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    Attach | Reborn Roleplay

    Feed Back appreciated x
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    Shortest one but I wanted a shorter one than the others @Cainey for the editing
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    enQii - RR 1

    Feedback is appreciated.
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    ẟinity | Recruitment

    Requirements: Must have 1500 hours Must be experienced Must be able to speak English Application Template: Name: Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: Anyone who can vouch for you: Roster Renamed as Eazy don't play and other members are inactive.
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    M.Shipman #4 (Dubstep btw)

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    Prime | Connor

    In-game name: Prime | Connor Steam ID: 76561198207195948 Date of ban: 06/20/2018 Reason for ban: not sure of the date as i havent played but the reason is for "buying money" Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i havent played in about 3 weeks and i played for about 1 hour then for gang base bidding and i wasnt banned then so no clue why i would be banned now Why should we unban you? Because i dont understand why i have been banned?
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    Saul Richman

    Saul RR #5

    Feedback Appreciated xoxo.
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    Handcuffs for Adv Rebels

    If you have advanced rebel, can we make it so we don't need to buy handcuffs? It just makes Adv look a lot more achieving and is a good idea for rebels as a lot of the time rebels would be carrying handcuffs or zipties. It seems more logical to have them on you all the time and I know people will say 'why don't you buy them'. But it should be a privillage that Advanced Rebels get as it's a lot of grinding to get the money for the license.
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    In-game name: carstensen Steam ID: 76561198169326834 Date of ban: 06/11/2018 Reason for ban: I was banned due to NLR - I spawned at my base to gear up, My own gang member comes to me and says hands up or die as a joke and shoots me, I then spawn back there and instantly get banned for nlr. Staff member that banned you: Scott mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I know NLR is still a rule break, But at the end of the day, There was no actual situation going on we were just having a laugh, There was no harm intended. Why should we unban you? I would love to be unbanned because, This is the only server I play on arma, Ive met so many new people and had so many fun experiences, Ive been in some gangs and It was the most fun ive had in a while, I find this server one of the best on arma, I love everything about it.. The roleplay and much more, I'm completely sorry for what I did, I regret it deep down and I never should of done it, I know ive got a shit ban history but at the end of the day the situation was very minor and it shouldn't of resulted in a ban, I acknowledged my warning I got from bassie and jimboke, But I didn't think it was that big. All I can ask is for one more chance, I will follow the rules completely and never do something stupid like this again, I know fuel said appeal in 3 months, But I cant wait im sorry, I have so many friends on this server, and ive done so much on this server, Ive grinded, I even joined cops and medics because I wanted to start properly on this server, Im so sorry for what I did, I will do anything for my ban to get revoked. Regards, Carstensen
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    S^7 | RR - 3

    Havent made one in a while. I know my pc is shit. feedback is appreciated!
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    dobbs 1

    first week on reborn me proper good combat try and get more war zone clips aye hope ya enjoy the tune!!!!!
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    Brian O'Conner

    Old day's

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    Giveaway - Blackwake [Finished]

    EDIT: Game has been won. Want a free game? I'm giving away a copy of Blackwake. The winner shall be drawn at random this evening! At 6pm (or whenever I'm available cause I might be asleep but yaknow) TO ENTER What do you have to do to enter you say? Like this post and post your best dad joke. Easy mode. What the frick is Blackwake? Blackwake is a multiplayer online pirate ship... game. You're basically a crewmember on a ship and you have to man the guns, pilot the ship, etc. Video below:
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    Rule 3.8 - Active Firefight

    Hi all, I think it's about time that rule 3.8, the active firefight rule, is updated and confirmed as what we can/cannot do and where do we draw the line. I have been in a situation myself today where the police were in a gunfight with heavily armed rebels next to a service station, whom were all wearing wetsuits. Using this information I killed an armed man in a wetsuit that just happened to be trying to run through the area, he was not involved. Because he was not involved, it was advised by an admin that the fair thing to do is compensate the rebel that wasn't involved. It isn't my fault nor his, just unfortunate. My problem with this is, "where do we draw the line?". If I had killed 5 armed rebels, who just happened to be wrong place wrong time, I could be spending over a mill on compensating them, because it's the fair thing to do? Sorry it's a bit of a rant, but this needs to be updated, please. 3.8 Active Firefight If you are driving around or running around in the middle of a gunfight, ie spotting police or rebels, if you get killed this is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone in the area, if a gunfight is ongoing ie there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if they are not leaving you can shoot them, if you do not want to die, leave the area (value your life). -This rule is currently being revised. It is currently not active.
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    Just thought i'd let the whole world know that i have came out as gay. Kept it secret for so long but feels good to come out finally!
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    Viktor Immanov

