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    AndrewFam #11

    I don't play much anymore but gathered up these clips anyway. Feedback appreciated x
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    JoshDF - Reborn #5

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    RR#3 J.Ghost

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    Community Supports Chosen!

    The following 14 people have been chosen as the newest community supports. Please get in touch with either myself, @Harry Lewis @Wilma Fingerdoo or @Lensen to get yourself inducted. If you were not chosen this time around we may get in touch in the future if we need more community supports with the Christmas period coming up when the server gets busier. @Lightning @Hartleo @jakey @John @MrDunis @Big-Kev @Boris Popov @Dave (Blyatman) @Jazz @VibZ @b_EN @Lightwood @Joshh @DIESEL GYPSY
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    DanisH RR #4

    Feedback appreciated!
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    gamer mode initialized

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    RR| Morgan The Hobo #3

    There were a lot more things I wanted to add but I'm Lazy and I'm also going out so ran out of time. Will put them in #4.
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    Weather to RR

    I feel some weather needs to be added sort of like a small amount of fog and or rain just to add a differant feel as it's always day on here and it always feels the same but with a dynamic weather system it would not only be differant it makes your game just look nice in genral.
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    Gang Tags

    If the gang has more than 3 players online, they need to have tags. This is a good suggestion because not only does this solve the confusion of who's in which gang but it also represents gang life a bit better, because nobody will want to play if they see there are barely any gangs but infact they just don't have tags. It also makes sense as us gangs with bases need tags so why don't the other gangs need them. People will complain that metagame will happen but so what, it happens anyway with or without tags, it just makes it a whole lot easier to find who is in what gang and solve problems or just representing the gangs on reborn.
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    JAW | RR | Frags 6

