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  2. Epic

    when's mc miller 8 then
  3. Dan Richman

    you have blue hair
  4. Yesterday
  5. Bjorn

    yeah mate don't worry about it I understand
  6. sbondo1234

    it's super late give him some time
  7. sbondo1234

  8. DeclanC

    ? my auction my choice when i want to end it
  9. Dan Richman

    its not even finished this is a scam.
  10. Bjorn

    ive sent him a message but I don't know if he want to resolve this.
  11. @Rakeesh Patelstill want the gun?
  12. Daniel

    Your reasons were; you felt insulted about him asking to join your gang, and that you were in a hurry. None of these are reasons to execute some or let alone RP behind it. If you felt insulted then that is a you problem as he was politely asking to join your gang. When executing someone make sure to have RP behind it, like you said to expand on your RP. In the video that was no RP and looked like you just wanted to kill him. I'm going to give @Bjornand @Breecer Vandin some time to resolve this with each other. Let me know the outcome of this.
  13. Breecer Vandin

    i especially like the checkpoint idea but all of it in general +1
  14. Breecer Vandin

    300k for one (3mags)
  15. Breecer Vandin

    This is always something I have been confused about, whether when you have someone under custody you can shoot them within roleplay. I havent really seen a specific rule about this saying that this is not aloud, and I have read over the rules. (i understand you are reporting me for poor rp/fail rp). I have seen multiple over people do this, and I have had it done to me myself where get executed within roleplay. I understand I could have provided a further story to why I was executing you, and talked to you properly for a bit, that is depending on whether this is a rule break or not obviously. There were multiple reasons why why decided to execute him, one being the fact that sbondo has stated above, another one that we were in a hurry but we didnt really want to let him go. However if the case is that this is only allowed if you have a reason, then we did have reasons. However of course if this situation could have been carried out in a better manner, or that I have broken a clear rule, then I apologise for any inconvinience I have caused, and will accept any form of punishment that the staff may give or any form on compensation that I have to carry out. ( nevermind I thought sbondo had commented on the report, he was just explaining a reason that we killed him)
  16. Item: 2x Spar 16-S LMG (with 6 mags) Proof of ownership: coming soon Buy now price: 1mil each 1.8 for both (with 6 mags if both bought or 3 for 1) Starting bid: 300k each 600k for both Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 1/1/2019 or until i am satisfied wiht the winning bid
  17. sbondo1234

    Just to add this. We killed him because he asked to join our gang and that offended me personally because our gang is exclusive to good players.
  18. DeclanC

    Item: 3x Car 95-1 LMG (with 2 mags) Proof of ownership: coming soon Buy now price: 1mil each 2.5 mil for all 3 Starting bid: 300k each 900k for all Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 1/1/2019 or until i am satisfied wiht the winning bid
  19. Daniel

    Report accepted. Ban issued.
  20. Ross Stensfield

    i will buy all for 2m so i gues 2m bid
  21. DeclanC

    Item: 20x 7.62 suppressors Proof of ownership: coming soon Buy now price: 4mil (200k for one) Starting bid: 100k each (2mil for all) Minimum bid increment:100k(buy now) 50k each End date:1/1/2019 or until i am satisfied
  22. Daniel

    I'll leave it for some time for @Breecer Vandinto reply and give his perspective
  23. Breecer Vandin

  24. RoboNikke

    Hi, i dont know if i am able to answer this but i was with those guys when this situation happend. We are kinda new so we thought we did the right thing. As stated above we saw a guy being robbed so we pulled up in our suvs and gave warning shots to back off. I get how this can be seen as poor roleplay, I can comp if it comes down to that. RoboNikke
  25. Item: cyrus 9.3 rifle with 7 mags and a LRPS Proof of ownership: coming soon Buy now price:9 mil Starting bid: 1 mil Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 1/1/2019 unless i think a bid is good enough
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