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  2. I'll be honest drowning for 5 minutes it just such a dumb idea, so I will let another dev make the decision
  3. The donation goals are quite clear Donation Goal All donations go towards the monthly goal, if the goal is reached, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 10 days for all players. If the goal is exceeded by 50%, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 20 days for all players. If the goal is exceeded by 100%, weapons and vehicles will be 50% off for 1 month for all players. Not going to turn on half price just for 4 hours one day a week, what about the other 24-27 days on a month? Already being worked on, just takes time. Will leave this open for 24 hours
  4. this just got denied by @Scott McTavish:P
  5. thanks i have fix it now 


  6. think they need to rethink incentives to donate completely like another server has done (successfully)
  7. Snowb

    7.62 suppressors

    I sort of worked it out, you can do and LSD run and buy them from BW all in about 20 min or you can take like an hour to craft them and it would be more money timewise and less interesting.
  8. fair so just make it like 5 min underwater bleedout overall makes for a more fun game
  9. Charlie.


    since you have everything back this comp request has been closed
  10. Charlie.


    money restored
  11. Charlie.


    money restored
  12. Charlie.


    this will have to be looked into by either @Bassieor @Wilma Fingerdooas they need to go though logs to verify this locked
  13. accepted maddevil is perm banned for another offence kxcli has had an additional 2 days on to his previous ban put up a compensation reqest for anything you lost
  14. Today
  15. What we have to wait a year what the hell!
  16. Scott McTavish

    Reborn CQC

    Moved to denied for now
  17. Half price is turned on when the donation goal is met Denied
  18. okay cool. I don't have MRAPS so i don't know
  19. M-K

    Hunter Smokes

    Thats because you push forward for speed. Push backward for defence.
  20. Angelz_

    - Angelz

    FFS nevermind then can you not check some sort of logs?
  21. DMTs were fun but tower lag just ruined it, i dont think they are ever coming back
  22. yh. Whats your discord so we can agree when to buy it
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