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  • The Ban System

    Whilst some actions will earn a permanent ban, other rules can be broken by mistake or lack of knowledge.

    Our ban system is designed to allow people to learn from their mistakes, but those that abuse the system will be removed.

    The System is as follows;

    Firstly there will be a Kick/Warning/Ban

    This could be a short ban to ensure you exit our game servers, however, it will be removed once the situation has been resolved.

    1-day ban                - non-appealable (minor offence)
    2-day ban                - non-appealable (minor offence)
    7-day ban                - Appealable after 48 hours
    1-month ban            - Appealable after 7 days
    6-month ban            - Appealable after 1 month
    Permanent ban         - Appealable after 3 months
    Community Ban        - Appealable after 6 months

    If you’ve just had a month ban, and then accidentally drive over someone, it does not instantly mean you’ll receive a 6-month ban.

    We do take into account all the evidence, perspectives and information to hand before issuing long-term bans.

    We’ll be open to talking about your ban or working out another method of “punishment” for the mean time, BUT that does not mean spam the staff member that issued your ban, talking to you about your ban is all depending on your attitude, a single message of “sorry to bother you, I have been banned by yourself and I would like to discuss it.” will suffice, they may not instantly reply but just be patient.

    If you get banned for something, serve out your ban or appeal it then are banned again for the same thing within a 1 month period then a 1-month non-appealable ban will be issued.

    If on your returning visit you commit the same offence again within 1 month a 6-month non-appealable ban will be issued, then on the return you commit the same offence you will be permanently removed from the community.

    Like stated our system is designed so people can learn from their mistakes to that end if you remain ban free for 6 months all previous bans will be removed from your record apart from duping/exploiting/hacking/DDoSing as these are a permanent record.

    These rules are subject to change and a changelog will be located inside this forum:


    We wish you all the best gaming within our community! Remember, the rules are here to make everyone's game fun, not to make life difficult.

  • Section 1: General Rules

    1.1 - Selling/trading
    You are not permitted to sell or trade any in-game items or currency for real life money/items.

    1.2 - Microphone Only!
    This is a “microphone only” server, typing is only used for out-of-character (OOC) information!.

    1.3 - AFK
    Going AFK is sometimes required, however, if you need to leave for longer than 10 minutes, please do ensure to log out!. If we notice you’re AFK, we will kick you.

    1.4 - Offensive Names
    Any offensive player or gang names will result in a temporary ban until you, or we, have changed it.

    1.5 - Trolling
    Trolling is a big “no no”, respect people's roleplay, If you are caught trolling, you will receive a ban. Examples of trolling are; soundboards and/or voice changes, running around police in circles, shouting “piggy piggy piggy”, you get the idea.

    1.6 - Anti-Reborn
    Reborn strives to make itself a place people can call a safe place, sometimes, mistakes happen, we learn, we evolve, however, People that make unfounded accusations against reborn management that can also be construed as libel or slander can and will be removed from our services. This is not limited to; insulting, accusations, and defamation.
    We also don't appreciate those who join communities that are intended to cause harm, such as servers that steal files and or poach members. This can result in their staff team losing access.

    1.7 - Traffic Collisions
    If you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other, this extends to gang members/other police, you can not get 1 cop/gang member to “accidentally” hit a car then another arrests/rob them. (repair continue the chase).
    *Additional* If a Police witnesses or is a part of an RTC that was caused by dangerous driving, They can proceed with legal procedures. Using this as baiting will be considered VDM/poor RP.

    1.8 - Threats to ban/report
    Threats to ban in Sidechat/Directchat/PM is against the rules. If you believe a rule has been broken then request the player to join Teamspeak and try to resolve. Threatening to ban will result in a Ban. Players supporting those that have been evading will be banned under this rule.

    1.9 - Teleporting
    The act of teleporting such as Logging out and logging back in to gain an in-game advantage, respawning to get to a different town faster or storing full trucks and pulling them out in different garage are subject to disciplinary!
    Please message a member of staff on TeamSpeak if you need to log out and log back in for any reason to ensure you are not flagged for teleporting.

