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    Jimmy - Reborn

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    Leaders : AndrewFam, Adam Requirements - 2000 Hours *exceptions can be made - Extensive Altis Life experience - Can listen to orders and use tactical communications - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Advanced rebel Application Template In game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Assent? Can any members vouch for you? Please ensure you have someone that can vouch for you when applying to the gang. When applying to the gang your application will be reviewed by the two leaders resulting in your application being either accepted or denied. If accepted, you will be placed on a one week trial to decide whether you fit into the gang or not. If your application is denied, feel free to reapply in two weeks unless explicitly told otherwise as opinions can change and slots in the gang may open. Roster
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    Alex Gavin

    Alex Gavin Reborn #7

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    RR 6

    @Enzdoob thanks BobbyP for the song
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    Alex Gavin

    Alex Gavin Reborn #6

    Any rulebreak was resolved. 1st time editing something so feedback if its bad
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    Serafin Jamal

    sj | 6

    any kind of feedback is appreciated
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    N I N E X

    Ninex fraggie

    Just came back washed as shit but enjoy
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    Fierce | RR #3

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    Jck | Four

    Gave this montage a bit of a twist, SHOUT OUT @^ethan
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    Montage 5

    love some feedback thanks.
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    ez 9 piece on BW

    @Scott McTavish Whats going on here lad. Might be time for a meeting. Cheers for the ez 9 piece clip 😎
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    Wrigh Last

    Bit of a meme, sorry for singles. Was fun ❤️ xx
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    Reborn 10

    @carstensencheers for the song lad feedback will be appreciated x
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    Reborn 11

    @SaltCheers for the song lad Feedback will be appreciated x
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    RR #2

    enjoy the slideshow
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    In-game name: STeFFeX Steam ID: 76561198129688434 Date of ban: 02/26/19 Reason for ban: Exploiting/ Jumping over a stone wall Staff member that banned you: Paul D Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I do believe the ban was partially unjustified however I had no idea that the action that I took was a bannable offense and it does not explicitly say in the rules that it is bannable. Also, as soon as I saw the report I started writing my response however I did not have time to finish it because action was taken in about 9 minutes after the report was put up which I find annoying since I believe that I should be allowed to tell my side of the story before any action is being placed. Why should we unban you? I've been a part of this community for a long time and I believe that I should be unbanned because I do not break rules and never get into complications with other people on the server. Personally I had no idea that jumping over a stone barrier was a bannable offense otherwise I would not have done especially not for just the fact of shooting someone. Reborn is a great server and I have played actively on here for the past year. I would never do anything that would get me banned and it was a genuin mistake from my behalf. I also believe that everyone should get another chance and i sincerely apologize for breaking a rule and exploiting even though it was never my intention to do. I hope you can understand where I am coming from since I am not the guy to break rules and I stay away from trouble.
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    Reborn 9

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    Linx RR #1

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    Jck | Five

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    Matt Colburn


    *What are you doing StepBro* Requirements: Must have 2000 hours (exceptions can be made): Must be active Must be experienced Application Template: Name: Hours: Previous Gangs: Who can vouch for you: Roster *You are the best StepBro I could ever ask for*
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    Sloth RR1

    posted for him cause hes forum banned x
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    RR Frags 3 | jack.

    third montage, not the best.
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    Half price

    Can we keep half price on instead of it turning off tommorow?
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    Blaine RR 2

    No Hate!
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    Swanta | RR 1

    First tage, mostly singles ik. Feedback appreciated xx 1440p btw
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    JAW | RR | 10

    Bare lag/dead fps Settings change like every clip
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    ..S.. 6

    short and im bored
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    Gang base bidding server

