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    Drop | Frags 9 | Reborn Roleplay

    Song is gay
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    Browny | RR#3

    Back from a year ban hope I'm not that rusty, Enjoy x
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    Cozza | Reborn Last

    Last one from me lads , was a fun 2 years .... cya around ❤️
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    The new supports have been chosen. Congratulations to: @M K @xat @Ghostxo @bensi @Apollo @Snelzie @AHMEDXZ @Dodorex @TRR | Isacsb1 @westy @Kydan Sadler @CASPWADS @Ollywilliam @Jones Outlaw Could you please contact @Adam Briggsor myself on teamspeak to get your induction done. To everyone else who applied sorry you didn't make it.
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    Pigeon Wings #1

    First montage since coming back to arma. feedback appreciated
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    RR 7 | jack.

    Got removed from blackwater for calling it dead so just made it quickly so some shit clips and not completely finished
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    It's that time again where you can join the staff team here at reborn roleplay. If you wish to apply you can find the application here. Applications will stay open until Sunday 14th July then management and staff leads will go through them. Best of luck to all who apply.
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    Saul x

    Saul - #10

    Don`t play as much as i used to so mixed in with good clips and bad ones but i probably will never make another montage of my own again so therefore i made this. timeline was in 24 fps cause easier to edit, forgot to change it but enjoy x
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    Connor McGregor

    Corruption | Recruitment

    Requirements - 1500 Hours - Financially Stable - Knowledge of the server Application Template Name: Arma Hours: Reason for wanting to join: Previous Gangs: Vouches: ROSTER
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    Morrisons | Recruitment

    Once a supermarket. Once a global superpower. Once unstoppable. Domination. Demolition. Destruction. It was havoc. We were the best of the best until our downfall. Originally Morrisons was founded back in 2017 before later 'disbanding' at the end of the year. After a long time away, we're back and refreshed. Some members have moved onto 'other' things, however, some of the old members still remain. Requirements - 2000 Hours [Very few exceptions] - Good Comms - Knowledge of how to hold a bank and capture areas - No begging for loadouts or other shit - Advanced rebel Applicant Template IGN: Age/Country: Bank balance: Previous gangs/Faction units: Hours on Arma *screenshot: Can any members vouch for you *no trials?: Gang funds are split weekly after gang base bidding. A history of The Morrisons: Morrisons was originally founded some year and a half ago whilst the corrupt government were still in control. Morrisons have been through some tough times, for example when they were forced to immigrate away from the old moronic government. Roster Recruitment Status: OPEN
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    RR #6 | KingOfNeptune

    Feedback Appreciated just came back after a month of 25 hours ❤️ o7 BlackWater
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    Jck | Nine

    Was gonna remake this but rarely play the server anymore. Feedback Appreciated.
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    Dirty Duners

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iCztulj4NLJCdFqqGQJAHJxRNFGIVjO_Gur-R-C5ORE/edit?usp=sharing Here is the current people global banned tell me more names as I find it hilarious.
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    buxton / Cozza

    In-game name: buxton / Cozza Steam ID: 76561198919767309 Date of ban: 07/12/19 Reason for ban: Racism Staff member that banned you: Bunny Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified Why should we unban you? Firstly , its been well over 6 month since the last time i got banned for anything to do with toxicity. Ive been trying my hardest and staying out of trouble ... then last night i fucked up ... i died at gunpowder processor and was pretty angry , i shouted in teamspeak some questionable things that are allowed in a provate ts but not here on the server , i acciently hot mic it in game and the guy heard me ... i went to ts to try and apologise to him and say im sorry + offer some comp for the invonvenience and he just straight up denied talking to me.... The last few months ive been playing and kept swueeky clean and was doing well , a little mmistake and a slip of the tounge and im permed , just want another chance to play with my gang again and hopefully make a good gang.
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    Possible changes to help Rebel / Server

