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    Name and Shame

    Today we see a new release from battleye here is the people that was caught hacking, if you know of any more let me know and I will add them, thanks to @Furyand @Adam Briggs for helping me get the names. McLovin’ Prime Connor Cozza Bogroll Roy Rogers Chriss [39th RR] Carl [39th RR] Nathan Daryl
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    Name and Shame

    The amount of times cozza has been chatting bare shit to people calling them trash. While he was cheating his balls off
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    Cynical RR #2 Need To Clear SSD

    Enjoy , Feedback appreciated πŸ™‚
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    Hennessy Recruitment

    man really couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot but could upload a photo from his phone
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    πŸ’› Majed #3 πŸ’›

    Enjoy . 😜
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    So, my first video from Reborn is up. Being a CSO or PCSO is usually uneventful.. but I've had that fucking tank footage and thought it would be a shame to leave it out. Thanks, @Paul Dfor your singing.. .made a decent intro
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    Adam Briggs

    Name and Shame

    Fk you caught me
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    Name and Shame

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    Name and Shame

    HAAAAAAA, Obviously new around here, Im 39th Kierann nice to meet you.
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    Name and Shame

    kinda cute seeing all the big ego twats get banned for cheating lmao
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    In-game name: Pine Steam ID: 76561198084628718 Date of ban: 08/14/18 Reason for ban: no reason stated Staff member that banned it don't say Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i believe it was both Why should we unban you? So from what i remember as its been a while i wrote a line that was considered to be very rude and unacceptable by the staff here. I also don't think that it was after a very tragic incident evolving around my friend on the server that sent shivers down his spine and tiers to his eyes, something that would be considered sick to some and evil to others, whilst this in my eyes did no harm to the victim of this, it had traumatic after effects where he was physically unable to pull himself out of bed and onto the server to play with his best online friends in his favourite community. Now although it would preferred by most not to repeat the line here due the extra damages it could cause to the person but i think it is required to be repeated just to understand the situation at hand and therefore it shall be mentioned at the end. After many weeks of being away and constant apologies to this person nearly every day since i was removed from the community, he finally found it in his heart to look past this incident and forgive me for what i had said, after this we began bonding again by playing games together such as ark survival evolved, stick fight and CSGO until i was banned for allowing a friend to use an account that had a shared phone number to mine (He rather buy weed than buying me more CSGO accounts). NEW MESSAGES So after a moment of silence to myself i have found it within me to rewrite this sentence for the admins to review and it can be found below but first, i think i should be unbanned as i keep making silly mistakes such as this and would like to start blending in with the community again and hopefully make up for the mistakes that have happened previously. The line..... "Get beamed kid" a post from Pine, forum unban.
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    Matrox (Posted for Matrox)

    In-game name: Matrox Steam ID: 76561198156290626 Date of ban: 12/02/18 Reason for ban: Duping/Hacking Staff member that banned you: Fuel/ RedFez Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was 100% Justified and i understand why i was banned. Why should we unban you? Honestly i was not too bothered when i got banned back in February as i was bored of Arma 3 so i moved to Rust and played that, but recently i wanted to play Arma but i was banned from Reborn. So i logged onto PhoenixRP on my alt and it didnt feel right, everyone there was no gangs and no players going around as they all/most got blanket banned. So i logged on to Reborn on my alt and have been playing under the alias of Cookie Monster, during my time playing i was playing legit, i did runs all night (you can ask kral he was on most nights) i did not cheat in anyway as i did not want to get caught and i genuinely wanted to play Reborn i have clips of me playing if you want to see showing that i dont cheat. I have a marijuana level of 140 roughly so that shows i did runs for my money i did not dupe/exploit and i enjoyed all of this, i played legit the whole time and even helped people out along the way. I will admit i did hack on another alt before this (hence why i am known as a hacker now) but i did not do what all hackers do, i did not blown everyone up or ruin the server all i did was spawn enough money to buy a jet to fly around late at night. I know and understand that this is still breaking rules and that i should still be banned for this. My ban was back in February on the 15th i think and since then i have grown up alot, i got a job working with the public and helping them where i work, not to mention i have started college and have to do alot of work for my course of Website Development, and all i want to do is chill on Reborn when i can. From what i have heard Fuel has given some people that have done the same as me a second chance. When i came back my intention was not to cause trouble all i want is to be able to play with people i used to without them getting punished for what i did but i cant as i was banned for hacking. So yes i did evade a ban you gave me but i never did hack on my main account (Matrox) and i never did use aimbot/esp i only used money spawner, which i did not give to anyone as that would cause admins work to correct what i did and have to remove people's money and like i said before i was not here to cause trouble and never did want to cause it. I would also classify my self as a part of the community, before i got banned i was Lead VAF for the Vanguard and did alot of work for that and the Recruitment part of it even though i was not in it to try and help the faction become more powerfull and do what it was put in to be as i wanted it to be successful. I was also able to become a trainer for ARU in the medics before it was removed and helped many people become ARU. Although i was banned on my main for duping i di ddo alot of runs at night, i would do lsd when i was apart of the vanguard. I would go from frog swamp to multidrug then dealer, the only reason i duped was because a cop wrongfully crushed my vehicle which cost me alot and because i didnt have proof, i got annoyed and decided to deal with it myself, which was wrong and i ended upduping to compensate myself. Which i know is still against the rules as i did exploit/dupe. So the whole reason i was banned in the start was because i got annoyed and decided to take it upon myself to fix it but in me doing this i broke a rule and got banned. I would really appreciate another chance in this community and would love to rejoin.
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    I got Windowskey + L trolled by @David Holmes.....
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    Matrox (Posted for Matrox)

    right, we have discussed it in the board and have decided to give you a chance, even though we all pretty much know how it will go, so either you can continue on cookie monster or your main account can be wiped.
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    Name and Shame

    These are not just people we've caught or been monitoring, These are ALL Battleye Global Bans.. so you can say "asif" all you like, however, the proof is in the result.
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    s m h @The Red Fez
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    Adam Briggs

    Name and Shame

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    Cynical RR #2 Need To Clear SSD

    0:40 average rpuk player spamming x lmao https://gyazo.com/47fc42fec785bb8c23873eb71e6efca9
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    Name and Shame

    I gave the money to roy tell him to log into arma and give it you.
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    Remove Stairs at Bank

    I will remove them but if it gets crazy I will re-add them again
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    In-game name: jCk Steam ID: 76561198094525138 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: Casino Exploit Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? Mistakes where made during my time at the casino. Went there and got told best way to make money was to just spam through Black Jack. Didn't really think about it at first which was my mistake, didn't really think it through. I have no idea how to play Black Jack but after thinking about it clearly that is not how you play. I regret doing this as I made just as much money on Black Jack as I did on the roulette that day so it really wasn't worth it. I made just under 10mil legit on the roulette then decided to try the Black Jack thing out. I apologise for this and won't do it again, hope you decide to give me another chance.
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    reset your money to 24 hours previous
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    Want To Know What DIU Do...
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    2 x Hunter auction pricing is individual.

    2.2 mil sorry 2.5
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    Harry Lewis

    Make A Talent System For Gems

    What backpack are you using? It usually takes 11 rocks to fill up a good backpack so I very much doubt it took 55 rocks before a single gem. Besides this I could add a 5 tier perk that doubles the *chance* of getting a gem (but not a gold bar). I will look at the maths and see what is fair.

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