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    Medic memes (Video) @K-V @Paul D @Charlie Thomas
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    Being able to eject out of helicopters

    I think that adding an eject script to helicopters such as the Hummingbird would be useful for combat or roleplaying scenarios, like if the engine is blown and there is no way of surviving you could smack on a parachute and eject, which makes it more realistic. A downside to this is people may attempt to blow others up using this method but obviously if that did happen the person could be caught. Not too sure, it is a good idea in my opinion.
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    Police HQ Lockable security doors?

    Hi, I was wondering whether it would be possible to have these doors only "open-able?" by whitelisted Police members. Either this or have them lockable (Press U like on cars?) so we can close and lock/unlock, or have them open, unlocked. This is to prevent random hobos running through and disrupting RP, etc... also it's quite poor security that any civ can walk straight through into the officers/holding cells, etc... Thanks!
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    Mess about.

    Just had a little mess about with some Re Texturing but this is just a scrap up I made. Baring in mind I am only 14.
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    Free Altis News: Rebel Syndicate Attacks

    Free Altis News: This edition of Free Altis News sheds light on the recent Gang/Radical violence that is currently sweeping West Altis. Local Rebel Syndicates have been terrorizing the country by opening fire on Law Enforcement and robbing any other civilians. These gangs are the same groups that are helping turn Altis into a drug factory. West Altis was terrorized today when multiple Syndicates opened fire on each other and shot and killed police. Kavala was under partial lockdown, and police advised civilians that were going through the area about the situation. When reporting on this event, I myself was robbed and shot at. The area affected was from Kavala to Agios Dionysios, and it was under constant fire. Due to Emergency Services were fully deployed in the area, The entirety of Altis was left to fend for themselves, whilst the police and National Health Services were busy suspending the area. Free Altis News was able to get statements from three major parties. Police: You are able to see the interview here, Transcript in Description: Video Rebel Interview: You are able to see the interview here, Transcript in Description: Video Camorra Interview: We were unable to get video footage of our interview with The Camorra... So I will provide the transcript here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does The Camorra think about the random Rebel attacks on Law enforcement in West Altis? The attacks on Law Enforcement here date back centuries, Altis has been in the dark ages when it comes to law and order since as far back as 2010, Ever since our arrival in 2020, we have been witness to some horrendous attacks on Law Enforcement. Recently there has been quite the epidemic of the mentality that our police are target practice for little gangs and those who would consider themselves "rebels". Quite frankly it is disgusting. The Camorra came to Altis to rid it of those murderous gangs and establish our own power and control over the people of Altis, but the police are given a small area of influence and they fail to protect it. They fail to protect their own people and the commissioners fail to protect their own police officers. We don't simply steamroll the police force and take the country for ourselves as we understand many of the police force are simply following their orders but someone needs to step up and start protecting the people of Altis because those who call themselves "Law enforcement" simply aren't. Does the Camorra have any involvement in these Rebel groups? Not a chance, a respected member of Camorra wouldn't be caught dead working with one of these petty rebel groups. They're thirsty for blood and have no regard for the civilians and innocents who live in the once great country of Altis. Many of these groups are blacklisted from our lands and will remain to be, if they don't turn around and leave our borders they're detained and often go missing. Never to be seen again. We have no need for affiliation with these rebels, All of our members are willing to give their lives to the Camorra and will do whatever it takes to gain recognition from our Godfather. Do you think that Law Enforcement has enough power to subdue these radical syndicates? You cannot be serious with this question... If the police of Altis had the power to subdue these gangs they would be doing so. Not pestering us with their petty drug enforcement groups constantly. The highest power the police seem willing to bring is NPAS Hellcats. I have only ever seen one APD Hunter... and it is in my garage. When law enforcement is given the power to be able to take down these gangs they're too untrained and unskilled to do so, they're simply unable to operate well enough to detain or kill these rebellious groups of outcasts. Does the Camorra have any influence over the Police? Hahaha, of course, we do. I have... 4? Maybe 5 police officers currently on my payroll. There is a reason the Camorra are so rarely seen on the wanted list or inside of the Altis Correctional Facility. We're either never caught out for our crimes or die committing them. Most of the Camorra command structure has at least 2 corrupt police officers in their roster, many of the police enlist as a way to fight against the gangs affecting western Altis and thus we have similar interests so they're willing to do what we need of them. In any event that we aren't able to influence the police through our connections, we could quite simply dispatch a team to cause enough of a disturbance to "inspire" some change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now, let's talk about these interviews... The officer said the gangs are shooting at each other due to alphaship over the drug trade, whilst the rebels said they were fighting the LAW. The rebel said that they were fighting against the government established by the U.K., Whilst the officer said that it was a drug war. These statements contradict each other. The Camorra claim that law enforcement has no equipment and manpower to use against these rebel syndicates. They also claim that they have an extreme influence over the government and law enforcement, which is very unsettling. The Camorra also claimed that they have no involvement in the rebellion. Altis is destabilizing, and this event did not help restabilize it. The rebels could possibly take over Altis and establish a new government... The Camorra could easily topple the government and take over if they already haven't. You heard the truth, you have heard the voice of the people. Bringing Real News To Altis -Free Altis News, Hybrid, Journalist & Founder. ©Free Altis News, 2018.
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    Handcuffs for Adv Rebels

