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    Newest Community Supports

    First off, thanks to everyone who applied. If you didn't get selected this time, there will be more opportunities in the future to apply like some of these new supports will tell you. After going through all the applications myself, Joe, Tiddles, BattlEye and Walter gave them a "score". After tallying up all the votes, the 11 people chosen were: @Rage @Beermonster @Pine @Grim Reaper @Clixy @Peters @Rogers @Kierann @_Abdul @Kevin Savage @George1242 Please spam me, Tiddles or Battleye on teamspeak to get a little run down of how things are done and what we expect of you. GG!
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    Name of the Vertigo Member: Reason: Evidence: @KleeF @Wilma Fingerdoo @Smally The Lord, His apprentice and The Admin Will be dealing with cases. Vertigo Management - Smally
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    Community Meeting : Minutes

    Hi everyone. Sorry this has taken so long. First off, a big thank you to all those that attended, especially those who stayed for the 3 hours + the meeting went on for. You put the effort in and showed you gave a shit. Also, the ideas people came up with were grand and the way the different groups communicated was great to see. So thanks to all. If you didn't attend, hopefully these notes will give you an insight, but I'm no secretary and I've not maxed out my shorthand. There are likely points missing from this. If you see one of note. Please inform me and I will make the relevant edit. Staff / Development Speaker - NEO The future looks towards the housing system, getting that sorted and in a good place. We want you to be able to share stuff amongst organisations, have organisation housing, and are rewriting this into our system so it works, without a tonne of bugs. The current team setup enables Neo and Fuel to go through providing constant bug fixing whilst Joe and others go through main features. At the moment Joe is away on holiday, so we are doing what we can to maintain the bug fixing and consistency in updates, but there will be nothing major until Joe returns. We are aware of the "any" issue when attempting to share keys. This has been fixed. Bug fixing and duping fixing is an ongoing process, however we are aware that same are ARMA side and are potentially impossible to fix. Police Speaker - Beermonster SFU has been rebuilt from the bottom up, it has fewer members and a newer structure to it as certain situations were occurring which were simply getting out of control. We believe gangs had good cases to be upset with SFU, we have taken what had been said and pout changes in place. There are now 10 members, SFU has been cleaned up and you should see and experience much more roleplay from the unit. Not only that, but there have been standards set in place by us for them to keep them in check. Academy has gone, we now have PTO in place. We are placing a massive emphasis on roleplay from Police, and we are in the process of changing our whole training sequence to ensure it is as fun and effective as possible to improve the standard of Officers and make the experiences on the Island more fun and enjoyable. If you have genuine issues, please alert us, we do not want those out on the streets who shouldn't be, however please remember it goes both ways, and they deserve good roleplay too. We are implementing constant changes, come and talk to any of us and we will listen. Changes are being made because we have listened, and we have witnessed problems. If you have proof of poor rp bring it to us. But please remember, it's important roleplay goes both ways. Baiting out of the Greenzone is not fun though, it's not funny and it gets boring. You put some good Officers in situations where they don't want to go out of the HQ, they are hesitant to go and roleplay because they are concerned it'll end up in a bait. I'm not saying one is more guilty than the other, we want to see improvement from everyone. Changes are being made, if you have an illegal gun you deserve to lose it. They need roleplay, we believe good roleplay should be rewarded, that applies to gangs and police equally. Make it a two way deal, and speak to us if something is wrong. Rebels - 39th Speaker - Roy Rogers + Clixy Teamspeak Gang tags, are we going to get them, surely gangs with a gang-base should be trusted? They are hard to maintain, these tags are based numerically, so there is a concern over abuse of power, and mucking around. There are limitations within teamspeak making it this way, and to give them out will simply require too many checks and be too tedious. Houses are incredibly quick to rob, is it meant to be that way?. If it takes longer you can get into a nice gunfight, maybe have a timer, such as the bank, or ability to upgrade your door, an alarm that messages the Police. Someone placed feedback about housing and asked for Joes input, he would be best to communicate with, my idea is to have housing assets stay for 15 minutes after logout, however this is open to metagaming abuse. We'll look into perks where attacking a door starts off slow, and can be upgraded. We can certainly look into a timer system for the doors. Regarding upgrades to your house(s) pleasae see Joe's housing system thread and ask there. Can we clear up what is proper initiation, is "put your hands up or you will be fired upon" good enough? That is zero roleplay standard, we don't want just one sentence I can understand, but there are situations in which we will just get shot, we have to be quick to ensure we don't get killed You should look at situations more tactically, if you are at risk you shouldn't want to get involved in these. You should value your life like you are going to lose everything upon death. We are concerned about the feedback from Staff on ideas, when we see it has a positive response from the Community and the official response is a simple "no", such as with the MXSW We are looking to improve this and make sure the responses are handled properly. I believe someone spoke to me further regarding it, at the moment police have limits, and can be outgunned by 5.56mm vs 7.62mm Police get free loadouts, we don't have that benefit as rebels If we allow big magazines for sale, it's there, it's instant. If we did add them, we would have to put a balance in place to make sure they are not just an easy purchase for rebels. If you make us pay for gangbases we have less money, we need to play to make it back, spend time in game, we would be encouraged to get Capture points, and people will actually fight for them. It will provide a real activity boost. A lot of us would rather have these rebel on rebel gunfights than attacking cops. Remove gang bases from the redzone, it's just a spawnpoint. Put them in set