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    ethan rr #3 ?

    ?Feedback appriciated gamers ?
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    Alex Gavin


    Posted for Crispy In-game name: Crispy Steam ID: 76561198207947704 Date of ban: 01/19/19 Reason for ban: Reason when I connect to the server is ÔÇ£OkayÔÇØ Staff member that banned you: Jordd but also Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I do agree my ban was justified, I was upset that my issue of being robbed in the greenzone for 10m was brushed off by anyone I mentioned it to and hence I abused the powers I had on teamspeak to prove a point. It was pointless to do so, and I obviously regret it now. Why should we unban you? It has been a few months since I was banned, and I have stayed away from games completely for a while and now that I have some spare time it would be cool to get back to playing some games like arma 3 (seem to come back here consistently) and return back to the community atmosphere which is quite enjoyable.. I would happily join the police again and perhaps be useful in that sense and have a positive contribution when it comes to the community. As time goes on everyone gets older and more mature so from how I feel right now I believe nothing like this would happen again, IÔÇÖm just looking to kill some time that I have spare by being creative with roleplaying ideas I have had over this break. I didnÔÇÖt really cause many issues for a long time (different to how I used to be when I was younger) before this issue happened so if I was to be unbanned you can expect me to stay out of trouble. Hopefully I will get a chance to prove this.
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    Delete kav

    waste of fps just add a green zone and the interaction boards for shops and casino , garage whilst still marked on the map
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    Reborn Christian Gang | Recruitment

    Name: Epic Age: 20 Denomination: Islam Hours w/screenshot: 2000 Confirmed with a Church?: ´╗┐No but with a mosque
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    Give Marko his runescape account back and I will unban you.
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    I guess I'll RP next time

    What a nerd
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    Mags not going away.

    Many know that when you use a gun and use the full mag up the mag will be removed from your inventory. That is a big problem with some of the bigger guns like Cyrus and Mar-10. So my idea is that that the mags go into to your Y inventory so you can re-arm them again instead of them going fully out of existence. I don't think it have to be every gun as you can get normal mags quite easy. So this more aimed for guns like the Cyrus, ASP and the Mar-10 as the mags aren't the easiest to get for these guns.
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    Thank you all to those who gave nice birthday messages ÔØñ´©Å
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    Happy birthday General, one day blackwater will become UNMC
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    Saul Richman

    Dynamic #8

    Had to upload on the forums for him since he is banned
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    Reborn Christian Gang Here to spread the word of Christ, and the holy spirit, we firmly believe Altis lacks the compassion and wholesomeness to continue onward without unfair bloodshed. Consequently, we announce the Reborn Christian Gang, here to cleanse you of your sins, encourage forgiveness on Altis, and spread education on the Bible. In addition, we will be doing Sunday Service at 20:00 in Kavala Church. Requirements - Must be a child of God - Thorough knowledge of the King James Bible - Thorough knowledge of the Book of Common Prayer - No outstanding illegal debts or activities - Must wear pink suits - 500 hours min Application Format Name: Age: Denomination: Hours w/screenshot: Confirmed with a Church?: ROSTER
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    Harry Lewis

    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    So I'm well aware that a number of people in the community have been requesting a new HUD to be implemented on the server. However, we don't know what you guys are looking for, so here is your chance to have a say. It will only have a major change once so I'd argue it's very important to gauge your opinions and collect your ideas. For those who aren't sure, here is what I mean by the "HUD": Updates to the phone and other GUI elements are already underway. Even if you can only tell us what you think is bad or inconvenient about the current HUD then we can take this advice on board when designing the new one. For example, if you think it should show more/less information, be bigger, be in a different place, different size, or anything else. Just please keep it sensible! I don't know about you guys but I think it's time for a change. Please post below with your suggestions and ideas! a reply if you agree. if you don't. I will leave this post open until we can find something that people like and will work!
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    Last one for a while, big up betrayal, hennessy and @SynthZzmum for the best trim.
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    Paul Mullins