    Vlad RR #2

    Took some time to make since i didn't play on Reborn very much until like a week ago so here it is some old and some new clips enjoy...
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    Good Hunting £20,000,000.00 Currently in pot to be paid out
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    Go back to old Qillin/MRAP Prices

    I don't quite understand why the prices were increased this drastically but I think it has something to do with qillins and prowlers becoming quite common along with ifrits. Now tbh, people barely pulled ifrits anyways. It wasn't to the point where almost every member in the gang pulled an Ifrit. I usually just saw 2 Ifrits at max with the rest having qillins. In my opinion it's absolutely ridiculous that the prices are so high now. Qillins indeed did become quite common but that was because it was within an affordable price and was a good vehicle to use for the price it was sold for. The issue isnt that they're common and should be rare, it's the fact that rebel life is finally quite active so seeing ifrits and qillins shouldn't be such a rare sighting as it used to be when fighting large gangs. One of the bad side effects of this price hike would be that not many people will feel comfortable fighting caps when they have to push with SUV's because qillins and mraps are too valuable to risk losing which yes ofcourse they should be but not to this extent because qillins and mraps have always been considered valuable anyways.
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    In-game name: noremaC Steam ID: 76561198072825472 Date of ban: 06/18/2018 Staff member that banned you: Harry Lewis Reason for ban: Combat Log Why do you think you were banned: Whilst in Camorra lands, Me and Kyle were chasing a truck which we initiated on roughly 30 seconds prior. I approached the front of the truck hoping to rip the driver out. Whilst decamping out of my Prowler my body rag dolled into the air and I Alt F4’d to avoid dying when I hit the ground and to not waste admin’s time dealing with a petty compensation request. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: The ban was completely justified. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I’ve been banned for over a week now and I do miss playing on Reborn thoroughly. Through the two days prior to being banned I died multiple times due to being launched into the air and to be fair, I was sick of it. I didn’t want to lose any more money due to it nor did want to waste admin’s time dealing with it on the forums. From my point of view Alt F4ing meant: I didn’t get to lose any more money from the bug; the person we were robbing got to keep their run and admin’s time wasn’t wasted. Although these past couple of days have let me certainly re-evaluate what I did and understand that it was unacceptable to do what I did. I should have just died and put up a compensation request on the forums but I didn’t want to risk my shadow play not saving due to low disk space which it was frequently doing that day even after clearing out my local disk. Since the incident I’ve cleaned out my hard drive and spoken to Harry Lewis about why it was unacceptable and I’m certain that this won’t happen again. I feel you should unban me early because I thoroughly enjoy playing on Reborn and before my ban I played ~6 hours a day and stayed out of trouble. It was ridiculous what I did, I shouldn’t have done it and I regret doing it. I was trying my hardest to keep out of trouble and aside from this, I did. I can 100% grantee I won’t Alt F4 to prevent dying to a bug again and will take more precaution when ejecting out of a vehicle to prevent this from happening. I know my ban history is a little colourful but I’m hoping you can see past it and give me one more chance. When I got unbanned the last time I strived to make sure I didn’t break any rules nor did I receive any reports from any other players. I made a slip up due to a couple of things and I unimaginably regret it. I hope you are willing to give me a chance to fix my wrong doing and not break any more rules. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Recording software bugging out due to low disk space. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Reborn montage #7