locations on the map, whoever puts the highest bid, they pick whichever they want, 2nd can pick next. Maybe give the bids to one person, it would be secret, to ensure there are no fake bids. Every month people bid more and more and more, gangs will make it, but not always win, so they up the limit for the next month. If people want to bid for gang bases, fair enough. We will certainly look at this. Rebels - MILSIM Speaker - Stevenn We are taking guns out as rebels, we take the risk, and have the risk of losing i. I've seen people use the gun as something else, and if people roleplay it well enough, cops should be lenient on rebels. It seems to be the case currently. If you want to do creative stuff, you should not have a gun out and be committing that crime as you do it. Issues with spikestrips and how they work, have seen Police place them behind the car. This is to do with the target area for spikes being spherical. We are looking into it, and for adding these for rebels. Banning people without talking to them. We have to resolve situations, but from a staff point of view. If it's mass rdm in the Greenzone, you can't justify it. I accept it can be an instant ban, but there are situations in which things can be explained, so it would be good to see Staff speaking to that person before they are banning. I agree, and if an Admin is playing as a player, playing a role. They should not be banning. Forum beef, it's a joke, people involved know it's a joke, admins monitoring it aren't as involved and aren't aware it's all banter, so they think it's an attack against someone. We understand this, however we also want the Forums to look clean and inviting. Seeing all this drama, even it's fake and for a laugh can put people off and can look bad. Rebels - Vertigo Speaker - Silker + Bobby MK200s, we should be able to buy them. Number above names, yet it states your gang. Lately I've found people roleplay with me different, and it's a shame, I went from not in a gang, to in a gang, and certainly noticed a difference. Take the gang name out. I agree, we will look into that. SW mags should be put in. Remove the redzone, only reason it is there is like, it's a risky area, high value drug dealer should have an area around it, but there is no reason to go there. Pyrgos redzone is useless. Nobody goes there. I will take this to Management for discussion. Bring back gang hideouts, they were really fun, and people had a good laugh there. I will take this to the Devs to look into putting it in place. HM should be moved, but we think it shouldn't be Dev made, should be somewhere already set. Got that notes, however what Scott puts on the Forums is purely a plan and he is trying to gauge interest. They are not confirmed. Instead of Community Meetings, have some assigned at a Community position, someone to come in and resolve certain issues, not letting people talk shit in Liaison. This is was Community Support are here for, providing help and ensuring situations don't escalate and can be resolved the right way. There are people in those positions who don't deserve it. It should be given elsewhere. We have looked into it, and are in the process of sorting this. Gang uniforms, we want to what the plan is, if we wear one we are metagamed. That gang uniform should not see you treated any differently, the Police are required to get evidence against you personally before they can take action. This is a way for you to represent your group. So can we add the Mayor uniform Yeh Rebels - Eternal Speaker - Decx Can we look at more punishment for not valuing your life properly. We hold other gangs up, to steal vehicles, we are holding them at gunpoint, asking for keys, and they stand there, stalling for their mates. We make demands very clear, but they know they can just dick about, if we kill them, we don't get the keys and can lose the vehicle. Could the bank be moved onto the Island just off Pyrgos, as a way to give MPU something to do That would not work for Rebels, one way in and out by ground, would be spikestripped and held. Helicopters would be taken down, boats too. Would make it too difficult for rebels. Clothing, can we expect more Yes, we are looking into adding new clothing. Gang bases, we agree it should be a bidding system, or we should at least pay. Capturing gang areas, I have been told that it says "his gang have captured", we have females playing, can we get that changed to "their gang have captured". Cops are doing a good job, we respect they don't wanna get into combat, but sometimes there are those who go on and make it real shit for rebels and create situations Communication is key, let the Superiors know. Redzone, remove this and place it around key areas only It seems to be a popular opinion to get rid of it, we will look at this. Rebels - NAMELESS Speaker - Fabrizio Player base is going, we need to treat all players with respect. This includes Admin team, sometimes we worry they don't. When new players are having a bad experience, they will likely tell people, try help, try show them about, maybe share some stuff and let them have a good time, get involved in your gang. When we have shootouts, keep it fun, gg and move on, hold onto players, instead of losing them. The experience system has a lot of issues, it seems very grindy, mainly get experience from legal work. It would be nice if illegal work could get experience too, make processing faster. We need more perks too, update it to keep it fun and fresh. Staff having different opinions, you go to one and they say X, go to another they say Y. We are in the process of going this now, ensuring we are agreed on key areas. Rebels - Birkinhead Bad Boys Speaker - GenuineAF Get rid of houses that have banned owners Early on, you can have situations in which there are loads of cops for too few people, maybe have some algorithm in place so you can only have x amount of cops per civs, and let the others play rebel if they are unable to play for that reason. Bad initiation from Police, some just swear at you and shoot you mid verse. £5,000,000 for a 7.62mm is crazy. Look at lowering the gun prices to a point in which new players can be at least half effective. Having to roam about with a pistol and make a silly amount of money for a minor upgrade isn't good. NHS Speaker - Belthorium + Pine We are working towards making the NHS fun and inviting for people, making sure it's got the right atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves. We are looking at different services that may become available and integrating them. It needs to be made clear that Medics can miss the Medic / Police chat, sometimes people don't look, or it doesn't pop up. A simple mistake but people are getting yelled at. When we find people / gangs that want to roleplay, we are going to take it. Most of us are medics