    Disclaimer! There are multiple suggestions in this post , too many to make individual ones would take too long ... also , these are possible and rough ideas and if a admin / dev changes them up a little that would be fine. Rebel Firstly, a lot of us know that logging on , buying a mk1 for 250k and then slamming OG is very old , repetitive and boring now so we would like to change that up. Add LMG's: MK200 , Lim , Car 95-1 ... these would be drastically more expensive than a normal mk1 based off how good and useful they are too have ( Admins / Harry can come up with a good price based on half price) this would allow for a different type on load out , play style and generally gives more options when gearing up and makes the server just that little more rewarding , the more money you have , the better the stuff you can buy. New Major Crime: Evidence Lockup! The basic idea behind this would be as follows : When the police [NCA] successfully stop a drug run and seize all the drugs , they get stored in a Evidence lockup located somewhere on the map , that can then be robbed by rebels and they can sell the drugs inside. This would mean police have more stuff to respond to and work as a team , for rebels , it would mean they have another option to rob and make some money. Same rules as HM would apply. Quilins: Right now the price to buy a quilin is £750k excluding perks , i suggest moving that price down to about £550k on half price without perks , obviously if u have perks it will be less. Ifrits: Right now the price of the ifrit is £2.5mil without perks , they only ever get pulled on gang base night because people know they will not get cut / chopped. I suggest moving that price down to £1.5mil on half price without perks , obviously with perks it will be less. War Points: This system will be added in order to reward the people that a fighting in the redzone [OG, Church and Mushroom] Based off what gear u have and what gear the guy that you kill has the amount of war points received per kill will fluctuate. When you die , based of what gear the guy that kills you has , the amount of war points you lose will fluctuate. When receiving war points , they will stock pile on your account and you can spend them at rebel shops ... aka a mk1 will cost x amount of war points etc etc... this helps make fights in red zones worth it. Gang Perks: This will be a system similar to the Bartering and Drug Seller perks you have as a Civilian. Gangs will receive perk points as a result of completing stuff gang related and can use them points to redeem gang perks such as : 25% extra on drug sales , 10% discount of rebel vehicles , 10% discount on rebel clothing etc etc. would allow gangs that actively do stuff to seek rewards. Police 7.62 Suppressors: Add back 7.62 Suppressors to Police Armoury but change the people that get access to them. It used to be that DI+ / TFU tier 2 had access to the 7.62 Suppressors which meant alot of people had them, why not make it TFU tier 3 / SI - CSI that get them , would mean very few selected people would have access to them. TFU HQ Changes: -Add a regular Police Clothing sign so we can buy roleplay hats / gear -Add MH9 Hummingbird and Hellcat to the TFU Helis vender - Remove the Pill boxes that are in the base to make more space to store vehicles that we need to impound / scrap BlackWater Meaning of the Faction: Right now , a lot of people can agree they dont really see the meaning of BlackWater and why they are a thing , they go to red zones and do runs and have discounted gear... basically a white-listed rebel gang. I think they should get a revamp , a change in meanings and a change it what they can do. The hiring them for contracts thing went south and people ended up not paying etc etc so my suggestion is this. Make them a PMC ... they have their lands , their rules and their own protection , people can do runs in their lands , pay them to protect them and essentially pay them to keeo the cops away from their dirty work. When they arnt helping people in their lands , allow them to fuck with cops , after all they are a rouge group out to go behind the police's back when possible. Allow them to do banks , APD's etc... but limit them to 1 per day , allow them to patrol cop lands and take cop hostages for attempting to int-erupt runs in BW lands etc.... give them more to do and allow them to play the role of a rouge group out to fuck cops over. Gives cops more to respond too and gives BW more to do. Server Suggestions Fix the FPS: I am fully aware that we have active developers working on the issue , but FPS is a major issue and needs to be sorted. This would mean everyone has a smooth experience and can enjoy the game. Server Wide Event (Every Restart): Every restart , 4am , 8am , 12am , 4pm , 8pm and 12pm there could be a server wide event that has rewards and encourages active gangs to participate in order to gain rewards and benefits. Right now im not entirely sure what that major event could be , but this is a suggestion so people come up with ideas and we can see what will come up with. Gang Bases: From the people that i have spoken to about gang bases , we have all agreed that the old gang bases with the DMT's were the best and most enjoyable , i suggest changing back to them ones and trying that for a few weeks to see how people take to it. As for the amount of gang bases , i think we should go back to having 3.. keep the 2 where they are now , but put the 3rd one north but not as far as it was last time , this means 3 bases all within distance which means there will be a bigger variety of fights at 3 different bases happening. Gang Base Benefits: Right now having a gang base gives 2 benefits , a gang uniform and a place to safely gear up. I suggest making it so the owners of the 3 gang bases get more rewards and benefits , since they spend alot of time and money on a saturday night to make sure they get one. Things like discount on Clothing , Weapons and Vehicles could be a good start. This is all i can think of as of right now , people will have more and will post it in the comments. Please give feedback and give your opinions also ... @Harrymaybe think about some of this stuff and how much it will help the server and rebel life , after all rebels are the ones that make the server work , without them Police and BW are useless give them something to stay for.
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    crazed rr 6

    ik quality shit but im working on it
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    Luke. | Frags 1

  18. 25 points

    CroX 1

    First montage, after i joined BW my recording sound fucked so im sorry for that Feedback is appreciated
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    Mc Miller