    Some old clips in there and some "newer" Constructive criticism is appreciated
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    In-game Name: AJ PlayerID: 76561198299035043 Previous gangs: TI, TRN, NATO Why do you want to join Reprisal: Got good friends in the gang from elsewhere, wanna start playing here w/ decent players. I'm competent and enjoy combat. Hours on Arma 3: 3k Who can vouch for you in the gang: Humzah, Steffex, Rhyx, Heinesen, Burrows, Bobby, Adam, Attach, Dynamic
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    FORWARD: These articles are cluttering up and spamming up the (PLAYER BLOGS) page. If a high ranking RebornRP individual would recommend somewhere else to post these articles, please do. P.S., Free Altis News journalism is NOT EASY. I have gotten shot at, robbed, and killed multiple times during the process, so unless the Press type faction officially becomes a neutral faction, expect to see fewer press releases. P.S.S. This will be a shorter article -Hybrid Free Altis News: The Camorra is known to be the drug lords of Altis, but they aren't just a mafia that deals in drugs. We asked a representative of the Camorra a few questions, this was the transcript: Multiple low wealth civilians fear the Camorra, What do you say about this? The people of Altis would be wise to fear the Camorra, you have seen our power first hand now. It is smart to be apprehensive when considering interactions with the Camorra. Fearful, but not scared. Fear keeps you smart, stops you from doing stupid things you won't live to regret... We have no intention in harming any of the civilians who are going about their day, doing legal activities and attempting to make a legal path in life but those who decide to proceed down the illegal path and do drugs can expect to be confronted by us. We run the drug game. Don't like it? We'll help you with that. Does the Camorra have any ongoing hostilities against the Altis government? Operation Atlas was a law enforcement operation set up to spite the Camorra. We're not happy about that. I am not permitted to comment further. Why is the Camorra so strict about guarding their lands? We offer the easiest route for all drug operations in the entirety of Altis. If we weren't so strict on our border then any pathetic rebel gang could trample the drug trades. Considering we're the ones who regulate these routes, this would not be a good thing... The Camorra is known for drug trafficking, is there anything else that the Camorra handle? I personally manage our vehicle "importation and exportation", taking the bacon mobiles from the west and bringing them to our clients in the east. We have Hitmen within the ranks of Camorra who accept contracts to kill people. For a price. They're well-trained masters of CQC or Long Range engagements and won't stop until their objective is complete. With the assistance of our reconnaissance units, we're able to use thermal imaging to find and stalk our targets until they're neutralized. We also offer loans to the civilians of Altis. This is why we have Loan Sharks. They collect our debts from said civilians. If they can't pay we'll take the equivalent value of our loan, if they don't have anything of worth we'll simply take their life, no need for loose ends. We're always looking to expand our operations, it if the opportunity arises we'll take it. The Camorra is a Russian mafia that set up camp in Altis. They rule the drug trade, and seem to have an assassination contracting service. I have seen firsthand that The Camorra has their hands in everything. It is normal to feel fearful of them, but you shouldn’t be scared of them. Unless you piss them off. Overall, they are actually friendly people, as long as you don’t get in their way. Now, an update on the previous article. Events have not calmed down since the last press release on the rebellion subject. Rebels continue to open fire on law enforcement and civilians. Robbery rates have escalated to an extreme these past couple days, multiple rebel gangs/syndicates have been stopping and gunning local civilians on the side of the highway. We were unable to get a statement from law enforcement due to the ongoing conflicts and situations. I, myself as a journalist, life has not eased off due to the big press vest and pass on my torso. In fact, I have been taken hostage numerous times because of my current affiliation with Free Altis News. One officer said: Quote "Deal with it, make it known you're with the press and shoot back at any rebels." I believe journalists and reporters should not have a firearm with them, so I do not carry one. To add to that, it would not look very good if the press started opening fire on locals. This quote from an officer unsettled me a bit, law enforcement said to open fire on rebels. Last topic on this edition of Free Altis News: The National Health Service has an extreme response time when it comes to downed individuals. The National Health Service is understaffed, which causes extreme stress to on-duty medical officers. If you are looking into joining the National Health Service, please do. It would greatly benefit you, the people of Altis, and the NHS. NHS is a very formal and professional organization of skilled medicals nurses and doctors. DISCLAIMER: (No bias toward the National Health Service, or paid advertising was put into this topic. I did not mean to offend or criticize NHS, or its employees.) Bringing Real News To Altis, Free Altis News. -Hybrid, Journalist of Free Altis News.
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    X-Tacy Poults Btw

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