for the roleplay, and most people say "oh thanks doc, where's my gun", take their gun, and sod off. So if you see us moving a little bit here and there, we've found someone who wants to actually roleplay with us. We are treated as a way to keep gear, people should roleplay more. If you see medics afk, and feel it's not a valid afk and simply them on for a paycheck, report it. We will deal with them. We have had people ask about slots, but it's a hard balancing act. Sometimes we have loads of people wanting to get on, other times we have barely anyone on. People ask if they can go into other channels whilst on patrol, if they are only ones on. As long as you've got a separate identity within an NHS channel, you're able to sit inside a gang channel, make sure the identity within the NHS channel is not muted. Feedback Community support banning people for the fact can, use it as power We are reviewing current Support members and will work hard to ensure this does not occur. Please alert us when possible. Make initiation standards clear for everyone We don't want a sentence that becomes "standard". Initiation should escalate, get yourselves set in tactical position, begin communicating with the person "Look mate, get out the car, if I see a gun I want you to drop it, this is a robbery, all I want is your shit, but if you try anything, we'll have to kill you, we don't want to, but don't fucking try". We want initiation to be realistic, killing someone is a big step and final resort, talk them through the situation, what you want to to, but what you are willing to do. If they try and attack you before you even make a threat, then kill them. Please unban everyone, give people an opportunity and a second chance This has been completed, please see This is a military simulator, we want roleplay, but be unique. Set your own rules We are, and have no interested in simply mimicking other Communities. We have a lot of ideas we want to implement, but it takes time. There should be a rule in which people MUST comply with medics, be under their care and not just get their gun and go. Although no rule is in place, we can look into it. We don't want to interfere with a persons freedom of roleplay, however do agree that people should be more roleplay orientated with medics. Hopefully people will learn this on their own without the requirement of a rule forcing it. Talents implemented for NHS We will look into this, we want to update the NHS and make it interesting for you. Incremental paychecks Another one we will look into, I do believe medics get paid per revive. So we might look at other systems to increase your pay but ensure activity. A system to appeal warning points To be reviewed. More events such as gold bar transport I agree these events are fun and get the Community together, our concern is that it's basically free money that goes towards guns and assets further fuelling the fighting between Police and Rebel. We will look into increasing events, but want to maybe look at unique weapons, vehicles that may be a reward. Something rare. More events Proper planning and implementation is key, nobody wants a shit event. Please brainstorm some ideas and feel free to put them in the suggestions / ideas thread. Development has slowed This is because our main Dev is on holiday, which is fine, it just means that until he returns, we are doing what we can to ensure a constant flow of updates. For now these are bugfixes, we understand they are not major ones, but when Joe returns, we can look forward to some good stuff. Any plans for new Devs We are always looking for talented people to join the team. Please get in touch if interested. Can the hospital be renovated (No response noted) We need to focus on building a good playerbase, we started with light RP, then became quite strict and it's put people off. (no response noted) Stop ANPR scanning every single car you see No, it's automatic. Being pulled over doesn't mean arrested. You are free to roleplay the situation however you deem it, but we will not stop doing our job. Cops roleplay more instead of being combat hungry We are already making big changes to try and improve the situation, but it is a two way street. We are always open to feedback and input. Medics not listening to orders given out by police, end up combat reviving Communication is key, and sometimes the channel is ignored, forgotten about or bugged, we will try improve communication, and certainly stop combat reviving. Report it if you see it. More medics out patrolling rather than sitting in Kavala We understand the concern, and Medics will respond to whoever they can, but roleplay is an important factor for us, and we will not ignore it if people provide us it. More gang bases, 39th have done major recruitment since gaining theres There has been great discussion about gang bases and how they should operate. We will be looking into this. Will bounties come back for Police No idea is off the table, but there isn't much reason as to why it should. Police get incremental raises to their pay, and are paid at a constant rate. We do not want people acting on behalf of what they could earn, we are to enforce the law and reward roleplay, not punish people to the extreme in the name of profit. When can the training server be updated for medics, and when can we get admin power At the moment our priority is the main server and ensuring it is stable, the features are flowing and the bugfixes are on point. The redzone is too big and needs shrinking This has been discussed, we are looking into it Police swarm minor operations when not needed Police get ambushed, Police are not aware of if people have backup, are part of a team, they will support each other when needed, and can dynamically go to different situations if needed. Most will leave the situation once it is secure and the arresting officer(s) are comfortable. Respect greenzone, stop fleeing into it and shooting lethals This is against the rules. Please try and get evidence of it and alert Senior officers to it. Stop shooting infantry with Ghosthawk The Ghosthawk has it's procedures in place for what it can and cannot shoot. If you run next to a vehicle under fire, you deserve to die. Don't turn down suggestions without relevant reasons We are reviewing our suggestions process to make it cleaner, easier to communicate and get the points for denial sorted. Can we move the bank This is being looked into Add flashbangs for police We are working with what we have, we have smokes but don't make much use of them. We need to be using our current equipment the best we can before asking for more. Fireman Sam https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rzdvwCl_oSINdg0sEu5Nd2oTXnYaFiwuHPKS4nA897A/edit?usp=drive_web
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    Connor McGregor