    If you have advanced rebel, can we make it so we don't need to buy handcuffs? It just makes Adv look a lot more achieving and is a good idea for rebels as a lot of the time rebels would be carrying handcuffs or zipties. It seems more logical to have them on you all the time and I know people will say 'why don't you buy them'. But it should be a privillage that Advanced Rebels get as it's a lot of grinding to get the money for the license.
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    FluX | oreujignesr

    In-game name: FluX | oreujignesr Steam ID: 76561198842499415 Date of ban: 12/06/2018 Reason for ban: I insulted Neo and called him an "autist" out of anger on a frag video. Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was completely justified. I said something out of anger because I wanted to stick up for my friend, once I posted it I knew I had messed up. Why should we unban you? You should unban me because I made a mistake. I do really regret my actions and I wish to play again. I apologise to Neo for attacking him and insulting him over something stupid and would love to make amends. I will change my behavior and look back at this incident to improve my attitude and behaviour within this community. "This is all wrote by Joe and im posting on his behalf as he is banned on the forums"
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    once again all my frags on my hard drive need to go, tell me how botty i am
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    Saul RR #5

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    Dan Richman Report

    I wasn't going to shoot back in my opinion from playing this server I was told that there must be some sort of threat or something when initiating i guess things have changed since then but i wasn't going to shoot back and 2secs still isn't enough time in my opinion.
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    Dan Richman Report

    I pulled out my weapon and turned around because you were behind me I didn't process the fact you initiated on me until I was fully turned around as you can see in the video you said down on the ground sir down on the ground sir and 2 secs later I turned around. I didn't react to you initiating on me until I was killed I only turned around because I saw you behind me.
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    Billy Bob Joe Report

    In-game name: Dan Richman Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Billy Bob Joe Date of the incident: 06/16/2018 Time of the incident: 4:00 What rule do you believe was broken: PoorRP Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUDQFeyw4ck&feature=youtu.be https://plays.tv/video/5b251abe32ac122d8c/2x-rdm-no-initiation - Him "Initiating" on mendana and killing him aswell Describe the incident: Just spawned athira after the restart and Billy decided to initiate on me whilst he was saying it I pulled out my gun and he killed me. There was no threat in the initiation and he didn't give me enough time. The second video from plays shows billy then deciding to initiate on Mendana who had also just spawned in and kill him without proper initiation. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
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    20 7.62 Suppressors

    wait was the 1.25K not a typo?
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    Altis Life Plus

    pretty sure they said Reborn+ is more for roleplay so I doubt they would implement that + I think if it was implemented gangs would just start a war with every other gang that isn't friendly.
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    Scott McTavish

    Mess about.

    Basic but good start This is how i started out just messing around and you get better the more you do it.
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    I Usually purify thorium before I sell it but I just realized that my profession hasn't been going up for thorium but has only been going up for purifying. I think that when you sell something purified both professions should improve because you have to process the item before purifying it anyways.
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    Fallen #1

    +1 i told him to stop being an idiot
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    Fallen #1

    I am a jedi master from the mob don't mess with me please
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    Fallen #1

    Rule #2 don't tell anyone else that other people are Jedi Master you Jedi Master Issued With Jedi warning point. You Currently Have 60000 Warning points 1 more and you will be removed as a jedi master
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    Fallen #1

    End OF Discussion. Class Dismissed
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    Fallen #1

    you have no friends why are you commenting on everything SURE
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    Fallen #1

    my man how come you didn't cut me some slack
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    my man im actually banned https://plays.tv/video/5ad9fe00ca49d0cbb7/i-am-still-banned
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    Dan Richman

    In-game name: Dan Richman Steam ID: 76561198095943386 Date of ban: 04/18/2018 Staff member that banned you: Doesnt tell me the message i get is "You where banned" Reason for ban: Trolling Why do you think you were banned: I jokingly said alt+f4 for free 100M in side chat and did not think about the side effects and was banned for trolling. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I was messing about and only joking but i do see how it is trolling i am very sorry i understand that this is an mature community. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: No Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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