    1.10 - Stick to the rules!
    If someone else is breaking rules, it doesn’t give you permission to break them in return
    Example, If a car VDM’s you in the Kavala green zone, it doesn’t give you permission to shoot them. Speak to the person on TeamSpeak or contact a staff member. if you can not resolve it, report it.

    1.11 - In-game Support Channel
    The in-game support channel is strictly only for asking questions to staff/players about the server. The channel isn't for demanding an admin, asking other players to resolve, or general text chatter. If you choose to help another player, you must not mislead them in any way. If you repeatedly use the channel not as intended then you may be kicked off the server.

    1.13 - Playing Music
    Sometimes we all have a bit of fun, and want a singalong. But if you're playing music in a public area, please get permission from a Staff Lead or above. We require high quality audio.

    1.14 - Gang Limits

    Gangs are limited to a maximum of 15 members online at any time
    Any attempts to circumvent this (such as splitting into two gangs and temporarily allying/working together to go over the cap (then re-joining) will be considered exploiting)

  • Section 2: Discrimination/Bullying

    We are an adult community, people swear and say derogatory comments, we understand it is part of the culture (sadly), so you will not be punished for slip of the tongue mistakes, but just respect each other and apologise if you offend anyone. What will not be tolerated is direct insults/attacks towards any member of our community that includes in-game, on TeamSpeak or the forum, this includes Racism and Homophobia.

    No direct discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.

  • Section 3: Roleplay Standards

    Not everyone has the same level of roleplay, but all attempts should be made to roleplay before engaging in combat. This can be down to a Staff Members’ interpretation of the incident. 
    If it is deemed not sufficient roleplay, i.e. “put your hands up or die 3,2…” *shot dead*. We will try to resolve it beforehand but disciplinary action may be taken.

    3.1 - Always Roleplay
    On our server, you are required to stay in roleplay at all times, breaking roleplay ruins the fun for everyone in that situation, and even those just listening.

    If you need to talk to the person outside of roleplay, wait until the situation is over, then contact them politely on TeamSpeak or via side chat and just say “do you mind if we have a chat about what just happened”.

    If you are quite angry, we suggest taking a small break before contacting them to calm down so the resolution is more civilized, there is always members of staff available to assist you with a resolution if needed. Demanding “TS NOW!” will probably get you kicked.

    3.2 - Adult themed roleplay
    Adult themed roleplay happens, it is an adult community, however, if you find it uncomfortable you need to type in side chat to let your “captors” know. The captors are to cease their actions on this request, but if they continue, you are permitted to exit the game. No punishments will be awarded for leaving, but try to gather any evidence you can.

    3.3 - Combat Reviving
    Combat reviving is not permitted - Anyone that is caught combat reviving will face removal from all white-listed factions.

    We understand that in some circumstances people are not aware if combat is ongoing when they go to revive a player. If you see someone reviving during combat you are to issue a warning shot, if they still proceed to revive the player, you are permitted to shoot the reviving player, regardless of faction. 

    This does not mean you can shoot a medic for reviving someone you do not want reviving, you have words use them.
    3.4 - Hobo Initiations

    You can only initiate combat with an individual/group if you are armed.

    3.5 - Friendly Hostage
    You are not permitted to take one of your own gang members hostage.

    3.6 - Fake Theft Reports
    You are not permitted to report your own vehicle stolen unless it has actually been stolen.

    3.7 - Active Firefight
    If you are driving around during an active firefight and you get killed it is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone driving past, it needs to be an "Active" fight, see rules below, if a gunfight is ongoing i.e. there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if you do not leave you can be shot (value your life).

    It is only an "Active" firefight if there is actual shooting going on or you are waiting for someone to peak.
    If the person you shoot is not involved in the situation and can prove they did not know it was an Active fight ie no shots were fired, you need to comp them or it will be treated as RDM.
    Driving around in a fight just to be shot at so you can join in will be classed as Poor RP.
    Shooting at someone that is clearly just passing by will be treated as RDM.

    3.8 - Spin to win
    If someone is pointing a gun at you telling you to do something do not try and 180 them at inhumane speeds or spin at inhumane speeds while being shot at, this is “failRP”, give up your stuff and actually roleplay.

    3.9 - VTOL Aircraft
    VTOLs are not permitted to enter city airspace, they are loud and ruin Roleplay.

