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  2. andrew.

    Bounty Hunting

    Honestly, deny it McSkengman
  3. Or that annoying ginger called Dylan
  4. OutSyder


    Report denied No evidence of respawning
  5. perfect landing i must say so myself
  6. You can also ask any question in the Q/A section of the forum.
  7. Hey man I just wanna say congratulations on getting fostered, times are tough but keep hustling you got a new home now

    1. Smally


      Thanks mate, been a really rocky journey in my life. I’m glad Tyrese and Keisha have taken me in 

  8. i'm dumb, dont worry.

  9. Had this on a previous server, where you would get location of the people, and be able to use the same radar system as cops used to "scan license plates". It was abused heavily for either "RDM enitiation" or simply to metagame finding groups and people. I like the idea, but it would really need supervision and strict rules.
  10. Just send the traffic from the ddos to Hazza, he is on vacation anyway.
  11. Today
  12. Stop using special inter-weave jeez All you are talking about is pass-through/failover servers, i cant speak to how OVH handle their anti-ddos, but I assume the usual filtering/rerouting traffic etc.
  13. Smally

    DDoS Attack

    @Benny You can stop now...
  14. Charlie.

    85408 Report

    Accepted You clearly complied with their demands and kept their hands up sona ban will be used for poor RP Put up a compensation request for anything you lost, I'll.gwt someone to action this as I'm in work
  15. Charlie.


    This will be reviewed when get home tonight
  16. Tivroxx

    Bounty Hunting

    ^^ Rather see something like hitman, but don't really know if there is a way to make that work.
  17. Ok so bounty hunter can see who is wanted, checks their name on nothing.rebornrp and get their player ID and all they have to do is look for their number above their head People tend to know peoples voice and without roleplaying can just go straight to "you are wanted hands up or tazed" They would also think they are police and try to stop crime because they can tase Taser abuse List can go on and on.
  18. @Bosiu, Do you play with any mod packs on other servers? if so, what modpacks?
  19. @NeoThis was when he launched with his game with a mod with RscDisplayMPInterrupt
  20. get 2 servers 1 to act as a pass through that deals with new connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd connection to server), once verified allow direct access for better faster connection. SPECIAL inter-weave
  21. Browny

    DDoS Attack

    I heard that people want another rebel in the warzone @Neoheard you could make this happen 🤝🤝
  22. Neo

    DDoS Attack

    you're denying yourself of service by being away from home....
  23. Knasen

    Bounty Hunting

    Not trying to argue, but in what sense would it be abused? If people have the license and can see who's wanted, what presicely would fall under meta?
  24. hes been farming impure... Smh, doesnt even cap the zones!!
  25. .Noa

    DDoS Attack

    Left ur ddos machine home on ultra.. Smh
  26. Albiston


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