I was banned but after speaking to Neo I understand that what I said was wrong and it was said in the heat of the moment. I was arguing with someone and about something that was completely uncalled for I understand this and regret it.
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    P a g e

    Page RR#1

    Feedback appreciated xx
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    Somalian Defence League

    Leaders: @[email protected]@Kevinnnn Requirements: -2000 hours on the 3rd installment of the arma series -Knowledge of cartels and bank callouts -Must be experienced -Must have a huge ego -Must have the rook perk Application Template: Name: Hours on arma (screenshot): Previous gangs: Anyone who can vouch for you: Roster
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    Sammy | 1

    Fucked up rendering so watch in 1080. First montage so feedback appreciated x
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    About Us ' ' Is currently looking for new members to join us on our endeavors. We're just as bunch of clueless idiots that hop on every now and again to do whatever the hell comes to our mind at the time, you're bound to have a whole lot of fun within our company. Requirements - You MUST have tonnes of pure roleplay hours as we require the finest roleplay Altis has seen or is yet to see. - You MUST be financially stable as we're not a charity. - You MUST be experienced as clearly every other member within our gang undeniably is. - You MUST be able to squeak fluent English, exceptions can NOT be made. - You MUST not be a snowflake. Application What's your roleplay alias?: Current Hours: Your previous gang affiliations: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you roleplay?: What's the colour of your panic button and how hard can you hit it?: Are you willing to take a voice frequency test prior to final acceptance?: What's your current relationship status?: Please define Brexit in at least 3 words?: Have you read and accepted the terms of service in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation?: Vouches: Thanks for applying for a spot within ' ', we wish you the best of luck. Keep an eye on this page to know when you've either been accepted or denied. Roster
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    Boris Popov + The Brit Method Report

    pretty obvious, Boris is just making excuses, Boris has been causing quite a lot of shit recently a using admin while playing etc. enough is enough. I wont ban you but you are hereby removed from the staff team.
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    How it works -This would be a 2 hour long event. It would start every friday at 6-8 pm. Only 2 cap-points are active at one point. It takes 15 minutes to capture a single point. After a point is captured a new point will appear after 5 minutes on the map and the point that has been captured decays and is deleted .A virtual "GANG" list would be on-screen which would tell you the position of the top 5 gangs by leaderboard of captured points. Winners would receive these rewards: 1st- 40 million 2nd- 20 million 3rd- 10 million 4th- 5 million -There would be 2 added rebel outposts for this event to minimize outpost camping and to allow players to gear freely.
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    server bans

    I don't understand why people get banned over calling someone a "r word ", "braindead", or "spastic" etc when It's a 16+ video game and this is an adult community and people still get 1week to permanent bans for saying those things in the heat of the moment, or even sometimes as a joke. I know (and we all really do) that 95% of people on the server don't actually care about these words and people using them. Of course im not saying that everyone should be going around calling each other r words, but sometimes you just get mad and you say it without really thinking about it. Imo staff should be dealing with these situations more lighlty like giving them a warning on their profile or just a verbal warning, then a 1 day ban if it happens again etc, and not go straight for perm or whatever. In a lot of reports against people saying these things its mostly because the person reporting doesnt like them or because the person just likes getting people banned for no actual reason. I just cant get it to my head that someone who is 16 years or older would get called the r word over the internet and then get sad/feel offended by it. Its the internet, if people cant take being called the r word because theyve done something really sly or been really annoying then they should just get off or try to find another solution. ofc the person should still apologize for saying it and not keep doing it but they deffo dont deserve a ban if they say sorry about what theyve said and show that they regret it. In a lot of games/other communities saying these things arent taken that seriously, because obviously its a game on the internet with adults, I understand that the admins+ dont want their community to be full of toxicity but its 2019 and its a game, it has just kind of become "normal" to say these things to each other when u get mad.. basically what im saying is: Don't use these words because it really isnt needed, but if you accidentally do, say sorry to the person and leave it. But if you keep saying bad things and "bully" someone or something like that on purpose because you know that they take offence to it, then yes you deserve a ban to learn a lesson. Were all here to have fun, not to piss each other off or to sit all day getting people banned for accidentally saying a word. tbh i just feel like the admins should be much more calm about most bans in general, like i dont believe that someone should get permed for exploiting, such as shooting looking through a deerstand, putting ur weapon through a deerstand and shooting and stuff like that. if its your first ban for something like that it should be like a 1 week ban and then perm if it happens again (cause tbh if u exploit twice without understanding what youve done wrong, youre just an idiot.) stay mature on the thread and say ur opinions please so it doesnt get instantly locked!
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    Remove needing a pistol for execution

    There's no point really in having to buy a pistol to execute someone, irl a gun is a gun and would kill anybody and it's better to remove this and have it so you can execute people with whatever so in gunfights they aren't combat revived due to you not being able to pull a pistol out mid gunfight to execute them.
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    I Doiyed

    In-game name: I Doiyed Steam ID: 76561198354543856 Date of ban: 12/07/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity - Im Meant to Reapply in 3 months but I Dont believe I Should Wait That Long For This Reason. Staff member that banned you: Leeroy Jenkins Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Dunno What I Did If It was For the Reason I Believe it was Then Yes It was Justified. Why should we unban you? Because who would have of thought being called a dog nonce BY a 16 year old when the person being called it is younger than him. I know it can be a touchy subject "Nonce aligations" but i wouldn't say its toxic and i was lead to believe this was an adult community in which people can take snide comments. Keywords Snide not racist or anything of the type. It was a tiny remark which means nothing I said it in side chat in a joke manner and got punished for it.
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    should be another rebel added to south peninsula red zone as it is very hard to gear up as a rebel at peak times when there is two factions that have a rebel / place to gear up outside of the redzone
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    In-game name: Cameron Steam ID: 76561198072825472 Date of ban: 08/17/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Ban was justified Why should we unban you? I'll keep it short. It was in the heat of the moment. Mally got banned for saying something racist after dying in-game and none of us were aware of the context. I retaliated stupidly and said shit I really shouldn't have. I'm aware what I said was unacceptable and was a terrible way to deal with the situation. I've learnt from my mistake and will certainly refrain from going about things in a similar way in future. I don't play Arma often and only jump on to play with some old mates, so I'd appreciate the ability to continue on doing so. All in all I'd appreciate the unban and will refrain from being so toxic in future.

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