    3.10 - Helicopter Trolling
    Helicopters are not permitted to fly low around cities keep them above 300m unless landing or taking off, be warned, we’ll delete the chopper and you’ll fall to the floor.

    3.11 - Backpacking Weapons
    If you put a weapon in a backpack/vehicle or holstering a pistol during a gunfight you are no longer allowed to take part in that fight, you are to leave the situation, this does not mean you will not be shot, if you were seen backpacking a weapon, you are still a threat and can be fired upon, you are to leave the situation as fast as possible or re-initiate, if you wish to stay in the fight, DO NOT put your weapon in your backpack either keep it in your hands or holster it (unless pistol then it stays out).

    3.12 - Life Server! 
    This is a Life Server, although we can respawn and keep our licenses and money, treat each life like it's the only one you've got... This means no Kamikaze! Respect your life and Value your life 
    Please note, sometimes fighting for your life is valuing your life.

    3.13 - Poor RP/Initiating
    A valid initiation needs to contain the following things:

    • Clear instructions
    • An audible threat
    • Time to respond

    This can be anything from, telling someone to leave, telling them to get out of a car, telling them to drop something or telling them to put there hands up etc etc.

    The instructions you give must be physically possible, no telling them to hop on one leg, or telling someone to put their hands up when they are in restraints/in a vehicle.

    The Clear part means no rushing the words, IE if a vehicle is driving past don’t try and rush so they hear you, this is poor RP, just keep chasing and wait for a better opportunity.

    Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure they have heard your Instructions, It is always best to repeat yourself multiple times.

    A Visible AND Audible Threat

    • This is really simple, A Visible threat is you or your gang mates pointing a gun at someone's head, If you are telling someone to do something with a gun in their face they better comply.
    • An Audible threat is just that, “or I will Kill you”, “or I will Taze you”, “or I will knock you out”, make sure if giving an Audible threat you stick to what you say, If you threaten to taze someone then lethal them this is Poor RP, same goes if you threaten to punch someone and then you shoot them, expect a ban.

    Time to respond

    • This is very simple, a rushed initiation is a bannable initiation.
    • Always give them more than enough time to complete the Instructions you gave, “but they were in a car” is not a valid excuse to say something and then instantly shoot.

    Initiating on Tyres

    • Police have the ability to initiate on tyres, this will normally then turn into a 2-minute chase, but that is not a server rule, it is a Police rule to where possible encourage a police chase.
    • It must follow the above initiating rules, so it must be clear instructions, must be an audible threat (i.e. “or I will shoot your tyres”), and there must be enough time to respond to the instructions.
    • If the police initiate on tyres and end up shooting a passenger then the officers must fully comp, failure to do so will result in admin action being taken.

    Returning Fire

    So, when can you shoot back,

    • This is where poor RP comes into play, If the police have initiated on tyres, you can not shoot until either you have completed a valid initiation or the police have opened fire on your vehicle.
    • Where possible you should also counter initiate, as instantly opening fire when someone initiates can be classed as poor RP, Driving around someone intentionally waiting for them to get annoyed and initiate on you, so you can jump out and kill them/get your gang to kill them is poor RP.
    • Just think of it from the other side, if you asked someone to put their hands up, and the moment you finish talking they 1 tap you.

    Gang/Alliance/Friend Initiation

    • If you are playing with someone ie in TS doing a run together (either a few friends or 2 gangs in an alliance etc)  and one of you gets initiated on you are both initiated on, as long as you are in the same situation, same goes the other way, if you initiate on someone then all parties that are playing together in that situation are also initiated too.
    • If you are in an alliance with gang x, and your gang initiates or is initiated on, if gang x is not clearly in the same situation (visually present during the initiation) they would need to initiate seperately to join the situation.

    3.14 - Negotiator Violations
    You are not permitted to take unarmed Police negotiators hostage or kill them in any situation, but if they are armed (including taser) they are not a negotiator.

    You are not permitted to rob the Unarmed Police Negotiator you can search him to confirm he is unarmed, but you are not to touch his vehicle.

    3.15 - Co-pilot exploit
    You can not use the co-pilot exploit to leave the engine on. If you exit the helicopter and there is nobody in the pilot/co-pilot seat the engine is to be turned off.