    Watch out! You Don't Wanna Get Lost In The Abyss.
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    In-game name: Tactical Venom Forum ban (Posted on behalf of Tactical Venom) Steam ID: 76561198157906885 Date of ban: 10/27/18 Staff member that banned you: Neo Reason for ban: https://gyazo.com/364bf7595759e85c10c3fa7f741bf829 Why do you think you were banned: The reason im banned in my opinion, is for having my opinion and wording it how I though which i shouldn't it in a sarcastic way https://gyazo.com/364bf7595759e85c10c3fa7f741bf829 , should I have worded it as such "how do i get a warehouse where i get my own personal helipad or is this just a beermoster quote" No I was simply being a dickhead but also confused and annoyed at this and seems like a big downfall for the rest of the community that one gang is allowed a HUGE advantage compared to others who has to fight for it or just don't get it just cause the owners are in it which i understand if it was a just a owners gang that had the ability to buy 7.62 and heli spawn in there but its not its got people who left cops and normal players who are getting this advantage to just for being in a gang with them which i feel is unfair If im going to say ive seen this before im not and before u jump to conclusions im not slagging anyone off or accusing but im just gona word it in my opinion but not sarcastically and be real , this feels like it did last year when 39th was giving a gang base for having players and other gangs had to risk getting robbed at rebel which i like how this have been fixed and made into 3 gang bases where we fight and bid for them sadly this has had effect on dickheads knocking server off to get / keep there bid which is sad but i think this is the best thing ive seen on my time in the server which has made it fair and something all players could agree with. When i was in vanguard i seen the owners gear base which was located in our lands close to the shore and i though yeah they deserve it as they do all the coding and look after the server making it a place where we can all have fun and play and i had no objection to it and was ok but the part that has me wondering why so many normal people get this massive advantage just for being in a gang is still no understood i understand its your server and you can do what u want but i just think everyone should be treated the same and others shouldn't get an advantage just cause there in a gang with important people Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: firstly i believe my ban was mixed by 95% unjustified as it was sarcastic way of putting it but the main message of it was seen. 1st i feel like my ban was unjustified as its was a ban for my opinion which i feel is unfair way to ban someone , its not like i went out my way to hurt someone, i stated my opinion like others had that same day, i get home from work and sent a link , i asked when do warehouses have that feature and im told its 5th orders warehouse which allowed it only and after being told im thinking wow how unfair is this for the players who has spent time on this server for a gang to have this ability and others not so i make a post about it , it was said in my opinion and then i get filled in on the drama between Neo and Henne and then i think wow so its realy kicked off 2nd i see a post after making my about someone liam scott i think arguing against it and i feel like i agree 100% its unfair how 5th order gets this and the rest dont and by look at everyone opinion and seeing them put i can say at least 3/4 people i know agree how unfair it is. 3rd I dont understand your comment neo at all your bring a gang which im a ex member off who was involved in ddosing some other offline and I left for that reason i do not want to be apart of it at all , i changed my ways and you even said ur self on discord its a change for me when i role played trying to show ive matured in the time and wish to make a change for the good , ive gone and getting close to 6 mouths no ban and reduced the toxicity down and worked on trying to help the server with putting suggestions in and taking time to make stuff like checkpoint ideas and stuff to improve the server and we go back to comments like this which i seen no need for , ive stated my comment was not to cause drama its more to address why 5th order gets this and why it was unfair in my opinion how i see it give all the option for it or only so u 3 owners "genesis is included just dont see him in game sadly he is a good guy and u devs who code an advantage as u lot take time out ur day to help the server not people who are just in the gang who are normal people and let them have this advantage as well. 4th I was in a chat with a ex member of 5th order and they told me its well unfair how u lot get your own rebel shop and ability to get 7.62 and heli shop but obviously is unfair which i agreed with and i feel like this ability should be made for everyone, if there willing to spend 25 mil on a warehouse we all should have the ability to have a rebel to buy 7.62 and this would even the odds or just have it accessible for u and fuel and not your whole gang If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I believe my ban was overall unjustified and i will leave it at that i dont think my opinion was harmful or went out its way "cause drama" as it was all over forums and everyone was saying it and i just happened to give my side of the opinion Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Why should we unban you? / Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban? No extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban , i just feel like voicing my opinion and being banned for "causing drama" shouldn't of happened. I wish to be unbanned as I am always giving suggestions to improve the server and taking time to make help make ideas such a checkpoints and will keep coming up with ideas to improve the server as I am a member of this community and want to see it improve for the best of the community and make it the best there is. I believe that i know i have a history with toxicity and being a bit off a dick but people change but always seem to be lead back to the "old look at this look at this" but if u never let people change and see how with a history of bad there still some good. I will end with this, I did not mean to create drama i was just giving my opinion on the drama that was already there and gave my opinion , even if not accepted i will still give my opinion and help with coming up with ideas as well as watching streams like fuels and giving my opinion on how to make server better with houses like 100mil lighthouses and other ideas as out of all the servers I played this is in my opinion one where i wish to settle down as the overall staff are good and I made some amazing mates so i will say thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and hope u have a good day - Tactical venom Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    changed something to help FPS let me know how it goes.
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    Trying some things out
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    In-game name: Maria Steam ID: 76561198087694955 Date of ban: 10/20/18 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe that my ban was unjustified because I did not know that jumping over the sandbag on the ghillie bunker was exploiting - I thought that the netting wasn't really classed as an object. This is mainly because I have seen people doing it at every gang base fight, I honestly can't remember a gang base bidding night where this did not happen. In all honesty, I had no idea this was exploiting as I have seen people doing it for literally 2 months and haven't being banned. I thought that I would have at least seen a couple of people being banned from it after admins do spectate the gang base fights and obviously don't really see a problem with it. As you can see by the reaction in side chat (https://gyazo.com/af0c55c050b11a92da078398211c3936) you can clearly tell that literally nobody would have thought this was exploiting as each and every person who wrote something in side chat has done it probably 20 times before in the last month. You could probably ask your admin team and I would assume that the ones who have been apart of gang base bidding have done it at least once. https://gyazo.com/af0c55c050b11a92da078398211c3936 Why should we unban you? You should unban me because I am very sorry for not using my common sense in realising that jumping through a netting was exploiting and by now I should know what is and isn't against the rules. I see this ban as a pointer to other players who do the same thing on a weekly basis and I suppose I was the unlucky one to get banned for it. I have now learn't my lesson on abusing the jump-script and feel that this will make sure that it does not happen again.
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    An Uber Eats Support Case.

    Hey all, Like some of you, I can be a bit lazy, and this morning was no exception. I decided to order a breakfast using uber-eats... to cut a long story short, the second we accepted the drinks at the door, they fell through the bottom of the bag... so here's the support tickets for your entertainment. Their Reply Fine..... okay.... its not easy to take a photo of a bag with a hole in it My Reply: The bottom of the bag..... It's got a giant whole and is visibly wet. The drinks somehow were leaking into the paper bag.... As we accepted them, they fell through the wet paper... This is where it gets interesting.... Their Reply nope, the cup still looks like a cup... how could i think that there was something wrong?! Bare in mind, i dont care about the refund, but delivery companies should take care of what they deliver... that said, in this instance its evident that they haven't read anything I've sent. My Reply: I hope they have a sense of humour.... I await their response!
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    Private TeamSpeak Channels