    Reborn #1

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    i miss being in the police like marko misses his japanese girlfriend x
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    New Member of Staff

    Hello Fine People of Reborn, I'm happy to announce that @Thesoldier has been chosen to become a Reborn Admin - an experienced, veteran of Reborn's Report a Player and Dispute a Ban Section. He's "come out of retirement" and is mostly known for his excellent "firm but fair" forum work. I'd like you, the Community, to welcome him back to his position. He is a reliable Admin and if you ever need some help over the forums he's the go-to guy to see. As for the Community Supports who are aspiring to join the Staff Team, we are still looking to promotions however I cannot disclose any further details as we like to keep "our cards close to our chest". Welcome back Thesoldier, we wish you good luck with your position and we are confident you will do a great job.
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    In-game name: Smally (Posting on his behalf) Steam ID: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/857-smally/ Date of ban: 07/23/17 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Abusive Behavior Why do you think you were banned: I was joking about with One Shot regarding the “WAAAA” Meme - “JOKING” being the main word here and I posted on his forum account saying WAAAA, It was with no malicious intent, as he messaged me and we were joking about it on Teamspeak. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I don’t really think my ban is fair as it was not being abusive and was a pure joke. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned because all I did was put “waaaa” on his account, which then started a joke with him and a few others. The post clearly shows that it was a joke and One Shots reaction clearly shows its a joke. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: No. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    In-game name: Echo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of ban: 06/04/17 Staff member that banned you: jamz Reason for ban: suspicion of using ahk Why do you think you were banned: A steam chat log was shown to staff, in which I hinted at the use of ahk on the server to someone. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: justified. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Although I don't fully agree with it, I understand that from what was said and how it looked one could question whether or not I used it on the server. I am truly sorry for this because I understand that from previous roles in the community doing something as stupid as that can look extremely idiotic and silly. After my previous denied unban appeal I took a month to think about the ban and its circumstances and believe I have learned from my mistake. I would like to continue playing here and would like to put all this behind me so I can start over and become a member of the community again. I know from my other bans it looks like I've stopped caring for the rules and recklessly broke them but I am willing to try my very best at not breaking anymore. I believe I am mature enough to put all this in the past and enjoy playing here again. The circumstances surrounding the ban were confusing for both sides but I've decided that rather than arguing back and forth about whether this or that is true it would be much easier just to put it in the past. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: No Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    The Vanguard

