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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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    1. AndrewFam

      Torment - RR

      Msg for Famtec. Enjoy.
      72 points
    2. recon

      recon - Reborn

      third one with the drilly mandem. hope you all enjoy. let me know what yall think.
      37 points
    3. Neo

      Clean Slate Protocol

      Introduction. Hey Altisians, I'm going to have to think of a new name for you guys soon as, well, Los Santos definitely isn't Altis... Come to think of it Chernarus isn't either... Well, we all started on Altis at Reborn, so for now, I think I'm safe! Down to business! As you may gather by the title, we've initiated the Clean Slate Protocol, anyone who's been here over 3 years may remember what this is. Clean Slate. We're doing what we presume to be the final Life Server Clean slate. So what's a clean slate? A clean slate is when we actually wipe the
      37 points
    4. Cozza

      Cozza Arma 3 kills

      Watch in 4k
      36 points
    5. Requirements: Must be good Must be able to speak English ------ Application Template: Name: Hours (screenshot): Anyone that can vouch for you: roster:
      31 points
    6. myReborn Public Beta Reborn Roleplay is pleased to announce myReborn, a player statistics and management system. myReborn is a base for continued expansion and development - it allows for us to create out-of-game tools that improve the overall experience for our servers, be it on Altis Life, or future projects... myReborn has been available to a closed group for the last few weeks, and although there are some minor kinks we are working on, it is in a state now where we can release it and gather some more feedback and suggestions to help us improve the platform. We encourage you
      30 points
    7. Neo

      Reborn Expands!

      Hey Altisians! So, As those of you that pay attention to Discord are aware, we've been working on several expansions to the Reborn Family. Reborn's goal is to be a safe place to play, without discrimination, bullying, doxing, etc. A place where you can call "Home" online. Today, I'm happy to announce the Second expansion to this, an ArmA 3 CQC Server which is now LIVE! Reborn CQC Address: cqc.reborn.gg Port: 2402 We're fed up with our members being DDoS'd by salty kids who buy IP's from other servers (or just sit there and w
      27 points
    8. Firstly i wanna start by saying as we all know , you get 1 dog tag per kill in red zones such as Warzones , church , cartels and you get 2 dog tags per kill on OG. ATM in the shop a mk200 is 40 dog tags to buy aka 40 kills in red zone to use a mk200 for one life which IMO is very steep. Below i am going to write current prices and what i think they should be changed to , this is my opinion so feel free to give yours as well. MK200 is 40 should be 10 MK1 suppressor is 5 should be 2 ASP-1 Kir is 60 should be 25 Cyrus is 60 should be 25 Mar 10 is 60 shoul
      26 points
    9. 25 points
    10. Extacy

      Extacy RR 1

      Watch in 1440p
      22 points
    11. benja...

      benja.. new fraggy

      if the quality is shit wait for it to process 4K
      15 points
    12. It has arrived! Thank you big C @Cozza I am over the moon mate! Overwhelmed with excitement!
      12 points
    13. Requirements 1. English only. 2. Financialy stable. 3. Good at the game. 4. Minimum 1.5k hours. (exeptions can be made) 5. Must at least know some callouts. 6. Be Active. Application Name: Hours (screenshot): Previous Gangs: Any Vouches: Any Clips You Would Like To Show: Roster coming soon xx message me if you dont want to apply on the forums.
      8 points
    14. ApexOG

      Krypt | Recruitment

      Requirements 500 hours Financially stable Good knowledge of the server and rules Application Template Please submit this form to myself, @Quav or @Lewis02 through a forum PM or post the application on this gang page. We will get to it as soon as we can. ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Name: Age: Timezone: Hours on ARMA 3: Previous gangs: Vouches: Reason for joining Krypt: ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Krypt Roster
      8 points
    15. Simmo

      Adidas Clothing

      Opps? And lmk what to change
      8 points
    16. 8 points
    17. AzzaG

      Board appeal information

      Reborn Roleplay: Board appeal information. Summary of a board appeal: A board appeal is what you'd need to go through for the most severe of rulebreaks (They will be listed further on in the post). When someone has submitted an appeal, these will be voted on by the board that consist of Staff Leads, Management and Owners. They will be voted on 1 by 1 and we factor in numerous reasons as to why we vote yes or no. How do I contact a staff lead?: You can find staff leads on the forums via this link: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/staff/ Discord Teamspeak I've
      7 points
    18. Jambo

      Dogtags into money/xp

      Just as the title says, make it so your able to trade dogtags in for money Also make it so you can trade dogtags in for xp so new players dont have to mindlessly do gunpowder runs for days on end just to get all essential perks This has probably been suggested before but never seen it get any updates or anything about it
      7 points
    19. Eddan

      Error | Recruitment

      Requirements: 1000 Hours Financially Stable Knowledge of the Server Application: Name: Hours on Arma 3: Previous gangs: Vouches: @Roster soon. [Send me a message if you do not want to write the application here]
      7 points
    20. Hassann

      mallyy (Posted For)

      In-game name: mallyy (Posted For) Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile) https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/18517-mallyy/ Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? Forums Date of ban: 04/24/21 Reason for ban: Attack on player Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Completely justified, I said something which was out of line. Why should we unban you? I am an active member of the forums and I miss being able and I am very sor
      6 points
    21. Pengu

      reece 180'd

      In-game name: reece 180'd Steam ID: 76561198249931730 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 05/05/21 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Ronson Why do you think you were banned: I was at supercap at Panagia wz, and there is a little rock outside of the compound. I went onto the rock and jumped over the h barrier. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I did not know at the time it was exploiting, so i belived my ban was very unjustified, but now that i was told
      6 points
    22. Back from a couple of weeks off, how's everyone doing?
      6 points
    23. Josh .