    Hey all, We value your suggestions and feedback, and from this, we’re pleased to announce; From tonight, we’ll be allowing each gang to have 1 invisible channel, this can be increased in cases where there are large gangs. The aim is to reduce metagaming by viewing who’s in what channel and more importantly, protecting our members by reducing their vulnerability on other TeamSpeak servers. The system isn’t fool-proof, there are ways of seeing who’s is where, but it is very difficult. Why one room? The idea is that sometimes you want to be visible, and allow people to message you and join you, and then you go on an operation or a run and don’t want people to metagame and message you at inappropriate times. Initially, only admins and above will be able to see all channels, however, we may add community supports to be able to liaise reports and disputes. What about Police and NHS? We may start hiding relevant channels such as the operations channels and leave patrol rooms visible. This will be concluded with further talks between the management team. As for the NHS…. They have no requirement for private channels. Any Extras? I’m also open to the possibility of having one of the TeamSpeak bots messaging gang leaders if a non-gang member enters a certain channel, this can be useful if groups have their own liaison channels. So why wasn’t this done before? To be honest, its something we either didn’t think of as relevant and it will also have a big negative effect…. TeamSpeak may look very empty at times... especially during on a Saturday evening when everyone wants to make their bids. It’s also worth noting this is a global effect… gang members won't see their gang in a private channel. This is due to a limitation in the TeamSpeak permissions which works on a numerical system. As always, we welcome further suggestions in our suggestions forum, the only thing we ask is that the post is detailed and objective.
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    Tivroxx #4

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    Adapt Requirements: 1500 Hours Minimum(Exceptions can be made) Financially stable Good Comms Good knowledge of cartels Dont have bedtime before 12 on saturdays (must be able to fight gangwars on saturdays) Speak good English  Good knowledge of in-game mechanics Application Template: Name: Hours(Screenshot): Bank balance (screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join:  Anyone who can vouch for you: Roster
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    Team Platina

    Requirements: Must have 3500hrs on arma Need to be a top tier roleplayer Application Template: Name: Hours(Screenshot): Bank account: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: Any vouches:
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    Congratulations to our players, new and old, we've made it to the #10 Arma server in the world (according to battlemetrics, or 8th according to Gametracker!)
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    Tom Skyline