    Pablo Tescobar

    In-game name: Pablo Tescobar Steam ID: 76561198012720864 Date of ban: 01/16/19 Reason for ban: The ban reason was exploiting. I abused a bug that allowed me to move around and shoot my gun even though I was in the downed screen I abused the fact that I couldn't be downed during this time and used it to my advantage while killing police officers while in a gun fight with my gang. The bug occurs when you get tazed and downed at the same time and I stupidly abused it. Staff member that banned you: Big-Kev Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I belive that my ban was fully justified what I did was stupid and straight up unethical, I full heartedly deserved the ban that was issued to me. Why should we unban you? I know what I did was a mistake, in the heat of the moment I thought I would have a laugh and keep the gun fight in my gangs favour. I looked back on it after I did it and thought it was just childish because that is exactly what it was. I understand why I was banned as exploiting a bug full stop is not tolerable. I should have just surrendered and sat out of the gunfight as soon as I realised what has happened and reported the bug under the bug report section on the forums. I suicided when my gang told me to stop as I was going to get in trouble for what I had done and that It was stupid. For future instances I know now how I should react in these situations and what the right thing to do is. I can understand the frustration from people if they were to die to this exploit in game as the video presented in my report shows the officer put multiple bullets into my head while I was lying still just to die moments later. I would hate it if something like that was to happen to me in game. I understand the mistake I made, and I know that I will never make a mistake like that again or even anything close to it. Throughout my play time I go out of my way not to break rules and the one time I slip up for a joke I get banned for it. It just goes to show that the rules are there for a reason to keep the gameplay enjoyable and healthy for other players on the server. ItÔÇÖs a shame that I had to negatively impact the gameplay for the officers that I killed and the confusing situation that I created for the other officers at the scene. I know I have put a ban appeal in very early, but I feel that I made a stupid mistake that Is not worth wasting 3 months over.
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    Must be a shame having a birthday but being too fat to actually have a cake. Happy birthday really, I'll send you a birthday cake protein bar
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    Remove spike strip script

    +1 or make it like u can move whilst doing it and 1.5 sec
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    Just a hobo chilling in red zone

    It would have been pure gold content if he got a rook out, knocked u out, restrained you, took ur Mar 10 loadout and ran away :)
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    Reborn Christian Gang | Recruitment

    gl bois
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    Remove grass

    -1 personally Grass looks nice and make crawling about at smaller ranges feasible. Having the option to disable it would give anyone who uses it a distinct advantage. I don't want a bald altis
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    Mike. RR #1

    thank you for your input its not really contributing anything so ill just ignore it
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    Mike. RR #1

    But brag about wiping cops, alright nice one cst sir
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    Tactical Venom

    Mike. RR #1

    I rate the last kill thats all gg tho this is like the youtube ads u got to watch it all just to see 2 seconds of good content
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    Tom Skyline

    Mike. RR #1

    did we watch the same video
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    I understand that repercussions to my actions are needed, and fair. It was wrong of me to think I could just go around the ban by buying another account. The fact that I messaged Melantha Rose with an attitude dealing with a ban was completely unsuitable. But given appreciation to this ultimatum, I would ask you to perm ban Sledge and give me a chance to reapply for a ban appeal on the Zerps account in 3 weeks. Here is where I was misguided by my own self-righteousness, and I regret my mistakes completely. If I would have just owned up to breaking a rule none of this would have happened. I'm sorry Harry for attempting to deceive you, and the rest of the staff. And I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused to Melantha Rose. It's been fun, and hopefully I'll be a different person in 3 weeks. -Zerps
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    Scott McTavish

    Turn a gun in to gun parts

    To balance it out you could make it so when you disassemble it you get raw mats back such as steel, rubber etc and a chance at receiving a parts back. You could have tiers within the skills to add a higher chance of receiving parts. Tier 1 - 10% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 2 - 20% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 3 - 30% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 4 - 40% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 5 - 50% Chance to receive a weapons part etc

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