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    Connor McGregor

    Reborn #5

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    RR - 1

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    Please for the love of god remove the sniper scopes don't ban me please im sorry
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    Connor McGregor

    Jump Script

    I think it would be a nice addition to see a jump script added to the server.
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    RR Frag #3

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    AndrewFam Community Ban Tage

    Posting on his behalf for obvious reasons.
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    The Big Update - Current Status

    Just as a update for everyone, Firstly sorry the update isnt here yet.. Been working on it solidly but theres so much to do and test, Secondly I have just started back at uni and been given a shit tonne of revision assignments which are fine but take up time. Now to the actual update and to clarify some things; When the update is pushed there will be a new housing database which means houses and containers will NOT spawn on the server. However there will be a webpanel I will make which you have to sign in with Steam. You will be able to sell the house from the panel and containers will be separate. Once the house is sold and you have your money back you can now go and buy whichever house you want, once you have done that place storage containers inside it and you will be able to transfer the inventory of the old containers to new. Selling old house on the webpanel will be optional to stop confusion so you dont have to wait for the panel to buy a new house. The panel could take sometime to create and would probably be the topside of a week. At the moment we are focusing on the update once that is done the panel will be out soon after. Containers will now be able to be leveled up rather than buying different sizes They will be able to be moved. Gang houses will be a thing Syncing - The syncing button has gone and all inventory actions money etc are persistent, im sure they will be bugs with this and things that dont trigger a sync but im sure you guys will find them. Database - The entire server and client side database model has been recreated taking a big load of the server and letting the individual client sort data rather than the server spending resources converting values. This should inturn mean the server can focus more on running the server and not handling/manipulating data HM - As you all voted the HM will be back at the domes. How it will work is each restart the building inside the dome will move so you will have to find where the vault is rather than being able to go straight to it. Invisible Map objects - With the new arma update we were able to use a new tool to hide map objects which is a lot more efficient to our old method with regrettably had lots of errors, but this was the way you had to do it. Now all the objects have been replaced with bohemias new module which hopefully will help performance wise. Battleye kicks - Bohemia has been working to get a new perf build out to stop the kicks and we think they have mostly been stopped. Now with this we will be able to bring back the headless client to take even more load off the server so it can focus on other things and let the headless client deal with the database. This however will take a bit more time and will not be in the update Friends/Setname - On restart setnames will be wiped. HOWEVER you will now be able to request name or something along them lines, not sure on the actual words yet but if the other player accepts this then it will stay after restart. Rank Icons - Rank icons have been remade and now are actually really nice and show above the appropriate ranks head. Jail Times - Jail times will now be restricted depending on the police rank Greenzone trigger - Lockpicking is now impossible in the greenzone and more things will be added soon. These are just the big ones, there are also 80+ small updates/edits/additions which will all be listed in the update log when we get to the update. Would love to give a timescale on this but its pretty hard. it wont be more than a month and could possibly be the end of this week. We will see Thanks again for your patience and staying with us. We appreciate all the support and everyone that plays on our servers, As toxic as you all maybe JOKING Joe Developer, Management team, No lifer, Nerd and Wishes i was better at Paragon then @Genesis
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    Vanguard com's LEAKED !

    Vanguard hire only the most elite members of this island
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    The One The Only BRIAN THE DABBER

    @Brian https://go.twitch.tv/XOPTIKUZ_STREAM
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    We are now taking community support applications which can be found here. Applications will be open until next Wednesday 25th October. If you feel like you have what it takes to join the team then send in an application.
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    Damian | Reborn #1

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    Lord of war licence

    As of right now the licence is pretty dead no one uses it to actually craft guns as it is way to much effort for a weapon or a scope. I suggest that the licence gets removed and the weapons get put into the advanced rebel shop for a high price, this will add some more variation too what guns people use, as at the minute mk-1's are used by basically everyone because people are soo rich. These new weapons being added can be used as a money sink to try and drain some of the rich rebels. People may say this is combat bias but I think this will try make rebels RP more when they get pulled over as they really will not want to risk loosing a big loadout to a petty fight. Prices (obviously up to admins) Mk200 - 750k and mags for 50k Asp-1 - 800k and mags for 30k LIM-85 - 600k and mags for 50k This will also free up some mission file space as it will remove the virtual items and the coding for it. Any comments left are to be constructive or actually helpful if not will be removed.
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    N I N E X