    3.16 - Armed Helicopters
    Armed helicopters (Hellcat, Orca) can only engage air targets.
    Outside of the redzone armed helicopters or can only engage if prior initiation has taken place, you are not permitted to initiate from inside the hecliopters

  • Section 4: Metagaming/Powergaming

    Metagaming is the use of any information in-game that your character would not normally have. To that end, we have some basic rules to help you.

    4.1 - Names
    You are not permitted to use someone's name without them giving it to you.
    (police can check driving licenses as long as it is within roleplay).

    4.2 - Direct Communications
    If you are restrained/zip-tied/detained, you are STILL permitted to talk to your friends on TeamSpeak, however, you must broadcast all your “transmissions” in direct chat, 

    If you are Downed you are NOT permitted to talk on TeamSpeak.

    4.3 - Unconscious Communications
    If you are tased or knocked out, you are not permitted to speak on TeamSpeak until the animation is over.

    4.4 - Immersion Restraints
    If you’ve been released, but are still in proximity to those not in communication with you, it is still requested that you continue “transmissions” in direct chat. 
    Telepathy would be nice, but ruins immersion.

    4.5 - Radio Confiscation
    If your “captives” state they are taking your radio, phone or communications device, you must mute your TeamSpeak.
    (You still have your GPS unless they physically remove it).

    4.6 - Name Grabbing
    You are not permitted to use in-game mechanics to find out who someone is.
    i.e.. Tilda key, scroll wheel, give item system, Key Chain, etc.

    4.7 - New life vehicles
    If you have died within roleplay, you can not use Keychain to locate your vehicle.
    This doesn’t apply if a friend has keys and did not die.

    4.8 - Stream sniping 
    Stream sniping is a big no no, using any information you see from a stream is classed as metagaming and will result in a ban.

    4.9 - Police Names
    You can only identify police wearing their standard uniform by their rank unless their name is given.


    4.10 - Power gaming 
    Power gaming is basically creating impossible situations that are outside the mechanics of the game. For example, do not sit in the back of someone’s car and tell the driver “I have got a gun to your head”, this ruins the whole fun of the situation, “I have rigged the building to explode”, “I smell drugs!”.

    4.11 - Unlawful Searches
    Police can not just randomly search a vehicle without just cause to do so.

  • Section 5: New life rule

    A new life means you have no memories of your previous life and no information on what you were previously doing. You still remember your gang members, but anyone outside of the gang you no longer know.

    5.1 You are NOT permitted to return to situations that occurred outside of the redzone or capture points..

    5.2 You cannot remember how you died.

    5.3 You cannot remember anyone’s name other than those in your gang.

    5.4 You must remain 1km from where you died for 15 minutes. This does not include a death inside the red zone or capture point but you must spawn 1km away from where you died.

    5.5 You do not remember the location of your vehicle, and cannot use the Key distance to locate it.

    The New Life Rule is in effect when:

    • You log out and come back online.
    • The server restarts (unplanned).
    • You have died within roleplay.
    • You have died in a road traffic incident.

    The New Life Rule is NOT in effect when:

    • The server restarts (planned).
    • You have been VDM’d (see VDM rule).
    • You have been RDM’d (see RDM rule).


  • Section 6: Deathmatching

    RDM: Random Deathmatch

    6.1RDM is when someone kills another without any form of roleplay, ie someone shoots someone without a single word said.

    If you have been killed by RDM, NLR does not take effect.
    It is not RDM if the person was roleplaying before shooting no matter how minimal the RP was, that would be considered Poor RP (see Roleplay Standards rule).

    VDM: Vehicle Deathmatch

    6.2 - VDM is when someone intentionally uses their vehicle as a weapon, whether it be vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to a player. There is a VDM script on our server, but anyone found abusing this to gain health or to rob people will be treated as VDM.

    6.3 - Hovering above another helicopter to prevent it taking off is permitted, but only the occupants of the blocked/blocking helicopter may use alt+1 and alt+2 functions and only those may take part in the combat.

    6.4 - If you accidentally run someone over during combat you must let them get back up and give them time to run away this extends to your gang members, they can't shoot someone you just “accidentally” VDM’d.

