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  3. Ethereum is forking! Go make money

  4. Someone probably requested this before but I couldn't see one posted recently. My suggestion is to add name tags whenever you incapacitate/kill someone with a vehicle. The name of the driver should be announced, I see a lot of people getting away with just running people over for fun when they see someone lying on the ground. VDM REPORT Your name: [T] Don You were VDMed by: (whoever VDMed you) ID: 00001
  5. Nice chin Carve me a piece of your wood leg to put in it then
  6. Just Genius hahaha
  7. plus 1
  8. In-game name: MadHatter Name of the player(s) you are reporting: [F3] ShaGge Date of the incident: 12/11/2017 Time of the incident: 20:57 What rule do you believe was broken: Combat logged Any evidence available: Describe the incident: Me and the officers i was patrolling with pulled over ShaGge because he was wanted when we pull him over we get hauled abuse at, we follow the normal procedure of give 3 chances to pay ticket or goto jail and ShaGge decided he wanted to visit the prison on our way back to send him to jail he combat logged, When asked to come to liasion he goes to support room and explains how he thought i was the one breaking rules and he was mad, He then shows no remorse what so ever for the rule he had broken and was being incredibly childish in support, The support worker who dealt with our case was @OwenB Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  9. I cant even be bothered to explain, you have a answer for it all a solution for everything? Fix it please. Why would i leave a gang i am apart of to POSSIBLY get a gang going when practically people do not want to play or even get involved with rebels because it is boring to an extent. Oh and well done for running a bigger gang than trident because it just shows how small trident actually is compared to gangs that use to be around, considering it is also the BIGGEST gang on the server. Is that not worrying or frustrating that rebel life is dead which it is with out question it is dead as fuck. And the fuck the police was a joke.. Also vertigo was f*** all as well. Lets just say cop life is more 'Active' than rebel life by a long shot, ive been unbanned 2 days and have not had combat with other rebels last longer than 5 minutes or even reach 5 minutes because there is about 3 people per gang lmao. I dont know why you try skrrrt around the point all the time. I am playing with friends yes i could leave & make a gang but why should i have to do that myself. Why should i be told to leave my gang and make another one? I should not need to do that personally. Maybe you should leave cops & sort out rebel life as you seem so confident on what to do?..
  10. Out of all that, I’m going to pick out something. What on earth is stopping you from recruiting, making a gang bigger than Trident and actually giving them something to moan about? Take it from someone who ran a much bigger gang than Trident or Vertigo. The sooner you get out of this petty “fuck the police” gangster mentality, the sooner you get to be a rebel. There’s a massive difference. Believe it or not, the police understand it well too. Prior to all of this, the police were in the exact same position. If not worse since we still couldn’t get the bigger guns, or the activity, numbers, armoured vehicles and so on. You’re not the people that make the community, as the community is not you. The community is everyone, hence the word itself; community.
  11. Yesterday
  12. i'm guessing we can #BlameBohemia here as well mate, right?
  13. people simply don't try to contest us, i know we are currently much bigger than any other gang, however part of the reason for them not contesting will also be because they are boring af. Listen to the people that actually make the community, the players, and spice things up a lil. That is all we ask. - Sucre
  14. Thats just stupid. Theres a difference between a well organised gang and a few friends in a group. Such as gangs like: Interlude, MW, Allahs, SPZ as well as smaller gangs & below that the little groups of people. That was rebel life & i doubt we will see close to that ever again. You can talk & say it not about combat when it is without denial. Without the combat most people will just fuck off. But as rebel life has become a constant repeat with little change or added features people either quit, go to cops or just hop on here & there with friends. 4+ gangs you say with how many members? That are not near kavala, contributing to zones, disrupting runs etc. That is what rebel life is meant to consist of. If gangs like trident did a gas station they would be slaughtered with 'Cop bait'. So those 'gangs' doing gas stations are clearly very small compared to how many gangs they SHOULD be. (Atleast 3 power gangs and a few gangs decently numbered gangs. Trident barely cap zones even though you can get FREE cash as it is boring & it either comes to a fed or killing cops. fuck the police help rebel life get a revive
  15. Shoutout to @Belthorium! Great roleplayer, was able to get a snap of him in action x


    (can confirm this post was consensual from the roleplayer himself)

    @Grim Reaper @Pingu Props for making it into the pic :) 

