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    Armz | Frags

    Will probably make a better one when I get better gear. Enjoy
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    rebel life

    something needs to be done about rebel life. The server is embarrassingly one sided / favoured to players being in a faction police free gear endless zombie wave of pushing cap. Yes its fun fighting when people don't care about dying due to having free gear but then police pull another mad trick out the hat the one that everyone loves, the armed hellcat so now whenever rebels want to spawn cosford pull a hell and then fly to rebel they'll get shot down making fighting og not very enjoyable. I really don't think TFU need any restrictions to fighting cap as they are already only allowed 8 people on og however npas and command do not count towards that number so nothing is wrong in regards to that however what I really think the armed hellcat should only be pulled for is major crimes and heli drug runs not shooting unarmed hobos flying in a redzone to buy gear. black water have cheap discounted gear a gang base in every corner of the map suppressors, buy able armed qulins, the ability to gear up in complete safety and to be able to buy cyrus' and mar10. so now that I have went through the pros of being in factions, you may ask what do rebels have that backwater and police dont? and its freedom to do whatever you want on the server thats it I understand why white listed factions need good reasons / pros for players on the server to want to join them; but you have to understand that when a new player joins the server the 1st thing they play is rebel and if rebel isnt very good they will most likely leave.. or just join a faction. In the next updates something needs to be done to help rebels have some exclusivity like a rebel only event where GANGS can take part in. I've been in both combat units of both factions and I can say it is way more relaxing than playing in a gang... please make rebel more enjoyable and you will see a full server 24/7 even after this corona shit is over.
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    Alex RR 1

    Watch in 4k x
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    In-game name: Armz Steam ID: 76561198261830571 Date of ban: 04/03/20 Reason for ban: Hacker Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, I haven't hacked anything or cheated. Why should we unban you? Because I haven't cheated or hacked and I want to play during this corona season.
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    Armz | Frags

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    In-game name: carstensen Steam ID: 76561198169326834 Date of ban: 04/04/20 Reason for ban: DPI Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was unjustified as I didnt DPI. Why should we unban you? I didnt DPI at all I turned around to see a guy shooting at me with a rook so I killed him Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wv-ToVL6os Albiston POV https://gyazo.com/f9ff15a5e488d224ee8ad933799595ed My POV https://gyazo.com/dbfa459b58c7f8ceafd1e974ecef91af Here is another example of me getting sucked into a wall
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    In-game name: sherleien.train.monitor Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 04/01/20 Reason for ban: HACKER Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: not justified. Why should we unban you? because I have not cheated on arma 3 in my 7k hours, and I will never think of doing so. I love reborn roleplay and dedicate my time to playing it, and I wouldn't risk loosing out on playing on the server. I haven't done anything wrong.
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    Silo ¦ RR 1

    I am nowhere near as good as gangs such as sinity or hennessy and nor am i as good as people like hazza crazed and cozza, but i still try and i hope that you enjoy my fraggy and kind feed back is apprciated
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    Treasure Hunt 07/04/2020 8PM

    Hello Ladies and gents, I hereby present to you an event which does not include shooting, killing and not done before on our island. All citizens are invited on the 7th of April 2020 Tuesday night after 8PM restart to join the longest and hardest Treasure hunt of RebornRoleplay. You and up to 2 more friends will be transported to the starting point. At where you will be, Given out your hunting clothing for a +5 hunting sense, Then Explained the rules and what Treasure hunt is for another +5 Knowledge which will give you an overall +10 to your character. Once everyone is ready, clear on the rules and instructions you will be given your first riddle/puzle to start your quest "Road to 10 million." You will encounter the other participants hunting, and guardians who will be protecting and trying to slow you down on your adventure. Your goal is to solve the puzzles and riddles, drive fast and safely to not lose time and be the first one to the finish line. Rewards: 1st group - 10 million in cash 2nd group - 5 million in cash 3rd group - 3 million in cash Anyone wishing to take part please comment down below with a Squad name, in game name and your 2 other friends.
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    rebel life

