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    Charlie Pollin

    Christmas Giveaway 🎄

    Christmas Giveaway £20 Steam Gift-card Winner Announced Friday ❤️ Like And Comment ‘Done’
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    Hennessy Recruitment

    Leaders: andrew Requirements - 1000 Hours *exceptions can be made - Extensive Altis Life experience - Can listen to orders and use tactical communications - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Advanced rebel Application Template In game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Hennessy? Can any members vouch for you? Please ensure you have someone that can vouch for you when applying to the gang. When applying to the gang your application will be reviewed by the three leaders and then a member vote will be carried out resulting in your application being either accepted or denied. If your application is denied, feel free to reapply in two weeks unless explicitly told otherwise as opinions can change and slots in the gang may open. Roster
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    Jck | Two

    Rushed the end a bit. Feedback please.
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    Benny #3

    s/o to the gangs thats made reborn fun bit short, clips from the past week
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    Community Supports Chosen!

    First off thank you to everyone who applied, we had a total of 65 applicants and we have chosen the following 18 people as the newest community supports: @Connor Benson @Matthew Darhk @R_Temple_ @Jamie G @Jordd @Kydan Sadler @Stefan Karlsson @[KingPin] Leeroy Jenkins @Albiston @Laurence @Joshh @Bobb @David Holmes @Tivroxx @Mason M @Monkey @MINIME9991 @xReapzz Please get in contact with @Harry Lewis @Wilma Fingerdoo or @Lensen to get yourself inducted into your new role. If you were not chosen this team around please feel free to contact a staff lead who might be able to guide you on how to improve for next time when we open applications.
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    enjoy yents 😘
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    Alex Gavin

    Alex Gavin #5

    made in 2 days since ive being unbanned. @Cozza xx for editing. ❤️ Resolved what happened at 0:47 btw
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    Josh .

    Josh - RR #1

    Only my first with new PC plz dont rip into me x for rate
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    Nicole xx

    Couple things

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    zico | #7

    hi yunts @Benny 1440
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    rr 4

    Would love to feedback please enjoy.
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    Jck | One

    In spirit of the old bases being added back in thought I'd re upload my old montage that got taken down when I got banned.
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    Wrigh RR-4

    made in a week. Feedback appreciated x.
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    Hotkey for redgulls

    Can we get a hotkey for redgulls and monster greens because its hard to drink them whilst driving or in combat and would be a lot nicer to be able to press one key and drink one.
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    Sitrep Pro

