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  • Punishment System

    Whilst some actions will earn a permanent ban, other rules can be broken by mistake or lack of knowledge.

    Our ban system is designed to allow people to learn from their mistakes, but those that abuse the system will be removed.

    We do take into account all the evidence, perspectives and information to hand before issuing long-term bans.

    We’ll be open to talking about your ban or working out another method of “punishment” for the mean time, BUT that does not mean spam the staff member that issued your ban, talking to you about your ban is all depending on your attitude, a single message of “sorry to bother you, I have been banned by yourself and I would like to discuss it.” will suffice, they may not instantly reply but just be patient.

    The System is as follows;

    This will be issued to you by admins in-game, that will appear on your screen, if you receive one of these then take it seriously and stop breaking rules.

    In-Game Punishments
    Not every rule break requires a ban, admins may issue you an in-game punishment such as community service (like sweeping Mission Row Police Station) or some time in jail

    • 1 Day Ban
    • 7 Day Ban
    • 14 Day Ban
    • Perm Ban (Appealable after 30days)

    Perm Ban (Non appealable)

    For the most serious rule breaks and actions that bring harm to the server or others

    • Hacking/Cheating
    • OOC Threats
    • Racism/Homophobia etc
  • General Rules

    Community Standards
    You must respect each other at all times, toxicity or harassment will NOT be tolerated.

    You are not permitted to sell or trade any in-game items or currency for real life money/items.

    Microphone Only!
    Microphones are required for gameplay. There are no exceptions.

    English Speaking
    While you can speak in various languages to your friends, you’re required to understand and speak English. If you don’t understand, you can’t play!

    Character Names
    Your Character must be created with a realistic first and second name
    No using silly names, names of celebrities, well known criminals or terrorists etc (we reserve the right to ask you to make a new character if you break this rule!)

    Having a bit of fun is great, however, trolling and being annoying out of RP is not acceptable

    Reborn strives to make itself a place people can call a safe place, sometimes, mistakes happen, we learn, we evolve, however, People that make unfounded accusations against reborn management that can also be construed as libel or slander can and will be removed from our services. This is not limited to; insulting, accusations, and defamation.
    We also don't appreciate those who join communities that are intended to cause harm, such as servers that steal files and or poach members. This can result in their staff team losing access.

    Stick to the rules!
    If someone else is breaking rules, it doesn’t give you permission to break them in return. Stick to the rules, report them, rise above.

    Advertising through stream links or names is not permitted without permission.

  • Game/Server Rules

    Pillbox Hospital
    This area is a safe zone, absolutely no crime is to take place in this area, medics are there to treat and save lives.

    Hunting Area

    No using any of the  hunting equipment anywhere other than the hunting area.

    Police/NHS Clothing
    No creating characters with Police/NHS clothing (Unless Whitelisted), or attempting to steal/obtain clothing through other means.

    Abusing Police/NHS Whitelisting
    No giving friends police equipment, or reviving your friends in combat etc.

    Combat Storing
    Combat Storing is not permitted: This can include storing your vehicle whilst being chased by criminals/police or driving your car into the water.

    Random Player Looting
    Looting a player without good RP is not allowed

    Stay In Character At All Times
    If there are any issues in-game complete the RP scenario then report afterwards, DO NOT go out of character

    Attacking someone without valid RP leading up to it is considered RDM (Random Death Match).
    Attacking someone with a vehicle without valid RP leading up to it is considered VDM (Vehicle Death Match).
    Using lethal force must be done with a high standard of roleplay.

    Terrorist/Suicide RP
    Going about killing people on sight, attempting to blow people up with explosives or other means is not allowed.

    The act of teleporting such as Logging out and logging back in to gain an in-game advantage, respawning to get to a different town faster or storing full trucks and pulling them out in different garage are subject to disciplinary!
    Please message a member of staff on TeamSpeak if you need to log out and log back in for any reason to ensure you are not flagged for teleporting.

    Sexual/Inappropriate Roleplay
    We absolutely do not allow any form of sexual assault, rape or other non-consensual roleplay, nor do we condone any similar behaviour mocking it. Anyone found in violation of this rule will receive a permanent ban without appeal.

    Any attempts to exploit in-game mechanics/bugs, or using external software to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban

    New-Life Rule (NLR)
    If you get downed and respawn at the Hospital you do not remember anything about what led up to your death.
    You are not permitted to respawn at the hospital if you have been told the Police or NHS is on the way.
    You are not permitted to respawn if you are shot by police and they are giving you medical attention and or waiting for the NHS to arrive.
    You must at least attempt to call for the NHS if you get downed.
    Having multiple characters in the same gang is not permitted.

    Power gaming is basically creating impossible situations that are outside the mechanics of the game. For example, “I have rigged the building to explode”, “I smell drugs!”.

    Fail RP
    You must roleplay in a realistic manner, for example if you crash into a wall at 100Mph you would not simply get out, repair and drive off. You would have serious injuries, not to mention your car would be a wreck.  Roleplay your actions accordingly.

    Fear RP
    You must value your life, if you are threatened at gunpoint and not complying would result in your death then you MUST comply. Similarly randomly firing at police without valid roleplay would be considered not following Fear RP

    Combat Logging:
    Intentionally disconnecting from the game to avoid roleplay or consequences of roleplay can result in a ban. If your game crashes contact a staff member on discord asap.

    The act of teleporting such as logging out and logging back in to gain an in-game advantage, respawning to get to a different town faster is subject to disciplinary!
    Please message a member of staff on TeamSpeak/Discord if you need to log out and log back in for any reason to ensure you are not flagged for teleporting.

    OOC Chat:
    Out of character chat is for help only, do not use this as a casual chat. Repeated warnings will result in kicks and possibly a ban.


  • Criminal Activities/Police Response

    If we look at real-life there would theoretically be no limit on how many police could respond to a situation, similarly criminals wouldn't be limited on how many they could take to a robbery or gang war, however, to make things balance. fun and fair on the server we have to implement player limits for criminals/police.

    This does not mean you cannot hang about with all of your friends, it simply means the activities below can only be done by the max amount of players stated

    The following limits are subject to change by Management depending on the current state of the server, player amount etc 

    Activity Max Criminal Group Size Max Police Response
    Gang Wars No Limit No Limit
    Prison Break 8 10
    Pacific Bank 8 10
    Jewellery 8 10
    Smuggling 6 8
    Power Plant 6 8
    Paleto Bank 6 8
    Fleeca Bank 5 7
    Store Robbery 5 7
    House Robbery 4 6
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