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    Will | Reborn #7

    Short so I can get out the clips I filmed with my older software. Enjoy tho (Some clips will have bad quality, they just messed up in render)
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    Josh .

    Add back Dmt’s to gangbases

    It will make fights better and so you don’t get zerged by a gang with 20 with 20 ifrits pushing you in a 1 story deerstand let the people vote
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    SSD Wipe

    Mixture of servers, again from past 2 weeks.
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    In-game name: Clark Steam ID: 76561198075617538 Date of ban: 09/15/20 Reason for ban: Toxicity (Perm) Staff member that banned you: Ryans Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified Why should we unban you? First off I'd like to say I apologise to luke for what I said and how I mimic'd his voice in the way that I did. I understand that it isn't acceptable behaviour to act out on someone like this but realistically it was a petty argument that never should of happend. I understand I have been banned twice before this incident for toxicity by Ryans and to be honest I never really took it seriously on how I was affecting others by what I was saying, It never should of happend and I apologise to those involved. I guess I lashed out further when he said something back but I know its still not acceptable.
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    Small financial report (The Costs)

    Hey guys, I get asked a lot about what happened to the financial reports. The truth is, they were a lot of work, time and effort. i recently did a post which explained our current financial obligations, but thought i'd do an update just so people understand where the donations are going. The Goal: The donation goal of £250 is effectively the bare minimum we can run our services over our current hardware. it really accounts for licenses, software, hardware but not all bills. The Hardware: We currently have the following hardware: Box1: Game Server headless client Specs: Processor: i7-7700K - Ram: 64GB - Storage: SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe Network: 500 Mbps outgoing |1 Gbps incoming Cost: £84.99 (Not Including VAT) Box 2: Hyper-V based server. Database Teamspeak Dev Server Dev Headless Webserver Other Projects. Specs: Processor: i7-7700K - Ram: 64GB - Storage: SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe Network: 500 Mbps outgoing |1 Gbps incoming Cost: £84.99 (Not Including VAT) We also have a 3rd box known as IFRIT, however, this server was provided free by OVH. Details of this server are confidential, sorry. The mathematicians among you will work out the £34 VAT and get a total of: £203.98 PCM. The remainder is added up toward the cost of the Licenses. Licenses. Teamspeak £140 per year (depending on exchange rates, however we try to keep a reserve of dollar based donations) Plesk £80 per year (depending price changes from Parallels) Battlemetrics: £47 per year. Forum Software: £120(ish) per year Forum theme: £8 per year Donations Mod: £16 per year 2 x Windows Server license: £408 per year There are other renewals, however, due to the nature of upgrading them, we don't always pay the renewal until there is an update available. (this is accepted in the TOU) There are also fee's for these initial changes and mods. If a new mod came out tomorrow that we could utilize, we have to assess "is it worth it". Take the Donation mod for example, it's only £16 per year, however, the purchase price is also around £35. These all add up and we are careful when deciding on purchases. so, just from those i've listed above, in renewals, we're looking at about £68.25 in just those licenses. That said, we also get a lot of discount and free periods on our windows licenses so lets skip that windows license for now and tick with the roughly £34.25 on just the normal licenses. There are some other fee's not listed, domain renewals for instance.but even without these we're already at near enough £240 leaving around £10 for saving toward future purchases (or domain renewals XD). if you wanna have some fun trying to work out the actual figures, we own rebornrp.com rebornroleplay.com reborn.gg, a load of forum mods not listed, and then the possibility of windows license fee's. We aim to cover our essentials which is what is listed above. And that's what the donation goal covers. I will have to work out a full list of fees for everything to do with the forums, however, as stated, we haven't renewed a lot due to lack of updates. Hope this helps!
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    Arma montage 2

    few reborn clips here and there - feedback appreciated yes I know the song has been used - as always in a thomas lord montage there is a little treat at the end x
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    Baka | Reborn 1