    In-game name: Sitrep Pro Steam ID: 76561198202714316 Date of ban: 11/11/18 Reason for ban: Bullying / Duping Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs / Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Duping - Justified Bullying - Not entirely. Given the situation where everyone was taking the piss out of each other including Adam I don't think I should have been banned. Not to mention I was the only person who was banned yet I did/ said the least. That being said I understand why Adam took offence and didn't like it. I feel this could have been dealt with another way, such as a private chat with just Adam so he could explain that I shouldn't call him an ant because it obviously hurt his feelings. This would have made me actually understand how annoyed it made him as this isn't made obvious in a teamspeak channel filled with people all roasting each other. Why should we unban you? Duping - I understand it's not fair that while others were grinding money to be able to play I was simply duping it and being lazy. At the time I was pretty busy with lots of A level mock exams deciding my predicted grades for university and had a very small amount of time to play the game. Therefor I would either take from gang funds (sorry lads lol) or dupe the money instead of spending time doing runs. This is unfair on the legit players of the community and if unbanned it wont happen again. I have been here for 2 years and I plan to stick around a bit longer, so this mistake was selfish and silly. Bullying - I didn't actually say anything I just linked a photo of General Mandible (A character from a film) and said it was Adam. The other people in the channel, who weren't punished, were taunting him with voice, linking photos, changing his description to minecraft steve etc. What I did was minor in comparison to them. Of course this doesn't make what I did okay, however I would have thought that if I did was worth a ban, surely what the other 8 people were doing was worth a ban as well. In all honesty I wasn't expecting Adam to take my joke this way especially considering the relationship we have had in the past which consisted of me calling him square head and him calling me Justin Bieber etc. This made me think that what I said wouldn't be taken to heart. If unbanned I can ensure this won't happen again as I can see how personally people can take comments like this. I barely play this game anymore and when I do I would like to play with people I enjoy playing with so an unban would be appreciated. I would like to talk on teamspeak with whoever deals with this + Adam if that is okay. I did originally message @Neo for a chat but obviously in the lead up to Christmas I can understand my unban not being on the list of priorities.
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    ** POSTED FOR EPIC ** In-game name: Epic Steam ID: 76561198155508744 Date of ban: 12/27/18 Reason for ban: I was banned because I asked an admin for a community member's ip because I knew he was streaming and simply didn't think about the consequences of it and it was more about that moment itself. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was not entirely justified, however, I can understand that I was in the wrong. Firstly, I was in the ingame administration Teamspeak channel with the admin I messaged not even 10 minutes before the incident happened. I messaged him knowing full well that he was streaming and I messaged him jokingly however I can see why this type of joke can be taken as not a joke. I did not foresee the consqquences of my actions and I know some people genuinely do stuff like that maliciously. I was also in a support channel with the victim of my joke. We discussed my inappropriate jokes and behaviour and I explained to him that it was entirely a joke and we resolved it then and there. I apologised to him and cleared up the confusion between us. I didn't think that it would be taken out of context in such a way that I am to be labelled as a "DDoser" which is completely inaccurate as I have never ddosed anyone neither do I plan to. Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because, first and foremost, this is my first ever punishment I've had on Reborn. Since I've started playing, I haven't caused any trouble and I try to keep myself to myself and try not to break any rules. I have never been reported, neither have I been banned or punished for any reason other than the current incident. I just think everything has been blown way out of proportion and certain things have been exaggerated a little bit.
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    Cozza v2

    Cozza xx

    In-game name: Cozza xx Steam ID: 76561198159504204 Date of ban: 12/19/18 Reason for ban: Toxicity / Community ban Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs / KingofNeptune Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope , was completely justified , i died in a bank and messaged Adam on steam calling the server 'shit' , once i got banned for that i was really salty , i proceeded to call Adam a 'rat' and was pretty toxic too him in a snapchat group chat and on steam which i regret. This obviously got me community banned. Why should we unban you? After i got unbanned the last time , i was trying my best to keep my nose clean which i did a good job doing , then one day i died in a bank to a stupid reason and i messaged a 'friend' on steam calling the server shit and i got banned for it , after trying so hard to stay unbanned , then getting banned again for something i privately messaged my friend on steam , it pissed me off so i did stuff which i regret , we will be starting a new year soon and i would like to get unbanned and start the new year strongly ... i can only hope Adam understands my frustration and i am deeply sorry for my actions , would just love another chance to play here as its the only server i like and without it arma is boring , thanks for reading.
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    Serafin Jamal

    Sj - 5

    Had some time to edit, any kind of feedback appreciated
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    Prob trash but ok #2 RR Girraffe

    some trash kills some good need to clean space of me pc
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    Browny :)

    SynthZz | 6

    Just gone to see this at the Odeon cinema Good montage he is insecure to put it on here because he is allergic to turds!
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    PvP Event Today! @ 8-PM

    Friday night combat event. @ 8:00 UK Time. Players will be given gear and left to fight in a remote part of Altis. All gear is provided for so please come naked to the truck which will pick up in Kavala beforehand. Gun will be CAR-95 Top 3 places win money and the winner gets a teamspeak tag!! RULES 1. No teaming 2. Do not leave the zone 3. Don't bring gear, we will provide it 4. Usual rules about exploiting, VDM etc 5. Follow to admins' instructions  Any questions, please PM me.
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    Lemmen 03 (-:

