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    fuels bitcoin miner

    In-game name: fuels bitcoin miner Steam ID: 76561198297257144 Date of ban: 12/28/19 Reason for ban: bye bye Staff member that banned you: fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was justified Why should we unban you? First off all im sorry for what ive done especially towards fuel, i shouldve known not to do what i did, it was a long time since i was banned before this one and just got a little mad since the server was lagging, i didnt think really think what i was doing at the time since pretty much a good part of the server was doing the same shit, again im sorry i shouldve known its been pretty much a month since ive been banned, i really just want to play the server again since all the other servers dont feel the same.
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    Albiston - Benching 2

    Sorry not sorry xoxo
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    In-game name: Reaper432 Steam ID: 76561198203171942 Date of ban: 01/21/20 Reason for ban: Lag-Switching Staff member that banned you: Feul Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes its Unjustfied using a gyzoo as proof with no sound. I'm denying the fact that Im lag-switching beucase I this may sound like an lei I dont even know how people do it like tab out press somthing tab back.I live in South Afrika so my ping is average on 250 and goes up and down beucase of my shitty country I live in so I got whitelisted to use a VPN to get mt ping more stabel and get kicked less.Here is the thing that happend in my prespective I was driving my ifrit in mushroom whe killed this gang called imortal and Abyss hot dropes on top of main command and I drive mu ifrit get out and run up and start yelling chaining so I killed one realising that it took so long and he stood still I screamed Im lagging im really sorry I will comp and let hies vriend killed him and they just start cussing at me they just posted a gyzoo no video no report no sound so if whe can get the video with sound you can hear me trying to explain I have seen the proof of it and will link it belowe and Ik it looks like km lag switching and cant record my side beucase my ssd is full. https://gyazo.com/2c64eb1caded375f28e094ca06a787c8 https://gyazo.com/142cb06f9ad497b17f6b99963e3ba44c They never posted a report sent it to feul strait if they can I would like the to upload the hole clip of the mushroom not the gif of me just teleporting I treid explaning Im lagging and all my gang members can back me on my internet problem. Any other evedence of me looking liek im lag switching post it on this post please Austin Alex Roald was also there if that can help I did have lag there you can ask them. Why should we unban you? I really love playing on Reborn and would love to come back and play even more I love running ominous.And I have no life and mostly play arma 3 and reborn my fav server.
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    In-game name: John Steam ID: 76561198355202517 Date of ban: 01/22/20 Reason for ban: toxicity Staff member that banned you: monkey Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: unjustified i feel like i should be unabnned because i dont speak dutch i was told from a friend to say it not knowing what it meant Why should we unban you? first of all im sorry to whoever took offence to what i said. i think i should be unbanned because i have played the server for a long time and dont remember the last time i got banned for toxicity/anything similar to that, this was jsut a stupid 1 time mistake from me and i feel like i should be given a warning bcs i didnt know what it meant and just didnt think about what i was doing. i just feel like i deserve a 2nd chance because i wasnt intentionally trying to be toxic
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    In-game name: Gavin Steam ID: 76561198313773109 Date of ban: 01/05/03 Reason for ban: Kamikaze Staff member that banned you: Charlie Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified Why should we unban you? being banend a while. People i done it to forgive me. I wont do it again. Not much else to say sorry <3. (Dunno bane date)
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    i hate when randos try to leech off my popularity and comment on my profile. If you haven't got fat rep on the forums, a gang base, or a sick frag montage stay in your lane.
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    Josh .

    Josh .

    In-game name: Josh . Steam ID: 76561198059605783 Date of ban: 01/18/20 Reason for ban: Mass walk out Staff member that banned you: fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i get that we should not have all left at once but we did ask the Gen if it was alright and he said yes and removed us all. i would not have left if i thought that it was not alright Why should we unban you? have played here for years and still want to play here for longer but i feel as if i should not have been banned as the faction is full and i didnt see the issue i was a Cpl and did not enjoy the faction like i use to
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    Steam Artworks

    Hello my name is Kizzu and I am doing artworks for this community for free The artworks will be in this model , i dont do with any model witch do you want because I want to help this community . If you like my work leave a like or a comment please ❤️️ Example : https://imgur.com/a/ORSITEu ✦ The question is how you can get one ? ✦ You can get one from this model. ➳ Model Your name : Steam profile link : Full size wallpaper from inventory : Steam level [ Minimum level its 10 because you cant upload a artwork without level 10 ] :
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    In-game name: Tuga Steam ID: 76561198349350177 Date of ban: 12/23/19 Reason for ban: Trying to buy cheats. Staff member that banned you: Wilma Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I thinks it was unjustified because I would never try to buy cheats for a game that I’m already pretty good at and it would be an waste of money, in the other day someone also messaged me on discord with a giazo of my name on discord saying that I wanted to buy cheats and then showing that it was linked to my steam account, that is false and was edited, they tried to ask me for 100€ in steam gift card code or they would expose that giazo. Why should we unban you? I haven’t done anything wrong, and I really like the reborn community and I think I should be unbanned because I was framed
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    Tactical Venom