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    Buff HM and BW Vault

    HM and Blackwater vault hardly ever get triggered and most people do area 51's as it is the main source of money for big gangs. I would like suggest that when you rob HM and BW Vault you get more money than area 51 so people actually rob these because at the moment there pointless. These are some points i have thought of: Move Gold Trader closer to HM Make gold spawn in instantly. Instead of having to wait until the end of restart to get the most money Increase money for selling both gold bar and counterfeit cash Change the counterfeit cash location as its in a town and its pretty boring to fight and travel Change the compounds around abit to make it new and different from before If you have any other ideas go ahead and put them in the replies. These are only ideas as no one does these majors and something needs changed
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    In-game name: Ballin Steam ID: 76561198256674915 Date of ban: 02/08/20 Reason for ban: I was banned for using pulldowns and I regret it. I decide to come clean since I realized it was an unfair advantage and hope that u can give me a 2nd chance. When I got banned I didn't use them any more if was a 5-day old screenshot and I deleted them the same day the screenshot was taken. Staff member that banned you: Ryans Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I don't think it was unjustified just that I didn't use them at the time I was banned. I really hope that u can give a 2nd chance and the staff also looked truth my pc to check for pulldowns and they didn't find anything. I really regret my actions... Why should we unban you? I want to be unbanned because I don't use them anymore and didn't use them the time of the ban. I used them and I decided it was an unfair advantage so I came clean and deleted them. I really regret my decision and hope I will get a 2nd chance I promise never to use anything for an unfair advantage and hope u will forgive me for my regrets. when that's said I also see the fair point in my ban and hope u will give me a 2nd chance and I will not waste it. I see the point in my ban and understand its not okay to do what I did. I promise I will never break a rule again <3
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    mark - rr 4

    ik its an overused song but i like it so yh. enjoy and watch in 4k
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    warzone suggestions

    Set warzone to spawn at the same time every restart and have it spawn no matter how many people are on the server. Would make it so that people actually know exactly when to log on and would give people who play a bit earlier during the day some fun to have. (set it to spawn 40 minutes into every restart no matter what). Wz very rarley spawns at the 12pm restart cause there just isnt enough people on. I don't see a point for why it should need 50 people on to spawn, even if theres only 20 people on the server and only 5 of them are fighting wz, then they wouldnt even be making that much money from it, since it's only 1k/person on the server every 2 mins (or something like that). Another thing is to make it so that you need 300 points to win the warzone because imo it sometimes feels really short when zerg gangs/bw just sit on like 3-4 points and win after like 30-40 minutes.
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    stan | Arma | Last

    Cheers to everyone that made this game fun xx
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    INS Punisher

    Great RP during a police Checkpoint and then Great RP when processing old man tavo even though me Reece and Ryans where being annoying brats he kept his cool and made the situation rather enjoyable as well as engaging in our roleplay rather than being so serious. +1 from me great guy
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    Strip Club

    Add a strip club in so we can get drunk with a great view. Since we dont have a pub
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    Requirements: Must have 500 hours Must be good at pvp Must be able to speak English Application Template: Name: Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join?:
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    Creative Talent 2020

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    HGH IQ?

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    Scott McTavish

    Noa - Police

    Fantastic roleplayer, gave me some great RP tonight. Good to see cops roleplaying @Noa
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    Reborn Roleplay #2

    most clips from unbanned - now
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    thomas lord

    In-game name: thomas lord Steam ID: 76561198258956210 Date of ban: 08/19/2020 Reason for ban: Exploiting - looking through a wall. Staff member that banned you: Jack B Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified. My error of judgement. Why should we unban you? It was an error of judgement from me to look through the wall. I know I have had bans for exploiting before but they were far apart from each other and within that time I assumed the rules on looking through rocks and walls were relaxed due to seeing other players doing the same against me in warzone and at cartels. I know for sure now that it is definitely not acceptable and will not be done again. Thanks
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    Josh .