    I don't know how to make these but I choose to believe for each one I make it gets better
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    Nicole xx

    Nicole xx

    In-game name: Nicole xx Steam ID: 76561198299035043 Date of ban: 12/21/18 Reason for ban: I am permanently banned for duping by Fuel. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I feel that my ban was completely justified. I was greedy and deserved everything that was coming for me. Why should we unban you? I've been away from the server for a fair amount of time to think things through and understand that I need to value my place in the community as I can have it revoked from me at the click of the fingers. During my time away I've continued to play ArmA 3 as to ensure my role play quality doesn't drop and to keep ties with and keep up with the community's progress. Aside from the community, I've spent a lot of time with family, friends and my partner which has had a positive effect on my life and made me a happier and generally more positive person over all. I feel like this positivity is what I needed to gain before I was ready to come back to the server, and am actually thankful that my other unban was denied as it gave me an even further chance to rethink my decisions and really evaluate my thoughts. To be honest, I feel like enough is enough and I've learnt my lesson. I'm not here to mess around or disrupt the game play of others whether it be via duping to give myself an advantage or any other means. In other words I would like to be a beneficial member of the community and perhaps join one of the new white listed factions in order to meet new people and further extend my role play. All I'm asking for is a last chance and I promise that you won't regret it. I'd like to thank @Fuel for allowing me to appeal my ban, thank you and I appreciate it mate.
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    Raiding Houses

    When you raid a house instead of breaking into it once and everything unlocks, it should be you have to break each lock of each container/door you want to open. Because breaking a lock on one door in 3-5min, and potentially getting gear that took weeks, and are worth hundreds of mils is just our right unfair. because whenever we get raided we dont get enough time to respond. We've been raided by police, blackwater, and rebels. Most successful, others not as much. And Changing this mechanic can turn base raiding into more of a thing, instead of just hiding it somewhere until it gets raided, then selling it and buying one somewhere else.
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    Morty Smith


    In-game name: Finlayyy.Bot Steam ID: 76561198108732841 and TS ID y5uycdAgbW0oLNwFA31y63PFk2s= Date of ban: 11/17/18 Staff member that banned you: Lensen Reason for ban: Screamer Why do you think you were banned: I was banned for playing a soundboard in a public channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCyDxuzuLyA&feature=youtu.be). Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was 100% justified. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: First thing is, I'd like to say sorry to anyone who I annoyed by the soundboard. What I did was extremely stupid and disrespectful. I really don't know what I was thinking and why I did it, I'm normally a chill person but I was just being stupid cause I was bored and annoyed that I was banned. I've played on the server for quite a long time now so I should know the rules, I love this server as its the only good server which I find fun. I have many friends on the server and I would love to get another chance so I can play with them. I have matured in the very long month I've been banned, I have read over the rules and I promise I will never do something like this again and If I can come back I will keep my ban record clear. I hope I can have another chance even with my extremely stupid behavior. I want to apologize to the people who were in the channel at that time. I shouldn't have acted and did what I did just because I was butthurt cause I was banned. I have thought about what I did and I fully agree it was annoying, trolling and disrespectful. I absolutely love this server and almost all my time and experience on Arma has been from it. Not being able to come on and have an amazing time role-playing and having fun with friends has really made me think about my stupidity. I am also sorry to all the staff who i spammed on discord about it. Especially Lensen, Harry, Paul, and Fuel. This has been a big mistake and big regret and I would really appreciate and love to have another chance. I will never break any other rules and I promise I will never get banned again. I will never be toxic, troll, abusive to any ever again and I will always roleplay at the highest tier possible. I regret everything I said and I'm asking for another chance. My behaviour will improve and I have now learned from my mistakes and I will make sure it never happens again. If I get another chance at being in the community I will be absolutely delighted. Thanks for taking time in reading this; Finlay Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I was already banned InGame. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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