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    Adam ツ

    Adam RR#1

    pretty average, i never record my good clips. Give me feedback for the next one x
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    RR 1

    Never gonna finish this
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    Ethan #2

    yah, feedback appriciated. last few clips are pretty bad as i dont play much anymore and just wanted to bang this out here so yea
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    RomaN #2

    Nothing special, been busy with college recently.
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    Reborn Gang Wars Welcome to reborn gang wars. On the 12th of May at 19:00 we will be hosting another gang wars event. This event will indeed take place on the public server (server 2) however if there are problems to do with connection and server mass kicks it will be moved onto a private server. You will not have to pay for your loadouts as this will be provided for as well as the ifrits, these will be provided also. The event will consist on 8 vs 8 fights between teams at a selection of the capture points. The capture points will be chosen by the leaders of the two teams currently battling after a coin flip. Event Prizes (Prizes can go up depending on the amount of interest) - 1st place will receive gang wars winner tags on the RebornRoleplay TeamSpeak and 20 million in gang funds. (Also trying to persuade staff to have a guaranteed gang base next month of your choosing. This is up to how many teams/players attend) - 2nd place will receive 10 million in gang funds. - 3rd place will receive 5 million in gang funds. Rules - Anyone willing to compete that has been banned previously for lag-switching, exploiting, or scripting of sorts will not be able to participate. - All contenders must have a minimum of 100 hours on the reborn servers. - Rosters must have 8 players with an additional 2 substitutes. - All participants must be in the RebornRoleplay TeamSpeak at 18:45 in preparation for the event. - Must use your actual name whilst competing. (No silly rando names like "andrewfam") - Do not scrap or store any items used in the event. (you will get banned) Equipment - Maximum of lvl 4 vest, - No CSAT clothing (unless added in a change-log before the day of the event.) - No 7.62 suppressors - Maximum of 2 ifrits for the attacking team. - Attacking gang has 10 minutes to begin the attack on the compound. - Combat only within the redzone. FAQ Q. Im in police can I still make a team? A. Yes, you just need to make sure you are in a civilian slot. Q. Im in Camorra can I still make a team? A. Yes, you just need to make sure you are in a civilian slot. Q. Im banned can I still play? A. Unfortunately not as the event will be taken place on the live server. Q. Do I need to put down 2 substitutes? A. No, but if your team takes longer than ten minutes to get on reborn team-speak and in game they will be disqualified. That's why it is advised you have substitutes. Q. When does my team fight? A. Your gang leaders will be notified on Friday (11th). Q. How long do I have to get together a team? A. Thursday 20:00. No more teams can by submitted by then. Q. Why now when we have exams in 2 weeks? A. The server has the most amount of players and gangs right now, we never know how many players there will be in a month. This is the best time to host a gang wars and get the most teams out of it. Im sure you can spare 1 hour on a Saturday to play a game. Q. My question has not been answered here. A. Feel free to PM me on the forums. Please submit your rosters in the comments of this thread and use the following layout: Team name = 1- (Team leader) - 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- If anyone has any suggestions for the event please PM me on the forums. Aside from that good luck and have fun!
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    Harry Lewis

    RR #1 Roleplay Frags

    cheesy compilation of the fun times I had in my time working towards and being CMO Thanks to everyone who made it such fun <disclaimer> I did some stupid shit I regret back in the day but it's all fun memories </disclaimer>
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    Reborn Frags #2

    clips from last 5 days or so, not that many fights lately and havent been playing so much but its aight.
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    Envious Recruitment (New)

    Requirements - 1000 Hours *exceptions can be made - Extensive Altis Life experience - Can listen to orders and use tactical communications - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Advanced rebel Application Template In game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join envious? Can any members vouch for you? Please ensure you have someone that can vouch for you when applying to the gang. When applying to the gang your application will be reviewed by the three leaders and then a member vote will be carried out resulting in your application being either accepted or denied. If your application is denied, feel free to reapply in two weeks unless explicitly told otherwise as opinions can change and slots in the gang may open. ROSTER
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    Prime | F u r y