    Add a Convoy

    So on oly there is a thing called pharmaceutical and it’s a hemmit that spawns and cops respond and the gang need to try get it from pygros to Sofia why not add this and make it also a red zone so others can try hit it. make it spawn Kav and go to the bottom of Redzone pygros And you get 10-20m it will help smaller gangs get a chance to make money bucause atm all big gangs have over 50m each
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    Josh .

    Add a Warzone kill leader bored

    it’s needs to happen and who ever wins at the end of the week (Sunday) gets something that no one else has like a Skinned ifrit/Qilin or money also sets a new competitive edge to the Warzone and will make people play more at 12/4/8
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    Showcasing KD in signature

    You’re IG KD which currently isn’t accurate, could some players on their forms profile have the option in their forum settings to showcase their KD in game or “Capture zone KD”. Would be a nice thing to see as players have the option to have this on or off. Low priority suggestion but the current KD system would need to be fixed first, or would need warzone to add in a KD system since right now I believe it’s only capture zones and the old captures zone KD before they were taken out.
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    NCA Go karts

    The quilin with out doors is useless, you may aswell be rolling around in a go kart. So there should be go karts for NCA; Because I'd rather roll around in an actual go kart than a go kart pretending to be a quilin.
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    Ross Report

    Hello Pinti, I am very glad you decided to report me. I have some points of my own that I would like to bring up. Firstly you need to work on your negotiation skills / RP. It was crap, as can be seen at the end of the video when even the hostage calls you out on it. Yes I understand that the cash was being taken, however that is due to you ignoring the very FIRST demand made by the captors 'COPS 300 METERS AWAY'. Cops 300 meters away does not mean test the boundaries, oh go 250 meters, keep flying in the air. The heli you can hear in the entire video is a police humming bird. So I dont know if you told the officers or they just didn't care, but you ignore the first demand...Failing to value the hostages life. You told me in TS that this was down to a higher up telling you to, but you said 'I dont know who it was'. If you are unable to negotiate correctly, send someone else in until you have had more training. As in the video you can see you are constantly asking for advice and fuelling confusion within the situation, which can be interpreted by us as you ignoring/delaying our demands. I personally think you are inexperienced in negotiating and should train some more as you made this situation way more confusing then it needed to be, by constantly asking for advice (Asking advice isn't a bad thing, but should be done in training not an active situation). We started taking the cash because of the clear disregard for cops staying 300 meters away. You know this, every officer there knows it. You were given ample time to comply, but lets be real you didn't give a shit about our demands or the hostage. Secondly, you pissed all of us off by failing to RP and follow demands. If I was in your shoes, I would be trying to keep the situation calm and obey the rebels until the time was right, not push boundaries and disregard the scenario, which cops everywhere were doing. Thirdly, when you leave there is a shot inside the building, meaning to all of us outside we are liable to get shot at. I turned around from my rocks to look towards the shot and saw a police car driving along the road towards the hill. An UNARMED NEGOTIATOR should leave by the most direct route in my opinion and not drive somewhere to SET UP and FIGHT, your UNARMED why would you be going up a hill and not down the road toward KAV or Neochori? Oh I know why, its because you were going to SET UP, because lets be honest all you wanted was a gunfight hence why you didnt follow the first demand made. Also I didn't know that car was the negotiator I just saw a cop car driving up a hill to get set up, therefore they were shot at. If you had done the sensible thing and driven out of the situation and then returned like a normal negotiator would do, those of us who didn't have eyes on you the entire time would be able to tell it was you, instead you decided you wanted to go and SET UP and FRAG, not very negotiator like is it? So in conclusion: 1) Think the way you handled demands was really poor and ruined the situation. 2) Think you need training on how to handle negotiations. 3) Think your roleplay was extremely poor (and so did the hostage :D) 4) Think you made no attempt to leave the active area as fast as possible, but instead went to set up and could not be differentiated from other police by doing this. If we cant tell who clearly is the negotiator leaving, how are we meant to not shoot at them? We dont have eyes on you all the time and you blatantly made no attempt to leave the fastest way. P.S here is a screenshot of a chat with CI Dandylion after the situation on TS who even thinks your RP was crap and that you were apparently 'glitched' and thats why you went up the hill, which if so is your problem and are still liable to be shot because we cant tell if you are glitched or not. Many thanks, Ross
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    In-game name: nate Steam ID: 76561198303618581 Date of ban: 09/06/20 Reason for ban: Not Welcome Here Staff member that banned you: bensi Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was unjustified as it was not my Snapchat account that was used to send images it was a fake one with a similar user name. Why should we unban you? i would like to be unbanned because I believe that it wasn't justified and that there was inadequate evidence of who owned the account, along with this I have been apart of the community for 2 years and spent most of my 2,900 hours on this server and would like to be able to play with the friends that I have made over the 2 years.
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    Bad Jokes