    November Newsletter 2018

    Reborn November Newsletter 2018 Introduction: Hello there and welcome to November's edition of RebornRoleplays monthly newsletter This month's newsletter will give you the insider scoop into Reborn Roleplay and to get up to date with all the latest news and what is happening regarding the server. Staff News: We have had three new Admins to our ever growing staff team, being Johnny Blitz, Melantha Rose & Daniel. They will be working alongside the existing Administration team to provide assistance to the community. A handful of Community supports where also chosen in October, they will working in our TeamSpeak to provide their support to the community. If you need any questions being answered please go to them as they would be more than happy to help! We also welcome back @jcbjoe to the Development team, who will be working alongside Harry Lewis and Fuel and developing for the community. He has recently been working on a brand new Admin Panel which will replace the old barely working one. Media Team Going Forward: There are some changes to how the Media Team will work from now on. We will still post Monthly newsletter updates, however this information is usually old and everyone knows about it, so as well as this we will be posting the news as soon as it happens so everyone is kept up to date from an official source rather than rumors or small posts which will not provide much information regarding said topic. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Before we head into a more serious matter, however… Staff Room Sneak Peaks: Every month we release a sneak peek into the on goings of the Reborn staff rooms on Discord. "Who are they talking about? Why? Is that seriously all they do?" are just a few comments we'd probably hear.. Our sneak peek today comes from none other than Adam Briggs giving his perspective of a situation. Following up the conversation was Lensen agreeing with Adam, however Neo had to throw his own comments in… "Professional Team" everyone….. "Professional"… What is happening with Reborn+? As of this post, Reborn+ is officially cancelled. Noms is no longer developing within our community which also means that Reborn+ is no longer in active development. We thank everyone in our community who provided their suggestions or bug reports for Reborn+ & we also thank all the Reborn+ testers who gave their time to test out new features and the enthusiastic response to the topic. Hopefully some of the ideas can be brought over into the Vanilla servx keep improving the experience we give the players. We also would like to send our thanks to Noms, although things weren't always agreed, he was always passionate about his work. We wish him the best of luck in his WIP game, Centration https://centrationgame.com/ Never miss out on the Reborn action! Twitter: https://twitter.com/reborn_rp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealRebornRP/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/b2ApTJS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUkJTRB2ysZ30PABdfS_3Q/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/RebornRoleplay Events! Admins will be hosting many events this month so keep your eyes peeled for the forums & in game so you do not miss an event. We will also be hosting some around Bonfire night time so make sure to be around for that. If you have any suggestions for events our Admins can host, bring your idea to an Admin and if we like it, it will happen! Reborn Player of the Month: From today I will launching a new item for the newsletter, Reborn Player of the Month! Do you know someone who has gone out of the way to help out the community the past month or has provided some awesome RP in a situation in game? If yes, please get in contact with me (Tom Cryline) providing the person's name along with why they deserve to win, and the winner of the month will be featured here in next month's newsletter, receive some money in game and get an exclusive TeamSpeak tag for that month, and a permanent forum achievement! Final Words: Thank you very much for checking out this month's edition of the Reborn Newsletter. If you have any questions or ideas for next month's newsletter please message me and you could be featured in the next issue. Be sure to stick around for next month's newsletter and have a safe and fun month! Tom Skyline, Media Team. Want to join the media team? We're looking for some dedicated members to join our Media Team. We're looking for people skilled in Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter writing (blogging) and information gathering. If you feel you can fit this role, we want you! To join our media team submit a resume/C.V style letter to [email protected] Examples, proof of concept and experience is a plus. Those fortunate enough to join the team will be able to add their work here to their resume/CV with a reference depending on their contribution. This is a voluntary position with the work you publish being the reward. For any questions about what the Media Team does and what they will be doing in the future, message Neo on TS or send him a private message!
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    In-game name: Crawfy Steam ID: 76561198339109409 Date of ban: 03/11/18 Reason for ban: NLR Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Although I had broken NLR, which is a justified ban, considering the circumstances I don't think my ban was completely justified. I had died fair and square at Sinity gang base after we slammed and smoked out the base, I had then finished my self. When I was on the respawn screen I wasn't completed focused on what I was doing and just clicked spawn. Then, I realised that I had accidentally spawned back at sinity base, where I died literally just then. I instantly realised this mistake and made it clear within side chat that it was a complete accident https://gyazo.com/04d4c520d91c5a33b667b8176a749464 I then attempted to quickly leave the server however another member of 5th order defending the base had killed me https://gyazo.com/1cfbded5ed0bc5efb34387a1c3ce6c8f I had then thank him for that https://gyazo.com/705369677a315473bbcef55c37ad07ee After this, I had asked if I could be admin killed as I did not intend to spawn gang base, however at the gang house https://gyazo.com/f0f7ee47fc5a49f8f66996f8ddbcc1bf https://gyazo.com/a38671e389fe3ee31507971342869b6a I was then finished by Tom Skyline whilst he was on as admin https://gyazo.com/4b2e567ddaf08fb5aa0f3f15dd131087 Why should we unban you? I have been a member of this community for over a year now, even with all the problems I have kept coming back. I had zero intentions of breaking rules and I gained nothing from breaking this rule, I tried my best to make that clear, I made no attempt to bid for the base, I just stood there trying to back out. I enjoy playing here, it's where I actually started properly playing arma, I know my ban record isn't the best, but I have a lot of members on here who I enjoy playing with and reborn is a place I can relax and have fun. After my previous ban, I have come back with a new attitude, I refrain from toxicity in side chat and don't take the game too seriously, after all, its a game.
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    In-game name: Aspect Steam ID: 76561198167312282 Date of ban: 26/09/18 Reason for ban: I was banned for bullying/Toxicity. I was in the Teamspeak in an open room when I said some rude things about a streamer. I was not intentionally reported as katana reported other people for saying things to him and in the video that he reported other people in I was toxic in it. Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, my ban was fully justified I fully deserve to be banned for what I did. The words i used to describe the streamer where not acceptable as people can get hurt by taking the piss out of how they are or how they look. I understand why i was banned and fully agree with it. Why should we unban you? Firstly, I think I should be unbanned because this is my second ever ban on this server. My last ban was for RDM about 6 months ago I think. This light ban history shows that I am not a bad/toxic person and this was just a one-off thing that I am sorry for. I am not a toxic person usually and this was a one-off time when I said the wrong thing. I understand that being toxic to other members of the community doesn't look good for me or for the server as people come to play to enjoy themselves and have a good time and by me being toxic changes people's views on the server. Secondly, obviously I am very sorry for what I did and it is not acceptable. If i was to be unbanned i can assure you that you would not see me here again appealing a ban as i would constantly stick to all the rules set by the server and i would especially not be toxic or say anything to other members of the community that might hurt them in any way. Finally, I would like to be unbanned because most of my mates who I know threw arma play the server and I would really like to start playing with them again. When I did play the server before my ban i enjoyed playing with everyone and I thought the server was fun and I want to have a chance to experience this again.
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    Jay (Custard Cream)

    Custard Cream | RR #3

    Dont usually make these things and not the best clips just a couple from a few days (IK im trash) Feedback Appreciated x
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