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    So I'm well aware that a number of people in the community have been requesting a new HUD to be implemented on the server. However, we don't know what you guys are looking for, so here is your chance to have a say. It will only have a major change once so I'd argue it's very important to gauge your opinions and collect your ideas. For those who aren't sure, here is what I mean by the "HUD": Updates to the phone and other GUI elements are already underway. Even if you can only tell us what you think is bad or inconvenient about the current HUD then we can take this advice on board when designing the new one. For example, if you think it should show more/less information, be bigger, be in a different place, different size, or anything else. Just please keep it sensible! I don't know about you guys but I think it's time for a change. Please post below with your suggestions and ideas! a reply if you agree. if you don't. I will leave this post open until we can find something that people like and will work!
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    Last one for a while, big up betrayal, hennessy and @SynthZzmum for the best trim.
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    Wrigh 5

    Bit rushed. taking a break. wont be on as much. enjoy x
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    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    Right know I feel like the 2 biggest problems with the HUD are disproportions, and overall graphics design. In this screenshot below, you see the default ArmA hud with vehicle information & weapon information (highlighted with red border). At the bottom you see the current reborn HUD as it is and you can straight off see how disproportionate it is. If you're going to change the HUD i'd suggest you keep it within the blackbar area so it looks inplace. As for the overall design of the HUD, keep it minimalistic & simple, so it looks nice and serves its purpose correctly.
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    Name and Shame

    Today we see a new release from battleye here is the people that was caught hacking, if you know of any more let me know and I will add them, thanks to @Furyand @Adam Briggs for helping me get the names. McLovin' Prime Connor Cozza Bogroll Roy Rogers Chriss [39th RR] Carl [39th RR] Nathan Daryl
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    Name and Shame

    The amount of times cozza has been chatting bare shit to people calling them trash. While he was cheating his balls off
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    Turn a gun in to gun parts

    Basically instead of doing scrap yard runs all the time maybe make something where you can deliver like a mark 1 or spar16s and then you can take it apart. Spar16s will give you barrel, butt, housing all that stuff. This is a way to make the supply drop even better as people will take the shitty guns to make parts of it.
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    Ben Dover_


    In-game name: 4Head Steam ID: 76561198090428197 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: Casino Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: 100% justified. Why should we unban you? I made a very very stupid mistake by exploiting the casino to make money. I started to play in the casino legit, like I have for the majority of the time I played on Reborn. Someone in game, said to me if you spammed the 10k bets and pressed escape right after then your chances of winning would increase. I tried this and sure enough, all I did was keep holding and I won around 90-95% of the time. I did this for around a week and probably made around 15-20 mill in total. I'll admit I just got lazy and when I found a way to make money with little to no effort I just kept going. All of the money I had previously had been made from doing runs/HM's/Art Galleries, or leftover from when I was in the police. At the time I was doing the exploit it never really registered to me that what I was doing was exploiting, but now looking back on it I can 100% see why I got banned and would never to it again. If I could go back to when I first found out about the exploit I would not do and would stay far away from it. During my time on reborn, other than this ban, I have never been banned, or even reported (I know this probably wont mean anything buy I added it anyway). If I was to get unbanned I would stay far away from the casino and continue to make money legit like everyone else has to do on the server. Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.
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    Scott McTavish

    Turn a gun in to gun parts

    To balance it out you could make it so when you disassemble it you get raw mats back such as steel, rubber etc and a chance at receiving a parts back. You could have tiers within the skills to add a higher chance of receiving parts. Tier 1 - 10% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 2 - 20% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 3 - 30% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 4 - 40% Chance to receive a weapons part Tier 5 - 50% Chance to receive a weapons part etc
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    R6 - "Better Now"