    Edited by Abdul_
  16. Those RP scenarios you talk about are amazing, so amazing that don't you think everyone wants to do it? but do you know how my experience of big hostage negotiations go, i'll tell you. 1. take someone hostage 2. Message police a location and for them to send 1 unarmed negotiator, clearly state if any other officers are seen within a 1km radius the hostage will be executed. 3. cops turn up in hunters, there are 5 armed negotiators as opposed to 1 unarmed, They don't value the hostages life deliberately so we execute him and then get into a gunfight. I used to do these scenarios you speak of all the time on an old community about 5 years ago on SaW. This was when Altis was the shit, its a dying mod now, people aren't as creative as they were, they just want fights. You must understand that sometimes rebels can be hungry for fights. But other times (and most of the time) it's the cops. I did a bank today, had a long conversation with he negotiator, i wanted all cops to be 300m away from bank, they said most we can do is 200m from the centre (which puts them literally the other side of the road 10m from entrance) and they said ah well negotiations off......
  17. Denied - Always make an attempt to resolve the issue prior to reporting the player(s). Initiation was reasonable and if your friend wouldn't have shot first then the situation wouldn't have escalated to the point it had. Also ShaGge, make sure your friend has a read through this. Locked and moved to denied.
  18. xD

    @DVO Aron @DVOPenguin @Tindur20 @Pablito Somehow we run into you on Pubg lol GG
  19. my christmas wish is for bohemia to stop sending me packets every time i get on the damn server. #blameBohemia also i want @Kappa Venom #TheRealSkengman to get chief SFU, and Majed to replace @PaulS as admin????? @PaulS not a fan then?
  20. You see, this is again one of my concerns; just because you can't see the other gang, or maybe you don't know their names, doesn't mean they are not there. We see an admin panel, under that I can see exactly which person is part of which gang and they're all grouped up nicely. There's been 4+ gangs on the sever since 2000 restart, of which, none have confronted each other, they've been sat on the door step of police doing gas stations, the best part is, I know the majority of those people as ex-SFU members! Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. 3 Caps isn't an issue, but making them pretty and forcing people to do them is absolutely nuts to me. My room is always open, police or rebel alike, I'm happy to speak to anyone! They do, I watch them on a daily basis, believe me, they log on just for the quick OG arms fight. I'm not talking PM, Gucci Mafia, I'm talking the remnants of 39th, some old Vertigo members, MW & KFC Managers (who recently returned!) In regards to I'm encouraging fighting, answer me this; When was the last time you took another gangs member hostage and demanding a ransom for his life? When was the last time you recruited more players into your gang to make yourself more powerful than the next gang? When was the last time you decided to put the fear of god into Police by literally taking over part of the Island or making a road block demanding justice, freedom for a gang member or just some money? These things don't happen and yet they create incredible RP scenarios that keep people interested in roleplay. Make money illegally, by all means, that's your intended role, but at the same time, you have to sometimes create situations for yourself and stop replying on shoot'em'up situations like cap zones. I'll address this last point very easily as it's come to me before. This Server is not orientated around Police. 30+ Cops doesn't happen, the max is 30, this happens very rarely. We only recently just re-opened police applications after we cut the ranks dramatically (I'm talking a few weeks ago, max) It's not really "super hard" to be a rebel, you've got almost £21,000,000 in your bank. That's more than I've ever had or will have. Cops are not getting updated on stuff, in fact the most recent change to police was the Darter nerf (Or arguably the SDAR increase, which only allows MPU to use SDAR). Some of the other most recent changes include; Maximum 7.62's while on patrol (Affects all police members) - Rebels do not face the same situation. Maximum SFU Members in a roster (Affects all SFU prospects) Police Uniform now default Green and Red. How does any of that benefit the police?!
  21. Funny guy. Just make sure to hotmic when dispatching units
  22. rgr, bring on the complaints
  23. Noticed it aswell. From 60 in kav to 30 feelsbadman
  24. How the fuck did this thing get admin?

    1. WolfE


      You love me really :]

    2. Freddie


      25% of the reborn community are staff members

  25. also where is @Sanik ߷ , do your job mr rebel representative, you should be all over this topic
  26. *grabs popcorn*
  27. Was about to post something about this aswell, the new hex's give me terrible frames whenever I see them.
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