    Tactical Venom

    In-game name: Tactical Venom Steam ID: 76561198157906885 Date of ban: 12/16/19 Reason for ban: Toxic - Rose Staff member that banned you: Rose Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: nope Why should we unban you? Nope i was being abit hyper at gun shop but then 10 minutes later i get a ban when roleplay maybe did slip the tong sorry wont happen again i just came on after a long brake and meet some old mates and got hyped up sorry for any issue caused , i been gone for a while and wish to come back
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    Albiston - Benching 2

    of course @Lesansmith is rimming to get command benching albiston
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    I would just like to commend Dk. He deals with situations very well, looks at things from all prospectives, not just staff's. He always has an answer or evidence to support a claim and overall I think he has a very positive influence on the server. Staff like this really do improve player's experience and rather then just saying "those are the rules", he gave information on why this might be the case and why it can cause troubles if broken. Thanks for supporting the community!
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    cozza said hes taking a 40k loan out to buy reborn, pm him
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    jMe (Forum Unban)

    In-game name: jMe (Forum Unban) Steam ID: 76561198421078279 Date of ban: 04/20/19 Reason for ban: I wrote "3up I didnt even hack" on a thread and got forum banned. (Ban date unknown) (Posting this for jMe) Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified as I just shitposted and the thread and didnt really have a reason to do so Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned as I have realised my mistake and it was several months ago that I wrote this. I am sorry if I offended anyone and will accept outcome of this appeal
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    Scott | Reborn Last

    finish school at 12 then upload montage
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    In-game name: Simmo Steam ID: 76561198059521373 Date of ban: 01/16/20 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope, my ban was completely justified. I did what i did and i got what i deserved. Why should we unban you? You should unban me because this is my first ban on the server, I have overlooked my actions and have realized that it was not the best decision that I have made on Reborn. I'm sorry for any harm I have caused to any members of the community and the community its self. If unbanned then obviously I don't mind being wiped as it is needed as I have duped. I accept that I have done wrong and that I have broken a big rule on the server, the only reason I did it was that I wanted to just buy quilins and ifrits to make fights more worth on the server. I did enjoy playing this server and would like to keep on enjoying the server.
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    In-game name: AITCHMEDXZ Steam ID: 76561198220848676 Date of ban: 01/18/20 Reason for ban: Mass walkout Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes it was justified and I see the reason why you have done it but we did get the general of blackwater to approve it and ask him if it’s ok and if blackwater will be stable if we left and he agreed I also believe that there are around 10 applications to join blackwater so there is high demand of people who actually want to play and enjoy the server so why should we be the ones not allowing them to , there’s a point where blackwater isn’t enjoyable so we decided to leave thinking blackwater will stay stable and accept people who want to join and enjoy blackwater Why should we unban you? I think this is a misunderstanding because we didn’t mean to cause harm to blackwater at all we just didn’t find it enjoyable to play , so we left having the intention to leave so people who really want to join blackwater join and enjoy it more than us. So we didn’t have any intention to harm blackwater or damage it in anyway
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    Joe. W

    In-game name: Joe. W Steam ID: 76561198143691471 Date of ban: 01/19/20 Reason for ban: Mass Walkout Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes and no because we got it authorised by the Gen Wallace if he said no then we would of stayed, It wasn't out intention to cause an issue. But I see Fuel's point because it looks like we left to cause blackwater issues but we just wanted to play rebel Why should we unban you? Because we didn't like blackwater so we left so others could have our slots as a lot of people wanted to join and made a gang we informed the general and he said yes that's fine you can leave like I said above if we knew it would cause such an issue we wouldn't of left. Blackwater is one of the stabilise factions and I had no intent to try and disband it or cause any issues. I have no previous bans on reborn and I feel like you could let me have another chance as I didn't mean to cause bother
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    only if THE BOYS get unbanned
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    Abyss recruitment

    we lost our base but ur not eating for 2 weeks so u can have the number 6 above ur head
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    UK Special Forces

    Recruitment: Recruiting Our requirements are that you need to be able to support yourself financially and in combat, communications are very important Our roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RmAU60y3xOE7Asnxi1cv1W1fAuD8Jn5pnMZJC6GNfLA/edit?usp=sharing How to apply: Simply click on the link below and fill out our easy form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEtiKLBCkvRAvhItEvei5PGvmSXCIJ1iBL4am5qCG_v46_Dg/viewform
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    He does lag a lot been playing wit him for a few months and can confirm he needs some fiber broadband
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    no freedom of speech either this is like a dictatorship
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    Buidurd [Posting for Him]