    The Vanguard We are the Vanguard, a tightly banded set of individuals with a unique skill set, training and experience. we are a mixture of ex-military, police and security personnel and have the best of intentions of bringing stability to the region. We were established in the months after the war between CSAT & NATO in the year 2035 after we witnessed an alarming rise of violence, corruption and crime sweeping the island of Altis. Given the military's lack of support or willingness to listen as they begun withdrawing their forces, we decided something must be done to put an end to the ever-growing need for these gangs or ‘rebels’ as they call themselves to fill that power vacuum. We quickly established a small compound on Altis as we worked tirelessly for months to recruit new members, acquire equipment, vehicles, weapons and more while Command established a dialogue with the Altis Police Department and ascertain their plans to combat the rebel forces. Fast-forward to August 2037 we have successfully pushed the rebel forces back to a small part of the north east of the island and have successfully managed to liberated the south eastern territory. We now have a permanent presence in the region with a large Headquarters Compound with houses, personnel, equipment, operations, recruitment and much more. Now we push to rid the rebels once and for all, we will use all our resources, skills and determination to succeed. We encourage everyone to come and meet us, feel free to come to the checkpoint or use any of the items within our land, however expect to be questioned as to why you are there and to be taxed for use of our processors. If you have any questions feel free to message any of the generals! @TonyMontana @jcbjoe @RyanH
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    Xero Report

    Report actioned - Xero - Permanent ban for Poor RPand your lengthy ban history! This is the exact thing that we're trying to stop on this server. Please feel free to make individual compensation requests with evidence and they will be reviewed by an Admin.
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    In-game name: Viozo Steam ID: 76561198238272752 Date of ban: 03/09/17 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Duping/Exploiting Why do you think you were banned: Duping cyrus mags and exploiting a free clothing bug. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: n/a If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Since my ban it has been roughly 4 months. After looking back now i realize what an idiot i actually am for doing what i did. I look back at my actions and i know full well what i did and what i have done is completely out of order. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be unbanned. As actions speak louder than words i am willing to have an account wipe or whatever you see fit as my punishment if i was ever unbanned and given another chance which you may feel i dont deserve. However it has been a very long time since my ban and i have learnt alot from it and i know i am ready to be a rule abiding player and not cheat to seek an advantage over other players. At the end of the day i know full well what i have done was wrong however it has been a long time and i would love to have one more chance to be apart of a great community despite my past. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: n/a Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    lol..... when the time machine is created, maybe he could travel back and be a founder......
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    Reset | Gang Recruitment | Experienced

    Requirements - Knowledge of the server - Know how to use a gun - Do not bring drama - Tactical Communications - Team oriented Application Format In-game name: Age: Timezone: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous gang affiliations: Why we should accept you: Any extra information: Roster Leader - William Members - Pablo, Sonny Asif, BgK, Logan, Stevenn, Slicey Mike, Viozo, Bosh Trials Not Listed
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    Feels good needing to spam to join the server
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    More New Staff Members

    Hello People of Reborn, After revising and refining the Community Support Team, the Staff Leads, Management and the Founders have decided to increase the number of admins within the Staff Team. Therefore I am happy to announce that... @Sanders @ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt) @Andy James are to become members of the Staff Team. These promotions are very well deserved and we are confident that they will do a good job serving and helping the Community. We are still taking the necessary steps to reform and improve the Community Support Team and Staff Team, and now that these three members of the Community have become Admins, we feel like this is a big step forward. I hope you guys join me in congratulating these guys with the new promotions. Thanks, Battl^^Eye and Tidus.
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    Amen children I am back.   