    First ever montage , feedback appreciated
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    In-game name: Zerps Steam ID: 76561198262112771 Date of ban: 11/17/18 Reason for ban: NLR Staff member that banned you: Melantha Rose Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: my ban was completely justified, because no matter the way i try play it off and blame others i've finally come to terms with the fact that, end of the day i broke the rules and instead of acting like a mature adult i tried to wriggle my way out of my rightly deserved punishment Why should we unban you? I'd like to start with the fact that I do feel regret for the way I treated @Melantha Rose and the other staff members while trying to get un-banned. I am aware that I did break a rule which as Melantha said was not a difficult to avoid and I realize that I have made a grave mistake. Therefore, I'd like to extend a personal apology To Melantha and any other staff members I have mis-treated or dis-respected. Honestly, I feel that who I was 3 months ago is completely different to who I am now, and it's with this feeling that I'd like to ask for forgiveness and if the staff would extend it to me: another chance, the people I played with on reborn have truly changed me for the better and it has helped me become a better person in real life I understand I may get a little hot headed in the spur of the moment and I will promise to work on that. Reborn is a server that is like no other and in my mind is a privilege to play on therefore I'd like to promise to try my upmost best to never cause trouble or dis-respect anyone on this server ever again, and I've gained a-lot of real-life friends from the amazing people I've met here, but i do however feel that something is missing from my ARMA experience and that thing is reborn, i do feel true regret for my previous actions and for that I can offer nothing more than an apology and a heavy heart. (melantha said to Masinad-Tom cruise a little while ago that I may post a permanent ban appeal before 6 months)
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    Hennessy Recruitment

    man really couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot but could upload a photo from his phone
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    ? Majed #3 ?

    Enjoy . ?
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    So, my first video from Reborn is up. Being a CSO or PCSO is usually uneventful.. but I've had that fucking tank footage and thought it would be a shame to leave it out. Thanks, @Paul Dfor your singing.. .made a decent intro
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    Scott McTavish

    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    Could have something like this Bit like exile though
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    Alex Gavin

    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    Hoggie: Can we please move the muted sound / car seat to the bottom or left hand side and make it smaller please. It's kinda annoying it being centre right , would work better if it was smaller and in the bottom left or right - Hoggie
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    Adam Briggs

    Name and Shame

    Fk you caught me
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    Name and Shame

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    Name and Shame

    HAAAAAAA, Obviously new around here, Im 39th Kierann nice to meet you.
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    Name and Shame

    kinda cute seeing all the big ego twats get banned for cheating lmao
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    In-game name: Pine Steam ID: 76561198084628718 Date of ban: 08/14/18 Reason for ban: no reason stated Staff member that banned it don't say Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i believe it was both Why should we unban you? So from what i remember as its been a while i wrote a line that was considered to be very rude and unacceptable by the staff here. I also don't think that it was after a very tragic incident evolving around my friend on the server that sent shivers down his spine and tiers to his eyes, something that would be considered sick to some and evil to others, whilst this in my eyes did no harm to the victim of this, it had traumatic after effects where he was physically unable to pull himself out of bed and onto the server to play with his best online friends in his favourite community. Now although it would preferred by most not to repeat the line here due the extra damages it could cause to the person but i think it is required to be repeated just to understand the situation at hand and therefore it shall be mentioned at the end. After many weeks of being away and constant apologies to this person nearly every day since i was removed from the community, he finally found it in his heart to look past this incident and forgive me for what i had said, after this we began bonding again by playing games together such as ark survival evolved, stick fight and CSGO until i was banned for allowing a friend to use an account that had a shared phone number to mine (He rather buy weed than buying me more CSGO accounts). NEW MESSAGES So after a moment of silence to myself i have found it within me to rewrite this sentence for the admins to review and it can be found below but first, i think i should be unbanned as i keep making silly mistakes such as this and would like to start blending in with the community again and hopefully make up for the mistakes that have happened previously. The line..... "Get beamed kid" a post from Pine, forum unban.
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    Matrox (Posted for Matrox)