    Right now every time it's gang base bidding the server gets completely full for 4 hours. Server 2 is almost never opened anymore so my suggestion is that they open a server just for gang base bidding, disable runs and everything else that can be done on the server and just let it be a server purely for gang base bidding (only during Saturday 8-12 ofc) This would be really good because then everyone who wants to go on the server and just fight for gangbase can do that and everyone who wants to roleplay, do runs etc can go on server 1. The only allowed cops on that server should be TFU (or any unit that actually fights at gang base normally) and then make the BW slots like 15. Then all of the cops wouldn't be on that server so people wouldn't be able to do runs on server 1 completely risk-free. I'm not sure if this is actually possible but if it is then I think it might reduce the lag on that server because people can't do runs and everything (not sure if that is true, just guessing).
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    Fallen #7

    Feedback is Appreciated!
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    Black Water South OP

    I believe the Blackwater South OP to be moved. It is to near to zone and all they do is parachute all day long and snipe. I dont feel it is fair as every 2 seconds there is a new wave of parachuters and being a rebel i can see how this is annoying. By moving/removing it, it should create more co-ordination within the faction and stop the continues waves of parachuters and it is not like there is not 4 other available spawn points for them. Just to be sure they are happy, let them spawn the 4 other locations!
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    Police 2.0 Details And Information

    Police 2.0 Finally, Police 2.0 is soon to be HAS BEEN released. It's taken time for it to go into development stage however, we have worked hard on this, and with it taking a lot of time we want to make it the best for the officers. So we apologise for how long it has taken and for the delays etc. However, as Police Command has stated, in this update mostly everything in police will be updated with new vehicles, equipment, weapons, skins and police features. Police Features Firstly, I will be discussing what arrived for the police. As you all know ingame PNC was implemented into police, this is a new upgraded wanted system for police. Originally this was going to be released for Police 2.0 however we decided to release it early for Police, as we believed it took a bit too long. The features: Player List: Now shows all online civilians (including BW), whether wanted or now Crime List: Attached to the data of the player, doesn't require a new database call Add Crime: Add any crime from the (long) list of available crimes, can add multiple by clicking again Remove Crime: Removes all of the selected crime Pardon: Pardons player, as before Search: Finally! You can search for active players. Reset by clicking "ok" with nothing in the Search Box Notifications: For added immersion We also added a new interactive system when someone sends a person to prison, you'll have to enter a reason for it. What's New In Police? Added - Police Ranks Structure CSI - Chief Superintendent SI - Superintendent CI - Chief Inspector DCI - Deputy Chief Inspector DI - Detective Inspector INS - Inspector DSGT - Desk Seargent SGT - Seargent SPC - Senior Police Constable PC - Police Constable PCSO - Police Community Support Officer CSO - Community Support Officer All these new rankings are to replace the previous ranks - New Police Uniform Skins New Trainee Uniform (CSO, PCSO) New Patrol Uniform (PC - INS) New Senior Police Uniform (DI - CI) New Police Command Uniform (SI, CSI) - New Police Vehicle Skins - New Police Equipment and Weapons - New Interior Kavala and Athira Hq's - New Units TFU This will be a new updated version of the previous unit called TRU. If you don't know TFU was the first tactical unit within Police, for this update we decided to bring back old memories. Unit Structure Chief Deputy Trainer Team Lead Member TrialIst Equipment Rank Weapons Vehicles Other Chief Deputy Ifrit Trainer Cyrus Mar-10 Truck Boxer Van LRPS Team Lead MXSW 100rd Armed Qilins AMS Ghillie Suit Carrier GL Rig (Black and Green) Member MK-1 Mk-18 Spar-17 Car95-1 Qilin SUV Hatchback Sport (Marked and Unmarked) Hunter Strider DMS Flashbangs 7.62 Suppressor Trialist MXC MX MXSW MX3GL Type 115 Katiba Car-95 CMR-76 SUV Hatchback Sport Prowler ARCO MRCO RCO ERCO TFU Clothing ECH Helmet Carrier Rig Plate Carrier Rig Mk.2 Smoke Grenades 6.5mm suppressor Glasses Balaclavas NCA This will be the new updated version of the previous unit called DIU, we decided to name this unit NCA as it is a real unit and DIU just didn't sound good enough. Unit Structure Chief Deputy Trainer Lead Trainer Trainer Lead Agent Agent Trial Agent Equipment Ranks Weapons Vehicles Other Chief 7.62 Suppressor Deputy MK 1 Hunter LRPS Lead Trainer Same As Below Same As Below Same As Below Trainer Same As Below Same As Below Same As Below Lead Agent MK 18 Prowler Unmarked SUV Unmarked Hatchback Sport MH9 Qilin DMS + AMS Darter Agent CMR MXSW 100rd Spar 16s SUV Hatchback Sport 6.5 Suppressor Trial Agent MXM Katiba None NCA Clothing Carrier Rig Enhanced Combat Helmet ACO MK17 Holosight RCO MRCO ARCO ERCO - NPAS Uniform Skin - NPAS Helicopter Skin - TFU Uniform Skin - NCS Uniform Skin - New TFU HQ Pictures of skins will not be shown here, you'll have to wait for when the updates releases Removed - DIU Unit - DIU Skins - TRU Unit - TRU Skins Rule Changes Returning Officer Cooldown - 1st Time Leaving One Week Cooldown - 2nd Time Leaving Three Weeks Cooldown - 3rd Time Cooldown Six Week Cooldown (Returning as PC max) - 4th Time Leaving Blacklist Kicked Officer Cooldown - Kicked 1st Time - Two Weeks Cooldown (Returning as CSO max) Blacklisted Officer Cooldown The officer that blacklisted you, will be deciding the appeal date. Returning rank after blacklist will be CSO. 8.1.18 - You have to initiate in order to shoot tires and also give sufficient time to react minimum 2 minutes (If you have no access to a vehicle then sufficient time is not needed) There will be more rules/changes coming in the future for the police. However, all this wouldn't be possible without the work of @Scott McTavish @Harry Lewis @Fueland the rest of @Police Command So thank you for the work and ideas you have implemented.
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    RR 2