    Reborn #6

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    Connor McGregor

    Reborn #4

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    One could say there was some ESPionage within 39th RR #ItsAjokeNoDelete
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    Sonny Asif


    This is the short sweet clip I got of their roleplay. It was actually mint and went on for about 10 mins; officers in this vid: @Sadz @BgK
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    When SFU hear there's a bank

    Disclaimer - This is not how we treat the HM and the screenshots are a meme.
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    [39th RR] the MOOCH washed frags

    You have too be good, to become washed
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    m4rko bae


    The Redgul you can buy from the markets does nothing to you, it says you can run for longer but there is no stamina so I thought it would be a good idea if when you drank it sway would be removed for a certain amount of time say like 3-5 minutes so it gives it a good reason for people to buy it and its not just something useless that's on the server.
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    RR - 1

    Roy you are 40 yrs old you have esp and still are some how terrible. Fuck off back to your mudhut you Swedish cretin
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    39th Mooch Report

    Okay this has been a tough decision as I'm struggling to get my head around the entire situation, honestly... It's quite a complicated one, especially with there not being an abundance of evidence. The original report shows a video of Eagle being killed out of nowhere. Rogers has said that it is active combat, but as shown in the most recent video, I personally do not see any hexagons on the airfield, and nor do I hear any "combat conversations" or anything to suggest it is mid-active gunfight. (if that makes sense...?) Rogers has also told me in Teamspeak that it wasn't exactly "decamp behind an SUV combat... but they still had suspicion that people were in the area..." however unfortunately had nothing to back this up. Rogers video of the taru cuts off at the end with what seems to be landing at the airfield, but it does not show them actually landing, getting into combat, etc... and so it is kinda useless in terms of Eagles death. I have seen both sides to the report, listened to Eagle and Rogers in Teamspeak and what they have had to say and therefore I am giving as fair of a punishment out and I hope you both understand my reasoning which I will explain here: Rogers - 24 hour ban issued for Poor RP/RDM Unfortunately, I do not see the evidence to show enough proof that an "active combat situation" was taking place. No gunshots, no conversation to suggest it, etc... and so the "weapon out in an active combat situation" excuse doesn't hold up. Especially since you could not have had eyes on Eagle considering his disconnect. Any further questions please feel free to message me. The decision will not be edited, so please don't contact me asking for that.
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    ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt)

    Frag Montage #4

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    RebornRP - 2

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    Hoggie #9

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    Vanguard gets alot of shit..

    This thread has been Neo-Nuked™ by the request of @WolfE Original:
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    This weeks update

    Just a bit of an update on this weeks update, wow that sounded weird... anyways... I cannot give a definite release time it could possibly be next week depends how fast i can get everything done. However I guarantee you it will be worth the wait. This update is huge and has changes to lots of things on the server, just so you know what your waiting for and to build hype i will list SOME of the things that have been done. Persistent inventory's with new saving method Whole DB formatting re-write - consistent throughout the server - faster querys Housing system General re-write of alot of files No Sync button but persistent saving, anything you do is saved no need to sync anymore. General weekly updates
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    Mc Miller

    PlayerUnknownsRookGrounds - PURG

    PlayerUnknownsRookGrounds Starting Time: This Friday 9PM At 8:50 the admins will be at Kavala square with trucks to take contestants to the event area Rules and Event Details Everyone will be given a rook and rangemaster belts to hold ammo After you have collected the rangemaster belt and ammo you must get into back the truck you arrived in When all the contestants are ready to start, The trucks will be unlocked and an admin message will be send to all players telling them they have 60 seconds to run NO contestants should start shooting untill a second message is sent informing everyone they can start shooting Knocking players out is allowed teaming is NOT allowed (SOLO GAME) Come to the event WITHOUT gear Player must stay within the compound Players hiding and being pussies will be killed by admins Prize Pool 1st Place - 8 Mill 2nd Place - 6 Mill 3rd Place - 3 Mill Good luck
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    9:19 AM (Side) Majed Wanna go fresh start ? ahmad 9:19 AM (Side) Majed lets go to GTA ahmad Here let me show you something you're used to since you want to advertise GTA and talk about GTA so much: Your unban request has been declined
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    Remove the autoban toxicity script

