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  2. AAB

    Whats different than a normal one? nothin Why not get a ifrit???
  3. Ryannn

  4. Billy Bob | Sigii

  5. Jayyyyy

    Item: TRU Strider Proof of ownership: Provide later Buy now price: 25mill Starting bid: 10mill Minimum bid increment: 1mill End date: 29/08/2018 First TRU Strider so the price might be a little high.
  6. Today
  7. OGApex

    Declined. Accepted.
  8. OGApex

    Accepted for TRIAL.
  9. Kaiser Dimitri

    IGN: Jack Fletcher Hours on arma (Screenshot): 1077, dont meet the required hours but ill prove I'm worth it. Rebel or Advanced?: both Bank (Screenshot): 5 mill Why do you want to join Us?: I would like to join outsiders because I've been in combat situations with this gang previously and I've realised that they are well organised, skilled and seem to have fun whilst shitting on people. What sets you apart from other applicants?: What sets me apart is i'm good in all areas of arma, not just combat but I'm decent at flying, driving, roleplaying and shooting. Rate your combat from 1-10: 9 Members that will vouch for you?: Nah Thanks for your time.
  10. ^Dom


    Don’t rate the edit but nice frags!
  11. Enzrah

  12. Saul Richman


    your nuts
  13. Seymour Butts

    Name:Seymour Butts Money: 1.4 mill Do you have both rebel license: Yes Why do you want to join (25+words): Need a new gang to play with. Not many gang out there, has some reputable players. Looks fun and want to be more active. Who can vouch for you: Dunno, played with Jordann and C4 before... *Dont Respond until apps open pls*
  14. Szplit

    That a creative idea where you get it from
  15. Epic

    The police age requirement is 15, however if you're under that age and you've made a good detailed application, they might ask you to come on and do a ridealong/maturity test and if you pass that, they can get you to do your interview.
  16. noms

    Updated original post with Preset HTML include file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10jOQx7hE15pZOKWWK857v0AT4VSyld96
  17. IvanTheBoss


  18. Jayyyyy

    Item: TRU Hunter Proof of ownership: Provide later Buy now price: 15mill Starting bid: 5mill Minimum bid increment: 500k End date: 29/08/2018 This is the first TRU Hunter so I'm not sure what to put the starting price and buy now price as.
  19. Brian O'Conner

    If there's one thing you should know, u dont f*ck with the Logang!
  20. IvanTheBoss

    I just wanted to ask how old do you need to be to enter police because I want to get in the police
  21. Breecer Vandin


    Nice frag montage!
  22. Epic


    too good
  23. Burrows


  24. Breecer Vandin

    Breecer Vandin

  25. Szplit

  26. ^Ryyyy

    Both top lads +1
  27. zico._

    +1 top lad and good player
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