    Amen children I am back.
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    When You Take 4 Bullets And Dont Die

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    "Dribble" #1

    5 pound bill

    As a SHOP KEEPER in the UNITED KINGDOM I can CONFIRM that you CAN NOT use this note in the UNITED KINGDOM.. HOWEVER If you take it to a BANK or a POSTOFFICE you can swap it for a REAL FIVE POUND NOTE Good luck on your UNITED KINGDOM ADVENTURES
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    When You Take 4 Bullets And Dont Die

    0:13 -
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    Reborn #1

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    You sealed your fate when you decided to post a joke comparing our server population and GTA's server population. You made your bed, now lie in it.
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    When you go full BOT mode

    Its only a meme no need to cry.
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    Mr Liam

    Mr Liam [SFU] Report

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    Vertigo you like my PS2?????

    Can you upload a video next time, not really into photo albums
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    Vertigo// Report

    @Sanders @John @ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt) So, I was in the Police Sporty and was interested in the Zamak. I proceeded to follow it and the Zamak VDM'd Me. 1.7 If you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other. (repair continue the chase) So the key word here being "Each Other" - I did not initiate on the Zamak and instead Initiated on the Sporty. I do not see an issue, We resolved it with 39th RR and they highlighted an issue that we should have known that the Sporty was involved, but we did not meta game so we would not know. In response to the resolution. Kev1 disrespected Bobby - and yeah basically it turned into a fight on Teamspeak, they were dragged into a room on their own. Whilst I resolved with the rest of 39th RR. The conclusion to the resolution was that I did nothing wrong, and me initiating on the Sporty was perfectly fine, due to the fact the Sporty was not involved in the VDM. The Zamak was only killed because they decamped with guns and started shooting, therefore involving themselves into the isolated initiation on the Sporty - Which we didn't know was involved with the Zamak, and couldn't have known. 3 support opinions were given that no rules were broken, and this is basically a Salt Report. Vertigo Management - Smally
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    Cam Taylor Report

    Me Looking for where the word Invisible was said; Personally, I don't really see the issue. It's pretty obvious that Arma animations are laggy. For you, his gun could have been wherever it was. But for Cam, He could of have it in front of him ready to do whatever and as a result, you got knocked out. Personally, I believe you could have made more of an effort to resolve with Cam. Instead of typing to him, a lot more could have been sorted if you spoke to each other. You abused the decamp script. Anybody with more than 5 hours would know that the initial animation of the decamp, it is very difficult to kill from. The animation is so laggy and you are basically god mode till your feet touch the ground. In a situation like you and Cam were put in, knocking you out was the only way he could value his life. In the video, you don't even care. You metagame that we are Vertigo - "When did Vertigo get involved". How are you dead - telling J.Ghost that the Hunter has been lost. The Metagame and speaking whilst dead in unbelievable here. I want to know why you edited the video at the end. What else was said, good sir? If you were not killed - this would not have been reported. If the Hunter was not lost - this report would not have been made. In response to this, maybe if you spoke and resolved it on Teamspeak with a Community Support Member or Staff Member - this report would not have been made. Personally, I believe you made no effort to resolve due to you disliking our gang. It's not an accusation - it's a fact. Instead of coming to speak to us - reports are made. You could have made more of an effort to resolve this in my eyes. Vertigo Managment - Smally
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    Attack/Defend [RebornRoleplay]

    make a attack/defend server so people can stop bitching on fourums againts rivals gangs and arrange a time to fight the attack/defend server should be based on the RebornRoleplay map Please answer @Neo @Genesis @Battl^^Eye @PaulS @Chelston
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    MattyD Report

    action taken 7 day ban on one shot for putting "waaaaa" abusive behaviour is not tolerated anywhere.
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    [Important] Police Feedback Form

    Hello World! I suppose this could sort of serve as my introduction post since I've never actually made one! (I don't think anyway..) I'd like to think the majority of the community is aware of who I am now, if not.. I'm Rage! I've been an enthusiastic member of the Police Force since May 2017 and rose the ranks ever since. I don't typically take a lot of bull and I don't tolerate people taking a mile when given an inch, however that being said, I'm a firm believer in educating or at least, trying to educate stupid and I consistently promote the idea that we (The Police) can change. It's been raised to my attention that there's some concerns regarding the quality of role play and quality of policing overall within Altis and whilst I have consistently run a record of 0 holidays since joining the police, I'm being told that I should take a holiday to see what it's like on the other side. Prior to that, I'm going to run a little trial, in which I like to call the Feedback form. This form should serve as a purpose where people can anonymously submit feedback relating to the police, individuals, situations, etc and how best we can respond to those incidents in the future. I suppose I'll set some rules first; This form does not service as a PCC. This form does not serve as a way to take peoples legs, it is to educate and allow police to respond to incidents in a more professional manner next time. Whilst people may be spoken too relating to incidents submitted in this form, PCC is always recommended and for server rules breaks, you know what to do. You may choose to remain anonymous, this form is open to anyone in the community. Afterwards, relating to general suggestions, I may choose to publicise some of the suggestions, all information relating to identities will be cleansed. This is a way to allow myself, and others within police command, to make this an even better community than it already is. Please don't abuse it. This is running as a trial first and foremost and I simply wish to gauge the feedback that people feel about the police, in hopes that in the future when some of these suggestions may ironed out, police can engage with rebels and other factions with a better roleplay approach. Without further ado, please follow the link here to submit your feedback! On a side note, I would suggest all members of the community with something to say to submit feedback, I appreciate some of you may not feel it worth your time, but whilst I won't oversell myself and under-deliver, if I don't attempt, I might as well not be in this post. Thank you.
  30. 8 points
    https://gyazo.com/2f375374a23f749cd1f238d1095ba123 Haters will say its photoshipped
  31. 8 points