    Base Bidding Spawn Suggestion

    When you take over a base during base bidding and you put the leading bid down for the base, The base owners are no longer able to respawn at their base until they become the leading bid again. Example: Assent are holding their own base, Sinity takes over the base and puts a bid down, Assent are nolonger able to respawn at Assent base, Assent retake their base and put the leading bid down, Assent can now respawn at Assent base Comment what you think below
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    christiann rr #3

    clips got in 1 week:
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    My encounter with reborn royalty

    My encounter with reborn royalty
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    zener teamspeak ban

    Its not about who it annoys or offends, its about abusing the access you've been given. I've unbanned you, but this is a warning to all factions about the abuse of teamspeak tags. @Police @NHS @Blackwater Member
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    ReeeAgan RR#5

    POSTED FOR REEEAGAN Cut short due to stuff
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    Connor McGregor

    Gang Playerlist

    Can we get a feature added that shows the names and numbers of gangs/factions that are currently on the server, for example while you press F1 a menu pops up and shows that there is 5 Corruption and 10 Blackwater on with a drop down menu on each showing the players names. I think it would help the server as you could log on see that there is "x" amount of each gang on and would encourage people to stay on and fight eachother. It's more aimed for gangs since you can just check the players on map for police/blackwater but if it is added I'd suggest adding them in too.
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    In-game name: Dodorex Steam ID: Dodorex #0236 Date of ban: 06/26/19 Reason for ban: Dont know apparently for reaction to the update section, there was something with an eggplant I R A and then a Irish flag and I just clicked on them all and I get banned? What? Staff member that banned you: King of Neptune or Fuel dunno Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: NO unjustified, in my opinion this was extremely unfair I dont even know why reaction with an eggplant, Irish flag and some random letters should get me banned I have no clue to what IRA is and why that is bad. I have learned out of this not to click on emojis of other people not knowing what it means... Why should we unban you? Because I dont know what this even is and had no clue how it can be offensive to post eggplant and some Irish flag and other stuff, I even asked king of Neptune who was told I guess to ban me why it was but he himself had no idea what was wrong with it and in my opinion it was just unfair, I would really like to join back on the discord so I can hand out tags on discord for BW members willing to join as not many people do this actively. Also as a non UK person how on earth was I supposed to know IRA is something bad? Thank you.
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    In-game name: BenH Steam ID: 76561198413678143 Date of ban: 05/22/19 Reason for ban: unsure of date. Ddos or toxicity idk. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No I was banned for ddos and that's that. Why should we unban you? I feel like you should unban me because by now if I did ddos anyone in that situation I would of admitted by now, the two people will tell you that I would have had nothing to do with it nor did I ddos anyone myself. I would really appreciate someone to actually believe that I did not ddos anyone I have not got a booter or I cant get ips. I would really appreciate another chance and I would love to play the server again. Also I am friendly with the two people who got ddosed so why would I do it, It may sound dodgy in the video but I really did not have anything to do with it, its quite annoying now that I always get blamed for things that wasn't even me, just because theres a dodgy video doesn't mean I ddosed anyone, I hate when I get ddosed so I wouldn't do it to anyone else. Cheers
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    In-game name: CroX Steam ID: 76561198260735621 Date of ban: 07/12/19 Reason for ban: buying money Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, i never bought money, my friend was quiting the server so he gave me his money Why should we unban you? i never bought the money, Don't think I should be banned for what I did because I never bought any money from him. as i said my friend quit the server so i asked him if he had any money, he said yes hand he gave me it because he dont need it.
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    B L U

    BLU | Beans 4

    Thought I'd upload this before I join a faction again, hope editing is a little better than last time constructive feedback appreciated
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    Morrisons | Recruitment

    Lastest HM:
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    AKO-first montage since a year ago

    Posted for him
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    Police Convoy 30th 5PM BST

