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  3. looks similar to shipmans recent searches
  4. Wtf is that song n1
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  6. I've been sitting on these for a while, thought I might as well post them in case they're of use to someone, they're all fairly old. All taken by me in editor. Saturation has come out weird on some of them for some reason / too dark. https://imgur.com/a/YysGxSm
  7. @Mishamessage me in-game or on ts
  8. @Mishamessage me in-game or on ts
  9. Quitting A3 for FiveM Catch y'all later, we might meet again someday if arma 3 stops being shit
  10. right then I've had the look at the evidence that in this report and here is what I think and we looking at this rule "3.7 Active Firefight If you are driving around during an active firefight and you get killed it is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone driving past, it needs to be an "Active" fight, see rules below, if a gunfight is ongoing ie there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if you do not leave you can be shot (value your life). It is only an "Active" firefight if there is actual shooting going on or you are waiting for someone to the peak. If the person you shoot is not involved in the situation and can prove they did not know it was an Active fight ie no shots were fired, you need to comp them or it will be treated as RDM. Driving around in a fight just to be shot at so you can join in will be classed as Poor RP. Shooting at someone that is clearly just passing by will be treated as RDM." the issue that I am seeing here is that the video isn't conclusive enough to prove which of the 2 gangs was the one who initiated and who got shot by who, all I hear is someone correctly indicating and then shots just starting flying with no one to be seen so I need further evidence @Hoodyanik Abolokovor I will be forced to decline the report for insufficient evidence
  11. Harry Lewis


    The bluezone has script which tells you when you enter it. The redzone is only a zone where you can see it, i.e. the border - it is hollow. There'd be no way (well I'm not tracking motion) of distinguishing entering and leaving the zone. As such the script wouldn't work and as far as I'm aware you can't have weird and wonderful filled shape zones. In short, no can do and retain functionality
  12. right now and when ever u feel like it
  14. andrew.

    Gang XP

    Can make a decent amount of money for gang funds doing it. Not sure what you are talking about.
  15. Harry Lewis

    Gang XP

    You'll likely be denied In seriousness this wouldn't really be implemented until we review the organisations system but I'd like to see everyone's thoughts
  16. Order, order. The noes have it, the noes have it. Unlock. This is a large change that would go through the board and I'm aware of no plans to make it judging by the history of this suggestion
  17. like the way you are dealing illegal weapons while in AAA uniform
  18. Cops rarely bring a bench to a bank but when they do people cry like you because it’s effective. Benching is a type of game play like CQC and shouldn’t be removed. Next time, bring a scope of your own and kill the pilot xx
  19. OutSyder


    denied yeast will dissapear in the virtual inventory if you put the car in the garage.
  20. it would be a new cap zone for minges to patrol
  21. I like being 1.7k away with a LRPS thnx x Nah but some people enjoy different things, leave it as it is.
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