    IMO you should nerf/remove helicopter runs and bring back the old hemmt runs through vanguard checkpoint etc. That's what made the server fun, you could fight capture points, do banks and do/rob hemmt runs through vanguard lands. Now, with helicopter runs, it's almost impossible to rob and its so boring trying to initiate and them just flying away. They skip the whole checkpoint too. I think that instead of having a lot of illegal runs that give a similar amount, there should be more variety in what they pay out. Some runs that are high in risk should travel through vanguard lands and obviously pay a very high amount. The other illegal runs can be lower risk that are in other places of the map and hence pay out less money. If there were 1 or 2 highly rewarding runs through vanguard lands you would see a massive boost in players up there. Right now, there's no reason to be up there. IF you did this, you should also bring back the 2 DMTs in vanguard checkpoint as it gives vanguard/rebels something to hold. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You should also think about buffing the HM as the payout at the minute is laughable compared to the Area51. The HM should be something only big gangs do towards the end of the restart. Half of the time, when we come to do it, it's already been done by a hobo gang meaning that we can't do it because it's been locked up. Maybe make the payout higher but also the cost at getting equipment to start it higher (to stop hobos doing it). 110k is not a lot of money, especially if you buff it to payout more money. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, think about giving the bases a overhaul. A lot of people found DMT bases the most enjoyable even if it was sometimes a bit <inappropriate3>. Either way, the current bases are extremely boring to push and take almost no strategy.
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    New Prison

    this is my idea I would like to put forward for a new prison as I believe the old one is getting very outdated and stale for roleplay play and and gunfights every time I have been in a situation at the prison all the cops go to the same position and all the rebels defend the same position which happens to be the only building they can can safely defend which is the Tower so Spice things up a bit this is my idea to change it it so it was not so easily to be shot at from the hill or sniped fromthe rocks to the right. I understand that this is a roleplay server so that's making look a bit more fresh andnew mite help people want to interact. in this first photo you can see a good clips of the prison from the hill in the same place where the prison is now. in the second photo you can see the entrance to the prison yes there are two towers but there does not have to be or they could be the same. photo number 3 you can see there is a small little broken entrance on the side either where are Rebels can escape from or or police can enter from also you can see a little bit of the inside of the prison where are the prisoners are locked in by a big thick wall and also protects the main entrance from snipers. this photo you can see where I have made the props (64) to almost a bare minimum just enough to give different Contours and new techniques that will need to be implemented for TFU, negotiation and rebels, I hope you understand why I would like the Prison to change as I believe it is not fair for both parties as there are not many prison breaks and when they are RP does not last long because it feels like it's to bear yeah hopefully this will bring a little bit of character to the new prison and make people want to interact with it more. Thanks DI J Winters
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    Requirements: -2000 hours on arma -Knowledge of cartels and bank callouts -Must be experienced -German Application Template: Name: Hours on arma (screenshot): Previous gangs: Anyone who can vouch for you: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mvRkKiDEmmvYnyextFT-1C_uN8cGO9heJzTCQ2Gyn8Y/edit?usp=sharing
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    remove sway

    remove sway and instead of moster being used for sway, it should be used for running a faster speed.
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    Scott McTavish

    Change gang Hex colours

    We don't care what they have
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    Silo ¦ RR 1

    ah dear, shit reaction just for that
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    Reborn 10 | hazza

    carrying @JAW
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    remove sway

    I smell milsim
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    Ive just had confirmation that matt brody is indeed an enchanced gamer. @andrewfam.get him in Hennessy immediately
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    south op rebel

    hello please when blackwater is removed replace south op with a redzone rebel
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    Just some clips i have, would like some feedback. anyone know how to fix the black bars after rendering the vid?
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    rebel life