    Or at least change some of the words that set off the trigger because the bot has made some bans for example someone saying they were buying "first <inappropriate3> kits" Let it be that if someone is acting toxic a person can make a report, or like I do, us admins see the chat log and we take action that is needed.
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    Reborn #1

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    Mc Miller


    UnderWaterGunFight Starting Time: This Friday 9PM At 8:45 the admins will be at Kavala square with trucks to take contestants to the event area Rules and Event Details Everyone will be given the underwater equipment and SDARs After you have collected the underwater equipment you will be instructed to get into a Huron Once the Huron is full it will fly along the red line shown in the picture below and contestants will be able to jump into the water whenever they want When all the contestants are in the water you will have 2 mins to swim around and find a good place to fight Every few minutes will be instructed to move towards a specific area teaming is NOT allowed (SOLO GAME) Come to the event WITHOUT gear Players must not swim away and hide Players hiding will be killed or teleported into the zone Players can only go onto land to heal Players can not shoot into the water if on land Prize Pool 1st Place - 8 Mill 2nd Place - 6 Mill 3rd Place - 3 Mill Good luck
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    ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt)

    Medic Pick Up Script

    I've been looking into the issue of combat reviving and how it does affect roleplay and overall experience on the server. I've seen alot of scripts on Milsim servers where medics can carry wounded people to a safer location to be treated. Now I think this could be a really helpful thing to stop combat reviving where medics can carry wounded civs out of the gunfight and get them to the nearest hospital for treatment. They still couldn't return to the gunfight before but it will save people loosing gear because its a 20 minute gunfight and also stop combat reviving which would improve overall experience on the server! Let me know what you think! Just to include that this feature would only be available to white listed NHS @Fuel @Neo @jcbjoe
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    FORUM CLUB SUGGESTION Can we have it so members can make clubs? At the moment it's made so only Senior Staff can create clubs. I think this could be good for players to make their clubs for things like their gangs, special departments in Police, Faction Groups etc. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/clubs/
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    RR - 1

    whats an ahk boys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwhRb7MKcp2CZ43u3Wxtm_A
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    This Video presents the harsh conditions that SFU face day in day out. These harsh conditions can put alot of strain and stress thought their days of roleplaying as a police officer. These are the type of things that make people go outside which is something no one should have to do.
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    F | Fusion

    Fusion Fusion is a small rebel group that originated from Stratis but split ways after something rough that happened a few of us scattered to Malden and a few to Tanoa and some stayed in Altis working with different gangs. As Malden and Tanoa were not a good place to make a living we all reunited at Altis as our ways of making money was in the drug industry the most profitable place for this kind of business was Altis. With all of us back together we will overpower the corrupt government of Altis as we have only one main goal which is power. We will occupy the drug market as well as gain control of the importation of guns to the local population. Roster: Leaders Matt Magicc Ji Sidao Khalifa Zeph Members Nick Callum Kennedy Dom Neon Jamsta Blitz Adam Nicolaj Myles Trials Christian Jordann Requirments: - Be mature - 1000+ Hours - Experience with Altis life - Full acknowledgement of the rules - Stable bank account - Good RP and Combat skills - Good communications Application form: IGN: Age: Why do you want to join Fusion: Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): Bank account (Screenshot): Strenghts: Weaknesses: Can anyone in this gang vouch for you: Post applications in this gang post and you will get a reply shortly
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    DPI? Nah you're shit kid

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    39th Recon Regiment

    It is already stated their base will be removed next update if their roleplay standard didn't improve. THAT SAID 2 hackers in 1 group doesn't mean they are ALL bad... We're not RPUK, there's no "guilty by association" unless you took part.
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    Disclaimer: This is purely a joke, and not to be taken seriously. In-game Name: REQUIRED Abdul Steam ID: REQUIRED 76561198293063283 Date of the incident: REQUIRED n/a Time of the incident: REQUIRED A Fair bit of time Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: REQUIRED a good 5m? Please provide as much detail as possible: REQUIRED All the times ive been killed by cheaters Any Evidence Available: REQUIRED Tags: #Mooched Disclaimer: This is purely a joke, and not to be taken seriously.
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    i | Immunity