    In-game name: Buidurd [Posting for Him] Steam ID: 76561198138317377 Date of ban: 04/18/19 Reason for ban: dont know , probably being toxic or disrespecting other member of the commmunity. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was totally justified i should not have done it if i get another chance i would not repeat this in future ever again . Why should we unban you? i like playing the server and have been a active member of the community , i have not been banned in a very long time and would love to get another chance to play with my friends again and have fun .
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    Time to grab 200$ out to get unbanned, seems to be the only way these days
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    Save more than one loadout

    Make it so you can save more than one loadout not sure if it's a bug or not
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    1 like an ill expose a closet Cheater
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    word is if no requital members get unbanned hazza will turn up to your house and stand outside your windows with a newcastle football shirt at 11pm
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    More variety at rebel outposts

    would like to be able to buy some civ cars like sports hatchback etc at outposts
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    -Mason M-

    Uk special Forces application

    cant be special forces if you cant shoot in a straight line.
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    Paul Mullins

    In-game name: Paul Mullins Steam ID: 76561198012720864 Date of ban: 04/09/01 Reason for ban: Hacker Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Definitely not, I did cheat. Why should we unban you? Since April been playing different games on and off and it’s frankly quite boring can’t really find a game that I really enjoy anymore, it’s been 9 months since I was banned for cheating and I havn’t been playing arma since May as I’m banned from pretty much everywhere for the same reason. To clarify I’m not cheating, or do I have any intention to cheat again it was a petty way to play and I regret every moment of it. Thankfully I’m not infistar banned and I do appreciate not being reported to infistar when I was caught on reborn. I enjoyed playing reborn and I miss the buzz of playing on the server. I understand how you feel about unbanning cheaters and how risky it can be. I’m a clean player and I will be for the foreseeable future. Also I’m sorry to the player base as ultimately it’s your gameplay that is impacted by cheaters playing on the server. I understand how frustrating it can be when a cheater is restricting you from enjoying a game no matter what it is.
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    Sofia drug

    Is it really an exploit? I'm pretty sure every single sign on the map allows you to access it from a distance
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    Scott | Reborn Last

  34. 2 points

    Scott | Reborn Last

    autism strikes back, well in lovely
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    Scott | Reborn Last

    go on Scott lad, definitely an all time great reborn montage.
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    B L U

    Rebel Outpost GZ

    Make rebel outpost a greenzone/neutral area. Recently people have started to be friendly rebel because we want to fight cap and not rebel. If rebel would be a gz or atleast not a redzone people would have more fun fighting ON cap instead of getting raped while trying to buy gear
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    sn (forum unban posted for him)

    @Bassie https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/14976-sofxxx/
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    Scott McTavish

    Save more than one loadout

    Literally been out less than hour, but it's one load-out for now More load-outs may become a feature of the donator system once it comes out
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    Your initiation doesn't have to be "Hello sir, I am heavily armed and I outnumber you with 6 other armed friendlies in the area. Please proceed to place your weapon in your backpack, set out the vehicle and promply place your hands upon your head; else I will have to wound you with my lethal and deadly 7.62 mm Mk1 assault rifle equiped with 20 armour-piercing rounds." More.. fast paced than sleeper resident? Goodluck 😁
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    Albiston - Benching 2

    we get it you love JAW A N D R E W F X M
  42. 2 points

    Albiston - Benching 2

    Who the fuck are you even you nonamed fucker. Dont start something when you crying over a game you little pig
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    Scott McTavish

    Change gang night

    Was trialled before and wasn't as busy Denied
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    Abyss recruitment

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    In-game name: Insyder Steam ID: 76561198330012970 Date of ban: 01/10/20 Staff member that banned you: Charlie Reason for ban: RDM / Poor RP Why do you think you were banned: I killed a cop and accidently shot my friend. And I really didnt help my situation as I went to ts asking for charlie and he denied speaking to me so I tried 1-2 times trying to get him to speak which he didnt however I understand why he didnt want to. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned as I understand the whole situation that happened and why I was banned however I do wish to be unbanned to play with friends and I will obey the rules which are in place for a reason and I will like also like to say sorry to abliston and charlie for the mess I made. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I have a video which poves why I killed the cop and did have a reason to do so which at the time I couldnt contact charlie or albiston, to prove why I killed the cop. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Albiston - Benching 2

    They can go reb- wait nvm @^Ryyyy
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    Armed Hellcat

    Allow the armed Hellcat to engage MRAPs and other vehicles if proper initiation has taken place. The MRAP should be able to withstand a burst or two but it would make fighting MRAPs better for the server in terms of combat. Stop them from taking on ground units as this would be overpowered due to the mini-guns but fighting other helicopters and vehicles of all types would be a good improvement. I have seen this on other servers and it seems to be balanced and works well.
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    Will be a no because of mission file I guess
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    Albiston - Benching 2

    They never played rebel anyway smh

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