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    MnsY RR#1

    don't record much but some clips since I came back to arma enjoy x
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    In-game name: poults Steam ID: Ax+YJtfyzDzLTWuNofBBZns6F10= Date of ban: 02/23/19 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: OutSyder Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was fully justified and i definitely deserved the ban i am very sorry for what i have said and i msged him and apologised for what i have said. Why should we unban you? I believe i should be unbanned because i am extremely sorry for what i done i do believe now coming up to a week of being banned i 100% regret the decision of saying what i said i meant no harm to the person, I have been part of the community for more than a year now and i have tried my hardest to keep clean and not get banned as i said just said one stupid comment which i regret massively. I have got in contact with the person i offend and i have said sorry to him and i would just like 1 more chance on this community to show to everyone that i am not a toxic person and to show that im a nice guy and again for anyone that was offend for what i said i am extremely sorry and if i was to be unbanned i will not do this again. I would also like to be unbanned from the teamspeak as i just would like to speak to my friends again and be able to play the server with them and also other games with them. I hope you can take my ban appeal in to consideration
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    Matrox RR#1

    Only shitters will hate
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    Peeta | RR #1

    Feedback appreciated x
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    Bidding Suggestions

    Add a safe zone to gear up, wilmas minions camping each spawn in feres and every faction and sinity camping rebels is such a pain in the arse. Leave your suggestions below ❤️
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    Lower qilin center of mass

    I understand devs are very occupied atm, but if anyone has time, could the center of mass in the qilin be lowered slightly, as they are very bouncy when driving off-road and always flip in rough terrain and when turning corners. Ty 😗
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    Albiston - RR #1

  40. 17 points

    Aquaman #3

    Wanted to add some better clips in but i have like 10GB Left on my hard drive so i just used them to free up some space.
  41. 17 points

    DanisH RR #6

    Feedback appreciated!
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    Scott McTavish

    McTavish Texture Gallery 2019

    Rebel 'Skull' Ifrit Version 2 Version 3 Irn-Bru Sporty Abibas Sporty More to come... Note: This is not a suggestion post, merely a gallery of my textures
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    Narcos - Recruiting