    Leaders: AndrewFam, Connor McGregor, Gareth Batty Requirements - 1000 Hours *exceptions can be made - Extensive Altis Life experience - Can listen to orders and use tactical communications - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Advanced rebel Application Template In game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Immunity? Can any members vouch for you? Roster Thanks @Renegade for the logo <3
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    Just a friendly reminder from your old man admin. We have new admins that are learning, however. -We are human and unpaid volunteers -If you think we make a mistake or error in judgement please try to contact us and talk to us in an adult manner. -If an admin catches you, he/she has discretion on giving you a warning, or issuing a ban. If you are banned don't come and start bitching about it. -If you act like a child, you will be treated like a child. If you have an issue with an admin, but can speak like an adult, then by all means we will be civil and try to come to a resolution, depending on the totality of the circumstances. -If you give any of our admins unneeded abuse, I will personally hit you with a ban and you can explain yourself in a dispute and may or may not be getting unbanned Have a nice day.
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    Versus Versus applications are currently OPEN! Application Roster (Will soon be added) What can you expect from us? You can expect a well presented and organised gang. You can always count on good communications, enemy markings on GPS/callouts on radio, and active members that play on the server daily. Here in Versus we can help you take it up a level, you may already be great at Arma but we can promise you, you will gain great experience here with us. You will have great fun here in Versus, we aren't always serious, so why not apply now? Requirements? -Over 750 hours on Arma 3 ( exceptions can be made ) -Active on the community -Have exceedingly good experience on the map Altis -Excellent combat skills -Top notch role-play -Full acknowledgement of the rules -Mature About us? Versus is a rebel group that originated from Stratis but split ways after the old leader had been captured by Somalian Pirates and was never to be seen again. A few of us scattered to Malden and a few to Tanoa and some migrated to Altis working with well known gangs. As Malden and Tanoa were not a good place to make a living we all decided to reunited at Altis as our ways of making money was in the drug industry. The most profitable place for this kind of business was Altis. With all of us agreeing to combine all of our resources and will power into rebuilding our old gang back, we were soon noticed by the people of Altis by overpowering all of the other gangs at the Multi-drug and putting the police in their place.
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    so you can just talk even less to someone and just shoot them and get there keys, jog on.
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    WazPoppinBros Frag Montage #1

    Just a Quick Edit Because I need money so if I'm online Donate to me please
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    Flare warning initation

    Ive always found it unfair how easily cops can "oneway" initiate on hellis but as rebel u need tracer rounds which only exist for some guns, not only that but most people hate the option u get on ur screen to change mag type. So, after seeing this thread made by @Liam Joseph it hit me, Implament flare guns and allow it to be used as warning for all airborne vehicels that they should leave or risk getting shot down. This is easy as you can have any primary gun u wish and not having to have that annoying option to change mag if u put the flaregun in ur backpack. I cant see how this goes wrong but maybe u guys have other opinions? @PaulS @jcbjoe sorry for typos im writing this while walking with my phone
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    (ANOTHER ONE) New Forum Tags

    MORE TWEAKS AND DAT skrt other Extra:
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    Combat on Reborn

    this crap again, the issue with this post and the continued suggestions (no just because its suggested doesn't mean it should happen), it even got voted on at one point and lost, you don't have a vote for something not like the result so lets have another vote, "YOU" like cqc, not everyone, so "YOU" don't like it, and "YOU" want it changed, so "YOU" can have more fun, but you are not everyone, I personally enjoy sniping so does a lot of others, just because some people don't like it does not mean its an issue, if anything the scopes are just scopes, its the guns that can shoot that range, lets remove anything that can accurately shoot over 300m, so we can all use SMG's, no matter what comments happen here it will not be implemented, it will not be trialed, and they will not be removed. I hate the fact people use ifrits to drive around someone in circles and decamp on them with a fully auto sniper rifle, I know a shit tonne of other people that don't like it, should I remove ifrits and 7.62 rifles, no I should because some people enjoy it, you don't remove it just because you and a few others don't like it. I am going to lock the thread as it literally is pointless, and before you start posting stupid status updates I will warn you here, don't do it.
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    Vanguard gets alot of shit..

    people will be forced to RP with vanguard when the next update comes out as they will need to turn the dealer on for you.

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