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    Fandango Family - Recruitment

    Gl see u in Warzone
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    In-game name: Cliffoff Steam ID: Cliffoff#0001 Date of ban: 09/17/20 Staff member that banned you: Inshalla Reason for ban: banned for pming Charlie why he didn't start the warzone Why do you think you were banned: ^ Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: justified If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Because I spoke to Tavo and Charlie after in ts for ages about projects and future development for the server Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: k Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Add back Dmt’s to gangbases

    I feel like GB are already fairly hard to push without a DMT allowing everyone to rip ifrits.
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    Store all

    Rework the store all option so : The store all button stores all if there is space or stores as much as it can fit Eg Backpack 80 : Storage with 76 free slots - instead of having to guess or spam the amount to put inside it should just auto figure out that you wanted to store as much as possible inside the container Pretty much auto fills the max amount
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    Store all

    you have a new suggestion every other hour. Think about GCSEs, not reborn quility of life upgrades smh
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    Rebuff Air Vehicle Storage

    With WZ gone, making money is getting harder than it used to be, some people like myself aren't exactly the best at driving HEMETTS all day and heli storage isn't the best anymore. LSD, the old best run, has been removed from air vehicles and it doesn't seem too unbalanced in this day and age to make it what it used to be, Taru-500 Huron-600 etc.
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    Josh .

    Add zaf or buff the Airdrops

    i think a zaf would be fun to see come out of the Air drops as atm you not get a mk200 ever like 20 airdrops so it not worth even going we need to buff them and add more into them so people have something new to do as after Warzone everyone logs off
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/PiercingYummyCormorantPanicVis ahahahah @Matty.
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    You have been a member of the community for way more than enough time to know that personal attacks are unacceptable in this community. I can understand getting annoyed and upset at the game and Luke insulting you, but you can't expect to be a member of the community for very long if you are unable to control what you say. However, our ban history is short, your appeal shows effort, and you have come to staff apologeticly mutliple times. You will be given another chance, but be careful with what you say in the future. Unbanned
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    " ON TOUR "

    Name: David Hours: 1.7k Previous Gangs: Mythic, element, SRT T2 Vouches: mark Why do you want to join: i want to play with my friends
  40. 3 points

    Simplicity I Recruitment

    Name: Trigger Hours (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/8132784e80ed5837ba4290f51f868bb2 Previous gangs: None on this server Why do you want to join: I want to play with some people who can shoot because rn im playing with hobos and while its nostalgic its a bit fucking boring. Vouches: @Mysticc
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    Will | Reborn #7

    Didnt know you had to pulldown so hard when on the front of a prowler! https://www.loom.com/share/9f2148df9907415f839202fd36826e95 Go buy it on amazon its called x 3 y -1 ngl he even hints us https://gyazo.com/cef675d6c2c40377f6789f938b0e08c7
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    Scott McTavish

    Add back Dmt’s to gangbases

    Every time we add them back people complain about them and they get removed
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    Face reveals?