    Police Convoy -------Police Objective/Background Story------- *Sunday 30th June 5pm* The Police will be transporting 4 Trucks filled with large amounts of Money (£7,000,000) per truck. From TFU HQ to the HM Treasury then to Athira HQ to safety secure money that has been collected by the National Crime Agency during Police Operations. When the Trucks have left the HM Treasury, The trucks will have half the money they had before (£3,500,00). It's up to the Rebels and Blackwater the sieze and capture these trucks The police will have to transport 4 Trucks in a convoy with nessersary vehicles and equipment to protect them. They will have to follow a route marked in red. With these 4 Trucks, the rebels will have to try and capture the trucks. Once there has been initiation, the police may take any route they like to the located places (HM Treasury, Athira HQ) The police will start at TFU HQ and will folllow the route up until the next location (HM Treasury) when Police arrive at this location, the Police will have 10 Minutes to Hold the HM Treasury from any Rebels and Blackwater and secure the Collected Money. After 10 minutes the Police will then have to transport the trucks to Athira HQ and secure the left over money. IF ALL 4 TRUCKS ARE CAPTURED THEN THE EVENT WILL END ----------Rebel/Blackwater Objective-------- The rebels and Blackwaters' job is to intercept the convoy, kill the police and capture the Trucks. Once a rebel or a Blackwater has Captured a Truck, they will then have to transport that truck to a Rebel Outpost where they have 10 Minutes to hold the Outpost from any other rebels or factions. ----------Rules-------- Server Rules apply (initiation needed). NLR is the same in Red Zone. (Must spawn 1km away) Police are allowed only 1 Armed Qillin and Hellcat The active Gunfight Rules will apply (Be Aware). The police can take out a max of 6 Mraps All Mraps involved in the event cannot be crushed/Cut n Shut Rebels cannot Camp the HM Treasury before the Police Arrive. Rebels must attack the HM treasury after Police have entered ADMIN MESSAGES WILL BE SENT OUT AT THE START, MIDDLE AND END OF THE EVENT --------Route-------
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    helis are cool #1(decamp chopper frags)

    i dont know what you are in for
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    Whitebeard Pirates

    Whitebeard Pirates Roster Whitebeard Pirates Requirements to Join 500 Hours (Min) KNOW THE RULES Template for Requesting to Join Ingame Name: Ingame Hours: Ingame Money: Why do u wanna be a pirate: What Skills can u provide for the Pirate Captain:
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    Morrisons | Recruitment

    Lost child on isle 4, can we have customer service. Thank you
  35. 14 points

    Newbie - RR #1

    Pleas give me feedback , its my first montage. Edited by Quintin
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    Vehicle Major Crime

    This would be a moving crime such as you break into said area and take 5 ifrits or something[not sure about balance]. The police would respond and it would end at the vehicle armoury chop. The crime would be called the vehicle armoury
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    Majed | Five

    do you alt f10 every kill you get
  38. 13 points
    Wilma Fingerdoo

    buxton / Cozza

    Lowered to a 1 week ban
  39. 13 points


    never mind was unbanned
  40. 13 points

    Majed | Six

    sorry but there’s no way you have 6k hours
  41. 13 points
    Charlie ツ

    Charlie | RR | 1

    not the best not the worst.
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    How it works -This would be a 2 hour long event. It would start every friday at 6-8 pm. Only 2 cap-points are active at one point. It takes 15 minutes to capture a single point. After a point is captured a new point will appear after 5 minutes on the map and the point that has been captured decays and is deleted .A virtual "GANG" list would be on-screen which would tell you the position of the top 5 gangs by leaderboard of captured points. Winners would receive these rewards: 1st- 40 million 2nd- 20 million 3rd- 10 million 4th- 5 million -There would be 2 added rebel outposts for this event to minimize outpost camping and to allow players to gear freely.
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    Very rushed ngl , wanted to finish before I leave tomorrow cya lot in 2 months ❤️
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    I think if this was a thing it would encourage more people to goto gang wars because it can get annoying if your MRAPS keep getting constantly cut by random hobos running around trying to get them Let me know your thoughts below
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    Boris Popov

    Delet this

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    Move the multidrug processor or make a new compound to somewhere and make it a Drug compound. Where you can process and sell at the same time but to do this there needs to be 15+ cops online. This gives NCA something to control and it will get some massive drug runs going. There will be some drug fields close but with NCA protecting it and maybe with the help of Blackwater, gangs will need to do drug runs together to get the most out of it. Maybe this will help rebel life a little bit. High risk high reward as the drug run could be really short or long cause of the gunfight before it and doing it solo is almost impossible unless you RP your way out of it.
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    Whats next for Reborn?

    I dunno was thinking of adding a Curly Wurly after the success of Freddos
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    Dirty Duners

    @KingOfNeptuneyou even messaged me for zicos pull downs even though i dont have any pulldowns haha
  49. 12 points

    Browny | RR#3

  50. 11 points

    I Doiyed

    In-game name: I Doiyed Steam ID: 76561198354543856 Date of ban: 07/13/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity Staff member that banned you: Leeroy Jenkins Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Dunno What I Did If It was For the Reason I Believe it was Then Yes It was Justified. Why should we unban you? Because who would have of thought being called a dog nonce BY a 16 year old when the person being called it is younger than him. I know it can be a touchy subject "Nonce aligations" but i wouldnt say its toxic and i was lead to believe this was an adult community in which people can take snide comments. Keywords Snide not racist or anything of the type. It was a tiny remark which means nothing I said it in side chat in a joke manner and got punished for it.

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