    Report a 39th member

    Template: Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Describe what happened: Evidence:
  32. 8 points

    204 Hours :/

    leaving the launcher open doesnt count.
  33. 8 points


    Love it babes.
  34. 8 points


    Awaiting action for unban from Teamspeak and game server
  35. 7 points

    Bring '*Player* was killed' back!

    Can we bring back the message in chat for when people are killed? It makes things a whole lot easier sometimes. Currently, you could kamikaze a helicopter into some random bloke on the road and they wouldn't be able to prove who did it. With the 'was killed' notification, you can see who died at that exact moment in time to prove that it was them who crashed into you.
  36. 7 points

    Community Support Applications Open

    Hello Everyone, After a major overhaul of the Community Support Team, we have decided to open Support applications, and are looking to expand the team considerably. If you are interested in joining the Team, please send in an application and they will be reviewed in due time. Application Link: APPS CLOSED If you have any questions please contact either me or Tidus. Good Luck!
  37. 7 points

    Return of In-game Nametag Icons

    Was looking back at some old clips and remembered that there was In-game rank icons and I do not remember why they were removed which leads me to this Bring Them Back In my personal opinion I believe that rank icons and ingame icons should return as it'll add a little more to someone's name tag. Instead of having something that I'd say is personally quite bland which is just a Side Icon (BLUFOR, Independent,Civilian) and replace it with something that had a little more Shabazz too it. Even just a larger version of the Police, NHS TS Tags to be put ingame. Jobs and Staff Icons What I mean by this is add a way so when you go on duty as a taxi driver a small icon will appear which signifies your on-duty same with AAA. This would work well with Admins On-Duty, this is a way that players can signify Admins by a tag that isn't only a piece of text which says On-Duty but a red icon that stands out to also show that a admin is on duty. Apoligies if there's any spelling mistakes or grammar issues currently writing this on my Phone. Thanks for taking your time to read this! - Sanders
  38. 7 points

    very nice initation 10/10

    Honestly, I rage quit because I was fucking sick and tired of the dumb ass people constantly robbing me when I was trying to make money like no joke I do 3 runs and fucking pricks rob me all 3 times the fucking server is constantly full of cancerous players with shit fucking RP, I honestly don't care anymore Arma 3 was fun then fucking pricks started playing and not RPing and the server holds its self as an RP server should change to a fucking Deathmatch server a number of times I have been fucking Robbed or Killed is too many no one on this server holds an RP situation you all look for simple fucking ways out of a truck lets rob it oh it's a hobo with no gun awesome fucking pricks man and the fucking gambling system is broken to shit you play blackjack and get 21 and sometimes it fucking doesn't count as a win like wtf it happened to me 10 times I've bet 100k and lost even when I had 21 broken system needs fixing. and as for the quality of initiating this little puff ball needs to fucking learn to give time and fucking have his balls drop no joke this game is fucking cancerous no wonder why people take the easy way out because I sure will can't be arsed with little shits and shitty RP with no time. so @Xero fuck you sir and fuck your whole crew because I'm coming for the lot of you and when I do the only thing you will hear is the crack of the bullet entering and leaving your skull from 1km away, so just watch the space when I get fucking money and properly setup bye bye @Xero
  39. 7 points