    Times when VDM IS allowed:

    • When it is between Hunters, Ifrits and Striders.
    • When a person is stood in front of a vehicle pointing a weapon at the driver, blocking any sort of escape, but all attempts must be made to avoid collisions, and you are not permitted to get out and kill the person, you are to leave the area.
    • If there are unmanned vehicles blocking an entrance, if the cars blow up this is your own fault, if you kill anyone due to it exploding you are to give full compensation.
  • Section 7: Whitelisted Factions


    The Police are the core of Altis Life, to this end we expect high levels of Roleplay at all times, these rules are server rules, not police rules.

    7.1 - Police Distribution
    Police may not abuse the free equipment they are given, i.e. selling equipment, storing it logging off and logging back on to use it as a civilian.

    Exception: Police can give away equipment if under duress within RP, however, this does not include the Cyrus, Mar10 and ghost hawk.

    7.2 - Police Communication
    Police must be on TeamSpeak and in a police channel whilst in-game and on-duty.

    7.3 - Police Legalities
    Police cannot take part in Rebel activities whilst part of the Altis Police Force. Exception to this rule will be Saturday nights between 8pm-12am.

    7.4 - PCSO/CSO Hostage
    PCSO’s and below can not be taken as a hostage, that includes restraining them.
    They are to be robbed, allowed to leave or killed (Inform them why beforehand). If they have been robbed and are allowed to leave, they are to move to at least 1km from the incident before they can rejoin the situation.

    7.5 - Police Backpack
    Police equipment can be stolen and worn by rebels, apart from the backpacks (they do not exist within roleplay)

    7.6 - Exploiting backpack (Police)
    Police can not exploit the invisible backpack. If within an RP situation you put something in your backpack, you can not use it until the situation is over.

    7.7 - Ghosthawk abuse
    The Police Ghosthawk can shoot at MRAPs when initiated in operations, out of the Red Zone. However their must be a minimum of 2 MRAPs.


    The NHS is a vital part of Altis Life, to this end, we expect high levels of Roleplay at all times, these rules are server rules, not NHS rules.

    7.8 - NHS Distribution
    NHS may not abuse the free equipment they are given, ie selling equipment, storing it logging off and logging back on to use it as a civilian.

    7.9 - NHS Communication
    NHS must be on TeamSpeak and in an NHS channel whilst in-game and on-duty.

    7.10 - Abusing NHS
    You can not rob from, kill or kidnap a member of the NHS.

  • Section 8: Cheating, Exploiting & Hacking

    8.1 Cheating/Hacking
    This is one of the only rules that will result in a permanent ban, if you are caught using any form of cheating/hacking or using any external program to affect anything in game, you will be instantly removed from the community. You will not be allowed to appeal your ban. 

    8.2 Exploiting
    If you find any sort of in-game exploit, you are to immediately inform a member of staff, do not post it on the forum. If you are caught abusing any form of exploit you will be treated the same as a cheater or hacker (an exploit is using any feature in a way it was not intended, this includes bugs, glitches), e.g using the free trucks from the truck missions for other purposes other than doing truck missions i.e. HM blocking.

    8.3 - External Software/Programs
    Attempting to source programs or software to cheat or give you an unfair advantage (such as cheat menus/pulldowns) whether free, paid or through discords that offer these programs will result in a permanent ban.

  • Section 9: Advertising

    You will not be banned for talking about other communities, nor will you be banned for giving out your personal TeamSpeak address to friends, however, you will be banned for the following:

    9.1 Recruiting
    Recruiting people for another community using our services.

    9.2 Advertising
    Messaging or advertising any other TS or community in-game either with voice or text.
    Please note, even if you’re not using our TS, we’d like you to be on it for contact in-case of a situation or report.

  • Section 10: Zones

    Red zone

    • The red zone is a very dangerous place to be it is marked by the red line.
    • The red zone is the red area and everything inside that area.

    If combat has started within the red zone and someone leaves the area, combat can still take place and you can pursue the person, only caveat to that is capture points/temporary red zones, only people inside the red zone are permitted to take part, if you shot at a person or vehicle while it was in the zone you are permitted to continue to shoot if it exits the red zone, however if you exit the red zone you are not permitted to shoot any longer, only those in the zone may shoot.

