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  2. I don't need comp just give him points
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  4. Chum-Tse loves chocky milk
  5. There is no fucking way that i will comp cuz his internet connection sucks and cant here the engage. The lagging is clearly a benefit for him if you say this is rdm
  6. Well in his video you are not heard so in in this instance i have to deem this to be RDM and you will have to compensation since you got no video from you POV
  7. Paul D

    Push Car feature

    I see this being used as a much easier way to passenger seat, which is the main reason I’ll deny this. Boats and helis have the feature as they may not be as easy to move small distances, such as when a boat is grounded or a heli has it’s rotors caught. You might get a car stuck on something, but after thousands of hours playing on the server I can’t recall a single situation where I’ve actually been stuck in my car and couldn’t get myself out. Denied
  8. Paul D

    NHS Drag Feature

    Yeah really buggy and laggy in previous tests, so unfortunately it’s a no.
  9. Paul007

    NHS Drag Feature

    Oh fair enough
  10. wrench

    NHS Drag Feature

    been requested before mate. Apparently it bugs out the server so they cant add it.
  11. Paul007

    NHS Drag Feature

    I have noticed in a few other servers/islands that they have a feature (only for the NHS) that allows them to drag a downed person, this is very useful as sometimes people get stuck in a wall or bugged into the floor of a house, I know as medics we can repair objects to get the person out, but in some cases we can still not revive them, so was wondering if the drag feature could be added to this server as well for the NHS.
  12. Unfortunately i do not have a video but isnt it strange that everyone else heard the engage, even the ones even further away from me?
  13. He was trying to rotor block but he is a shit pilot... Also why you man getting all upset because I didn't decamp from the hunter when I'm being chased by like 7 people on my own. I think you're just abit upset that half of bw died to vehicle crashes/explosions and I got a free hunter which I say thank you for. I am slowly teaching Arbaaz to fly but he's a tough learner
  14. Taylor loves chocky milk
  15. Robbie loves chocky milk
  16. Closing this report due to double and a newer one has been posted.
  17. Guess I need more flying lessons :P
  18. Jordd™


    @Ayres Please respond in the next 24 hours or this will be closed.
  19. I see the lag in this video however people where stil talking here as i see the following happening The blueberry did not value his life as he was visually threaten by him and just ran away (poor from him) send this to police academy Command to get delt with Also @Bobby Stone can I have a video from you, you claim have inicated but I hear at 1:59 is mutter as if that when you indicated then it not clear at all and its poor from you too as his VON is fine as you hear people clearly Also any more taking the mick out of him will result in a warning point considering at point you are currently in the wrong so pack it in
  20. I'll give the accused time to respond
  21. @Armstrong I leave you with my drunk gf for 10 minutes and this happens! smh, you should be ashamed
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