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  2. Was Doing Gems saw this guy before he saw me so i ran, didnt chase me or say anything. He was looking for me the entire time then when i was trying to find a way to get back in my truck he got close again and bolted, He proceeds to shoot me in the back without any sort of initiation. https://youtu.be/0Gtdk2MvfRc
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  4. You mostly find him wounded and laughing in the altis bank.
  5. Ah I don't think we've came across each other too much yet. I'm sure we will though, me and my Bosnian comrades are always committing crime haha 😆
  6. Your intention from the minute you was killed was to type out of character that you had clipped the situation and made no attempt at a resolution so why would I apologise when that’s not what you’re looking for? It was clear that you was going to report as you report someone every other day and “accidentally fail to save clips that show your poor roleplay or what’s lead up to certain situations. So apologies here were fruitless.
  7. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: A PCC is within roleplay as it is a complaint about police officers conduct within roleplay. He would be aware that you have made one as your name has been confirmed ingame.
  8. Oh, so me saying because cops that do not speak their mind to whatever rebels they have problems with instead of hiding it are pussies is that not my own opinion to assume they're pussies? I believe it is an opinion, The fact that you have to keep double checking whether you should put a report up or not clearly undermines your ability to acknowledge if your even reporting someone for an actual rule break so you probably should just put the report up instead of wasting the time of others, I already told you about the issues I had on TeamSpeak I have with your attitude towards myself and others in-game and I don't feel there's a need to repeat myself over and over again because you're unable to comprehend what I am saying that sounds like a you problem. I don't you personally either but every time I am being directly targeted by members of your gang? Also, by yourself no surprise to be honest moving on from that, you claim I have been banned 5 times for Poor RP. Sounds more like slander and defamation might want to use your words wisely chap unless you can provide proof of these 5 different bans then I suggest you zip it. No ‘one cares how long you played within the server that means nothing at all lol just cause you claim to have been in a server for that long does not mean you actively have played within the server for that full amount of time so once again your point of how long you have been here is irrelevant, what have I said about your gang? Oh, that they cop bait. Yes, they sure do obviously I have no evidence to prove this so that's just my own opinion of course! Okay cool, one PCC and one player report congratulations! Sure, show the admin how I was in TeamSpeak why don't you put the full conversation start to finish try not to cut or edit anything this time since you like to leave things out, so the situation plays in your favour lol bet you won’t. I reported you calling me a word which I suspected to be the r word I have had officers tell me it sounded like you said it so my reasoning for reporting for you anyways was valid because it did sound like you said it and It's always good to have a support member verify thing's isn't Larry. 😀 You haven't proved anyone wrong but just currently no lifeing on Arma3 reporting people because a cop isn't sucking you of as I have stated time and time again just because things don't go your way does not give you the right to be mad! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 A comment from you and I quote "You told me to report you so thats what iv'e done. I'll leave it up to an admin to sort this out." Then why are you still responding also let the admin give his or her opinion.
  9. Yh he said if there was roleplay leading up to it, which there was not and I got frodo in after to double check if I could report for poor rp and was told yes. Obviously that's just his opinion so whatever admin deals with this could have a different opinion on it and that's fine but I always check in support first if it's worth reporting or not. Love how you haven't said anything about calling all the other cops that supposedly hate me 'pussys' and also not saying anything about admitting to having a problem with me. All of which is fine but I think you need to learn to not take what happens in a game so seriously. As I said I don't know you personally so there is no reason for me to have a problem with you, I'm not that petty. I was also told in support you've been banned like 5 times for poor rp, which is kind of ironic after all the things you've said about me and my gang. I have never been banned on this server once in the 9 months I've played. I also never said I had a problem with the arrest just the fact that you bought up me supposedly putting in 5 pccs about you, which just isn't true is it? I've done 1 pcc and 1 report for the same situation. Which is allowed as they are 2 separate things. From the pcc you also received a verbal warning for the way you talk to people in ts. If the admin would like to see how you were in ts, I think I clipped it so I'll show them if they want to see. Just remember as well when you reported me for alledgedly saying the r word, all I did was prove you wrong that I didn't say it and left it at that. You've written some fat essay with lots of irrelevant information in it.
