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  2. Crude

  3. skrood

    Name: skrood Age:16 Previous Gangs: sinity Hours on Arma 3: 6k Bank Account: 9 mil Why do you want to join Ƶenith : looking for an active gang to play and fight with Who can vouch for you ( ask first ) : maybe crawfy and chronic
  4. Joe Darkson

    Threatening to knock someone out is not a threat to there life , if you get initiated with knockout both party's involved can knock each other out . As soon as a restraint is made you can fire , I didn't even knock you out . A Valid threatening initiation would be, "Hands on your head, or I will blow your brains out" whereas my initiation was a NON-THREAT TO LIFE initiation.
  5. Brett

    Difference is, Your gang never actually tried to resolve lmao.
  6. Alex Gavin

    Sick one per usual Bagge
  7. WoozyOG

    I know I’m a bit late but been playing this game for weeks and I love it
  8. BOONE

    hmmmm sounds familiar
  9. Today
  10. ItzShaddy

    Yup, sometimes it's worth the few frames. All about that balance. Anyway I've created a checkpoint. I'd like to state this is not a combat checkpoint built like a fortress to withstand nuclear explosions which a lot of life servers have, making it a good spot for rebels to take over. Rather I've gone for a more inviting approach with cover if combat were to arise. Object count is meh on this one due to some details, such as the hedges. Pros: Inviting Has a good visual appeal No objects need to be removed Not easy to be held by a small group (Can pen the back of the tower as it's sheet metal) Cons: Not great when combat breaks out If captured by rebels they'll hold a strategic position Hills around make it easy to roach (Could be a pro depending who has the checkpoint)
  11. Brett

    No worries. i have comped u and even got u a medic, i did my part trying to resolve. As you made no effort at all.
  12. Azeriax

    I am not hunting for ban just done with getting rdmed and the comunity support told me I can just post this. So I can get an admin oppion.
  13. Brett

    I sent you 100k for the incident and got u a medic, you proceeded to type in chat "see ya on the forums" Just hunting for tht ban.
  14. snoop

    server would get more combat, although it would get rp aswell. I roleplay and have seen many people roleplay and buffing runs would only increase combat for all the factions which is positive along with rp.
  15. jstar

    the day we lost the real one
  16. Hazu

    you fuck
  17. ..S..

    I'm back gamers for the weekend
  18. Melantha Rose

    You might want to try the whole thinking before speaking/typing thing, it usually helps. I don't want to see any toxicity from you anymore, I'll kick you straight out. Unbanned, last chance buddy.
  19. Hotfix V240: 
    - fixed guides system
    - let all medics delete dispatches

  20. Crude

    I was trying to joke with a friend i understand i have really learnt my lesson from my past bans, i literally thought it was a joke between a friend i wasn't trying to be toxic or anything and ill make sure to not say these things in the future so it doesn't become a situation like this again and yes i apologise for bothering you and asking you to speak to me but i was so confused and just wanted to be back on the server playing, Like if i get unbanned ill make sure not to say random shit even to people i know to avoid this stuff, i didnt think it would be taken this way Look, at the time I didn't understand the severity or the consequences of what I was saying at the time. I completely understand that it was out of order for me to call someone a rat and people don't like being called that. I am really sorry about that, Ill apologise to Choo if needed to show i didn't mean to offend him. I promise that if you give me another chance, I won't be spouting this crap out of my mouth any longer.
  21. Trax

    Name : Trax Hours in-game : 3K Previous Gangs: in the past Abyss, elysium and police and few others but just to roam at the time Age : 16 What can you bring to Tombstone? : alot of experience and HIGH QUALITY ROLEPLAY Why do you want to join our gang? : looking for an active gang to roam with and to have some good time and fun laugh.
  22. Melantha Rose

    The thing is, he did not say he didn't want you reported, so that's BS coming from Choo, and I don't care who you meant to send it too, you shouldn't send it to anyone. You might think a 6 month ban is too long, however it's due to you own mistakes and having a ban history already. When it comes to me not wanting to resolve, I had a chat with you on ts. You asked why you were banned and I explained why and what for. No I didn't reply to the whining that followed. When you got Ben to ask me to come to support I was in the middle of making dinner, and I'm not dropping everything to come listen to your crying. You've been banned less then 24 hrs ago, and you've been banned for 6 months. There's no reason I have to rush into a room and resolve with you, keep in mind the only people who created this situation is yourself for being stupid enough to send these kind of messages in the first place, which clearly shows you haven't learned anything from your previous bans. Why should I unban you when you clearly haven't learned and keep spewing out the same crap? I'm more tempted to keep you banned for at least a month until your appeal time just to give you a lesson, so you better have a good answer.
  23. Big-Kev

    report accepted ban issuede
  24. Big-Kev


  25. ReaperBeno

    @sbondo1234I appreciate your apology. Me and my friend did try to resolve in side chat but a member of your gang was being, well, a little 'Toxic' ironically (see attached for one of a few examples in that situation). There was more and we have footage of it but I'll leave it for now. There is nothing of value to comp for, so do not worry about that. I request this report be denied @Hartleoas I feel you are genuinely sorry. But please, keep the members of your gang in line, side chat is not there to inflate ones ego and insult others. The other day when I rook banged one of your guys for a spar16s we didn't blow up side chat hurling abuse at their expense. I would appreciate some level of mutual respect.
  26. Crude

    yes someone in his faction was taking my gun ingame and i thought it was him i so messaged him thinking it was him and it was a joke 😂 like it hard to explain So if it was him ingame taking my sup when i messaged him saying rat he would of knew why he would be like oh ye cos i took his sup but because i got the wrong person he was confused i thought i was just messaging him calling him a rat
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