      Torment | Recruitment

      Name: Josh . Hours on Arma 3: 7k Reason for joining: cba with repent Previous gangs: TI, Prime, Tenacity, Hennessy, unknown, more Remakes of the same gangs haha Vouches: dk
      6 points
    24. pan

      alles gut

      In-game name: alles gut Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile) 76561198403392121 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 05/06/21 Reason for ban: Racism/Toxic Staff member that banned you: Autoban Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No it was totally justified because I wrote "fag" in direct chat. I don't support any racism things or something. I was mad so I was completely retarded. Im so sorry that i said this and it will never h
      6 points
    25. Arthur.

      Oh no

      5 points
    26. AzzaG

      *COMPETITION* #BeNice

      #BeNice - Competition *Ends 16/05/2021* So, with it currently being mental health awareness week I've decided to host a little competition where everyone is a winner in their own right. In these times, where a lot of people are suffering with mental health, being nice to someone online can really boost them up. As we all know, Reborn is a place where people can escape their real life problems and forget about them whilst they're on. I do this myself and I know others do. What do I need to do to win?: Over the next few days, I want you to be nice and spread the love on Rebor
      5 points
    27. mikey..

      Save Y Items In Loadouts

      Pretty much says it in the name, when you save a loadout at rebel make it so it also saves the Y items like Monsters and Medic Pack etc.
      5 points
    28. So Azza g is more than just a admin He is a great person in the irl i was talking to azzag and i told him that i had a tough time to day so everybody in the teamspeak was quiet for like a while and then i finaly got the guts to tell him and he talked to me for a good 10 minutes about how we can over come thing like what i was going through and he understood everything im not even joking like im getting bullied badly they know that the only way to hurt me is by hurting my family so they are beating my brother up and i come home in a state and listening to azza was like listening to god you kno
      5 points
    29. enjoy this pile of dog wank, im not sure i want to keep playing reborn so i cba finishing this so enjoy the whole 1min and 30secs of it xx
      5 points
    30. I made this Monster Ifrit quite a while back but never released it due to its large file size Should I release it into the war supplies shop or as a donator skin?
      5 points
    31. Sanik

      Error | Recruitment

      the timer has started, GL
      5 points
    32. This suggestion has been accepted and moved to the suggestions archive for future reference.
      5 points
    33. Patrick..

      [Accepted] - Solar Tower

      Either remove the solar tower from supercap in zaros warzone or make it so it can be damaged again
      5 points
    34. AzzaG

      Krypt | Recruitment

      Name: AzzaG Age: 24 Timezone: BST Hours on ARMA 3: 2617 Previous gangs: Divine Vouches: Everyone from Divine Reason for joining Krypt: Want to join the best gang on the server
      5 points
    35. 5 points
    36. Cozza

      [Accepted] - Pygros zone

      +1 frogswamp is shit
      5 points
    37. 5 points
    38. is turtles even that good? I swear lsd is just the best run
      5 points
    39. Mart1nez

      Reborn CQC | Ideas

      Hello Everyone, Me and the Development Team have spoke about the weapons on the server and we would like to bring three ideas for the bigger weapons (Cyrus, MAR-10, MK200, ASP and LIM). 1st: The Current System 2nd: A Shop Where you use your CQC Points 3rd: Suggest In Comments
      4 points
    40. AndrewFam

      Torment | Recruitment

      Requirements: 1500 Hours Financially Stable Knowledge of the Server Application Template: Name: Hours on Arma 3: Reason for joining: Previous gangs: Vouches: Roster If you do not want to apply via the recruitment page, send your application to me as a private message on the forums.
      4 points
    41. recon

      Torment | Recruitment

      how fucking dare u .. this adam guy is nuts
      4 points
    42. Jalali123

      Bangers n Mash

      The story of our gang has a humble but sad beginning, after hodaring shyknees, it wasn't enough, so we decided that we wanted bangers and mash instead. Our gang makes sure everyone gets their bread and eats it wherever they want, that is why we decided on our new restaurant in redzone for all of our members to enjoy. Requirements: 1500 Hours Financially Stable Knowledge of the Server Application Template: Name: Hours on Arma 3: Reason for joining: Previous gangs: Vouches: Roster
      4 points
    43. Mart1nez

      Reborn Expands!

      ;( wheres my @
      4 points
    44. 4 points
    45. usm4N_TURK

      Reborn CQC | Ideas

      The game is third person lmao who cares
      4 points
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