    10.1 - When fighting at the capture points, players must be within the designated red zone to participate in any conflict between groups fighting there.

    10.2 - You are not permitted to block access to gang bases with vehicles, an excess of unmanned vehicles will be deleted at the discretion of staff, no warnings will be given.

    Some rules do not apply in this area, they are the following:

    • All Land Vehicle to Land Vehicle contact is allowed in the red zone.
    • RDM - all RDM is allowed in the red zone.

    10.3 - Turtle poaching must be done ONLY in boats, and must NOT be slung by helicopters or tansferred by helicopters, anyone found to to be doing this will face a ban.

    10.4 - Gangs are NOT permitted to hold more than TWO warzone points at once during a warzone. If you capture a 3rd point  then you MUST move of a point asap.

    Yellow Zone

    The yellow zone is also known as the Prison Zone.

    10.5 - This is not a KOS zone, a clear initiation must happen before any shooting takes place.
    Air vehicles that are clearly hostile and are attempting to land in the Yellow Zone will be disabled. 

    Green Zone

    Also known as the Safe Zone.

    10.6 - This is a safe area marked in Green. No killing, shooting or crime of any kind is permitted in this zone (apart from speeding).

    10.7 - You cannot retreat to green zones for safety. Police are still allowed to use non-lethal force in this area but should provide roleplay prior to engaging! Who doesn’t love a good foot chase?

    10.8 - You are not permitted to store illegal guns/items in a house inside the green zone (crime).

    10.9 - You are not permitted to store your vehicles in the green zone while you are selling items other than apples and peaches.

    Blue Zone/Orange Zone

    Also known as the Police Zone.

    10.10 - This area is marked in Blue. Anyone is permitted to retreat to a blue zone, this is a police station and anyone should be able to seek the protection of the police, rebels are not permitted to chase them in there to get their friends back, same as the green zone no killing, shooting or crime of any kind is permitted in this zone, if rebels want to attack request it from an admin (you need valid reasoning, not just "we want too").

    10.11 - Any officers found abusing the blue zone will be banned for exploiting.

    e.g. running in and out for a gun fight

    10.12 - When the police zone turns orange you are not longer permitted to crush/impound/store vehicles or send people to prison in that HQ until it turns back to blue.

    10.13 - You must have a valid reason to start an assault on the Police Headquarters, such as;

    • Reclaiming organisation vehicles that the police have taken
    • Freeing members of your organisation from questioning/police custody

    This is not an option purely because you want a gunfight with police.
    Police must not block entrances and must leave any lockable door/gate unlocked.
    All police defending the PD must be inside the zone.
    Rebels attacking must only shoot from inside the zone once it goes red. 
    NLR does apply to a HQ raid for both parties.
    You may not return.

    10.14 -  When a war zone spawns over a blue zone (I.e. Pyrgos Blue zone) All Redzone/War zone rules will be in effect and will overrule blue zone rules. This will apply until the War zone has ended (any current combat in a blue zone MUST stop immediately)

  • Section 11: Combat Logging/Storing

    11.1 - RP Logging
    Logging off during any form of RP is not permitted, you are to wait until the situation is fully over before exiting the server, that includes waiting for a revive, disagreeing with a roleplay situation, to try and save gear, etc

    11.2 - Respawning
    If killed you are to fully respawn in a location before logging off.
    Remember if there was an issue with a situation, you can be compensated.

    11.3 - Combat Storing
    If you have been initiated on or the police are chasing you, you are not permitted to run and store cash or go to the garage to store your vehicle, this includes driving your vehicle into the sea, you are to wait for the situation to be fully over before storing cash or storing your vehicle.

    11.4 - End Mission
    Anyone caught using the end mission/minus exploit will be banned no exceptions.

  • Section 12: Major Crimes (HM/A51/APF Lockup/Art Gallery/Drug Lab)

    12.1 Negotiations

    The Police MUST send in an unarmed negotiator unless the blasting charge has been placed.

    NO* police are permitted to enter ANY major crime compound during negotiations

    * The negotiator can be escorted in by an opposing negotiator to verify hostages lives etc

    12.2 Negotiator Clearance
    If negotiations fail, the negotiator must fully leave the HM/A51/APF/Drug Lab before re-joining the fight (1km)

    • Both sides must NOT fire before the negotiator has cleared a 1km distance (anyone who shoots before this will be banned)

    12.3 Ongoing Negotiations
    You are not permitted to take/steal items from any vault whilst negotiations are ongoing, this is considered poor roleplay.