    Some ideas: 1) Get rid of all the clutter; there are so many runs on this server, legal and non legal, that are useless either because of distance or they are not efficient enough to do. The map is super cluttered for no reason when you could make it look at lot cleaner by getting rid of everything that no one uses. 2) Have a graphic overhaul, re skin the forums and the GUI in game, it will take time however a nice looking GUI goes a long way with new players. 3) Clear up clutter from all shops removing all the un necessary clutter; i.e. why does a police officer have 6 different pairs of night vision there’s no need, rebel shop is a mess 4) Create a noob-friendly run, when logging onto a server for the first time most people will look for a wiki of some sorts, create a Beginners Guide that they can follow 5) Have events that bring the community together not at 3 am gmt. This will grow the community and help newer players feel included. 6) Re skin the phone with a different phone and font, looks to old message me and I can go into theses further
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    P a g e

    Page RR 2

    video quality not the best enjoy x
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    holy hazza shrine for the stevious group B) Cozza suggests this be our logo
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    cyrus suppressed lrps

    anyway i can get comp for this the cyrus was like 1.6mill i dont care about the attachments i just woke up and despawned it with buying another gun.....
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    Change gang Hex colours

    Let us change gang hex colours, they are really hard to see sometimes so making them a bright colour or something would be nice
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    In-game name: Jambo Steam ID: 76561198395725709 Date of ban: 03/21/20 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Outsyder Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Completely justified Why should we unban you? Well i had a week to think about what i did and i know it was all wrong and that i shouldnt of lied about the whole situation. I just didnt want to get banned since i knew i would have nothing to do while being on lockdown. I have spoken to outsyder about the situation and realised what i did was completely not right. I would just like to be able to be a part of the community and be able to play with my mates during the current situation around the world. I have a fairly clean ban history for the amount of time i have played on the server and if i do get unbanned i will make sure that i follow the rules at all times. As said above i would just like to be able to come back and start playing again.
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    Kunta Kinte

    In-game name: Kunta Kinte Steam ID: 76561197969361130 Date of ban: 12/02/19 Reason for ban: Racism Staff member that banned you: Wallace Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No i do not. I believe it was justified. Why should we unban you? To be honest I believe that my ban was justified I know I deserved that ban. I gave it a little cooldown of 2 months, and I would like to return back due to wanting to be a part of the Community again and this COVID-19 lockdown is boring the “£$% out of me. Sometimes it happens to the best of us in certain and it just comes out of our mouths One may understand that it's easy to get caught up in the moment without fully weighing the possible ramifications. I certainly won’t happen again and i'll keep off the toxic side of things trying not to get caught up in this situation again. Kunta Kinte
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    When you are trying to resolve something on Teamspeak and the other lads mates start getting lairy
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    Abdullah Harees


    In-game Name: void Steam ID: 76561198325035273 Date of the incident: 04/05/20 Time of the incident: 2am (for me) Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 14000000 Please provide as much detail as possible: we bid on gang base, but we didnt get gangbase and still lost our funds. Any Evidence Available: after http://prntscr.com/rt6iwf
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    reduce pd raid wait time

    can the time where the police zone is orange be lowered i think its way to long at the moment and should be about 5 minutes max as it dosent take that long to set up for it and also it isnt realistic to have rebels waiting outside for 15 minutes then come in and try and shoot us, would make more sense if it was shorter
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    In-game name: Andrew Steam ID: 76561198403032554 Date of ban: 03/29/20 Reason for ban: DPI Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes and no, basically my intention was never to dpi, and i do play on about 1000dpi setting on my mouse so i got shot at and decided to make myself a bit harder to hit by wiggeling a tiny bit while running towards command. but i understand that this might have shown as dpi glitching on Fuel`s monitor. here is the "dpi" https://gyazo.com/166e393454ce821ba9c19504f846ed13 Why should we unban you? i had no intention nor was i aware that i dpi glitched, and i really enjoy playing on this community, i am extremly sorry for what i did fuel, and i assure you that nothing of this sort will ever happen again, i just want to say again that this was not my intention and i understand how this would be upsetting.
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    Ferrox(ts ban)