    In-game name: Prime | F u r y Steam ID: 76561198085769271 Date of ban: 04/30/2018 Staff member that banned you: Jordd on behalf of Noms ??? Reason for ban: NLR Why do you think you were banned: First off I'd like to say I don't even know where this is coming from. Admins would not communicate with me to allow me to grasp when & where this rule break happened. Both me and Connor did, in fact, wait for a video, however, we were met with the response implying "Nah. I'll get it for you in the morning" saying he would have to "cut up a big fill". The next day I am met with a response implying, not my issue, better things to do basically.. So I have no idea why I got banned. died twice that restart: Death 1: One was due to dsync [Can Provide Video] : Was effectively VDM static hemmt went flying and killed me. Death 2: Second time [The one I think I'm banned due too] : In this situation, I waited 18 minutes before returning along with the rest of the gang My Opinion on Why My Ban Unjust: I believe my ban was invalid due to the fact that McTavish said if "gang a kills all of gang b they can go back after 15mins" [Taken from extract bellow] In this sit the attacking gang was gang a, and Prime was gang b. We all got wipped. I returned after my NLR was up. Got banned. Noms is refusing to show proof and for some reason got Jordd to ban me on his behalf? If this is not the correct situation then I have literally no clue where this ban has came from then, again I requested video along with Connor from Noms & Jordd to see where this justification for a ban came from and was declined. Below are the full chat logs between relivent parties: ABOUT RETURNING AFTER NLR TIMER IS UP: <21:21:14> "Connor": whats the rules on nlr at gang bases <21:21:21> "McTavish": same nlr <21:21:44> "Connor": ok i got told that if we die there we cant go back all restart <21:21:47> "Connor": is that true or nah <21:22:30> "McTavish": lol thats rubbish, diff sdituation and 15mins is fine, aka gang a kills all of gang b they can go back after 15mins REQUESTING PROOF <23:31:32> "Jorddβ„’": Another admin has the recording you returned within 15 mins. <23:44:20> "Adam Briggs": noms says there wont be a video until tomorrow <23:44:31> "F u r y": tell him that's not good enough. <23:44:50> "F u r y": Is there an issue with his software? <14:32:28> "Noms": Gonna make this quick and blunt because I've got more important things to deal with. First of all, and, most importantly, I, and any admin, is not obligated ot provide any video or evidence relating to any punishment that they've issued. Suffice to say that they had enough evidence to take action and they did. I've got a 500GB+ video I need to trawl through and to be quite honest you're not worth the time and effort given my other responsibilities at the moment; so unfortunately, no, I will not be rendering out a video any time soon. [If I was the last person he banned, surely its at the very end of the recording??] If this is not the correct sit could an admin fill me in on where the error was made? Also, Ill render video upon request, should have the relevant proof to both sits. [Please point out the correct one] Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I do believe my ban was unjustified. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: N/a Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Was deined any proof. So I guess the error must be on my behave Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Revert jump script

    The jump script right now is useless. People might aswell vault. The jump script was to let us jump over things but now its useless. We cant even jump over small tiny things the vault would even work better rn tbh
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    Dirty Aimlock!

    Hmu for the files! *This is a meme, no one get but hurt*
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    Alex Gavin

    Alex Gavin #1

    First montage just feedback plz xxx
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    Prime | Recruitment

    Requirements: -Financially stable -Tactical communications -Experienced -Mature -Over 2000 hours on Arma 3 -Must have atleast one member to vouch for you Leader: tiger Connor (Faction hopper) Application Format: In game name: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot required) Previous gangs: What current members can vouch for you: Roster
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    the feels

    the feels
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    Ambition Recruitment [Limited]

    Ambition We are a group of friends that are mostly just looking to fight cartels. Leaders : Jaconite Requirements : - Financially Stable - Tactical Communications - Experienced - Mature - Atleast 1500+ hours on arma 3 Application format : In-game name : Age : Hours on arma 3 (screenshot) : Previous gangs : Can anyone vouch for you : Roster
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    Prime | Benny