  10. You keep talking about Jake being in support as if he was taking any sides he also acknowledged that it could be talked about as a real world event so your point above him is irrelevant. Also to add onto your comment above you said and I quote "You told me to report you so thats what iv'e done. I'll leave it up to an admin to sort this out." I told you to submit a report because your only way of resolving it on the Team Speak was asking me to admit to a rule I didn't break which I didn't want to as I didn't break such rule so as we was not getting anywhere I did tell you to make a report.
  11. Accepted, contact me later today when I'm online for an invite.
  12. In-game name: MACbook Player Identifier (Steam ID/TS UID/Discord #/Forum Profile) 76561198877273826 Which Reborn services do you wish to be unbanned on? In-Game Date of ban: 08/02/21 Reason for ban: Using a grenade launcher in CQC Staff member that banned you: AzzaG Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes/No Why should we unban you? I understand why I was banned as AzzaG explained that using a grenade launcher is not allowed to be used which at the time I was not aware of. I was not prewarned that using this item was wrong and would result in a rule break or I would never have used the item. I want you guys to know I am sorry for my actions and I will never do this again as I now know that it is wrong. Reborn has a great community and is the only server I am interested in playing on, I have met some now close friends through your community which I am grateful for. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  13. I posted that at 5pm ahahaha
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  15. FTMilky


    In-game Name: Milky Steam ID: 76561198085963899 Date of the incident: 08/01/21 Time of the incident: 1740 Link to player report: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/63795-ibrahem-report/?tab=comments#comment-344538 Lost Items and Estimated Value: Tempest Truck, 350~ processed gunpowder, roughly 150k~ in equipment for each person who was RDM'd. (200k for truck, (2.1k X 350 gunpowder) 700k in gunpowder lost, 140k for personal equipment, another 140k for my friend who had the same loadout as me, time lost 90 minutes. Total loss = £1,040,000 ingame money and 90 minutes wasted time (£1,180,000 if you include my friends equipment too) Please provide as much detail as possible: Video provides all evidence and detail needed. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/8F12Icjk3RI
  16. This is the one and only comment ill put on here. Jake was so non biased in that TS convo, iv'e no idea what gave you that impression. I don't want to be accused of witch hunting or having a problem with you because i dont. Im not going to take anything that happens in a game personally. Where as you clearly stated in TS that you do have a problem with me, so i don't really want to argue as i don't have time for it. I just wanna play the game and have fun. You told me to report you so thats what iv'e done. I'll leave it up to an admin to sort this out.
  17. Don't forget @Sync , my boy since knee height
  18. Although the Bosnian bodybuilders are probably recognized as out of control rebel scum by police, just wanted to take a moment and shout out all the good cops i have met along the way. Sorry if i miss anyone out. Dont know everyones forum account either so if i aint tagged them and you know their forum account, tag em for me plz x Connor benson- You may have raided my house, but you were the first cool cop i met on this server and we have had many a laugh. Will never forget the oil rig @Leonardo_Contini - very cool guy, always fair and just. Also a great hostage who helps me get my feet kissed. @DarrenG - Cant say to much about why he's one of my favorite cops but just know he is! @PapaChulo - You were a top notch negotiator tonight, even if we didn't get we want. We've had our differences as well but its all love and he's a funny guy with great RP. @skip - Very fair and very just. Just an all round top copper. @BenSmith - He saluted for bosnia when negotiating, so he'll always be in my good books. Also a very helpful, non-biased and fair support admin. harry - Also saluted for bosnia and said long live bosnia. @recon - Not sure if hes a cop still or not but he always has great RP and is a good laugh @Rictofen - very funny and fair cop @AzzaG - He's not always a cop but when he is you know your'e in for a good laugh. Fuck serbia though. @Smoerly - He may arrest me all the time but still a good guy Anyone iv'e missed, i'm sorry. But generally the cops are great!
  19. Will give the reported player 24 hours to respond
  20. 3 members of my gang got down 2 of witch died and lost their gear, their gear comes to a total of around 650k, if you can comp for that then we are all good. Sent the money to either: JP, Thomas or G.Woods.
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