    In-game name: Matrox Steam ID: 76561198156290626 Date of ban: 12/02/18 Reason for ban: Duping/Hacking Staff member that banned you: Fuel/ RedFez Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was 100% Justified and i understand why i was banned. Why should we unban you? Honestly i was not too bothered when i got banned back in February as i was bored of Arma 3 so i moved to Rust and played that, but recently i wanted to play Arma but i was banned from Reborn. So i logged onto PhoenixRP on my alt and it didnt feel right, everyone there was no gangs and no players going around as they all/most got blanket banned. So i logged on to Reborn on my alt and have been playing under the alias of Cookie Monster, during my time playing i was playing legit, i did runs all night (you can ask kral he was on most nights) i did not cheat in anyway as i did not want to get caught and i genuinely wanted to play Reborn i have clips of me playing if you want to see showing that i dont cheat. I have a marijuana level of 140 roughly so that shows i did runs for my money i did not dupe/exploit and i enjoyed all of this, i played legit the whole time and even helped people out along the way. I will admit i did hack on another alt before this (hence why i am known as a hacker now) but i did not do what all hackers do, i did not blown everyone up or ruin the server all i did was spawn enough money to buy a jet to fly around late at night. I know and understand that this is still breaking rules and that i should still be banned for this. My ban was back in February on the 15th i think and since then i have grown up alot, i got a job working with the public and helping them where i work, not to mention i have started college and have to do alot of work for my course of Website Development, and all i want to do is chill on Reborn when i can. From what i have heard Fuel has given some people that have done the same as me a second chance. When i came back my intention was not to cause trouble all i want is to be able to play with people i used to without them getting punished for what i did but i cant as i was banned for hacking. So yes i did evade a ban you gave me but i never did hack on my main account (Matrox) and i never did use aimbot/esp i only used money spawner, which i did not give to anyone as that would cause admins work to correct what i did and have to remove people's money and like i said before i was not here to cause trouble and never did want to cause it. I would also classify my self as a part of the community, before i got banned i was Lead VAF for the Vanguard and did alot of work for that and the Recruitment part of it even though i was not in it to try and help the faction become more powerfull and do what it was put in to be as i wanted it to be successful. I was also able to become a trainer for ARU in the medics before it was removed and helped many people become ARU. Although i was banned on my main for duping i di ddo alot of runs at night, i would do lsd when i was apart of the vanguard. I would go from frog swamp to multidrug then dealer, the only reason i duped was because a cop wrongfully crushed my vehicle which cost me alot and because i didnt have proof, i got annoyed and decided to deal with it myself, which was wrong and i ended upduping to compensate myself. Which i know is still against the rules as i did exploit/dupe. So the whole reason i was banned in the start was because i got annoyed and decided to take it upon myself to fix it but in me doing this i broke a rule and got banned. I would really appreciate another chance in this community and would love to rejoin.
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    I got Windowskey + L trolled by @David Holmes.....
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    Turn a gun in to gun parts

    its only an hour... what do you expect you spend an hour and you all have an mk200 and 5 mags each.. its either they be grindy or not on the server, they will never be easy to get as then they become common place.
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    Name and Shame

    Love it when cheaters get caught
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    Matrox (Posted for Matrox)

    right, we have discussed it in the board and have decided to give you a chance, even though we all pretty much know how it will go, so either you can continue on cookie monster or your main account can be wiped.
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    Name and Shame

    These are not just people we've caught or been monitoring, These are ALL Battleye Global Bans.. so you can say "asif" all you like, however, the proof is in the result.
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    s m h @The Red Fez
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    R | Reapers Recruitment