    Blasting Charge/Code Cracker
    12.4 Blasting Charge
    If negotiation is going on during the blasting charge being placed, the negotiator must be given the chance to leave the compound, no side is permitted to open fire until the negotiator has left (1km).

    12.5 Planting the blasting charge/code cracker
    Intentionally not planting the charge/code cracker so you can fight over and over or so you can try again if you lose is Poor RP and is also trying to exploit in game mechanics

    12.6 APF Lockup Code Cracker
    The APF lockup is not a KOS location, regardless of whether a code cracker has been placed, roleplay must take place before any shooting is permitted

    General Rules
    12.7 HM/A51/APF/Drug Lab
    The area around the HM/Area 51/APF Vault robbery is a very dangerous place. Whilst crossfire can happen. Please note, shooting unarmed and people not involved is still RDM, however, if they're armed, it's a matter of protection. 
    This does not mean you can shoot officers that are just driving towards or from the compounds if they are involved shoot them, do not shoot them 1km away when they are just driving up the road.

    12.8 HM/A51/APF/Drug Lab Vault Vehicles
    Civilians - Once the robbery has started, participating civilians are not permitted to use the garage, no storing vehicles/no pulling out of vehicles, e.g. no waiting until the fight is over then going to fetch trucks.
    Police  - Police who turn up to the robbery are not permitted to retreat and pull out other vehicles to use. Once they return to a garage/blue zone they are no longer allow to return to the Robbery.

    12.9 Vault Contents
    Gold/Blueprints/Counterfeit Cash can not be taken to gang bases, either sell it or take it to a house, but you do not retreat to a gang base.

    12.10 A51 Blueprints
    You are NOT permitted to transport blueprints via helicopter, use ground vehicles only

    12.12 HM Vault/APF Interference
    No external person/gang is allowed to interfere with the HM/APF Vault robbery until the Vehicles have left the compound, the robbery is classed as started when the first door is being broken into.

    If anyone from a different gang enters after this point the first gang is to clearly tell them to leave as the robbery is in progress (do not try to rob them then it is your own fault, and they can engage you). If they fail to leave when they have clearly been told then you are to try and resolve it with them and report it if necessary.

    12.13 Area 51 Interference
    No external person/gang is allowed to interfere with the Area 51 Vault until the Vault has exploded.

    Police Rules
    12.15 Minimum Police
    A minimum of 10 police officers (PCSO +) must be online before an HM/A51/APF/Drug Lab is allowed (this is hard coded).

    12.16 HM Lockup/Area 51/APF/Drug Lab Vault Quitting
    Any officer caught logging off purposely to get the number below 10 will face a ban.

  • Section 13: Legal Jobs

    13.1 AAA/Lawyer Identification

    You must be on-duty and have the AAA/Lawyer uniform equipped to perform these roles and when you are done playing as these roles remove the uniform and go off-duty

    13.2 - Illegal Activity

    While on duty as AAA/Lawyer you are not permitted to perform any Rebel Activity (this includes picking guns up).

    13.3 - Exploiting

    While on duty as AAA/Lawyer you are not permitted to use any of the features for anything other than the way it is intended, e.g. impounding your own car, using the messaging system for robbing/giving peoples locations.

    13.4 - AAA

    While on duty as AAA, it is purely an RP Job, you can not be robbed/killed/kidnapped, therefore do not abuse this, if you are told to leave by an armed man, leave.

    13.5 - AAA Impounding

    You are only permitted to use the impounding ability while on duty as AAA, and you are only permitted to impound abandoned vehicles.

    13.6 - Lawyer Conduct

    As a lawyer you are acting as someone's legal representative arguing a client's case during police questioning. You must still abide by all laws and follow Police officers' instructions.

    13.7 - Lawyer as Off-Duty Police

    You cannot play as a lawyer whilst a current member of the Police Force. This is due to a conflict of interest when involved in criminal cases (civil cases are generally out with the scope of Reborn Roleplay)

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