    Roster Leaders: @Jaykae @Blaine @BigLez Requirements: 1,500 Hours + A good understanding of Cap Zones and HM/APD Must have good comms Stable bank balance Good activity Application: Name: Age: Bank Balance: How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot): Can anyone in the gang vouch for you: Can you attend gang wars regularly: Previous gangs/organizations:
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    zico **posted for him

    In-game name: zico **Posted for him Steam ID: 76561198354437324 Date of ban: 12/23/19 Reason for ban: not sure of date ^^ Exploiting https://plays.tv/video/5c69d6cf37d858458c/77 Staff member that banned you: Paul D Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope It was 100% justified and i regret massively what i doneI did a petty exploit in the heat of the moment which gained me no advantage and was stupid of me to do Why should we unban you? I realised that I fucked up by doing something so petty, I should have realised that although it doesn't benefit me as I already had a Heli telling me where people were, that its still exploiting, therefore id like to say sorry for being an idiot by doing this but id like just a chance to show that I don't exploit regularly it was just one time that I fucked up when I wasn't thinking. I was told on my last appeal that I was not going to be unbanned. This is my 4th ban and my first ban for exploiting and I have away from any trouble with the rules for a while however I was told that I have had too many chances, this is also my first Perm ban. I know I have messed up afew times and there are no excuses for all my bans however 4 bans is not that many if u compare me to many others who have had many more chances and their bans were mainly for the same thing like cozza for example. however I still did mess up but I would love for just a chance to be unbanned as I think I will stay out of trouble. I have also had a while away from the server and have realised how stupid I was for exploiting and I can promise I wont do it again. so I am just asking for a chance to be unbanned and to not be overlooked as u think I have had enough chances
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    RR #3 reeagan aka Girraffe

    had to rush due to reasons quailty might be rubish rn allso all my clips took up 300gb rippp cheers to @Kaane for the song wag 1 bid ting GaMers o7
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    In-game name: Tom Skyline "Made for Tom Skyline" Steam ID: 76561198116453222 Date of ban: 02/02/19 Reason for ban: "Leaking IPs" Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes. I would never create an IP list for Reborn. This is the place where I have played over 1000 hours on and made many friends. Yes, I got wiped for the money thing but this is my limit I would never intentionally go out my way to harm members of the community, especially since my own IP is very hard to change I know what its like to be on one of these lists. I have done so much for Reborn and i would never want to get banned to no ever come back I genuinely love this server and want to come back , i aint been on pc much now as this is the only game i play and love to play and it feels bad coming on pc and cant play with my friends Tactical and Ryan bradford and it feels bad Please can i get unbanned and i hope there is some way for u to see that im not leaking ip and that i dont know why my name was on there i understand why i was banned but i just hope u can give me a chance to show it was never me . thanks for reaqding this and hopefully neo and fuel u will please please please unban me Why should we unban you? know fuel you said "you dont want to take any risks" but im telling you i did not create this list and asking me to find out who made it is kind of a hard task. Just please believe me i would not do this and i hope i can regain the trust that is lost.
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    mk200 bundle

    mk200 bundle comes with one mag currently, when redeemed you should get 3 or 4 mags. a small quality of life chang gives people willing to due less of a reason too as they will have enough mags
  49. 15 points

    h | Howl

    Mainly gonna be fighting cartels don't expect great activity. Requirements 1500 hours + ( Occasional exceptions ) At least 5m Must be mature Vouch ( Exceptions will be made ) Application IGN: Hours on Arma 3: Bank Balance: Previous Gangs : Vouches: Roster
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    In-game name: Enz Steam ID: 76561198169940709/ Date of ban: 03/12/19 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i believe my ban was justified Why should we unban you? i should be unbanned because i was just trying too be funny but i obliviously was not, it was a bad joke on my side and i now understand it was a very stupid move on my side and i apologies for the convince i caused i know my ban history is shady but i have not done broken any rules in a long long time since my last ban i wont make anymore jokes towards the server as this is the only server i enjoy playing sorry again @Fuel

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