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  2. So i have an idea maybe you developers could put like a Bounty Hunter lisence for Civ's to do so they could have items such as bounty hunters badge and bounty hunters outfit and they can use illeagal weapons like most rebels but they have to hide the weapon at all times away from the police and they can bring bounty's back to the Police Department and claim a medium small sized reward of the police and they should be able to have a bounty hunter vehicle and they can team up with other bounty hunters but they can not harm any Civillians unless there a bounty prize.
  3. Capzone kill leaderboard really needs a ‘view more’ button at the bottom that shows a list of everyone rn.

  4. happy birthday you little sandy :x

  5. Ric

    PJM Report

    its more then a week old it should be canceled already
  6. good man just cranking 90s at kav pd
  7. Regardless of the reason you were kicked, weren't you chatting shit about Supremacy in sidechat a couple days ago?
  8. Today
  9. M-K

    Armed Qilin

    Will sell you my blackwater AQ for 3.5 mil https://nothing.rebornrp.com/vehicle/607263
  10. M-K

    Rebel Hunters

    Atleast your honest
  11. Just make it so restrained/downed people can’t use it, +1 though I play on a potatoes hooked up to an iPhone 4
  12. Dk1

    happy birthday bro !


  13. Anyone played the game Hell Let Loose? early acces ww2 game, want to know if it is worth buying???

    1. Tivroxx


      @NeoI see u have it, tell me is it as sick as it looks?

    2. Kieran_


      @[EVO]CHEF I know has played it.

    3. Tivroxx


      Looks funny af 


  14. AustiN

    Rebel Hunters

    Yuuup +1 ifrits make me look like I’m bad at the game whereas hunters make me still look bad at the game
  15. Hey bby long time no see. How’s it goin
  16. sorry for being away for a while. pc has been broken but yeah if you are on after the 8 restart
  17. Happy bday habibi

  18. My child has finally grown up

  19. عيد ميلاد سعيد habibi

    1. Ferrox.


      شكرا يا عرص 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

    2. Xart


      أحبك يا اخوان لا هومو

    3. Xart


      google translate is bad

  20. Albiston


    Denied it’s a 1 day ban you can wait it out.
  21. In essence the game costs what it actually says when it’s going for full price before VAT because they add VAT on at the end.
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