    Viozo | RR #1 Washed

  40. 7 points

    [39th RR] Knockback IV Report

    Passenger seating is not a joke even if it's with a friend, it's an exploit, in fact it's a MAJOR EXPLOIT. Not to mention reviving and getting the money back. Fact is you've exploited, and abused a white listed posistion. 9.1 This is one of the only rules that will result in a permanent ban, if you are caught using any form of cheating or hacking you will be instantly removed from the community, no unban appeal will be allowed, if you find any sort of ingame exploit, you are to immediately inform a member of staff, do not post it on the forum, if you are caught abusing any form of exploit you will be treated the same as a cheat. Joke or no joke, it's clear as day. Permanent Ban issued Action Taken.
  41. 7 points
    ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt)

    Frag Movie #3 Matt

    Enjoy Lads
  42. 7 points
    Hey all, During the last meeting, a lot of people requested a wipe of the ban list to allow old offenders to return. There was a lot of passion in some of the requests along with a lot of written requests on the feedback sheet. One of the reasons we originally declined this was due to the sheer amount of hackers, mass-rdmers, etc, etc. Well, after speaking with Battlemetrics Staff member Hordicus (or actually just asking them a large favour) they're granting our request to have our ban list wiped. This is conditional. All those with the terms "mass" "hack" "hax" or "script" in their ban reason will not be unbanned. They will be required to appeal on the forums in the usual manner. Those of you with forum bans can appeal these by contacting us in the "need-support" channel on Discord (details at the bottom). We do ask that people FOLLOW THE RULES. It's a roleplay server, we don't want to ban you, but hopefully, with the new ban system, we can educate you where you went wrong. The new Ban System: Whilst some actions will earn a permanent ban, other rules can be broken by mistake or lack of knowledge. Our ban system is designed to allow people to learn from their mistakes, but those that abuse the system will be removed. The System is as follows; Firstly there will be a Kick/Warning/Ban This could be a short ban to ensure you exit our game servers, however, it will be removed once the situation has been resolved. 1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence) 2-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence) 7-day ban - Appealable after 48 hours 1-month ban - Appealable after 7 days 6-month ban - Appealable after 1 month Permanent ban - Appealable after 3 months Community Ban - Appealable after 6 months If you’ve just had a month ban, and then accidentally drive over someone, it does not instantly mean you’ll receive a 6-month ban. We do take into account all the evidence, perspectives and information to hand before issuing long-term bans. We’ll be open to talking about your ban or working out another method of “punishment” for the mean time, BUT that does not mean spam the staff member that issued your ban, talking to you about your ban is all depending on your attitude, a single message of “sorry to bother you, I have been banned by yourself and I would like to discuss it.” will suffice, they may not instantly reply but just be patient. If you get banned for something, serve out your ban or appeal it then are banned again for the same thing within a 1 month period then a 1-month non-appealable ban will be issued. If on your returning visit you commit the same offence again within 1 month a 6-month non-appealable ban will be issued, then on the return you commit the same offence you will be permanently removed from the community. Like stated our system is designed so people can learn from their mistakes to that end if you remain ban free for 6 months all previous bans will be removed from your record apart from duping/exploiting/hacking as these are a permanent record. These rules are subject to change and a changelog will be located inside this forum: http://www.rebornrp.com/index.php?/forum/2-dev-blog/ We wish you all the best gaming within our community! Remember, the rules are here to make everyone's game fun, not to make life difficult. To join Disord join below:
  43. 7 points
    Tactical Venom

    Karma a Bitch

    When They think there gods @Ryan Bradford @Tom Skyline @O'Connor
  44. 7 points


    Well it's been a long time since you've been banned, willing to give you ANOTHER chance but not confident that i'm gonna regret it. Wiped and unbanned, best of luck out there.
  45. 7 points
    No Child, it means you're a member of the Church. Can i get an Amen?
  46. 7 points

    Why I didn't come back?

    even if you're perm banned, you can still appeal... look at @GenuineAF as an example. @PinkStreak
  47. 6 points
    Cops need a better driving intrucktor.
  48. 6 points

    204 Hours :/

    join vertigo pls we need you
  49. 6 points

    Birko | 6th Form

    In-game name: Birko | 6th Form Steam ID: 76561198158198340 Date of ban: 07/24/17 Staff member that banned you: Jamz Reason for ban: FailRP/ Poor RP Why do you think you were banned: Shooting the negotiator before giving him time to run away in a HM. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: . If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I think it was a silly mistake and I wasn't thinking because i wanted to get the bank over and done with because I had work in an hour. Already cops had VDM'ed me 3 times in the 10 minutes we were there and it was just pure chaos which led to me making the silly mistake. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Being VDM'ed 3 times. In a rush to finish and not thinking properly Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  50. 6 points

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