    In-game name: Prime | Benny Steam ID: 76561197969828569 Date of ban: 05/06/2018 Reason for ban: RDM / TOXIC Staff member that banned you: Jordd Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No Why should we unban you? I think I should be unbanned because my actions were unacceptable. Being a long time member of the community I should have known better and in the heat of the moment I called Jordd 'retard', this was based on a decision that I would get a 48 hour ban for killing an officer 850 metres away from the HM Treasury what was assumed to be running towards it. I understand why I was banned and respect the decision and I regret calling Jordd that and want to apologise to him and the police officer I killed, interrupting whatever he was up to. After hearing that I'd be banned for that and in my reasoning had a valid point why I shot him I became childish and didn't want to accept the fact that I was wrong in that case scenario as I was sure that there was a 1km radius of officers and the bank where you can shoot them. To call him that is unacceptable and I now wish I never said that as I'm not usually a toxic person but out of frustration it slipped out and I understand that Jordd spends a lot of time monitoring the server and to have someone call him that is disgusting. I had no intention of offending him, I have nothing against Jordd but the decision was what I was frustrated with. I didn't get any time to explain my side of the story to Jordd and neither did I hear a reason for my ban until I went into a Teamspeak channel with himself, McTavish and Noms where we discussed what went wrong and therefore I could apologise and explain my side of the story. I think I should be unbanned because I rarely break rules and don't have many bans, I have been a member of the community for over a year and don't know where else I will play. I want to go back to the server and prove that I have learnt my lesson and will never discriminate anybody like that and I realise that my actions were totally unacceptable and that is not likely of me to call somebody that. I hope I get unbanned so that I can show myself worthy of this and to improve on what I did wrong and hopefully change the views of the admins on my actions and now that I have had the opportunity to chat with the admins know what to do in that situation and I will read the rules over to make sure I am updated and know whats wrong and right. I had no idea we were warned as a gang about this today and was sure that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I want to change for the better and hopefully come back reformed. Again I want to apologise for my actions and if unbanned will ensure you that it will never happen again. Thanks.
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    Prime Hobo Banks Btw

    We all used > 9mm We made it too far, cmon lads. Cops should have stopped us before we even got charge down, but we nearly wiped ahah
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    This dude made my day

    Someone count how many times he said "i need money"
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    Prime | Recruitment

    Dont even bother, all envious are denied. Stop sending me pm's
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    Yeezysloth's Reborn Mini Tage #1

    Excuse the quality n shit but yeh, first montage.
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    Browny :)

    Reborn Roleplay | 2

    My fps is really bad when i record so i think this will be my last hope you enjoy
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    A K O (posting for ZigZag)

    In-game name: A K O (posting for ZigZag) Steam ID: 76561198168417577 Date of ban: 04/25/2018 Staff member that banned you: Dan Reason for ban: Poor RP Why do you think you were banned: We spotted two HEMMTs at camorra drug dealer, so we got dropped to initiate on them. As we approached to initiated quite a lot of us started to shout, I myself had no chance to considering I was pushed away by the truck and got stuck on some boxes before anything actually happened. Once I heard that everyone began to start to initiated I immediately stopped talking to avoid any confusion. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: To be fair, I sort of agree about the ban, but at the same time I wasn't the person who initiated on the truck and started immediately shooting, but instead stayed away from it because I knew that it was going to get out of hand. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: If one person makes a mistake, it shouldn't reflect on others there, if they are clearly attempting to avoid the situation getting out of hand. I would completely agree with my ban if I was shooting, but I didn't. In the video, you can see I was looking in the opposite direction of where the trucks were even heading. https://gyazo.com/1eb9d35a3e0df148fcdc66d8b2b3db49 Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXFGiMx9q-k Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Jump Script

    The jump script was something we've all grown to love across our time on the server. It can be argued that it can be overpowered in the sense that it can be exploited but of course, the people who do exploit it will be banned. I personally think that the jump script should be re-implemented as you can quite clearly jump in real life and this is, of course, meant to be a roleplay server that somewhat emulates real life. Not only is it great for roleplay purposes but it makes combat much more bearable for example, jumping on rocks at OG as vaulting is slow and can wind up getting you killed. Once again, would love to know people's views and opinions on this topic. Cheers.
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    Prime | Recruitment

  25. 13 points

    Craft #2

    Sorry for the black outlines ill try to get it fixed next video. I would also apologize i would have more frags but faceless disbanded.

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