    Go ahead and let reborn know who where playing with Keep having it come out blurry ill try fix it later and this best pic I got rn might update it later just one I use on my twitch
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    Baka | Reborn 1

    fraggin on 25 fps i respect it dude n1
  45. 2 points
    Scott McTavish

    Add zaf or buff the Airdrops

    As i said, i have more chance of getting owner than a zafir getting added However, I will look into the percentages of the weapon drops, but don't expect mk200 drops 4 times a day Accepted
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    warzone suggestions

    The new warzone nerf has lead to less people playing. Therefore people aren’t bothered to log on at other warzone times besides the 8pm warzone. If we had a warzone spawn add tee every reset players would easily log on. Look at Reborn biggest competitors starting with G and their server 1 conflicts. Server might have 10 people on at the time but overtime gangs still log on for it as there are still decent rewards
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    I will give them a chance to respond.
  48. 2 points

    Olav RR#3

  49. 2 points

    Add back Dmt’s to gangbases

    could create a community poll?
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    Ross Report

    right then i've looked at the video and i shall address the following comments: i also agree with this point that his skills are not the best here and there is no rulebreak involved here as there thing wrong with it, also although no audio from his TS here is that he been forced to call them all, this i can understand as it the same principal like doing a HM or area 51 once you start taking the cash then it shows to the police that you have no interest in talking more and want to take the cash so you have to conceded here that some of this was you gang fault here, if you wanted to roleplay you could have not taken the cash and carried on the roleplay, also you do hear in his clip here that he was told others about the distant and did as instructed, you cannot blame him for the other officers actions here as he just an officer and this is something that would need to be address with police command. again like i said above, he did tell the other officers about the distance and they chose to egnore it so how can this be the officer fault...............its not again this would something that police command would need to address as he cannot be blamed for the other officers actions, also to the police credit you gave them next to no leverage at all, as all you where doing was just shouting at him "tell you officers to move 300m away" and at the same time you gang was robbbing the cash, you really put them in a "no win" situation here, so you cannot criique the officer here when you have much to improve on yourself here, you need to give them an opportunity to nagociate for the hostage life and to settle for a deal for the cash you are sealing. firsttly there is no set defining route of which he can take to leave, as long he leaves the area and goes the minimal of 1km from the situation he can go in any direction he desires as long it shows intent that he is leaving, his clip also shows someone shooting at him which does break the following the rule: 12.3 Charge Clearance If negotiation is going on during the blasting charge being placed, the negotiator must be given chance to leave the compound, no side is permitted to open fire until the negotiator has left. also you cannot accuse him of going in a direction to either set up, if he where to do that and the evidence support this, then he would be in breach of this rulebreak too, so i'll be dismissing this claim from the report as its an petty and ilvellevant comment to make, also you prevoke the gunfight by taking the cash as police are there to stop it and the gang put the police in such a way as you broke in and started to steal the cash that you have them no other choice but to call them all and to start a fight, so on that front as well as my previous point, you cannot blame the police officer here. 1) i agree here his skills are not the best , but they will improve over time as the old saying goes "practice make perfect" 2) agreeded, i'll be sending this report to police command for a review of the situation, whatever they take any action as a result of this will be down to them 3) back to my previous comment, yes the roleplay was not the best but it in no define way poor, also you can improve yourself in the points i've addressed above 4) well he was and who was the person who shot at him, shouldn't be doing so, in this instance he crashed was incapacitated as a result of someone shooting at him, you in this element you in the wrong here too, in this instance both sides are in the wrong here, there not evidence to ban anyone as a result of his, however i would like both parties to look at what i have said here and take this moving foward, police need to provide better roleplay when they are negotiating and bongos ned to give police some leverage here too and make more of an effort to roleplay here too and not just go straight for the cash as like i said above, it like an area 51 or HM once you put the charge down ( or in this ban instance start to take the money) it shows intent you do not want to roleplay and police have to inicate to stop you taking the cash report closed
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