    Reapers Roster -About- Our goal is simple, assert absolute dominance across the server. If you are not with us, you are against us. Reapers leadership is composed of experienced Arma life players and friends. Being promoted past member is unlikely. DO NOT join if you only care about ranks. DO NOT join if you cant handle being apart of a team. DO NOT join if you refuse to follow simple commands. (nothing unreasonable will be expected of you) DO NOT join if you are soft skinned. (Reapers is a family and we joke a lot, know that nothing is personal, if you cant handle being roasted Reapers may not be the group for you) DO join if you want a relaxed atmosphere that turns serious in engagements. DO join if working together and taking turns leading sounds better then a complicated arbitrary ranking system. DO join if you want to be apart of a group of like minded individuals aspiring to be the very best on the server. DO join if you are tired of being alone, being apart of a gang with poor leadership, or drifting through gangs that repeatedly die out. DO join if you want an opportunity to be apart of a group who's legacy and alumnus spans multiple life servers over the years. -Requirements- None. You will need to participate in a short interview where we will determine if you will be a good fit for the group. You do need Discord. -Apply- In-game name: Discord ID: name#0000 (You will receive a message on discord inquiring about an interview) Thank you for considering joining Reapers. Ultimately, being apart of this group is a choice. We appreciate you wanting to spend your Reborn role play gaming moments alongside us. -N -P -S -AR -AC
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    change time (forum suggestion)

    Change the time on the forums to the standard in the UK (DD/MM/YY) instead of what it is now (MM/DD/YY). It gets a bit confusing sometimes when you look at it the wrong way. I can't post this in the forum suggestions for some reason.
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    Gang/Group Initiation

    Gang initiation should stand if people are in the same clothing. As it currently stands people who play with each other in an organization are better off dressing completely different from one-other so that whenever a gun fight ensues its always a guessing game on who you are actually fighting especially if the group/gang is large and encompasses a lot of people. I am suggesting that there should be a rule implemented to where gangs would need to be required to wear the same clothing in order for there members to be included in the initiation. If someones gang is fighting someone but they aren't in the same clothing they should have to initiate themselves as well. This would eliminate the confusion on who people are fighting mid-combat and make groups fighting each other much easier and smoother.
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    Wrigh 5

    not bad sir
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    Sweden- A roleplay/PVP gang-recruitement.

    @snoop lycka till
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    R6 - "Better Now"

    smh script user
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    Nicole xx

    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    It sound quite silly, but when I make frag montages I quite like for my black bars to cut off the HUD, which it currently doesn't unless I want my black bars to cover 3/5 of the screen edit: heinesen took the words out my mouth ÔØñ´©Å
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    New HUD Suggestions! Have your say

    Is it possible that certain stuff can be turned on and off from the HUD.
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    7944 Report

    In-game name: [PoA] Euka Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 7944 Date of the incident: 01/07/19 Time of the incident: 17.47 (maybe 18.47) What rule do you believe was broken: RDM, Trafic accident misuse, possible glitch/invincibility Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFx83BYrnf8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqwYkTDSXyc Describe the incident: Friend called for backup, starting saying it was sketchy. i was worried they would "medivac" him into the redzone and play with him. For a while. I fly up, hold my distance, and from what i see the Quillin clearly Rams into the sports hatchbag (which i think was already disabled, i didnt zoom in or look all that close) but in any case ramming with that speed.... Some would call "dsync" or "lag" but the initiation direct after on them heard over my coms from friends, and me landing to get name tags for the report, does not make me believe this was a "simple mistake" ALSO please note that when the explosion happen. The quilling clearly blows up? The SUV does too, but does not despawn since it takes some time. - However there is two craters, like there would be if a car would had blown up. And the quilling drove away unscaved it seems.... Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
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    gl with ur gang swedistan
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    nice flower
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    n1 , mouse just didnt wanna work properly XD https://gyazo.com/cbb21d153e6576b87b5a042d2519a63b
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    Albiston #3

    Feedback appreciated xxx
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    epic house cleanout wow

    700k for the 9 7.62 sups
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    Name and Shame

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    Name and Shame

    stfu you battle eye back tat
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    Nick Richards

    Name and Shame

    Bye Bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out lads
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    quality.exe has stopped working | frag #1

    Top Fragger. Get him in TRU now !!!!!
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    Kral Driving

    @Kral @Roald
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    I would be paranoid to do illegal runs in a Huron alone

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