    In-game name: Ferrox(ts ban) Steam ID: hHqnSQ3hVCtWXdOXTOPd8uBm0LM= Date of ban: 04/03/20 Reason for ban: i just had a fight with cops died then respawned outsyder spawned on me told me i was restrained and torniquted and i wasn't and he tped me back to cops and they left me in a van and logged and had to wait untill someone lockpicked me out so got mad and went on ts told him that he is stupid and has no braincells Staff member that banned you: Outsyder Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: justified,I got mad and didn't mean to do that Why should we unban you? Because if i get asked to come ts in any sit i can just go and resolve and because sometimes i want to chat with friends
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    In-game name: BenH Steam ID: 76561198413678143 Date of ban: 12/12/19 Reason for ban: toxicity I think Staff member that banned you: oliver calvert Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes because I was messing around with a friend ingame after he killed me and called him stuff and admin was watching. Why should we unban you? I was only messing around with my friend tbh just want to get unbanned to play with the boys again and enjoy reborn, I will not be toxic again and just want to play again. Sorry for wasting time as it was only a joke between my friend it wasn't actually toxicity cheers. Im sorry for my actions and I will not do it again thanks. Also as its been a few months and I would like to start to play more arma again.
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    Cozza | Mixed clips

    posted for cozza
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    The NHS needs you!

    If anyone has any spare time on their hand and are over the age of 18 then why don't you volunteer to help the NHS in a time of crisis! NHS Volunteer Responders has been set up to support the NHS and the care sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. To do this they need an 'army' of volunteers who can support the 1.5m people in England who are at most risk from the virus to stay well. Our doctors, nurses, those working in local authorities and other professionals, will be able to refer people in to NHS Volunteer Responders and be confident that they have been matched with a reliable, named volunteer. Volunteers must be 18 or over, and fit and well with no symptoms. Those in higher-risk groups (including those over 70, those who are pregnant or with underlying medical conditions) will be able to offer support by telephone. If you wish to help out then apply at https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS. I myself signed up when the government first asked and i'm now ready to help out alongside my current job while stuck at home.
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    Rust Server is LIVE! Search Reborn.gg News post tomorrow!
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    Silo ¦ RR 1

    🤣🤣🤣og dear @Furyactually agree with you with something for once
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    Wristo Report

    In-game name: simmo. Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Wristo Date of the incident: 04/05/20 Time of the incident: 20:50 What rule do you believe was broken: Exploiting Any evidence available: https://gyazo.com/028e3914a0445b548d708e97823d3876 Describe the incident: I slam cap, i kill 2 and then wristo dpi jumps over the ifrit to kill me. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No
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    make night brighter

    make night brighter so that using night vision is optional, might as well turn my monitor off if i turn nv off at night. make it look something like this:
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    Armz | Frags

    brb just gonna find someone who asked
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    what is this @Albiston

    what is this @Albiston
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    Loopy Forelli

    82885 (Poggers) Report

    I never said we say it all time at all, there is the occasional slip of the tongue where you say something then regret and most people won’t report for that, and tell me where about a I said you are in the wrong for reporting, I was just stating instead of going straight for the report you could’ve spoken to us to resolve the issue, and when I say we say it to each other it’s in discord, and im not calling you specifically a wet wipe personally people who report for little things such as this and other little things are wet wipes, (I got reported for an apparent bad warning which I think is pointless) and of course it’s not accepted by the server but it’s an adult community as it states in the rules so expect some sort of things to be said, I got called a spastic, monkey,n*!ga and other shit the other day I ain’t arsed personally I don’t give a fuck what people say to me. but if your gonna go ahead and get the guy banned for saying 1 word (it’s not like he said it multiple times) kinda shitty in my eyes but that’s my opinion. ps, people who take offence to little things like that are snowflakes who shouldn’t be playing an adult community 😉
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    Andrew aka "flashstepper" #4 | short one

    that’s a steal sure Gecko will pay for this
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    Trash PC #1

    Shit PC and only just started playing after yearssss.
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    Me and @andrewfam.always analyse montages to calculate up and coming gods on the arma scene please don't take it personal

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